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The cruiser "Varangian": what do the Japanese hide in their military museums?

What besides the famous song left to us from the legendary ship? What are the Japanese hiding in their military museums? Where are the remains of this cruiser? What caused the defeat of Russia: the military genius of the great samurai of Togo or the lack of talent of Russian politicians and military leaders? The crew searched for answers to these questions in Russia, America, France, Korea, Japan and the UK.


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    HEATHER 7 September 2017 15: 43
    Familiar since childhood. Heroes!
  2. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 7 September 2017 19: 27
    Thanks to the one who posted. The first time I see this movie
  3. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 7 September 2017 23: 09
    I wonder why to repeat all the same myths about this battle. As a propaganda film is excellent. The schools will go with a bang. At VO for lovers of military history, it is meaningless. It’s useful for the author of this article to know that the Varangian is not a ship.
  4. artwin
    artwin 10 September 2017 18: 59