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Fighting robotic complex "Uran-9". Infographics

"Uranium-9" is a tracked combat vehicle weighing 10 tons with remote control. Uranium-9 is capable of speeds up to 35 kilometers per hour.

In the shock version, the robot is equipped with 30-mm automatic gun 2А72, 7,62-mm machine gun, as well as transport-launch containers for guided missiles (both anti-tank and anti-aircraft).

Fighting robotic complex "Uran-9". Infographics
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  1. Harryman
    Harryman 9 May 2018 20: 43
    Question: why make small copies, why not immediately make robots based on existing pilot platforms? There will be no need for a lot of spare parts, and the space freed from pilots can be advantageously used (as an example for additional ammunition or fuel).