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Just in case: the Latvian police are preparing for the “West – 2017”


Latvian security police require citizens to be vigilant and report all suspicious cases. Insistent recommendations are heard on the eve of the Russian-Belarusian exercise West-2017.

Chairman of the Duma of the Kraslava Region, Gunnar Upenieks, confirmed that the conversation with the law enforcement agencies regarding the upcoming military maneuvers of Russia and Belarus will be held earlier this week. Latvian security officials ask residents of border areas to notify all suspicious cases by phone or email at any time of the day.

Note that over the past week this is the second attempt to intimidate the local population with the “Russian threat”. Earlier it was reported that the special services of Latvia intend to take a whole range of measures, the content more reminiscent of anti-Russian psychosis. One of such initiatives was the unofficial ban of military simulation games (airsoft, laser tag), which, according to Latvian politicians, can serve as a cover for penetration into the republic of sabotage groups.

Understanding the situation, it can be stated that all the efforts undertaken by Riga to protect its territory are demonstrative in nature and have no practical use.

It is obvious that both Russian and Belarusian intelligence possess all the necessary information on the Baltic countries. As a result, if Minsk and Moscow were to carry out sabotage operations during the “West – 2017”, a ban on citizens running around the fields with toy pistols would hardly have helped the “prudent” Latvians.

Returning to the recommendation of the Latvian police “to report suspicious cases”, one cannot but recall the experience of Lithuania, which several months ago already tried to check the vigilance of its citizens. Recall that in April Vilnius organized a Ministry of Internal Affairs exercise to combat hypothetical saboteurs, about whom only a narrow circle of people from among the military-political leadership of the republic had been informed in advance. As is known, the maneuvers turned into a complete failure: the “green men” advanced several kilometers, the police commissariat (together with the storage depot) took control of weapons) of the city of Salcininka and proclaimed the “Salchininka People’s Republic”. It must be emphasized that during the exercise, no citizen called the emergency center to notify the competent authorities about the appearance of saboteurs. It seems that the Latvian calls of vigilance during the period of the “West-2017” will be just as few, which raises doubts as to the need for measures being taken.

It is noteworthy that the demonstrative fears of the “West-2017” do not prevent Latvian politicians from leaving comments on this subject that run counter to their current activities. So, at the end of last month, President Raymond Vejonis stated that there was no threat to "Latvia, the Baltic States or NATO" during the Russian-Belarusian exercise. The same opinion is shared by the Latvian Ambassador to Russia Maris Riekstins, who last week advised not to exaggerate possible threats from the upcoming maneuvers.

Communications Minister of the Republic Uldis Augulis went even further, stating on the eve of "West-2017" the need to "talk and work together" with Moscow. “I think that in both countries there are people who want bread with sausage, and not just bread,” the politician said.

Be that as it may, the situation should be assessed on the basis of real actions that indicate the lack of progress in Russian-Latvian relations. Remembering the famous line of Vladimir Vysotsky's song: “And not a friend, and not an enemy, but - so” ...

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  1. Teberii
    Teberii 6 September 2017 06: 04
    Where are our prankers, cut off all their phones.
    1. Finches
      Finches 6 September 2017 06: 41
      It is necessary to strengthen the effect to install powerful subwoofers along the border with Latvia and drive the sounds of working tank diesels all day for nothing ... A kind of sound therapy for the prostate of a small but very proud republic! Pure neighing ... laughing
      1. Kenxnumx
        Kenxnumx 6 September 2017 07: 44
        Does childhood play?
        1. Finches
          Finches 6 September 2017 08: 50
          Alas.......laughing On their silly actions there - my silly comments are here! laughing hi
          1. novel66
            novel66 6 September 2017 10: 08
            not so stupid - propaganda. However!
            1. sabakina
              sabakina 6 September 2017 11: 34
              Quote: novel xnumx
              not so stupid - propaganda. However!

              Actions or comments?
              1. novel66
                novel66 6 September 2017 11: 59
                Comment from a colleague about shouting
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 6 September 2017 10: 28
      And if the locals start knocking on NATO, how suspicious? lol
  2. Knowing
    Knowing 6 September 2017 06: 26
    Just in case: forward to the Latvian police, what’s in Latvia, to all the under-Baltic “monsters” on the haloperidol wagon ... Let them chew ...
  3. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 6 September 2017 06: 46
    proclaimed the "Šalčinink People's Republic".
    - what was so dreamed of by the local population!
  4. Tolstoevsky
    Tolstoevsky 6 September 2017 09: 46
    "Yessliia Wii noticed the Russian Tannankii in the streets of Russia, niee try to stop them yourself!"
  5. win9090
    win9090 6 September 2017 09: 59
    The police in the photo, look more like gopar)
  6. zulusuluz
    zulusuluz 6 September 2017 18: 45
    Can offer them humanitarian aid in the form of a pair of wagons of psychotropic drugs used in the treatment of severe schizophrenia?
  7. 76rtbr
    76rtbr 7 September 2017 13: 21
    then blow the whole world, "it was we who kept Russia" !!!