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Together against the dollar

The BRICS summit in China was held under the motto "Strengthening the partnership for a serene future." The Chinese authorities have already declared the next decade "golden." Experts predict that investment will grow, the economy will be strengthened, and in the country mutual settlements will begin the transition to national currencies and cryptocurrencies. Commented political scientist, deputy chief editor of the newspaper "Tomorrow" Alexander Nagorny.


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  1. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 6 September 2017 05: 50
    Together against the Dollar, it means China will refuse automatic assembly lines manufactured and modernized in America, Russia will refuse used cars from Europe and Japan, from trips to Turkey and Thailand, Brazil will print money at the price of paper, India ... don’t tell my slippers , With the dollar, everyone always starts to fight. But beginning without ending is a sign of impotence
  2. Leonid Har
    Leonid Har 7 September 2017 08: 54
    Correctly. How much can you spend on the US economy? Gradually begin, and the end will be. The Saudis have reserves of support for the dollar that is about to end. Oil stands still, the budgets of many countries, including the Saudis, are not replenished due to the cheap price of oil. The dollar is gradually losing ground. It is not necessary sharply, otherwise the crisis will start all over the world.
    1. Sharansky
      Sharansky 21 September 2017 14: 02
      what prevents to sell mother oil and gas father for rubles?
  3. Bob 57
    Bob 57 7 September 2017 11: 02
    BRICS starts and Victory!