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New piers and nuclear power plant for "Boreev"

New piers and nuclear power plant for "Boreev"

According to a source of "Izvestia" in the Russian Navy, in Vilyuchinsk, on the Rybachy Peninsula (Kamchatka), a pier will be built for the Boreev site. It will appear to the right of the piers that have Pike, Squid, Halibut, and Antei. Another pier will be built on the opposite shore of Krasheninnikov Bay, where the missile loading point is located. Powering boats and onshore infrastructure will be provided by a floating nuclear power plant.

A representative of the Navy told Izvestia that the piers would be built using the usual technology: embankment of rubble, installation of metal sections, fixation with anchors.

The purpose of the piers, according to the Izvestia interlocutor, is to provide the boat and crew with fuel, electricity, fresh water and food.

At the point of loading missiles pier will be protected from winds and waves of the pier, which will save the crews of boats from having to wait for the weather - to load or unload ammunition. The waiting time can reach 2 weeks, and therefore the mole is long overdue. About this "Izvestia" said the Navy.

To ensure the independence of “Boreev” from the energy sector of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Vilyuchinsk, the floating nuclear power plant will be supplied with a floating nuclear power plant with a capacity of 70 MW. Such power will be enough for the entire base of the submarine, as well as for the energy supply of the city and villages.

However, it is not known whether the station will be completed before the boats arrive in Vilyuchinsk. As they told Izvestia at the Baltiysky Zavod, where the station is being constructed, due to the bankruptcy procedure, the end of construction was postponed to the end of 2013. The head of the floating nuclear power station S. Zavyalov told Izvestia that at the present time it is impossible to say something . He noted that, according to preliminary estimates, the station will be completed by 2014, but “these deadlines are unacceptable for us”.

Meanwhile, as Zavyalov reported, the Baltiysky Zavod has an advantage in the form of a unique competence in the field of creating nuclear-powered icebreakers (as such, in essence, is the floating nuclear power plant) and heavy nuclear cruisers. According to Zavyalov, the transfer of the construction project to any other organization is excluded.
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  1. Cripple cross
    Cripple cross 15 March 2012 13: 20
    Well, a year or two is not scary. The main thing is that the work goes. But if more, then something needs to be done. it is necessary to raise the issue at the highest level.
    1. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 15 March 2012 13: 22
      The news is good. Infrastructure will pay for itself many times
      1. old rocket man
        old rocket man 15 March 2012 13: 36
        Quote: Aleksey67
        The news is good. Infrastructure will pay for itself many times

        Still, at least 30% savings in nuclear power plant resources are ensured, money is not small, and most importantly an increase in the overhaul period
    2. GSH-18
      GSH-18 15 March 2012 15: 16
      Boreas is good. However, it belongs to the SSBN (Strategic Missile Submarine Cruiser), which are smaller than the cruisers of the likely "buddy" Ohio. Corresponding to the TTX "Ohio" are our "Sharks" or "Typhoons" - as you like laughing In this connection, the question is: is the Russian Navy going to establish parity with the United States in these submarines? Today, the United States has much more "Ohio".
      1. esaul
        esaul 15 March 2012 17: 36
        -------- A pier for the Boreev parking lot will be built. It will appear to the right of the piers, which are based on "Pike", "Squid", "Halibut", ------- This line pinned. Once we started with seafood, but we go, praying, to a steeper level and the names corresponding laughing
  2. favn
    favn 15 March 2012 13: 31
    He served there. It is doubly nice to read such news)))
  3. Dmitriy69
    Dmitriy69 15 March 2012 13: 31
    Plans and determination are pleasing. The situation with such enterprises as the Baltic Plant is upsetting. Enough of throwing stones already, lying about collecting!
  4. sazhka0
    sazhka0 15 March 2012 13: 41
    As Izvestia was told at the Baltic Shipyard, where the plant is being built, due to bankruptcy, the completion of construction was postponed by the end of 2013

    On the one hand, the article pleases .. On the other, annoying .. So will we do it or not ??
    If they go bankrupt then why say "It's okay, it's okay" ???
    1. Juga
      Juga 15 March 2012 13: 49
      As far as I remember, the topic of bankruptcy appeared due to the fact that the private shareholders of the plant could not come to a "consensus" on determining the future of the plant and squeezing out the maximum profits. As a result, debts on loans and to providing organizations, in particular for electricity, have grown to the skies. And the plant's shares are pledged by the Central Bank for loans taken by shareholders.

      In order to get out of the situation, bankruptcy proceedings were instituted with the subsequent redemption of shares by the state.

      The bankruptcy case coincided with the announcement of Roman Trotsenko, President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, that in October 2011, he intends to acquire controlling stakes in the Baltic Shipyard, as well as in the Severnaya Verf shipyard and the Iceberg Central Design Bureau. These assets belong to the United Industrial Corporation (UIC) of ex-Senator Sergei Pugachev and since 2010 have been pledged by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on loans from the bankrupt Mezhprombank. "We are discussing with the Central Bank the transfer of blocks of shares to management," Roman Trotsenko said last week.

      Today, USC is an open joint stock company with 100 percent state capital. Depending on the scale and significance of the order for the country's economy, the state is ready to consider the possibility of co-financing contracts and lending rates.
    2. Tersky
      Tersky 15 March 2012 14: 11
      Bankrupt to pass into state ownership. There is a withdrawal of military-industrial complex objects from private property, like a white day. It is high time.
      1. Juga
        Juga 15 March 2012 15: 05
        Already in mid-October last year, the management of the "Baltiyskiy Zavod" was transferred to USC - a company with 100 percent state ownership. capital.
        A meeting was held under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak with the participation of representatives of the USC and the Central Bank (the government owns the "golden" share of the plant). After that, the Central Bank went to court with a demand to transfer shares of Baltzavod to nominee management and secured the adoption of interim measures.

        Next, we created a new structure:

        Baltic Shipbuilding Plant LLC - a legal structure parallel to Baltic Shipyard OJSC, not burdened with Baltzavod debts, where all orders were transferred and the team was transferred enterprises. The LLC was established in December 2011 at the initiative of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the same time as the decision was made to bankrupt the Baltic Plant OJSC.

        It seems that everything settled down, flies separately, orders separately ...
  5. Cochetkov.serzh
    Cochetkov.serzh 15 March 2012 13: 45
    part up, that's good. not all at once
  6. 755962
    755962 15 March 2012 13: 49
    Infrastructure is a vital prerequisite for defense. Without it, nothing.
  7. Vanek
    Vanek 15 March 2012 14: 02
    An American boat comes up near an uninhabited island. There is one man on the island.
    - Man, how to swim "there that there that"?
    -100 miles southwest then left and another 200 miles northeast.
    Sailed away.
    Russian pops up:
    - Man, where did the Americans go?
    -100 miles ...
    -You don’t give me brains .... with your finger.
      FREGATENKAPITAN 15 March 2012 15: 32
      Old young man, old ................................ Extract from the American TR submarine (tactical guide to control submarines). ....- avoid dueling situations with Soviet submarines .......... because. they considered the skill of our commanders higher ........ And you say "with a finger"
      1. Tersky
        Tersky 15 March 2012 15: 43
        Frigatekapitan, plus definitely, and with your finger amers close the anus to themselves when a duel situation occurs, for which I think it’s unnecessary to explain wink
      2. ab
        ab 15 March 2012 15: 54
        tarot young man, old ................................ Extract from the American TR submarine (tactical guide to control submarines). ....- avoid dueling situations with Soviet submarines .......... because. they considered the skill of our commanders higher ........ And you say "with a finger"

        during the Cold War, Soviet submarines were significantly inferior to the American in the range of mutual sonar detection. This would lead to the death of our boat in an underwater dueling situation if the war broke out.The advantage of American boats with hydroacoustic detection means over Soviet boats with ballistic missiles would result in the fact that with the outbreak of military confrontation all missile boats of the USSR would be destroyed at the same time. And it took only 4 minutes. It was necessary to be blind and deaf, so that the adversary, calling hydroacoustic in his element of nuclear deterrence and an element of nuclear advantage over the advice.
        1. Kapitan_old
          Kapitan_old 15 March 2012 17: 40
          Before singing laudatory odes to their masters, one should go to sea.
          Threat. How is it with the SSBN in Israel?
          1. ab
            ab 15 March 2012 19: 19
            Quote: Kapitan_old
            Before singing laudatory odes to their masters, one should go to sea.
            Threat. How is it with the SSBN in Israel?

            Well, I know the submarines better than many on this site. He lived for 14 years in Gadzhievo (if that tells you something) and his father spent 20 years on the nuclear submarine
          FREGATENKAPITAN 16 March 2012 20: 30
          Of course you’re talking nonsense .... a whole strategy was developed to start hostilities, taking into account the worst noise of our nuclear submarines, but greater speed and other parameters ... but here it’s a long story to tell ...

          Especially since they lived in Gadzhievo ... they themselves must really know a lot ... by the way, I have 23 years of service in the nuclear submarines, in Hadzhievka I lived in a helicopter in the 49th house ...
      3. PSih2097
        PSih2097 15 March 2012 20: 31
        I like this one more:

          FREGATENKAPITAN 16 March 2012 20: 31
          Well, of course, beauty, what can I say ...................... drinks
  8. masterjoker
    masterjoker 15 March 2012 14: 55
    Good news. It’s time to restore the nuclear submarine infrastructure!
  9. RUSmen
    RUSmen 15 March 2012 15: 35
    Well done keep it up!
  10. dred
    dred 15 March 2012 15: 40
    Northwind is a class that is important not to be the only one.
  11. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 15 March 2012 16: 28
    Touching the future, it makes us happy
  12.  pistons
    pistons 15 March 2012 19: 03
    Again we are excitedly rejoicing in the news .. about what will happen? Well, well ... I wonder how it will actually be.
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 15 March 2012 19: 17
      And if only they built, you would be upset "a little", and if helicopters are already flying in other news, then you would probably write "they are rusty, the pilots are not trained and generally the budget is eating"?
      1.  pistons
        pistons 15 March 2012 20: 02
        I don’t like it when promises are broken .. I remember the Defense Ministry Ivanov. Reported that in 2010 two Boreas will be in service with the Russian Navy. and by 2015 there will be (5-8). -not performed. so I’m wary of such statements.
  13. DEfindER
    DEfindER 15 March 2012 19: 07
    It would also be nice to somehow pay back the money spent on Borea, for example, by selling simplified boats to Indians or Iranians, for example, one boat at a cost price of 2 in the end and the state will not need huge funds in this industry, but it’s better to put them into social network for the people ..
  14.  pistons
    pistons 15 March 2012 19: 33
    Sith Lord,
    Why clumsy? I just don’t understand the steam engine running ahead. I will be made happy. Not yet.
  15. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 15 March 2012 20: 57
    Companies producing nuclear power plants for nuclear submarines should not go through bankruptcy proceedings.
    What could be bankruptcy here.
    If the director of the enterprise was stolen - punish, if he does not know how to work - expel with a filthy broom.
    Such enterprises should work with 100 percent return.
    1. Juga
      Juga 15 March 2012 21: 20
      And what are the procedures for dismissal by the state of the director of an enterprise, which until recently had been private?
      That's what everything would be done according to the law and bankruptcy was needed.

      And how this strategic enterprise turned out to be, in its time, in someone's grabbing hands - a separate topic ...
  16. Tersky
    Tersky 15 March 2012 22: 03
    Quote: Juha
    separate topic ...
    and for completely different bodies, juga, plus +! smile
    1. Juga
      Juga 16 March 2012 09: 01
      Thank you Victor for the "plus" and for the logical conclusion of the thought! drinks
  17. ward
    ward 15 March 2012 22: 32
    In the light of the latest news about the state of the Western submarine fleet .... Our news is doubly encouraging ... Always happy when a cow died at a neighbor .... It looks like the United States stepped on a rake that fell under the feet of the USSR ... They do not withstand the arms race. ... And as for the advantage in sonar ... They showed me one toy at the Chelyabinsk plant ... Turn on the roar of the 160 decibel .... And at the same time, two floats with the same rattles shoot ... within a radius of 10 miles, all the sonar is cut down. ..