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The training of the Topol and Yars divisions of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be tested on combat patrol routes.

The training of the Topol and Yars divisions of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be tested on combat patrol routes.According to the website of the Ministry of Defense, military units and subunits of the Strategic Missile Forces, having completed the coordination in the composition of the preparation and launch teams and divisions, have begun the stage of control checks.

In March and April, command and staff exercises under the command of the commanders of the unions take place in the missile formations of Russia and tactical exercises with missile regiments under the guidance of the commanders of the formations take place.

Now the missile battalions and regiments of the Topol-M PGRK, Topol, Yars, located in the central regions, in the Urals and in Siberia, are working to carry out combat duty on combat patrol routes. For example, in Teykovsky missile compound. stationed in the Ivanovo region, during the exercise, the main emphasis was placed on testing the drug use of the Yars PGRK, as well as checking the technical condition of the units with a long stay in the field.

In the current year, combat duty is characterized by an increase in the time spent by military personnel on combat patrol routes.

In the winter, the Strategic Missile Forces planned more than a hundred training events. The main efforts in combat training are aimed at increasing the practical orientation of measures that will ensure the maintenance of combat training of drugs. Additionally introduced a new form of employment: a practical lesson to bring in combat readiness. Such classes are held every month in all formations and military units.
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  1. Bashkaus
    Bashkaus 15 March 2012 11: 53 New
    The main thing is to have an eraser with you, suddenly a negligent cadet will not press something, but there ...
  2. Big lexey
    Big lexey 15 March 2012 11: 59 New
    It is pleasant to realize that the troops are undergoing combat training. It is also encouraging that it is carried out not in the form of a KShU or KShT, but in the form of tactical exercises, i.e. with the withdrawal of equipment on combat patrol routes and the inculcation of practical skills for carrying a database in the field.
    I hope for the revival of the Russian Army! Yes, God bless all the forces for this rebirth!
  3. domokl
    domokl 15 March 2012 12: 02 New
    Well, finally, instead of theory, they are taught by practice ... Combat training, especially in combat units, must be carried out constantly ... We are back to square one ... Well done!
  4. 755962
    755962 15 March 2012 12: 07 New
    Combat training + high-class equipment = sound sleep to the citizens of Russia. Study-LIGHT!
  5. Nickolay3145
    Nickolay3145 15 March 2012 12: 17 New
    Looks like really zasverbilo in one place after the "democratic revolutions", since they began to train the troops normally. Eh, something bad is coming ...
    1. Neighbor
      Neighbor 15 March 2012 12: 38 New
      Quote: Nickolay3145
      Eh, something bad is coming ...

      And this is good! Because it’s very good - it’s bad. Quickly people swim with fat dull and weaken. As in the proverb - That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
      And to someone - to the army, and especially the Strategic Missile Forces - you can’t relax for a second at all!
    2. Olegovich
      Olegovich 15 March 2012 13: 31 New
      It didn't work. Development, production and delivery of "Yarsov" has been going on for a long time. Now we have begun to master the new weapons. Normal work. And "democratic revolutions" could and can only interfere with the normal development of the army, rearmament, bring nervousness, at least, and at the most - cover all reforms with a copper basin.
      Only the lazy does not scold the military reform. But these "Yars", the more frequent tactical exercises and training launches - these are the fruits of the military reform: is this bad?
  6. rinzhak
    rinzhak 15 March 2012 12: 43 New
    this is a bastard!