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USSR disaster was controlled

So said the outstanding Russian philosopher Alexander Zinoviev. His conversation with journalist Victor Lupan took place in Berlin and was published by the French newspaper Le Figaro on July 24 of the year. After more than a decade from the moment of publication, the accuracy of the estimates given by Zinoviev and their prophetic character became especially obvious.

USSR disaster was controlled

How accurate, how apt! Let me highlight a few crucial moments before you read all the interviews of our outstanding philosopher.

- “Contrary to the well-established opinion of Soviet communism collapsed not for internal reasons. Its collapse is by far the greatest victory in stories West. An unheard victory, which, I repeat, makes it possible to establish planetary power. The end of communism also marked the end of democracy. Today's era is not just post-communist, it is also post-democratic! Today, we are witnessing the establishment of democratic totalitarianism, or, if you like, totalitarian democracy. ”

“In the West, there is no more political force capable of protecting ordinary citizens. The existence of political parties is a mere formality. Every day there will be less and less difference between them. ”

- "All revolutionary coups once received support from outside."

“What conspiracy?” There is no conspiracy. The world government is governed by the leaders of well-known supranational commercial, financial and political structures. ”

- “The European Union is weapon destruction of national sovereignties. It is part of projects developed by supranational organisms. ”

“Democratic totalitarianism will surpass all previous totalitarian regimes.”

“Soviet totalitarianism has created a genuine multinational and multi-ethnic society. It was the Western democracies who made superhuman propaganda efforts to incite various types of nationalism, because the split of the USSR was considered by them as the best way to destroy it. ”

“But what about a Russian or a Frenchman who lives today?” Can he rejoice that his people are waiting for the future of American Indians? ”

Full text of the interview.


QUESTION. With what feelings do you return home after such a long exile?

ANSWER. With the feeling that he had once left a strong, respected, even awe-inspiring state, and when he returned, he discovered a defeated country, all in ruins. Unlike others, I would never leave the USSR if I had at least some choice. Emigration has become a real punishment for me.

QUESTION. Nevertheless, you were received here (in Germany. - Approx. Lane.) With open arms!

ANSWER. It's true ... But, despite the triumphal reception and the world success of my books, I always felt like a stranger here.

QUESTION. After the collapse of communism, the Western system became the main subject of your research. Why?

ANSWER. Because what I predicted happened: the fall of communism turned into the collapse of Russia.

QUESTION. It turns out that the struggle against communism covered the desire to destroy Russia?

ANSWER. Exactly. I say this because in my time I was an unwitting partner in this shameful act for me. The Russian catastrophe was wanted and programmed here in the West. I read the documents, participated in research, which under the guise of an ideological struggle actually prepared the death of Russia. And it became so unbearable for me that I could no longer be in the camp of those who destroy my people and my country. The West is not a stranger to me, but I regard it as an enemy power.

QUESTION. Have you become a patriot?

ANSWER. Patriotism does not concern me. I received international education and remain faithful to him. I can not even say, like or not Russian and Russia. However, I belong to this nation and this country. I am part of them. The current sufferings of my people are so terrible that I cannot watch them from afar. The brutality of globalization reveals unacceptable things.

QUESTION. Nonetheless, many former Soviet dissidents today speak of their former homeland as a country of human rights and democracy. And now, when this point of view has become generally accepted in the West, you are trying to refute it. Is there no contradiction here?

ANSWER. During the Cold War, democracy was a weapon in the struggle against communist totalitarianism. Today we understand that the era of the Cold War was the culmination of the history of the West. At that time, everything was in the West: an unprecedented increase in wealth, true freedom, incredible social progress, tremendous scientific and technical discoveries! But at the same time, the West quietly changed. The timid integration of the developed countries that was started at that time was, in fact, the forerunner of the internationalization of the economy and the globalization of power, which we are witnessing today.

Integration can serve to increase the general welfare and have positive consequences if, for example, it satisfies the legitimate desire of the fraternal peoples to unite. However, the integration in question was thought from the very beginning as a vertical structure rigidly controlled by supranational authority. And without a successful Russian, against the Soviets, counterrevolution, the West could not embark on globalization.

QUESTION. So, the role of Gorbachev was not positive?

ANSWER. I look at things from a slightly different angle. Contrary to the well-established opinion of Soviet communism collapsed not for internal reasons. Its collapse is undoubtedly the greatest victory in the history of the West. An unheard victory, which, I repeat, makes it possible to establish planetary power. The end of communism also marked the end of democracy. Today's era is not just post-communist, it is also post-democratic! Today we are witnessing the establishment of democratic totalitarianism, or, if you like, totalitarian democracy.

QUESTION. Doesn't all this sound a bit absurd?

ANSWER. Not at all. Democracy requires pluralism, and pluralism presupposes at least two more or less equal forces that fight each other and at the same time influence each other. During the Cold War, there was world democracy, global pluralism, within which two opposing systems coexisted: capitalist and communist. As well as unclear, but still the structure of those countries that could not be attributed to the first two groups. Soviet totalitarianism was susceptible to criticism coming from the West. In turn, the West was under the influence of the USSR, especially through its own communist parties. Today we live in a world dominated by one single force, one ideology, and one pro-globalization party. All this, taken together, began to form during the Cold War, when gradually, in various forms, superstructures appeared: commercial, banking, political and information organizations. Despite the different spheres of activity, these forces were united by their transnational essence.

With the collapse of communism, they began to rule the world. Thus, Western countries found themselves in a dominant position, but at the same time they are also in a subordinate position, as they gradually lose their sovereignty in favor of what I call super-society. The planetary super-society consists of commercial and non-profit organizations whose influence goes far beyond the borders of individual states. Like other countries, Western countries are subject to the control of these supranational structures. And this despite the fact that the sovereignty of states was also an integral part of pluralism, and therefore, democracy on a planetary scale. The current ruling superpower suppresses sovereign states. European integration unfolding before our eyes also leads to the disappearance of pluralism within this new conglomerate in favor of supranational authority.

QUESTION. But do not you think that France or Germany continue to remain democratic states?

ANSWER. Western countries have come to know true democracy during the Cold War. Political parties had genuine ideological differences and different political programs. The organs of the press were also very different from each other. All this had an impact on the lives of ordinary people, contributed to the growth of their well-being. Now this has come to an end. Democratic and prosperous capitalism with socially oriented legislation and employment guarantees was largely due to the existence of the fear of communism. After the fall of communism in the countries of Eastern Europe, a massive attack on the social rights of citizens began in the West. Today, the socialists who are in power in most European countries are pursuing a policy of dismantling the social security system, a policy that destroys everything socialist that was in the capitalist countries.

In the West, there is no more political force capable of protecting ordinary citizens. The existence of political parties is a mere formality. Every day there will be less and less differences between them. The war in the Balkans was anything but not democratic. Nevertheless, it was led by socialists, who historically were against such adventures. Environmentalists, also in power in some countries, hailed the environmental disaster caused by the NATO bombings. They even dared to assert that the bombs containing depleted uranium do not pose a danger to the environment, although the soldiers wear special protective overalls when charging them.

So democracy is gradually disappearing from the social organization of Western countries. Totalitarianism is spreading everywhere, because the supranational structure imposes its own laws on states. This undemocratic superstructure gives orders, gives sanctions, organizes an embargo, drops bombs, starves. Even Clinton obeys her. Financial totalitarianism subjugated political power. Cold financial totalitarianism is alien to emotions and feelings of pity. Compared to the financial dictatorship, a political dictatorship can be considered quite human. Within the most brutal dictatorships, at least some resistance was possible. It is impossible to rebel against banks.

QUESTION. What about the revolution?

ANSWER. Democratic totalitarianism and financial dictatorship exclude the possibility of a social revolution.


ANSWER. Because they combine a coarse omnipotent military force with the financial suffocation of a global scale. All revolutionary coups once received support from outside. From now on, this is impossible, since there will no longer be any sovereign states. Moreover, at the lowest social level, the class of workers is replaced by the unemployed class. And what do the unemployed want? Work. Therefore, they are in a less favorable position than the class of workers in the past.

QUESTION. All totalitarian systems had their own ideology. What is the ideology of this new society, which you call post-democratic?

ANSWER. The most influential Western theorists and politicians believe that we have entered a post-ideological era. This is because by the word "ideology" they mean communism, fascism, Nazism, etc. In fact, the ideology, the super-ideology of the Western world, which has developed over the past fifty years, is much stronger than communism or national socialism. The Western citizen is much more foolish than the once ordinary Soviet man through communist propaganda. In the field of ideology, the main thing is not the ideas, but the mechanisms of their distribution. The power of the Western media, for example, is incomparably higher than the strongest means of propaganda of the Vatican at the time of its highest power.

And this is not all cinema, literature, philosophy - all the levers of influence and the means of spreading culture in the broadest sense of the word work in this direction. At the slightest impulse, everyone working in this area reacts with such consistency that involuntarily thoughts arise about orders coming from a single source of power. It was enough to make a decision to brand General Karadzic, or President Milosevic, or someone else, so that the whole planetary propaganda machine would work against them. As a result, instead of condemning NATO politicians and generals for violating all existing laws, the overwhelming majority of Western citizens are convinced that the war against Serbia was necessary and fair. Western ideology combines and mixes ideas based on their needs. One of these ideas - Western values ​​and lifestyle are the best in the world! Although for most people on the planet, these values ​​have disastrous consequences. Try to convince the Americans that these values ​​will destroy Russia. You will not succeed. They will continue to assert the thesis of the universality of Western values, thus following one of the fundamental principles of ideological dogmatism. Theorists, politicians and mass media of the West are absolutely sure that their system is the best.

That is why they, without any doubt and with a clear conscience, impose it all over the world. Western man, the bearer of these highest values, is thus the new superman. The term is taboo, but it comes down to this. Of course, this phenomenon must be studied scientifically. However, I dare say, in some areas of sociology and history it has become extremely difficult to conduct scientific research. A scientist who suddenly burns with a desire to study the mechanisms of democratic totalitarianism will face incredible difficulties. Out of it will make an outcast. On the other hand, those whose studies serve the dominant ideology are buried in grants, and publishing houses and the media are fighting for the right to cooperate with these authors. I experienced it in my own skin when I taught and worked as a researcher at foreign universities.

QUESTION. Isn't this not your favorite super-ideology of ideas of tolerance and respect for your neighbor?

ANSWER. When you listen to representatives of the Western elite, everything seems so pure, generous, respectful towards people. By doing this, they apply the classic rule of propaganda: cover reality with sweet speeches. However, it is enough to turn on the TV, go to the cinema, open a bestseller, or listen to popular music to make sure of the opposite: the unprecedented spread of the cult of cruelty, sex and money. Noble speeches are designed to conceal these three pillars (there are others) of totalitarian democracy.

QUESTION. And what about human rights? Isn't that what they observe most in the West?

ANSWER. From now on, the idea of ​​human rights is also increasingly under pressure. Even a purely ideological thesis, according to which these rights are innate, not alienable, today will not withstand even the first rigorous analysis. I am ready to subject Western ideology to the same scientific analysis that I have done with communism. But this is a long conversation, not for today's interview ...

QUESTION. Does Western ideology have a key idea?

ANSWER. The idea of ​​globalization! In other words, world domination! And since this idea is rather unpleasant, it is covered up with lengthy phrases about a planetary unity, about transforming the world into one integrated whole ... In fact, the West has now begun structural changes on a global scale. On the one hand, Western society dominates the whole world, on the other hand, it is itself rebuilt vertically with supranational authority at the very top of the pyramid.

QUESTION. World government?

ANSWER. Yes, if you want.

QUESTION. To believe in such things doesn’t it mean to be a victim of delusional fantasies about the world conspiracy?

ANSWER. What a conspiracy? There is no conspiracy. The world government is governed by the leaders of well-known supranational commercial, financial and political structures. According to my calculations, this super-society, which today governs the world, already has about fifty million people. Its center is the USA. Western European countries and some former Asian "dragons" make up its base. Other countries are dominated by tight financial and economic gradations. This is the reality. As for propaganda, she believes that the creation of a world government controlled by the world parliament is desirable, since the world is a big fraternity. All this is tales meant for the crowd.

QUESTION. European Parliament too?

ANSWER. No, since the European Parliament exists. But it would be naive to believe that the European Union was the result of the goodwill of the governments of its member countries. The European Union is a weapon for the destruction of national sovereignties. It is part of projects developed by supranational organisms.

QUESTION. The European Union changed its name after the collapse of the Soviet Union. As if to replace him, it became known as the "European Union." In the end, it could be called differently. Like the Bolsheviks, EU leaders call themselves commissars. Like the Bolsheviks, they head the commission. The last president was "elected", being the only candidate ...

ANSWER. We must not forget that the process of social organization is subject to certain laws. To organize a million people is one thing, to organize ten million is another, to organize one hundred million is the hardest task. To organize five hundred million people is a task of colossal proportions. It is necessary to create new administrative bodies, train people who will manage them and ensure their uninterrupted functioning. This is the first priority. In fact, the Soviet Union is a classic example of a multinational conglomerate headed by a supranational administrative structure. The European Union wants to achieve better results than the Soviet Union! It is quite justified. Twenty years ago I was struck by the fact that the so-called defects of the Soviet system were even more developed in the West.

QUESTION. Like what?

ANSWER. Planning! The Western economy is infinitely more planned than the economy of the USSR was once planned. Bureaucracy! In the Soviet Union, from 10 to 12% of the active population worked in the administration and administration of the country. In the United States, such workers are about 16 – 20%. However, the USSR was criticized precisely for its planned economy and the burden of the bureaucracy. The Central Committee of the CPSU worked 2 thousands of people.

The number of Communist Party apparatus reached 150 thousands of workers. Today in the West you will find dozens, even hundreds of industrial and banking enterprises, which hire many more people. The bureaucratic apparatus of the Soviet Communist Party was negligible compared to the staff of large multinational corporations in the West. In fact, it should be recognized: the USSR was poorly governed precisely because of the lack of administrative staff. It was necessary to have two to three times more administrative staff! The European Union is well aware of these problems and therefore takes them into account. Integration is impossible without an impressive administrative apparatus.

QUESTION. What you are talking about goes against the ideas of liberalism that are advertised by European leaders. Do you think their liberalism is just window dressing?

ANSWER. The administration tends to grow strongly, which is dangerous for herself. She knows about it. Like any organism, it finds its own antidotes for the continuation of normal functioning. Private initiative is one of them. Another antidote is social and individual morality. Applying them, the government is struggling with tendencies to self-destruction. Therefore, she invented liberalism to create a counterbalance to her own gravity. However, today being liberal is absurd. Liberal society is no more. The liberal doctrine does not correspond to the realities of the era of concentration of capital unprecedented in the history of mankind. The movement of colossal financial resources does not in any way consider the interests of individual states and peoples consisting of individuals.

Liberalism means personal initiative and financial risk taking. Today, any business needs money provided by banks. These banks, the number of which is gradually decreasing, pursue a policy that is dictatorial and conductor in nature. Business owners are at their mercy, because everything is subordinated to the loan, and therefore, is under the control of financial organizations. The importance of the individual — the basis of liberalism — is diminishing day by day. Today it does not matter who runs this or that enterprise, this or that country: Bush or Clinton, Kohl or Schröder, Chirac or Jospin, what difference does it make?

QUESTION. The totalitarian regimes of the 20th century were extremely cruel, which cannot be said about western democracy.

ANSWER. The main thing is not the methods, but the results obtained. Give an example? In the fight against Nazi Germany, the USSR lost 20 million people (according to the latest data of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation - 27 million - Approx. Per.) And suffered enormous damage. In the course of the Cold War, a war without bombs and guns, there was a lot more casualties in all respects! Over the past decade, the life expectancy of Russians has decreased by ten years! Mortality catastrophically exceeds the birth rate.

Two million children do not sleep at home. Five million children of school age do not go to school. 12 million drug addicts registered. Alcoholism has become universal. 70% of young people are not suitable for military service due to various physical disabilities. Here are the direct consequences of a defeat in the Cold War, followed by a transition to a Western way of life. If this continues, the country's population will first quickly fall from 150 million to 100 million, and then to 50 million. Democratic totalitarianism will surpass all previous totalitarian regimes.

QUESTION. In violence?

ANSWER. Drugs, poor nutrition, AIDS are much more effective than military violence. Although, after the colossal destruction of the Cold War, the West invented a “peacemaking war”. The Iraqi and Yugoslav campaigns are two examples of collective punishment and extremely large-scale retaliatory actions to which the propaganda machine gives the meaning of a “good cause” or a “humanistic war”. Directing the violence of victims against themselves is another technology. An example of its use is the Russian counterrevolution 1985 of the year. However, in unleashing a war in Yugoslavia, the countries of Western Europe fought a war against themselves.

QUESTION. In your opinion, was the war against Serbia also a war against Europe?

ANSWER. Exactly. Inside Europe there are forces capable of forcing it to act against itself. Serbia was chosen because it resisted all the overwhelming globalization. Russia may be next in the list. Before China ...

QUESTION. Despite her nuclear arsenal?

ANSWER. Russia's nuclear arsenal is huge, but it is outdated. In addition, the Russians are morally disarmed and ready to capitulate ... It seems to me that, by the enormity of the 21st century, everything will surpass everything that mankind has seen before. Just think about the coming global war with Chinese communism. To defeat such a densely populated country, you need to destroy not 10 – 20 of millions of people, but somewhere 500 of millions. Today it is quite possible, given the level of development of the achievements of the propaganda machine. Of course, in the name of freedom and human rights. If only some PR organization does not invent a new, no less noble reason.

QUESTION. Do not you think that people can have their own opinion that they can vote and thus express themselves?

ANSWER. Firstly, people are already voting a little, and later will be even less. As for public opinion, in the West it is formed by the mass media. Suffice it to recall the universal approval of the war in Kosovo. Remember the Spanish war! Volunteers came from all over the world to fight on one side or the other. Remember the Vietnam War. From now on, people are so aware that they react only in the way that the owners of propaganda want.

QUESTION. The USSR and Yugoslavia were the most polyethnic countries in the world, and despite this they were destroyed. Do you see a connection between the destruction of polyethnic countries, on the one hand, and the propaganda of polyethnicity, on the other?

ANSWER. Soviet totalitarianism created a genuine multi-ethnic and multi-ethnic society. It was the Western democracies who made superhuman propaganda efforts to incite various types of nationalism, because the split of the USSR was considered by them as the best way to destroy it. The same mechanism worked in Yugoslavia. Germany has always sought to eliminate Yugoslavia. Being united, Yugoslavia could resist. The essence of the western system lies in the division in order to make it easier to establish its laws to all parties at once, and to act as the supreme judge. There is no reason to assume that this technology will not be applied to the dismemberment of China in the future.

QUESTION. India and China opposed the bombing of Yugoslavia. Can they, in which case, form a pole of resistance? Still, 2 billion people - this is something!

ANSWER. The means of these countries are not comparable with the military power and technology of the West.

QUESTION. Have you been impressed by the effectiveness of the US military arsenal in Yugoslavia?

ANSWER. Not only in this case. If a decision had been made, then Serbia would cease to exist within a few hours. Apparently, the leaders of the new world order have chosen a strategy of permanent violence. One by one, local conflicts will now flare up so that the machine of the “peacemaking war”, which we have already seen in action, extinguished them.

In fact, it can be a technology to control the entire planet. The West controls most of the earth’s natural resources. Its intellectual resources are millions of times greater than the resources of the rest of the world. This overwhelming superiority causes the hegemony of the West in the field of technology, art, media, computer science, science, and hence the prevalence in all other areas. It would be too easy just to conquer the world. After all, they still need to manage! It is this fundamental problem that the Americans are trying to solve now ... Understand that at the time of Christ on Earth there were about 100 millions of people. Today, Nigeria alone has so many inhabitants!

One billion zapadoidov and people assimilated by them will rule the whole world. However, this billion, in turn, also needs to be managed. In all likelihood, two hundred million people will be required to govern the Western world. They need to pick up, train. That is why China is doomed to defeat the struggle against the hegemony of the West. This country lacks management, as well as economic and intellectual resources in order to implement an effective management apparatus, consisting somewhere of 300 million people. Only the West is able to solve the problems of world governance. He has already begun this. Hundreds of thousands of zapadoidov who are in former communist countries, for example in Russia, as a rule, occupy leadership positions there. Totalitarian democracy will also be a colonial democracy.

QUESTION. According to Marx, colonization, besides violence and cruelty, carried with it the benefits of civilization. Maybe the history of mankind is repeated on a new round?

ANSWER. Indeed, why not? But, alas, not for everyone. What contribution did American Indians make to civilization? Virtually none, since they were crushed, destroyed, erased from the face of the Earth. And now look at the contribution of Russian! And in general, I will make an important remark: the West was afraid not so much of the military power of the USSR as of its intellectual, artistic and sports potential. West saw how the USSR was full of life!

And this is the main thing that you need to destroy the enemy. That is what was done. Russian science today depends on American funding. It is in a miserable condition, since the US is not interested in financing its competitors. Americans prefer to give Russian scientists work in their home country. Soviet cinema was also destroyed and replaced by American. The same thing happened with literature. World domination is primarily manifested as intellectual or, if you will, cultural dictate. That is why in recent decades, Americans have so eagerly tried to lower the cultural and intellectual level in the world to their own, which will allow them to exercise this dictate.

QUESTION. But will not this domination result in a boon to all of humanity?

ANSWER. Those who will live through ten generations will really be able to say that everything happened in the name of humanity, that is, for their benefit. But what about a Russian or a Frenchman who lives today? Can he rejoice that his people are waiting for the future of American Indians? The term "humanity" is an abstraction. In reality, there are Russians, French, Serbs, etc. However, if the current trend continues, then the peoples who founded modern civilization (I mean the Latin peoples) will gradually disappear.

Western Europe is already flooded with foreigners. We have not yet spoken about this, but this phenomenon is not an accident and not the consequences of supposedly uncontrolled human flows. The goal is to create a situation in Europe similar to the situation in the United States. It seems to me that the French will be little happy to hear that humanity will be happy, but without the French. After all, leaving on Earth a limited number of people who would live like in paradise could be a rational project. The remaining people would certainly think that their happiness is the result of historical development ... No. What matters is the life that we and our loved ones live today.

QUESTION. The Soviet system was ineffective. Are all totalitarian societies bound to inefficiency?

ANSWER. What is efficiency? In the United States, the cost of losing weight exceeds Russia's state budget. And still the number of fat citizens is growing. There are dozens of such examples.

QUESTION. Can we say that the radicalization that is growing in the West will lead to its own destruction?

ANSWER. Nazism was destroyed during the total war. The Soviet system was young and strong. She would have continued to live if she had not been destroyed by forces from outside. Social systems do not destroy themselves. Only external force can destroy them. It's like a ball rolling on the surface: only the presence of an external obstacle can stop it. I can prove it, as the theorem proves. Today we are dominated by a country that has tremendous economic and military superiority. New nascent world order tends to unipolarity.

If, by eliminating all external enemies, the supranational government achieves this, then the unified social system can survive until the end of time. Only a person can die from his own illness. But a group of people, even a small one, will already try to survive through reproduction. And imagine a social system of billions of people! Its ability to foresee and prevent self-destructive phenomena will be unlimited. In the foreseeable future, the process of erasing differences in the world cannot be stopped, since democratic totalitarianism is the last phase in the development of Western society, which began in the Renaissance.

Curriculum Vitae of A. Zinoviev

The famous philosopher and writer Alexander Zinoviev was born in 1922 in a peasant family. After school, he entered the Moscow Institute of the History of Philosophy and Literature, from which he was expelled without the right to enter other universities in the country for speaking out against the personality cult of Stalin. He was soon arrested, fled, hiding from state security agencies. He was saved from further troubles by military service, where he left in 1940 and served until 1946. The Great Patriotic War began in a tank regiment, and completed in the assault aviation, for military merits awarded orders and medals. After the war, he graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, while simultaneously studying in mechanics.

In the second half of the fifties for the students of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Lomonosov Moscow State University the name of Zinoviev was a symbol of new ideas, the struggle against dogmatism. In 1960, Zinoviev defended his doctoral thesis, shortly thereafter he received the title of professor and became head of the department of logic at Moscow University.

The reason for the expulsion of Alexander Zinoviev from the Soviet Union in 1978 was the sociological novel “Yawning Heights” published in the West, with which literary fame came to him. At home, Zinoviev was assigned the role of an anti-communist with all the ensuing consequences in those years: he was expelled from the party, expelled from work, expelled from the country, deprived of citizenship, all scientific degrees, titles, awards, including military ones. The atmosphere of silence was created around him. Everything was organized as if there was no such person at all.

In the West, Alexander Zinoviev published more than 40 novels translated into 20 languages, creating a new genre of a sociological novel (sociological novel) in his work, in which scientific and sociological results are presented in artistic form. Concepts, statements, partly even methods of sociology are used as means of fiction, and the latter, in turn, are used as means of science.

Returning home, Alexander Alexandrovich continued his sociological research and lectured at Moscow State University, published essays on the new Russia.
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  1. Igarr
    Igarr 16 March 2012 06: 48
    Those who have lived this period from 1985 to 1993 know better than Victor Lupanov what’s what.

    The collapse begins with this - ".. Unlike others, I would never leave the USSR if I had at least some choice. Emigration became a real punishment for me."
    Excuses are meaningless. For some reason we didn’t leave. And as they could - so they lived this unholy time.
    Anyone who was a bit rooting for Russia - they were here. Worked, traded, shuttled, homeless, tore their souls.
    And those who seek better lives are there.
    And the whole trick.
    1. domokl
      domokl 16 March 2012 07: 10
      Igor, what’s the point now of talking about the personality and what happened then? It’s easy to be a hero when seeing the battle from the side ... To condemn or bow to someone is everyone’s business .. A purely independent decision ... But to reflect on the thoughts of another person is really worth it ... But the thoughts are really interesting and quite sound. ..
      1. older
        older 16 March 2012 07: 22
        I also liked the thoughts of this philosopher .. I practically explained where this orange mold came from ...
      2. sergo0000
        sergo0000 16 March 2012 08: 06
        All his clever thoughts are no longer a secret to anyone for a long time, and his excuses are not needed at the moment. And I regard it as arousing fear among the layman before the impending catastrophe. And now Russia needs a different attitude to survive! In the process, it’s not renounced his dissident beliefs. Therefore, the minus article!
      3. Igarr
        Igarr 16 March 2012 08: 32
        domokl, thought ...
        I didn’t like his thoughts. Mine is better.
        And, most importantly - life tested.

        He was deprived, sent ... abroad, where he peed books. So, there was no problem of survival.

        Me too .. deprived of an apartment, furnishings, well-established life in Tashkent.
        I can say, they sent me away .... and where the first five years I had to live in gypsy with my family, on the floor, with my own furniture, partly selected.

        So who ..... knows - real life?
    2. Viktor123
      Viktor123 16 March 2012 07: 24
      Read the text carefully! He did not leave. He was sent! And these are two big differences!
      And you have a strange phrase: Igarr“Those who were at least a bit sick of Russia were here. They worked, traded, shuttled, bummed, tore their hearts out.
      And those who were looking for a better life - those are there. "
      It turns out he did not work, did not defend his homeland, did not teach the students? According to your words, did he have to bum, drink too much and be a client of a fool? And he worked! You are correct! And professors of philosophy for no reason to appropriate, agree!
      so you are incorrect. Re-read the text!
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 16 March 2012 08: 00
        Victor123 ...
        but nothing warned me that he managed to hide from the NKVD during the time of Stalin, then serve in the army for 6 years — and such a normal comrade ... he studies at two faculties at the same time.

        Aesthetes you ...
        And Zinoviev clearly says .. "Patriotism does not concern me. I received an international education and remain faithful to it. I cannot even say whether I love Russians and Russia. However, I belong to this people and this country. I am a part of them. Present suffering. my people are so terrible that I cannot calmly watch them from afar. The rudeness of globalization brings to light inappropriate things. "
        Interesting thoughts ... sent him .. Solzhenitsyn was also sent .. as soon as the opportunity presented itself - he returned to Russia, then he wrote. Only now his train left already.
        And this one sits there to the end, only invents beautiful philosophical constructions. Not a patriot, not Russian - a cosmopolitan, then?

        By good intentions - the road to hell is paved. We, starting in the USSR, went all the way along this road. Now let's go back.
        And, such as Zinoviev - these GOOD intentions - explain - Beautiful designs.
        In my life I do not like "beautiful theorists". And there are many of them.

        I, like everyone in the universities of the USSR, studied diamat. Studied in good faith. So about the constructions - I can also teach Zinoviev something. He is not the only such philosopher. He sat smartly - and at that time I built furniture from the boards with my own hands so that my daughters would not even sleep on the floor.
        And the fact that he is a professor of philosophy ... so he is also a super agent, it turns out. From the NKVD to hide.
        1. favn
          favn 16 March 2012 10: 04
          Elusive Joe is elusive because nobody needs nafig. "Hiding", "expelled" are fairy tales for Western inhabitants. I just fled to the place where the food was better, came up with an excuse, believed in it myself and became a great martyr. If he had seemed dangerous to someone here in those days, he would have removed the snow in Siberia, or treated himself in a durka. From the union forbade to leave, especially "unreliable". Check out was necessary deserve it.
          1. ATATA
            ATATA 17 March 2012 08: 47
            All you know, but don’t ask for a toilet. (WITH)
        2. Trudy
          Trudy 16 March 2012 12: 12
          Hi Igor. I fully support. Those who lived during perestroika in Russia, though badly, lived. Few people can understand what it means to lose their well-deserved housing, work, remain in obscurity with small children, drop everything acquired and travel around Russia in search of a piece of bread and a roof over their heads. You will not wish such an enemy. It's like surviving a war. And someone changes their looks like gloves, depending on where the priest is warm. Zinoviev, of course, correctly writes about globalization, but his personal views are given out with rotten tricks. Here he conducted propaganda activities, from here he was asked. I went there - spread anti-Soviet, wrote a lot of libel, on this I earned money. He didn’t need it there - he came back. Repented. Like Father Litvinenko. No, they don’t change their homeland. Either they live here for the good of their homeland, or they leave for good.
        3. ATATA
          ATATA 17 March 2012 08: 46
          Quote: Igarr
          So about the constructions - I can also teach Zinoviev something.

          Defend the professorship, what are you waiting for?
          For the title of professor, money is always paid, there will be something for the children to buy normal furniture for.
          "Do-it-yourself furniture for daughters from boards" What are you proud of?
          You would have built a hut and were proud of it.

          Quote: Igarr
          He sat smartly - and at that time I built furniture from boards with my own hands

          Maybe this is because this person can work better than your head?
          And he has the right to be called a patriot of Russia more than yours because he fought for 5 years!
          But just out of modesty, a person does not throw big words, unlike you.
          And certainly not proud of his stupidity.
    3. Komsomolets
      Komsomolets 16 March 2012 09: 50
      Igarr for the fact that this man went through the gulag, went through the whole war, and after being able to reach such heights at Moscow State University and academic degrees, he deserves a thousand times more respect than you. And partiot he is much larger than you.
      But he did not leave the USSR, he was expelled. Do you consider yourself a hero who lived a wicked time? If people like him had not shed blood in the Second World War, you would not have been at all.
      1. favn
        favn 16 March 2012 10: 07
        What does the merit of man and his worldview? For merits (if they were) respect and respect. And his views are another matter.
        1. Komsomolets
          Komsomolets 16 March 2012 10: 29
          favn, and what did you dislike about his views? Are they directed against Russia or Russian citizens?
          Personally, I’m sure that the views are very correct, but someone at the top of the vertical yesterday (in 2000) should draw conclusions on these views and raise the country?
          Or is our vertical part of an alien system?
        2. ATATA
          ATATA 17 March 2012 08: 54
          Quote: favn
          And his views are another matter.

          So with his views, do you need to respect them?
          But generally it’s not your snotty affair, his views.
          A man for people like you REALLY substituted his head under bullets so that people like you could flood the forum pointless here, and you judge him?
          Who are the judges? (WITH)
          1. SAVA555.IVANOV
            SAVA555.IVANOV 17 March 2012 14: 57
            A people living on their own land, paying taxes, raising their children, of various professions, people of art and "techies", villagers and townspeople, and perhaps reasoning lying on the couch (but the couch is in their own country and not abroad)
      2. Igarr
        Igarr 16 March 2012 11: 19
        I do not consider myself a hero, the Gulag Zinoviev did not pass.
        Blood for me, so that I would .. spilled two grandfathers and uncle, their eternal memory.
        And not Zinoviev, a philosopher.
        Yes, and childishly somehow. It can be seen right away, you, a young man, did not find those times about which I wrote.
        1. Komsomolets
          Komsomolets 16 March 2012 11: 45
          Igarr and I, just like you, were born and raised in the USSR, and finished school in the Soviet Union and took the oath of conscience, so I found something. I am very sorry that you and your family had to endure the loss of home, relocation and adversity. But what does Zinoviev have to do with it? If my family was not relocated during the troubled years, will I also be to blame for you?
          And the answers given in the interview are correct, regardless of the social status of their author.
          1. Igarr
            Igarr 16 March 2012 18: 32
            I didn't blame anyone ...
            it was about what we do not need to explain now - what we went through.
            I can agree - good words, a wise philosopher, only ..
            Only when we were here ... survived ... he, abroad, just lived.
            And now we are being taught ... on his wise thoughts.
            1. ATATA
              ATATA 17 March 2012 09: 07
              Here it is the essence of your claims!
              Quote: Igarr
              Only when we were here ... survived ... he, abroad, just lived.

              Envy in silence, and do not talk here about your "leavened" patriotism.
        2. ATATA
          ATATA 17 March 2012 09: 04
          I can no longer calmly read your silly opus igarr.
          Are you measuring blood in test tubes or something, two grandfathers shed it for you ..
          And they shed the same for me?
          Did my grandfather shed for you, or did he just fight for me?

          Quote: Igarr
          Blood for me, so that I would .. spilled two grandfathers and uncle, their eternal memory.
          And not Zinoviev, a philosopher.

          With such thoughts under socialism, if you expressed them, you would not even be accepted into pioneers. Do you joke about your patriotism and most of all are proud that you made furniture from boards with your own hands?
          I dare to assure you nothing to be proud of Igor!
    4. ATATA
      ATATA 17 March 2012 08: 31
      Quote: Igarr
      Excuses are meaningless. For some reason we didn’t leave.

      Do not beat yourself with a heel in the chest.
      You didn’t leave because you couldn’t. (That's 99,9 percent)
      Quote: Igarr
      Worked, traded, shuttled, homeless, tore their souls.

      You were not alone here at this time and therefore you are not proud of anything here.
      And to Zinoviev’s intellect, you, apparently, are like a Neanderthal to a modern person.
      Excuse me if I offended you.
  2. domokl
    domokl 16 March 2012 07: 01
    a long time ago I didn’t read really smart articles .. Thank you! A really great philosopher and a really big logician ... The clearest example of how you can, having normal, logical thinking, not only explain what and how, but also anticipate the development of events ... We must read and his other works ... Plus with pleasure ..
    1. older
      older 16 March 2012 07: 23
      Hi Alexander ... I agree with you .. I also enjoyed the flow of thought and the logic of thinking ...
      1. Paratov
        Paratov 16 March 2012 13: 51
        The views are certainly interesting, but Zinoviev somehow missed the point that empires cannot exist alone, even if they are universal! Because they very quickly begin the palace coups, which are accompanied by civil wars. Remember the Roman Empire, where democracy quickly grew into a dictatorship, and the dictatorship was constantly torn apart by bloody feuds, that is, supermen were engaged in self-destruction! .. And nowhere else on the periphery of the Empire, and in the center, in Italy! .. If we project on our future - this territories of Europe and North America. So theoretically it is possible to create a global Empire, but it is hardly possible to keep it in this state.
  3. ward
    ward 16 March 2012 07: 04
    In general, a man was sent ... And read it ... It has a spark of God ..... And about the USSR, he is right, we were just surrendered .... And those who surrendered knew perfectly well why and how much ... and now it is these guys the main contingent of Saboteurs .... Yes, exactly ... let's introduce this word again into use ...
    1. domokl
      domokl 16 March 2012 07: 12
      Ward, protect yourself from the person and from the person in general .. just thoughts, just logic and mood ... We do not perceive Kipling as a fshist, we perceive him as the author of a beautiful fairy tale-Mowgli, ...
  4. ward
    ward 16 March 2012 07: 48
    Well, he’s a philosopher for that ... The article really liked the philosophical attitude to life ... Especially pleased with the last line .... in addition to being a thinker, he is also a man of action ....
    1. Paratov
      Paratov 16 March 2012 13: 53
      The article is dated 1999! In those days, few people were interested in such a view of things!
  5. Amur
    Amur 16 March 2012 08: 03
    It's a shame to feel like an Indian.
    20 years ago I was a man, I remember this feeling - I am a man!
    NATO will not break me, I will go to the partisans ...
  6. serge
    serge 16 March 2012 08: 33
    Zinoviev left here, but did not come there. He sought democracy everywhere, but never found it. You can sympathize with him (and us). And totalitarianism is growing everywhere. We expect chips in the passports.
  7. Narkom
    Narkom 16 March 2012 08: 38
    And how many such smart ones [were included in all sorts of projects like "CIA Without Borders" ... and how many guys died because of such smart guys who leaked information about the deployment to the militants ...
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 16 March 2012 09: 06
      Plus you with pleasure!
  8. Goga
    Goga 16 March 2012 10: 26
    The analysis of the situation and the prospects for its development is correct, but the personality itself ...
    "philosopher" - his punishment is to sit over the hill and philosophize - "how is Russia there" - realized. that "west" is an enemy, and why the hell was he cheating on his country so that he was "emigrated"? Doesn't this remind the Russian "intelligentsia of the beginning of the 20th century? Everyone was wiping their feet on the" totalitarian "tsarist regime so amicably, and when they got their way, they overthrew the regime and the country along with it - that's when the howl arose -" what country have you lost! "and immediately go abroad to write nostalgic books. And this one is the same.
    The world government and the "new nomads" are far from news. The same protocols of S. sages (fake, not fake) - and everything goes according to their program, though not without failures, which leaves hope to get out of this dead end. Was the process of the collapse of the USSR controlled? - not a question - not just manageable, but well planned and competently implemented. A marked dirty trick is not a loser who wanted the best - he is an enemy who intelligently carried out pre-planned actions to destroy the country.
    As a result, we have what we have ....
  9. Ascetic
    Ascetic 16 March 2012 10: 27
    No technologies for controlling the mass consciousness, no directives and plans of the World Government such as the Harvard or Houston projects were able to destroy such a powerful state as the USSR without the "tacit" support of the practically overwhelming majority of its citizens.
    In short, the reason was two trends in the aggregate - the gradual erosion in the mass consciousness of the conviction of the advantages of the socialist system and an increase in the effectiveness of influencing the mass consciousness of Soviet citizens of Western propaganda.
    in the second half of the twentieth century there was a revolutionary (you can not say otherwise) change in the consumer market - the producer market was replaced by the consumer market. In the West, this led to the formation of a "consumer society", and here? Our authorities are faced with the need to solve a problem that could never be solved at all - feed the well-fed and clothe the dressed. Remember the blessed "Brezhnev" times when there was supposedly "nothing" in stores and citizens always had full refrigerators, almost everyone had substantial savings in their savings books, at least giving them the opportunity to buy a "Zhiguli" or join a housing cooperative. Plus, really free and affordable medicine and education, sanatoriums and resorts. there were pensions and salaries for which you could live with dignity and not just survive collecting bottles and rummaging in garbage, there were no homeless people and street children? The question arises of what the hell was the "restless soul of the people" looking for from good to good?
    Yes, the best system of public education in the world was created in the USSR, but educated people have not the same needs as those of a semi-literate or generally illiterate. Socialist realism alone was clearly not enough, elite art and innovative searches and other diversity were required ... especially among the "Soviet" creative intelligentsia, which usurped the right to be the "conscience of the people" from which it was terribly far away, like Herzen's revolutionaries.
    How did the authorities respond to these challenges? Absolutely wrong - “account hold game”. The fight against dudes, the "exposure" of formalism in art, the confrontation with "unhealthy Western trends and" elements of a sweet life ", the condemnation of" personal immodesty in everyday life, "planting socialist asceticism. The last point, by the way, came in flagrant contradiction with the slogan: "Communism is the most complete satisfaction of the spiritual and material needs of the working people."
    Result? The usual, Russian, post-Petrine history of the Russian Empire, approved by more than two hundred years of practice, is an appeal to the West. His Majesty Import has triumphantly entered the territory of the Soviet Union! First, in the sphere of material needs, and then in the sphere of spiritual ones. And not only in the form of consumer goods, music, films and other things. The most powerful blow was dealt in the field of information. Remember Soviet VHF radios (new for that time)? In thousands of apartments, they began talking in the kitchens or in the bedrooms under the pillows with the voices of the radio stations Liberty, Free Europe, Voice of America, BBC ... Soviet citizens listened to Brodsky's poems, memories of Stalin's daughter Ten Letters friend ”,“ The Gulag Archipelago ”by Solzhenitsyn, news programs that talked about what the state media were silent about. Is not it? Young people - ask your parents, grandparents and make conclusions for yourself, do not step on the same rake.
    Gradually, the conviction began to take shape in the mass consciousness that there - in the West - they knew and were able to do something that we did not know and did not know how. The expression has become commonplace: “We fly into space, but we are not able to sew jeans.” Further more. It has become prestigious to be packaged in imports, but not to be a patriot. Now it may seem strange, but incomprehensible inscriptions in Latin letters on clothes and other items and accessories were valued by the youth of the 80s, almost more than jewelry, and even to come to the disco in a jacket, half of the back of which is occupied by the US flag, it was “well , vashsche! "Remember the saying:" Whoever wears the Adidas firm, any lady will give that .. "And so it happened: in full accordance with the laws of psychology, if life does not improve, sooner or later, a person begins to think that she worsens, and the government insists that everything is in order, we are improving developed socialism. Well, in the most extreme case, there were arguments like: "But we make rockets and conquered the Yenisei, and in the field of ballet we are ahead of the rest." However, no matter how much you repeat "honey, honey", your mouth will not become sweeter. And there "they have" sweet, oh, how sweet! "I haven't seen it myself, but they say ..." I would say today the bolt is always thicker in the wrong hands ... It turns out that the Soviet government arranged all this headache for itself - it raised millions of very well-educated people, encouraged the coming constant improvement of life and ... itself began to slow down and limit all this. there is a long time before the Gorbachev reforms "stomach" won a victory in the mass consciousness over the IDEA of a bright and just society of the future. Why did the Soviet power and the empire of peoples under the name of the USSR hold on? Because the people and the state have always had a common goal or, if you like, an idea.
    The first was to win the Civil War and repel foreign intervention. The second is to feed the country for eight years (1914-1922) that did not leave the war. NEP fed. The third strategic goal is to prepare for the next war. Industrialization made it possible to do this. The fourth is to win the Second World War. Done. The fifth is to rebuild the country. Made! Sixth ... But it didn't go any further. No, the goal was set: "To build communism in a single country by 1980." And the tasks were formulated: to create the material and technical basis of a communist society, to educate a new person, to ensure a favorable international situation. And no one knew how to do this in confrontation with Western ideology and military and economic power, neither the theorist of Marxism-Leninism, nor the leaders of the party and the country. Then we began to lose the ideological and information war to the West, our elite began to degrade, because when there is no of a clear and understandable PURPOSE for which all the aspirations of the elite go to the task of personal enrichment of their relatives and descendants and the creation of economic and political conditions for this, because the idea of ​​communism is unattainable and there is nothing to rest against building up ascetics and ascetics. Therefore, from this milieu of "reborn" emerged a murky tribe of Gorbachevs and Yeltsins, skillfully directed from beyond the hillock by hardened puppeteers from the CIA and various "cultural exchange" funds. What was the inner goal besides getting rich? Self-preservation comes first! Don't give a damn about the queues, shortages, poor roads, uncompetitive consumer goods, etc. In such conditions, the principle of recruiting is one - personal loyalty (we don't even remember about business qualities - the talent for authorities does not feel reverence by definition). This is how an anecdote was born: “Can a general's grandson become a general? Yes! Can a general's grandson become a marshal? No! Because the marshal has his own grandson! ”Those who served in the SA will surely agree
    and remember by what criteria it was possible to take a senior position or enter the academy.
    So, the strategic goal for the USSR was formulated incorrectly and turned out to be unattainable, and the elite degraded. It is interesting that the theory, in both cases, calls the same period of final disintegration - the lifespan of one generation. What we have observed. The young generation may ask the question: "Were you all so narrow-minded that you did not see what was happening at close range and fucked up the country?" No, we were proud of our country and its achievements that today's Russia has never dreamed of, largely due to which it survived and exists, we just wanted good from the good, and the ruthlessness of assessments is nothing more than a bitter medicine - it helps to avoid repeating mistakes for the current generation.
    You ask: "What next?". I am not a prophet, but something is clear right now.
    Firstly, we have formed a more realistic view of the “capitalist paradise” and the “true values” of Western democracy, and secondly, from the pit into which Russia has failed, there is only one way - up. There are no options for choosing a goal; you just need to correctly outline the circle of tasks. There were no particular problems with this either - Russia has the richest experience of restoring a centralized state after troubled times. Managed, in my opinion, not bad.
    Patriotism ceased to be an abusive word, and the USA ceased to be a "light in the window." (By the way, it would be interesting to conduct an experiment - it will be announced at a disco with an American flag half-back. Are they piling right on the dance floor or not yet approaching?).
    There was a certain basis for the formulation of a strategic goal. While fragmented, locally, but something has already been formulated. There are separate state programs that are being implemented, albeit with a scratch, social obligations. Declared, but so far remains at the level of declaration, the reorientation of the economy from a raw material dominant to an innovative one.
    Will we finally find our own way to feed the well-fed and clothe the dressed? So far, after all, without copying the West, we were able to produce only “velvet footcloths”, nothing more.
    The main thing is that everything is in our heads and hands. It’s necessary not to let the ass control the brains and not repeat the mistakes of the past
    1. Igarr
      Igarr 16 March 2012 11: 51
      Here are all those ... who did not understand me ..

      Read carefully what Ascetic wrote ..

      This is analysis, these are ready-made schemes for the future ...
      And not beautiful mind-sets ... dudes, foreigner, writer, agent, philosopher.

      Thanks, Ascetic, thanks.
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 16 March 2012 12: 44
        I join your point of view and support. Special thanks to Ascetic!
        1. Paratov
          Paratov 16 March 2012 14: 03
          I think that Ascetic’s comment should be brought up for discussion, because of his urgency, he far exceeds the published materials!
      2. ATATA
        ATATA 17 March 2012 09: 22
        So did you even sing along?
    2. aksakal
      aksakal 17 March 2012 02: 28

      Ascetic, just super! Respect!
      Only two small additives [:
      "The first was to win the Civil War and repel foreign intervention. The second is to feed the country eight years (1914-1922), which did not leave the war. NEP fed. The third strategic goal is to prepare for the next war. Industrialization allowed this to be done. The fourth is to win the Second World War. Performed. The fifth is to restore the country. Done! Sixth ... But then the matter did not go"- it's a little different here. The sixth and seventh super-tasks, successfully solved and requiring the country's overstress, is the creation of nuclear weapons and the task of the first to go into space! And after the eighth point," but things didn't go any further. "
      And the second addition - for all the positive changes that you spoke about in the final part of the post, I don’t see the moral recovery of society, I don’t even see the prerequisites. The main symptom of moral ill health in society is the attitude to money. While the role of money will be so hypertrophied both in society and in art and in the media, until we have a healthy attitude towards money as evil, unfortunately inevitable and therefore requiring expulsion from those areas of life where money is inappropriate, for example, in the field of personal and intimate relations, etc., and so on, until now, all the supranational financiers mentioned in the article will be invincible! Unfortunately. An unhealthy attitude now prevails in society towards this essentially just an agreement between all people to facilitate commodity exchange, to this fiction that is essentially non-existent, but nevertheless terrible in its strength. No work is being done in this direction yet!
      Nor is there any work on simply moral education of young people! I remember how in the USSR they glorified a young man who showed courage in rescuing drowning people, whether in a fire. Now there is a small dry note in that command post - “something happened there, it was possible to save the victims thanks to the help of a young chela who accidentally passed by. The EMERCOM employees reported that they were not going to look for, let alone somehow reward him, he only escaped criminal punishment for criminal inaction. " Reading this, I was just fucking, sorry, there is simply no other word! Is it any wonder that seeing a small child standing on the railing and reaching for a cat, today's people calmly take out sophisticated mobile phones and begin to shoot with a grin - there will be something to put on YouTube am
      No, guys, I'm sorry, but until there is a change in the heads in the sense that I wrote here, we can’t see a victory either over the amers, and even more over those who are above these amers - the same supranational financiers, alas .. . sad
    3. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych 17 March 2012 14: 49
      Too many letters, unfortunately ...
      So, the thoughts seem to be correct, but not quite - the emphasis should be put a little wrong ...
      It’s necessary to weed the elite, it’s not necessary to plant it, but it’s very useful to pull it out from its place, and this pseudo-elite has done everything to make the weeding operation as difficult as possible - that’s the result!
      By the way, the current authorities holding weeding were canceled altogether, so from my point of view the forecasts are generally disappointing ...
    4. Born in USSR
      Born in USSR 18 March 2012 12: 37
      Bravo, Stanislav! I agree with you! It was impossible to ruin such a country only with the help of external efforts, without serious internal prerequisites that you brilliantly described! Huge respect!
  10. Vlaleks48
    Vlaleks48 16 March 2012 10: 51
    What is the argument now !? We are invited to an interview with a Russian philosopher recorded 13 years ago.
    The main thread and today's goal of the publication is to tell everyone who lives in Russia that they’ve arrived, you’re not going anywhere!
    Only it does not fit in any way, it is an allegedly "one-sided" destruction of the great country of the USSR, with the obvious presence of a "fifth column" in the Politburo and degenerates on the ground.
    So is the "tagged" white and fluffy!
    Just from what is written here it is necessary to make ONLY ONE CONCLUSION.
    To drive in the neck of all the scum from the wetlands, they want the destruction of the Russian state!
    It is also becoming clear that it is necessary to return all the subsoil and mines given for a penny to our "national" oligarchs under the direct control of Russia.
    1. Igarr
      Igarr 16 March 2012 11: 53
      That's right, Vlaleks48 ..
      And from myself I’ll add ... and less to listen to those who, like mom (the letter g) hang out in the hole ... back and forth, back and forth, we will teach, we will teach here.
  11. Fint_v
    Fint_v 16 March 2012 12: 58
    20 years have passed, and we all argue .. It would be a long time already to adapt and enjoy life ... And we all yearn.
    1. Goga
      Goga 16 March 2012 13: 45
      After 1917, not 20 years passed, but almost a hundred. however, even now there are a lot of publicists who designate revolutionaries as "romantics" - sincerely, but not quite successfully, striving for the "better." The same "romantics" already during my lifetime "reformed" my country and strive to "reform" further, so why not argue with them? And what to "enjoy"? only a pervert can get pleasure at the sight of the faces of the faithful successors of the Gorby dough - swamp hamsters.
  12. Ilmer
    Ilmer 16 March 2012 13: 45
    Quote: Vlaleks48
    It is also becoming clear that it is necessary to return all the subsoil and mines given for a penny to our "national" oligarchs under the direct control of Russia.

    It also becomes clear that from the "new" president, the man who has expanded the national wealth of the country, not created during the Yeltsin era, into the hands of the Jewish oligarchs, this will not happen!
  13. Nechai
    Nechai 16 March 2012 14: 51
    Thank you Stanislav ("Ascetic"), for the thoughts expressed in your comments. good
    Quote: ward
    And those who passed perfectly knew why and how much ...

    Just as a reminder and foresight for the future. From February 25 to March 6, 1986 the XXVII Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was held - the first congress after the deaths of Brezhnev, Yu. V. Andropov and K. U. Chernenko (the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Party was already M. S. Gorbachev) and the penultimate in the history of the CPSU . One of the decisions of the congress was - Creation of Territorial Economic Complexes (FEC). It was motivated by a good goal - to increase the country's defense capability. When the adversary inflicted a massive blow on the primary goals in the central part of the USSR, the Union Republics should (as the people were told) take on the functions of maintaining both their vital functions and restoring the Center and defense potential. In fact, nested colossal material resources of the RSFSR, allowed nat. princes with confidence to look into the non-fallow future. Summed up the industrial and economic basis for the branch.
    1. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych 17 March 2012 14: 52
      The creation of the fuel and energy complex was begun much earlier - look at least the geography textbooks for high school in the mid-70s ...
  14. Igor77
    Igor77 16 March 2012 16: 28
    The only opinion about this article is "Zinoviev in a Panic". And many processes in life are not subject to logical thinking! Therefore, live and enjoy life, do everything possible so that the future of the country of your family and those around you is as good as possible. And the main thing is more action less words!
  15. rexby63
    rexby63 16 March 2012 16: 44
    I have great respect for Alexander Alexandrovich, but .... Not now, and not yesterday, the thought was born that AA Zinoviev set his life’s goal in the fight against MOST
  16. Bob
    Bob 16 March 2012 17: 01
    The article sets out the true reasons for the collapse of the USSR and warnings about the planned dismemberment of Russia by the West. All citizens of Russia and all citizens of the former USSR should know this truth. In order not to repeat the mistakes, and correctly treats the West with its degrading Middle East, Iran, etc. The article does not contain panic, but on the contrary sets you in the right mood - the confrontation with the West on a new round of history is just beginning, and this evil needs to be created. If not Russia, then who ?! ... It is well said about the "technology of peacekeeping war" invented by the West - it is she who is now used to destroy states - Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, now Syria-Iran, and in the future this cannot but affect Russia and China. Globalization, for the sake of which the West does not feel sorry for anything, and the reward is obvious - world power for many centuries. And for the sake of this goal, the West will not give up anything, not even World War 3, in which it will try to confront its competitors - China, Russia with the newly baked neo-Ottoman Empire, which is actively being formed at the junction of the European Union, China, India and Russia.
    We need to gain courage and express our attitude to the demonized West with its crap democracy and "peacekeeping" missions. Russia cannot be pulled into direct confrontation with the West, therefore it is vital to create alliances and enlarge its economic and military potential in the interests of the country and its neighbors. I see no reason why this union should not include a number of Eastern European states, Iran, Syria, and protect them under the arches of a common missile defense space.
  17. malera
    malera 16 March 2012 17: 40
    The author writes:
    In the West there is no longer a political force capable of protecting ordinary citizens. The existence of political parties is a pure formality.
    Answer to the author:
    The most important, most defining feature of Putin's Russia was the total insecurity of the population. According to experts, we have about 40 corpses per 100 thousand people - 40 times more than in Europe.
    Four policemen in Kazan killed 52-year-old Sergei Nazarov. He died from multiple rectal ruptures - these cattle raped him with a bottle.
    They explained to us here that all our troubles are due to the fact that “the Americans are shitting”. Is it really that American spies bribe cops to pop people bottles in their asses?
    There is a war in Russia. One part of the Russians - endowed with power - with impunity kills or indifferently condones the killings of another part - the civilian population. However, given the fact that victims are usually defenseless, and murderers are usually unpunished, “war” is a wrong word. More correct - "punitive operation."
    1. nycsson
      nycsson 16 March 2012 18: 16
      It is a pity that they introduced restrictions on the length of comments! I would have laid out all the material for you, but it will have to be in parts !!!!
      Part No.1
      In my previous reports, I cited irrefutable evidence that clearly indicates that the United States is under the complete control of the Jews and is their main tool through which they want to destroy two-thirds of humanity and enslave the rest (according to the settings in the Torah and Talmud).
      It has long been a secret for many that only the person who is a freemason and supports Israel can be elected to the post of US president. And it is far from accidental that it is in the USA that the headquarters of the World Jewish Congress (EJC), the World Zionist Organization (WZO) and the center of world Freemasonry are located.
      Below I will quote excerpts from documents born in the USA that were aimed at the destruction of the USSR and Russia and the people living there (primarily Russians). I will start with the doctrine announced in December 1945 by the future Director of the CIA A. Dulles at one of the secret meetings of the Masonic Coordinating Center in the presence of the leaders of American Freemasonry, US Vice President G. Truman, Minister of Finance G. Morgenthau and B. Baruch:
      “The war will end, everything will somehow settle down, settle down. And we will throw everything that we have - all the gold, all the material power to fool and fool people ... The human brain, the consciousness of people are capable of change. Having sowed chaos there, we discreetly replace their values ​​with false ones and force them to believe in these false values. How? We will find our like-minded people, our allies in Russia itself.
      Episode by episode will be played out with a grandiose scale tragedy of the death of the most rebellious people, the final, irreversible fading of their self-awareness ...
      From literature and art, for example, we will gradually erase their social essence, wean artists, discourage them from engaging in images ... to study the processes that occur in the depths of the masses. Literature, theaters, cinema - everything will depict and glorify the most base human feelings ...
      We will strongly support and raise the so-called artists who will plant and cultivate the cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal in the human mind - in a word of all immorality ... In government, we will create chaos and confusion.
      We will quietly, but actively and constantly contribute to the tyranny of officials, bribe takers, and unscrupulousness. Bureaucracy and red tape will be elevated to virtue ... Honesty and decency will be ridiculed and no one will need, will turn into a relic of the past. Rudeness and arrogance, lies and deceit, drunkenness and drug addiction, animal fear of each other and shamelessness, betrayal ...
      Nationalism and hostility of peoples, first of all hostility and hatred of the Russian people - we will cultivate all this cleverly and imperceptibly, it will blossom in a double color ... And only a few, very few will guess or even understand what is happening. But we will put such people in a helpless position, turn them into a laughing stock, find a way to slander them and declare them to be the scum of society.
      We will dig up spiritual roots, vulgarize and destroy the foundations of spiritual morality. We will shatter thus, generation after generation. We will take on people from childhood, youth, we will place the main emphasis on young people, we will begin to corrupt, corrupt, and corrupt it. We will make of them cynics, vulgarities, cosmopolitans ... ".
    2. brr77
      brr77 17 March 2012 07: 41
      You are absolutely right!
  18. Per se.
    Per se. 16 March 2012 18: 28
    The article is interesting, many questions overlap both with the so-called "Harvard Project" (plans for the collapse of the USSR), "Houston Project" (reduction of the population of the former USSR, especially Russia), and come to the theory of the "Golden Billion". In the book of British Intelligence Colonel John Coleman "The Committee of 300", it is said about 300 influential family clans of the world, who run the world processes. So, according to their scenario, not only Russia is preparing a sad fate, the planet's resources are limited, by 2070 worthy of a good life, and life in general, the inhabitants of the USA, Canada, Western Europe (Eastern did not enter), Japan, and, of course, Israel have been identified. In total, there is this "golden" billion. The rest, for the most part, must die from viruses, drugs, drunkenness and degradation, or, simply, be destroyed physically. Russia is still the only force that can prevent this, and for that we need not only to revive the country, but to revive it as a superpower, which is unrealistic to do without unification with Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. So, think, brothers Slavs, like our other former peoples of the USSR.
    1. nycsson
      nycsson 16 March 2012 18: 39
      Part No.2
      The above plans for the implementation of the American (or rather Judeo-Masonic) post-war doctrine against the USSR were voiced at one of the secret meetings of the leaders of world freemasonry, Dulles Allen Welch, who headed the 1942-1945. US political intelligence in Europe, and in 1953-1961. US CIA Director.
      However, despite the high position in the Masonic hierarchy, Allen Dulles was only the executor of the will of the so-called secret world (Judeo-Masonic) government, the instrument of which was the United States, which allocated billions of dollars annually to fight the USSR and Russia, and especially the Russian people , under the pretext of the fight against communism.
      Further, I will quote a few excerpts from directives, doctrines, precepts and laws aimed at the destruction of the USSR and Russia, the authors of which were supposedly the United States, but in fact the leaders of the world (Judeo-Masonic) government, fiercely hating Russia and Russian people.
      I will start with the directive of the US National Security Council 20 / 1 of 18 on August 1948. This directive examined options for the destruction of the communist regime in the countries of the socialist camp and primarily in the USSR, which Western analysts called Russia. I will quote the key passages below:
      “It is obvious that Russia, as a force in itself, and as the center of the world communist movement, has now become a very serious problem for US foreign policy, and in our country there is deep dissatisfaction and concern about the goals and methods of the Soviet leaders. Thus, the policy of our government is largely determined by the desire to adjust Soviet policy and change the international situation that it has already led to.
      First, for the current political war unfolding, our government is forced now, during the time of peace, to set more specific and active tasks in relation to Russia than those that it had to formulate in relation to Germany or Japan in the midst of military operations with these countries.
      Secondly, the experience of the past war taught us that it is desirable to link our military efforts with a clear and realistic idea of ​​the tasks that we are going to solve in the long term. This is especially important in the event of a war with the Soviet Union ....
      Accordingly, it can be stated that our first goal with respect to Russia in peacetime is to promote and encourage non-military means to gradually reduce disproportionate Russian power and influence in the current satellite zone and the access of East European countries to the international scene as an independent factor ...
      We must, by all means at our disposal, encourage the development of the institutions of federalism in the Soviet Union that would allow the revival of the national life of the Baltic peoples ...
      Therefore, we can say that our second goal in relation to Russia in peacetime is to undermine the myth by means of information activity and any other means at our disposal, by which people are kept subordinate to Moscow away from Russian military influence, to achieve that so that the whole world sees and understands what the Soviet Union is like and draws logical and realistic conclusions from this ...
      Now about what goals are possible and desirable in the event of a war with Russia? ... The first of our military goals should naturally be to eliminate Russian military influence and domination in areas adjacent to any Russian state, but located outside it ...
      Obviously, the successful conduct of the war on our part will automatically lead to the achievement of this effect for the greater part, or even for the entire satellite zone. Successful military strikes against Soviet forces will likely so undermine the power of the communist regimes of Eastern European countries that most of them will be overthrown
      Our next problem again is the policy issue that the Russians will follow after the war. How can we guarantee that Russian politics will most likely correspond to our desires? This is a fundamental question of our military objectives with regard to Russia ...
      We saw that although we want and even strive for the complete disintegration and disappearance of Soviet power, we cannot be sure of the full achievement of such a result ...
      If military operations will lead to a sharp reduction in the territory over which the Communists hold power, then such a reduction should first of all cut them off from the key military-industrial structures of the Soviet Union ...
      If the territory under their control is not significantly reduced, the same result can be obtained by extensive destruction of important industrial and economic facilities from the air. You may need both of these tools.
      Be that as it may, we can definitely conclude that our military operations cannot be considered successful if they leave part of the current military-industrial potential of the Soviet Union under the control of the communist regime ...
      The question remains what are our goals in relation to any non-communist government that can be established on the part or on the whole of Russian territory as a result of the war.
      First of all, it should be said that regardless of the ideological basis of any such non-communist government and regardless of the degree to which it can be ready to join the ideals of democracy and liberalism, we must ensure that in one way or another it is guaranteed that the basic goals arising from the above requirements. In other words, we must provide automatic guarantees that even a non-communist and nominally friendly regime:
      (a) Will not possess great military power;
      (b) It will be economically highly dependent on the surrounding world;
      (c) Will not have too much power over national minorities;
      (d) Does not establish anything resembling an iron curtain in relation to contacts with the outside world.
      In any territory liberated from the Soviet government, we will encounter the human remains of the Soviet power apparatus.
      It is likely that in the event of an orderly withdrawal of troops from present Soviet territory, the local apparatus of the Communist Party will go underground, as it did in the areas captured by the Germans during the last war. Then he again emerges in the form of partisan groups and detachments. At this stage, the problem of handling it will be relatively simple; we just need to provide the necessary weapons and military support to any non-communist government that is able to control the area, and allow this government to handle communist gangs in accordance with the traditional methods of the Russian Civil War ... ”
      From the foregoing it becomes clear what was behind the collapse of the USSR and the destruction of the socialist system, and also why after that Russia was in such a critical position. Further, I will quote a few excerpts from other directives, circulars and projects, where the topic addressed was continued:
  19. Bob
    Bob 16 March 2012 18: 28
    Dales' plan is 90% implemented - to undermine the USSR from the inside out, morally decompose it, replace values ​​with pseudo-values, and so on and so forth.
    It is not the Americans who force the Russian people to break down morally, but the West sowed a grain of "freedom" in the Russian field with the hands of enemies and traitors to the Motherland, and we all see what came of this. And if you don’t change your mind now (a generation of people born in the USSR is still alive), then tomorrow it will be as the enemy intends - the Euro zone is occupied by the Urals, and China is beyond the Urals. Building a welfare state with the rights and freedoms of citizens, protected by the institutions of power - it is for these purposes that the people can be raised. The construction of a totalitarian democracy with rotten Western values ​​will destroy the Russian state.
    1. nycsson
      nycsson 16 March 2012 18: 42
      Part No.3

      The SNB-68 Directive, signed by President Truman 7 on April 1950, prescribed:
      “We need to wage an open psychological war with the aim of provoking mass betrayal ... sow the seeds of destruction ... strengthen positive and timely measures and operations by secret means in the field of economic, political and psychological warfare in order to cause and support unrest ... We must lead the construction of the political and economic system of the free world ... to cause fundamental changes in the nature of the Soviet system ... ”
      -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
      In a circular by US Secretary of State J.F. Dulles to American embassies and missions abroad from 6 on March 1953, immediately after the death of Stalin, it was emphasized:
      “Our main goal remains to sow doubt, confusion, uncertainty about the new regime, not only among the ruling circles and the masses of the USSR and satellite countries, but also among the communist parties outside the Soviet Union.”
      -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
      US Slave Nations Act PL 86-90 of October 17, October 1959.
      Adopted by the US Senate and House of Representatives, and endorsed by President Eisenhower. In accordance with this law, the United States directly linked the strategic prospects of its national security with the need for the collapse of the USSR and Russia into dozens of independent states.
      The law “On enslaved nations” stated that the imperial policy of communist Russia led, through direct and indirect aggression, to the enslavement of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, East Germany, Bulgaria, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, North Korea, Albania, Idel-Ural, Tibet, Cossacks, Turkestan, North Vietnam and other countries.
      This Law provided for the dismemberment of the USSR into 22 states under the pretext of the struggle against communism and the liberation of enslaved peoples. The authors of PL 86-90, identified Russia and the Russian nation with the communist system, and accused the Russian people of capturing and enslaving other countries and peoples. Moreover, even integral parts of the Russian state were included in these lists.
      Russian people, according to the "Law on enslaved nations", were declared by the US Congress as enslavers of all other peoples living in the USSR and the countries of the Socialist camp. On this basis, the United States has publicly declared its support to all peoples who consider themselves enslaved by Russia and the Russian people. The events in the Caucasus and in particular the war in Chechnya are a direct consequence of the law PL 86-90, which has not yet been repealed.
  20. reflex
    reflex 16 March 2012 19: 12
    An excellent article, I would say even prophetic, finds confirmation in our current reality! I don’t understand the local patriots who are ready to go into the forests to partisan when NATO comes, it should have been done 20 years ago, now it’s too late, NATO has already come, they, with the consent of our victorious patriots, calmly transfer their troops across our country if it is still the establishment of the next "democratic" regime, the rights of the philosopher are no longer idyllic, there is only a dictate of money and profit!
    1. nycsson
      nycsson 17 March 2012 13: 33
      Part No.4
      For a more effective implementation of the Harvard Project, the American authorities (led by the secret world Judeo-Masonic government) have additionally developed a number of doctrines, directives and programs, some of which are listed below:
      In 1989, the Heritage Foundation special research center commissioned by the US President Bush’s administration developed the “Liberation” doctrine and the concept of “information war”, the purpose of which was the collapse of the USSR and Russia. All American legal and illegal structures were ordered to monitor the processes in the republics of the USSR and provoke anti-Russian sentiments. A fund of billions of dollars a year was established to support the "resistance movements"
      In 1991, President Bush’s national security directive appeared, according to which all regions of the world are now considered to be a US national interest area.
      In the same year, the doctrine of "Geopolitical pluralism in the post-Soviet space" appeared, which implied a power version of the dismemberment of the Soviet Union, and then Russia, with the subsequent colonization of the post-Soviet space.
      In 1992, representatives of the G7 countries adopted the secret program “The Charter of Paris,” according to which it was planned to reduce the number of peoples of Russia by 2005 by 30 million people.
      In the same year, in Washington, at a joint meeting of the governing bodies of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a program was developed to reduce the standard of living of the population of Russia under the pretext of pursuing a tight monetary policy and combating inflation.
      The U.S. Department of Defense Directive No. 13 of February 1992 stated that the United States, if necessary, can ignore the UN decision and deliver preventive strikes against any country, including Russia.
      In 1995, US Secretary of Defense William Perry officially announced that if reforms roll back in Russia, the United States will apply the “military factor” to it.
      -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
  21. wax
    wax 16 March 2012 20: 03
    Zinoviev died in 2006, in an interview in 1999, just before returning to Russia. Alexander Zinoviev is a logician. And he thinks not ideologically, not patriotically, not politically, but logically. Therefore, he is nobody needs anyone, neither a fellow traveler, nor a standard bearer. He is just a free thinker. And he was and is right. Peace be upon him.
    1. nycsson
      nycsson 17 March 2012 13: 35
      Part No.5
      In his October 24 speech of October 1995 at a secret meeting of chiefs of staff in Washington, US President Bill Clinton said:
      Over the past ten years, our policy towards the USSR and its allies has convincingly proved the correctness of our course towards the elimination of one of the strongest powers in the world, as well as the strongest military bloc. Using the mistakes of Soviet diplomacy, the extreme arrogance of Gorbachev and his entourage, including those who openly took a pro-American position, we achieved what President Truman was going to do with the Soviets through the atomic bomb. True, with one significant difference - we got a raw materials appendage, and not a state destroyed by an atom.
      Yes, we spent many billions of dollars on this, and now they are close to what the Russians call self-sufficiency. For four years, we and our allies received various strategic raw materials worth fifteen billion dollars, hundreds of tons of gold, silver, precious stones, etc. Under non-existent projects, we were transferred to us for negligible amounts of over twenty thousand tons of aluminum, two thousand tons of cesium, beryllium, strontium, etc. Many of our military and businessmen did not believe in the success of the upcoming operations. And in vain.
      Having shaken the ideological foundations of the USSR, we were able to bloodlessly withdraw from the war for world domination the state that is the main competitor to America. Our goal and task in the future is to help everyone who wants to see us as a model of Western freedom and democracy.
      When at the beginning of 1991, the CIA transferred the first fifty million dollars to the East to carry out our plans, and then the same amount, many of the politicians and the military did not believe in the success of the case. Now, after four years, it is clear that our plans have begun to be realized. However, this does not mean that we have nothing to think about. In Russia, in a country where the influence of the USA is still not strong enough, it is necessary to solve several problems simultaneously:
      - try in every possible way to prevent the communists from coming to power;
      - Pay special attention to the presidential election.
      The current leadership of the country suits us in all respects, and therefore you can’t skimp on expenses. They will give their positive results.
      By organizing Yeltsin’s presidency for a second term, we will create a training ground from which we will never leave.
      To address two important political issues, it is necessary to ensure that those who compromised themselves leave Yeltsin’s presidential entourage.
      If we solve these two problems, then in the next decade we will have to solve the following problems:
      - the dismemberment of Russia into small states through inter-regional wars, similar to those that we organized in Yugoslavia;
      - The final collapse of the military-industrial complex of Russia and the army;
      - elimination of the regimes in the republics that have broken away from Russia that we need.
      (From a speech by US President B. Clinton in Washington at a secret meeting of chiefs of staff of 24 on October 1995)
  22. APASUS
    APASUS 16 March 2012 20: 56
    QUESTION. So, the role of Gorbachev was not positive?

    ANSWER. I look at things from a slightly different angle. Contrary to the well-established opinion of Soviet communism collapsed not for internal reasons. Its collapse is undoubtedly the greatest victory in the history of the West. An unheard victory, which, I repeat, makes it possible to establish planetary power. The end of communism also marked the end of democracy. Today's era is not just post-communist, it is also post-democratic! Today we are witnessing the establishment of democratic totalitarianism, or, if you like, totalitarian democracy.

    I wanted to add a little.
    The formation of military-democratic totalitarianism has taken place. Those who have their own opinion pass into the category of democratic countries at the tip of the US infantry bayonet!
    1. nycsson
      nycsson 17 March 2012 13: 38
      Part No.6
      Let me remind you that according to the "Harvard Project", it was planned not only to divide Russia into small states, but also to reduce the population to 30 million slaves serving dirty industries (mines, mines, oil and gas). Here is a hopeless future prepared for us by the leaders of Judeo-Zionism, striving for world domination.
      From the foregoing, it becomes clear that everything that is happening now on the territory of the USSR and Russia is not accidental. There is a slow but steady destruction of the Russian state and the people living there (primarily Russians). The key role in the collapse of the USSR and the pursuit of Russia is now played by the Masonic-Masonic America, which is an obedient tool in the hands of a secret world government.
      Over the past sixty years, the main political and strategic goal of the US leadership has been the destruction of the USSR and Russia. To implement these plans, enormous forces and means were used, and various programs and methods were developed. It was the so-called cold war:
      US President R. Nixon once said: “The West must do everything possible ... otherwise the USA and the WEST risk losing their hands in the Cold War ... Russia is the key to success. This is where the last battle of the Cold War will be won or lost. There can be no higher rates. "
      And John Kennedy, upon assuming the presidency of the United States in 1961, added to this: “We cannot defeat the Soviet Union in a conventional war. This is an impregnable fortress. We can defeat the Soviet Union only by other methods: ideological, psychological, propaganda, economy. ”
      Secretary of the Trilateral Commission, adviser to the US president Zbigniew Brzezinski, who sponsored provocations and terrorist attacks on the territory of the USSR (and in particular Al Qaeda and bin Laden), openly stated that "Russia is an extra country that needs to be divided." In an interview with the Le Nouvel Observateur (France, Jan. 15-21; 1998, p. 76), he said about his support for Islamic fundamentalists in Afghanistan:
      “What should I regret? This covert operation was a great idea. As a result, the Russians fell into an Afghan trap, and you want me to regret it? What is more important for world history? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? ”
      After the collapse of the USSR, he also owns the following words: “Russia is a defeated power. She lost the titanic struggle. And to say: “it was not Russia, but the Soviet Union” - means to flee from reality. It was Russia, called the Soviet Union. She challenged the USA. She was defeated. Now there is no need to fuel illusions about the great power of Russia. It’s necessary to discourage such a way of thinking ... Russia will be fragmented and under guardianship. ”
      Further, I will quote a number of statements on the topic discussed above by prominent American political figures:
      US Secretary of State J. Baker: “We“ spent trillions of dollars in forty years to shape the victory in the Cold War against Russia. ”
      Director of the Center for Politics and Security F. Gaffney: “The US victory in the Cold War was the result of a focused, planned and multilateral US strategy aimed at crushing the Soviet Union. The course of historical events was predetermined by Reagan's strategic directives. Ultimately, a hidden war against the USSR created the conditions for victory over the Soviet Union. ”
      1992 Mr. George W. Bush, US President: “There is no longer the Soviet Union. This is a victory of democracy and freedom. This is a victory of moral strength, our values. Every American can be proud of this victory - from the millions of Americans, men and women who served our country in the Armed Forces, to the millions of Americans who supported their country and strengthened their defenses during the nine Presidents ... Despite the potential for instability and chaos, this event - the collapse of the USSR - clearly meets our national interests. "
      1993 B. Clinton, US President: "The attitude towards Russia will now be determined not by the formula" the enemy we have defeated ", but by the formula" the instrument is in our hands. "
      American billionaire J. Soros: “Now we finally got to the tidbit, to Russia. The main jackpot is at stake - the whole state as a whole ... ”
      G. Kissinger, member of the Trilateral Commission, head of the Bnay Brit freemason box: “I would prefer chaos and civil war in Russia to the tendency to reunite it into a single, strong, centralized state.”
      US Secretary of State Colin Powell (2001 year): “Russia must forget that it has some interests in the republics of the former USSR ... We will not allow Russia to interfere in the affairs of the former USSR, for the restoration of the USSR is not part of the strategic goals of the government and US states. "
      British Prime Minister Freemason John Major sings along with his American colleagues: “The task of Russia after the loss of the Cold War is to provide wealthy countries with resources. But for this they need only 50-60 million people. ”
      Another Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher spoke out in a fit of revelation even more specifically: "In Russia, the residence of 15 million people serving wells and mines is economically justified."
      In fact, Margaret Thatcher (being a high degree Freemason and knowing many secret plans in this connection) let slip and announced the final goal of the Grail plan to reduce the Russian population by 10 times.
      And adviser to the US president Zbigniew Brzezinski at a meeting of the US National Security Council said: "The smaller the population will be in this territory (the USSR and Russia), the more successful its development by the West will take place."
      In unison, the Jewish Masons sing along to them in Russia itself. In particular, Valeria Novodvorskaya, the most famous “democrat” in our country, once declared: “Do not think that if we () leave (from Russia), then someone here will live under socialism. If in order to wipe out the Communists and fascists from the face of the earth, we need to wipe off Russia with its entire population from the face of the earth - we will not flinch. ”
      I think that such comments do not need comments. It has long been a secret for many that our country was captured by devil ministers, united in Jewish, Zionist and Masonic organizations, led from a single center - the secret world (Jewish-Masonic) government.
      It is no accident that the first official Masonic structure that arose in the USSR was the ominous order of the B'nai Brit (which includes only Jews). It happened in December 1988 of the year in Moscow. Permission to open this Masonic organization (the purpose of which was the destruction of the USSR and Russia) was given personally by the President of the USSR Gorbachev at the request of the head of this lodge - Henry Kissinger. Let me remind you that this Yid Mason said after the collapse of the USSR:
  23. elfxnumx
    elfxnumx 16 March 2012 21: 26
    maybe he is a great philosopher and writer, but the subject itself is full of whiteness
    only those who did not live in the 80s will believe in this
    in times of total deficit and coupons in our north appeared from 81years
    a country where you had to spend hours soldering for a coupon of 0.5 kg of sausage per person
    But what about the war in Afghanistan? she completely exhausted the ussr
    Yes, and the army, as it were, didn’t poison the bicycles, was no longer the same as in World War II
    well, it’s just statistics that half the population of the USSR was not Russian, too, left an imprint on the centrifugal moods of the republics
    so there were a lot of components ... but the main thing was not the competitiveness of the economy, the gas and oil needle played a joke with falling oil prices ...
    and to reduce everything to the "Pernicious influence" of the West is simply ridiculous and incompetent .. well, build an iron curtain, what will it save? once it didn't work, and the second time it will be a farce
  24. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 16 March 2012 21: 28
    Article statement of fact. Naturally, the collapse of the USSR was controlled and financed from abroad. A living witness - a conductor of "Western democratic" interests, lives in London and advertises pizza. To make sure of this, you can also read the works of Mr. A. Dulles (Director of the CIA)
  25. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 16 March 2012 22: 18
    So that now not to sigh about the past, and not be outraged by the present, and to wait for one's own execution in the future, it was necessary in the 80s, as soon as they reached parity in weapons, to start a war with the enemies. However, even now it is not too late, you can play counter-options, counter-proposals for attracting allies to our side. Announce to the whole world "LET'S DIVIDE THE US BETWEEN YOURSELF" by proposing to Canada and Mexico. Send a similar proposal to the neighbors of our opponents. Something like this.
  26. 755962
    755962 17 March 2012 00: 38
    Once, without melting sin
    I asked the master the other day:
    - “How true are the words,
    What happiness is not in money? ”

    He answered me
    What they are is completely true:
    - “The comparisons are those
    Truly strong.

    You can buy servants for money.
    But not friends, and friendship is a thread.
    To cut down a house, a summer house, a house,
    But not a hotbed of home retinue.

    It’s still possible to buy
    Teachers, food, medicine.
    But knowledge, health, appetite -
    You can’t buy it. - At least give half the kingdom!

    You can buy the world of entertainment
    Or beautiful, younger women.
    But in order to receive love and joy -
    You won’t buy for money either!

    Bed for millions you can take
    As an example, the king is worthy.
    But to have a sweet night's sleep
    And see the dream calmly -
    For the money you can't take
    As it is not regrettable.
    And what I listed to you
    Can not be called the limit.
    All that is with the soul on earth
    Not for sale in general. ”
  27. mind1954
    mind1954 17 March 2012 04: 19
    He met with Adropov. With the help of such dissidents
    and the KGB Jewish emigration led, in collaboration with the CIA, an operation
    on the preparation of the restoration of capitalism in the USSR, on assignment
    ruling class of the USSR.

    Simply, at a certain moment (maybe Andropov’s death?)
    The CIA seized, or outbid, the initiative and everything went well with us
    according to the scenario of the TRNK (he also rules the Western world through special services).

    For me, the biggest mystery is whether Andropov really had
    your plan, or what was known, was just a distraction for
    ruling class in the USSR. Andropov is dead. So think that he has
    was in my head. Either he collaborated with the CIA, or worked for him.
    Probably, Yakovlev, the liaison officer, did not know this either.

    Whether the death of Andropov and a return to Chernenko, gave the CIA an opportunity
    to outbid the initiative, whether this brigade that he created
    continued the implementation of his plan ??? !!!
  28. Magadan
    Magadan 17 March 2012 07: 20
    Quote: sergo0000
    All his clever thoughts are no longer a secret to anyone for a long time, and his excuses are not needed at the moment. And I regard it as arousing fear among the layman before the impending catastrophe. And now Russia needs a different attitude to survive! In the process, it’s not renounced his dissident beliefs. Therefore, the minus article!

    Serge, I also wanted to speak here, but with your post you said everything perfectly. Well done!
  29. sprut
    sprut 17 March 2012 10: 34
    And there is something in his words and opinion ... An interesting statement is Post-democracy.
  30. Grenader
    Grenader 18 March 2012 09: 22
    The author of the article gave some analysis of the global situation in the world. Although there is nothing new in the article, but still this is an occasion to think about ourselves and learn from our mistakes. We need to comprehend the processes taking place today in Russia. No one except us will bring order to the country. The forces that destroyed the Union are still active and are working to destabilize Russia, people who have destroyed the country are influential, many of them in power. The main thing is a small forecast for the future. Russia has two ways in the current situation: to dissolve in the Western evil empire having lost its identity, culture and independence, or to remain a powerful, developed independent power.
    The personality of the author and his past in the context of the article are not so important, the article is not about him.
  31. Vasurik
    Vasurik 19 March 2012 00: 13
    Boys are real guys!!! good