"West - 2017" against the "Croatian scenario"

From 14 to 20 September, the military exercise “West - 2017” will be launched in Belarus, which the mainstream Western media announce as a military threat to the West. Even in preparation for the invasion of Russia in the Baltic States, Ukraine and Poland, that is, in preparation for a big war in Europe.

On the one hand, this is an obvious lie, since the 13-thousandth group taking part in the exercise cannot prepare an attack on the NATO forces in neighboring countries that are many times more powerful and capable. But the fact that in order to whip up anti-Russian hysteria in the West does not stop using obvious lies - this is an alarming fact, it can be seen as the formation of prerequisites, excuses for a NATO attack on Russia: the forces and means of NATO deployed on the borders of Russia greatly exceed those of Russia. In any case, this is a dirty military-political provocation.

On the other hand, the West-2017 exercises have political objectives. Actually, they also cause hysterical reaction of Western “humanists” in the media. Indeed, why are these exercises held in mid-September?

The Bandera regime in Ukraine for a long time and at high levels, not to mention its own media, announces the “Croatian scenario” for the Donbass republics, which is essentially a full-scale military operation, a new war in Donbas. Under this scenario, Kiev prepared a political basis - a law on “reintegration of Donbass”, which can be approved by the Verkhovna Rada in the first days of September. It is known that this law was prepared with the participation of American consultants, and maybe it was written by them.

The law on the “reintegration of Donbass” is a political cover for the offensive of the Bandera APU and the Nazi battalions in the Donbas, and it is known that Russia is officially declared in this law as the “aggressor state”, that is, the Bandera offensive can end with the declaration of the Russian war, she will assist the Novorossiysk Donbas republics in repelling aggression.

September is the time when Bandera made a decision about the “Croatian” invasion of the Donbass in order to have time to finish it before the autumn thaw and winter. Then it will be too late. Then the September exercise “West - 2017” is a warning from Moscow about the inadmissibility of the “Croatian scenario” and, possibly, the law on “reintegration of Donbass” with a passage about Russia as an “aggressor country”. Kiev puts a fist over the Donbass, Russia puts a fist over Kiev from the direction of Belarus. Whether these fists will fall is another question.

The adoption by the Council of the law on the “reintegration of Donbass” with the announcement of Russia as an “aggressor country” can have dramatic consequences. Apparently, this scenario has already been calculated by Moscow, and then the situation can develop rapidly and unpredictably. Because this law will lead de facto to the complete destruction and frustration of the Minsk agreements.

The natural answer of Russia is the recognition of the Kiev authorities as illegitimate, and the announcement of the Bandera regime as neo-Nazi. And the recognition of the Novorossiysk republics. Perhaps it was about this that President Putin said in a recent telephone “Norman” conversation to his “colleagues”, which caused a hysterical statement by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier about the “inadmissibility of increasing Russia's confrontation with the West.”

Thus, in Ukraine a military outbreak is possible according to the “Croatian scenario”, which for the top of the Bandera regime is seen as a way out of economic and political collapse, and for Washington it is the final step in its Ukrainian adventure. And Russia is preparing for such a scenario, including expanding its grouping in Belarus.

From a military point of view, the exercise "West - 2017" in any case will reduce the power pressure of Bandera on the Donbass, diverting some military forces to themselves. Kiev has already responded to the Russian-Belarusian exercises by announcing exercises "Unshakable stability - 2017", which will require the participation of some troops. Because “West - 2017” puts at risk the “Croatian” plan of Kiev, and already concentrated on Donbas more than 100 thousandth group of Bandera troops.

Finally, September 24 will be held in Germany, and it is clear that any military battle for these elections in Ukraine will have an impact on their outcome. Voynushkoy in the East, Americans can try to change the post of German Chancellor "irremovable" and out of control, Angela Merkel. This will be a strong reason for the most anti-Russian candidate to be promoted to the post of German Chancellor, and this will no longer be Merkel.

Since the responsibility for such a turn of events in Ukraine, if desired, can be placed on Merkel, declaring it the result of her wrong Eastern policy, which created the conditions for the “new aggression of Moscow”. Hysterical in the Western media about the imminent "Russian invasion" then looks like a necessary information prelude. The fact that this is a lie is unimportant for the pro-American media: they will make it “the truth”: the political result for the USA is always more important than the concrete truth.

Interestingly, the US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker said the other day about the growing influence of nationalists in Ukraine, however, he blamed Russia for this, the United States allegedly was not involved: they were handing out cookies on Maidan to make it better! .. Walker Walker about the nationalists in Ukraine, despite the fact that he repeats every time about the "territorial integrity of Ukraine", forgetting to mention the need for Kiev to fulfill the Minsk Agreements, suggests that he was sent by Washington to slam the Ukrainian door in response, say, to the Syrian attack US s.

It seems that the United States is trying to finally set fire to Ukraine, and then Kurt Volker, a diplomat with a celebrity past, allegedly arrived with the task. Ex-ambassador to Russia McFaul said recently that President Trump does not give permission for deliveries weapons Ukraine. This may not be a random statement: the United States formally stands aside in the event of a resumption of the military conflict in Ukraine; they did not supply weapons to Ukraine. And all the consequences are preparing to blame on the nationalist regime in Kiev, about which Volker has already said, and on Russia, which Volker has already managed to accuse of facilitating the nationalists coming to power in Ukraine.

At the US special representative Volcker, it turns out that Russia has brought its strongest enemies to power in Ukraine, against itself ... The usual American schizophrenia, with which they, in general, always hide behind, in order to abandon their failed "bitch sons" ...
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    4 September 2017 06: 47
    Lavrov goes to the UN General Assembly, he can express these same thoughts there, but with a warning. Yes, I think that will be done, though in a more sophisticated form.
    1. +6
      4 September 2017 10: 21
      "Lavrov goes to the gene assembly of the UN"
      If there was someone listening !!
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        4 September 2017 19: 48
        70 years have passed, and all these 70 years of the USSR still managed to put sticks in the wheels of the United States. And now, Russia will announce, for example, the adoption of the “Status” system and will call the number - 10 pcs. Look! ..
    2. +1
      4 September 2017 11: 29
      Quote: zulusuluz
      Yes, I think that will be done, though in a more sophisticated form.

      And in a private tet-a-tet format
    3. +1
      4 September 2017 12: 16
      Quote: zulusuluz
      so it will be done, though in a more refined form

      It should be understood that the form determines the content. Now is the time when "refinement" is understood as a lack of potency.
    4. 0
      4 September 2017 13: 36
      Hmm ... Interesting approach. And what kind of reforms will Trump offer you? 1933 th ...
  2. +1
    4 September 2017 07: 31
    Why inflate an elephant from a fly?
    Russia is trying to restore the combat effectiveness of its Armed Forces (working out the Syrian experience as a plus), the Limitrophs and those who joined them whine to get any handouts, everyone is happy.
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    4 September 2017 07: 39
    preparations for the Russian invasion of the Baltic states, Ukraine and Poland

    Kovtun, at the Solovyov’s program, said in all seriousness that Russia was concentrating 200.000 (two hundred thousand) troops in Belarus. He referred to the Pentagon. When they have complete nonsense in their head, then what can we expect from the Ukrainian and European media.
    1. +6
      4 September 2017 09: 21
      Kovtun for his shocking performances, receives a lot of money from Russian TV - they call amounts from 15 to 60 thousand for the transfer, and he can have several of them per day. He, with his Russophobic speeches, raises the rating of programs, while he has nothing to do with the junta, he never met in the Rada, he didn’t stand on the Maidan. Just a clown, for the average Russian fan to watch a zombie, in the form of these sickening, always screaming talk shows. It is possible that his personal position is quite loyal to the Russian Federation, simply, otherwise he would not have worked here. “Nothing personal, just business,” sort of political wrestling. To refer to it is generally a bad idea, like the level of VO is not so low as yet ...
      1. +1
        4 September 2017 09: 29
        It’s clear to everyone that these mufflers with bulging anti-aircraft guns earn money from us. Just why are the same faces on all channels? And how to look at experts at them ffffuuuu.
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          4 September 2017 10: 33
          Delirium of course. The West is simply shocked by its weakness and does not know what to do. That's fantasizing.
          War does not begin with exercises.
          Wars begin with sabotage and knives on foreign territory
          The military temporary plans are being worked out and finalized at the exercises. Maybe the operational deployment of troops was carried out under the guise of exercises. The scale of the West-2017 exercises is too small for the war Yes, and the troops will be exhausted in 6 days ...
          As an example. Strategic exercises "Caucasus 2008" According to the plans were to be held in SEPTEMBER 2008. But the situation forced us to spend this year in JULY. They were held successfully And then it was 080808 ..
          1. +3
            4 September 2017 13: 06
            Do not forget, there another hundred million hid behind the hill.
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    4 September 2017 11: 46
    Still, the air smells more and more war, the world is less stable, and schizophrenia and hysteria more and more. Everything in the Bible: Sodom and Gomorrah will be struck by fire ...
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      4 September 2017 12: 01
      Americans may try to replace Angela Merkel, who is “unchangeable” and out of control, as Chancellor of Germany.

      Strange conclusion. Merkel ALWAYS followed in the wake of American directions.
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      5 September 2017 15: 53
      Stability requires parity between at least two poles. Those who destroyed the USSR and turned the period of building communism in the USSR into the period of the initial capitalist accumulation built Sodom and Gomorrah. We know them all by name.
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    4 September 2017 15: 10
    In my personal assessment, all this hype around the alleged threat of NATO or Ukraine has been inflated from scratch. Ordinary teachings, not the first, not the last. In my opinion, the problem lies in another, less obvious fact: the legend of the teachings, namely in one of the fictitious enemy states - Veyshnoriya. He was located in the western part of Belarus, traditionally relatively weakly supporting Lukashenko.

    A similar legend, and even presented publicly and distributed by the media, the military opened the Pandora's box. For modern Belarus, separatist sentiments have never been characteristic, but such a separation of the part of the country, which is really somewhat different, and the announcement of it, let it be educational, but an enemy, provoked such moods. It’s enough to google it: even as a joke, but this fictional country already has a flag and coat of arms, a map of confrontation with the rest of Belarus and appeals to citizens.

    There is a kind of etiquette in conducting such exercises; one’s own country, even hypothetically, should never be divided directly into a country and an enemy area. You can "fight" with fictional neighbors, you can divide your territory into two fictitious states and "fight" with each other, but in no case how it is done in this case. The Belarusian military and authorities should not have agreed to such a scenario of exercises, and I, as a person who has lived in Belarus most of my life, I hope that it will not go beyond jokes about Veyshnorii.

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    4 September 2017 18: 18
    The teachings will be held, our people will ask, “Well, where is the invasion?”, And the Khokhlovoans will puff their cheeks and say to the west, “and therefore it wasn’t that we stopped with our unshakable determination laughing