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A short interview with S. V. Suvorov, head of the media relations and advertising department of Military Industrial Company LLC, recorded on August 23 in the Army-2017 forum. In addition to discussing the novelties, he tried to ask questions about the technique produced by LLC VPK, which had previously interested readers of the blog.

- Sergey Viktorovich, tell us about the “Tigre”, on which the DUMV is installed with the 30-mm gun. What is this car for?

- This is an initiative development jointly with 766 UPTK, in particular, the COLM from them. Appointment - maintenance of columns, actions at roadblocks. The beauty of what: the car can be put on a roadblock and leave for a day. She herself will detect targets, the only thing that will request permission to open fire. But you can configure it so that it will not request.
In May, we reported on her Shoigu. There is a certain interest, it is possible that this year they will even open OCD for this car.
Last year, we tried to shoot her, including on one side, immediately. The car barely wavers.

- The gun 2А42 or 2А72?

- 2А72. "42-I" is a good gun, but it has one problem: when you put it in the remote fighting compartment, you have difficulty reloading. The 2A72 has an electrical overcharge and no problem.

- What was the rate of shooting?

- We shot at a low pace.

- High pace provided?

- Yes.

- And if the car will not swing?

- No.

- Operator's seat in the front seat?

- Yes. But he can leave the car altogether: the remote control of the installation is realized within a radius of one kilometer.

- What is your car reservation?

- 3-th class, as in the base "115-th" (ASN 233115 "Tiger-M SpN". - approx.). You can put on the "136-th" (GMS VPK-233136 "Tiger". - approx.), There is no difference on which base to plant.

- Did your car get its index?

- For the time being we call “Tiger SSBM” - an armored reconnaissance-assault vehicle. No digital index.

- Is the project "Tiger-6" alive?

- The machine was created on our initiative to prove: "Tiger" with 6-th protection class can be done. We did it, but it turned out to be unclaimed.
Currently open OCD "Athlete". This is a deep modernization of the "Tiger". It provides for ballistic protection of 6 class and mine protection of at least 2 kg.

- Under the bottom or under the wheel?

- Under the bottom and under the wheel. No difference. Plus, the load capacity will increase to 2 tons. The car will take around 10 people on board. I think that next year we will be able to show this car in the gland.

- Will it be 4x4?

- Yes.

- OCD completely at the expense of the Ministry of Defense?

- Now at their expense completely no one does. All OCD go 50x50.

- Which cars of the Tiger family have the stated protection against 600 undermining explosives under the wheel?

- All “Tigers” have 600 grams under the wheel confirmed by testing. Without injuries, the crew is above a light degree. Any model. Under the bottom of the same protection, we also guarantee. No more, but no such task.

- I will clarify once again: does not any of the existing Tiger models have any protection against explosives with a mass above 600?

- Does not have. It may, of course, endure more, but there are no guarantees.

- What models of “Tigers” are used by our military in Syria?

- Basically, "115-i" (ASN 233115 "Tiger-M SPN". - approx.). There is a "114-e" (MIC-233114 "Tiger-M". Approx.) From the military police. And one "136-i" (GMS military-industrial complex-233136 "Tiger". - approx.) A Syrian major in command. It was not deliberately supplied, but was bought by a private company from St. Petersburg and somehow went there.

- Were there any incidents of shelling and explosions?

- have been. In particular, there was a case when a car was fired from an ASC. Even killed someone. But they returned to the base under their own power.

- In the newspaper Kommersant there was a publication that General Milyuhin was seriously injured when the Tiger was undermined.

- We have no such data. The author simply for some reason decided that they had undermined the "Tiger". Our representative went to Syria, I specifically asked him to find out about this case. In reality, blown up on the usual "Kamaz".

- Even unarmored?

- Yes.

- "Tiger-M" previously planned to land.

- We are preparing for the landing of the "SPN-ku" (ASN 233115 "Tiger-M SPN". - approx.). Last year we carried out a pile testing, everything was in order with the machine. The problem is in the landed platform: when the pendulum is thrown on its side, the car turns over. It is necessary to refine the platform. "Universal" refused to do it, now some enterprise in the Crimea has been engaged in the refinement.

- When promise to complete the work?

- While I have no information.

- Are “Cigmins” tigers still produced for any customer?

- Not. We stopped their production in 2010 year. Because our engine appeared, YMZ. And also because he has a class "Euro-2", which is prohibited abroad.

- There were projects on "Tiger" with the DUMV from Nexter Systems. With the introduction of sanctions they were canceled?

- Yes. Judging by the conversations, foreigners are interested in joint projects, but they are “taken by the throat” in their homeland. Yes, we ourselves are no longer interested: start now that together, and they again have another troubles. Why do we need it? We'll do it ourselves. By the way, these sanctions have helped us a lot: we are doing the things that we previously bought.

- It was previously mentioned that Tigr acquired Slovakia. Why do they need this car?

- At one of the exhibitions approached the Slovak general, who apparently studied in the USSR. Our "Tiger" was standing, and in front of him was some kind of Czech armored vehicle. He says: “These are the plans and dreams of our engineers and designers, and this is a combat vehicle that fights. I would rather ride it. ”

- For whom have you bought?

- So I understand that for special forces.

- How many cars did you get?

- While one. We will not talk about future plans, this is secret information.

- “Wolf.” In connection with the opening of the OCD "Athlete", is he everything?

- OCD for “Wolf” is not closed, but so far it does not continue. Cars stand, but the situation, as they say, "neither forward nor back."

- State tests were not?

- No.

- "Bear"?

- “The Bear” in February of this year was accepted for the supply of the Rosguards. The next year, ordered a small batch. Now they will decide how to use it, they will do some work on it for this. Well, as they have taken.

- “Ordered a small batch” - how much?

- We will not concretize.

- And now how many such cars have Rosgvardii?

- One.

- Has the machine passed state tests? In particular, the test of mine protection.

- Yes. According to their results, we finished it.

- What level of protection is provided?

- 7 a kilo of explosives. Under any point of the body, under the wheels.

- How much landing is the Bear designed for?

- Driver, commander and 7 paratroopers. If you remove the rack for personal belongings, you can put a chair for the tenth.

- The property is offered only to carry inside?

- There are special boxes outside.

- Which way is the Defense Ministry going to: prefers to order new BTR-82А or is it more inclined to modernize the existing buildings with the BTR-82А version at repair shops?

- Order new.

- From what type of ammunition was the BTR-82A tower installation reserved?

- From 14.5. In any projection.

- Housing?

- Forehead - 12.7, beads - 7.62.

- When the imager appears on the BTR-82A?

- It is determined that from 2019, all vehicles that will be supplied to the troops will receive it.

- BTR-87 - development initiative. Why is it needed?

- A few reasons. The first. We are working on Boomerang, we understand that the process is not easy, the car is expensive. And as a transitional model, we offer for some time to fill a niche with an armored personnel carrier with a feed exit.
Second moment. Export. There are customers who would like to have on the car aft output. Here it is, please!
In fact, it is a converted BTR-82A. We just moved the engine forward and replaced it. They put the same engine as on the Boomerang, YMZ, only slightly weaker. Also reinforced combat module antitank weapons.

- Can we say that this model is aimed at a foreign customer?

- Basically.

- The load on the front axle is not too large?

- No, the car is balanced.

- Buoyancy is not affected?

- No, the volume has increased.

- Research "Krymsk" will be developed?

- It has been worked out, the results have been good, we are waiting for the further reaction of the Ministry of Defense. While it is not. Drives, electric motors, computers that are there, this is all the last century. The main developer of this machine says that now it would be possible to install modern equipment and so much space would be freed up.

- Still use mine mats in any machines?

- Only in the BTR-82A.

- Development of wheeled tank like "Centauro" in the plans there?

“Chentauro” is ... for fighting African tribes. And here he [shines nothing]. We have a lot of things in the Boomerang family, including 125-mm. As on the "Sprut". His tower and ... [put].

“Will buoyancy last?”

- According to our calculations at 28 tons, it should still float.

- Since we started about the "Boomerang." Terms of completion of OCD what?

- This is classified information.

- Presumably this is 2019 year?

- In the press was the number 2019 year, that's about somewhere the way it is. Preliminary tests are still underway.
We spent a lot of time with the body, but in the end we made it for all occasions. For example, we remove one module, put another, and we do not need to strengthen anything. Now there is a torsion bar suspension, but if the army wants to be hydropneumatic, then it can be replaced without problems, all the fixings are provided.

- Does armor vary? Can I hang additional kits?

- This information is closed, but the options for protection will be quite broad.

- KAZ after all set?

- It is worth.

- Grid screens are planned?

- What is the meaning of them if there is a KAZ?

- video cameras?

- It is a system of circular review.

- From loopholes refused because of the need to ensure an adequate level of protection?

- Yes, there is only one behind. But thanks to the introduction of KAZ, many questions about the loopholes were removed.

- What are the compartments between the second and third axes?

- On the one hand - a winch, on the other - a tool box.

- Is all the ammunition for the weapons module located outside the manned compartment?

- Yes.

- Is the clearance of cars regulated?

- If we put the GLP - will be regulated. No torsion bar.

- Permeability in comparison with the BTR-82?

- Not less.

- Is air conditioning worth it?

- Yes.

- Is there a toilet in the troop compartment?

- It seems to be, I do not remember exactly.

- Imported components used?

- None.
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  1. 0
    2 September 2017
    By 2020, we’ll just finish the Epoch module with 57 mm there and see how the boomerang shows itself with it.
    30 mm on the Tiger is certainly fun, but still a couple of ATGMs, a number of targets would be hard to hit, a tank or a fortified point, reconnaissance is often fraught with sabotage. And also to put some kind of artillery or 120 mm mortar on such a mobile platform as the Tiger or the Bear. With a direct shot it is not always possible to hit covered targets, or vice versa, so as not to climb out onto direct fire yourself.
  2. +1
    2 September 2017
    The beauty of this: the car can be put at a checkpoint and leave for a day. She herself will discover the targets, the only thing that will ask for permission to open fire. But you can configure it in such a way that it will not query.

    This phrase is most liked ...
  3. +2
    3 September 2017
    Quote: from article
    ... But you can configure it in such a way that it will not query.

    Yeah, then another figs you’ll go to your own checkpoint.
  4. +1
    3 September 2017
    Means, “Wolf” most likely will not be. Sorry. Accordingly, now there will be no replacement for the workaholic Gaz-66
  5. 0
    3 September 2017
    It’s strange. that the Tiger with the 6th level of protection was not in demand. It seems like he needed MO. request
    1. 0
      6 September 2017
      He was needed when he was not there, but when he appeared, they looked at him and said that they had changed their minds.

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