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Results of the week. "Cool ... It could be worse."


Press under the press

Another alarming news came from Kiev this week. The SBU seized Anna Kurbatova, a Channel One journalist, in the center of the Ukrainian capital.

Results of the week. "Cool ... It could be worse."

And it is necessary ... even in the European Commission they tried to threaten with a finger: they say, do not break, be so kind, the legislation in relation to the mass media.

In the SBU, of course, they began to sob in grief from the grief: what can we do now ... And what if the Russian Foreign Ministry will also send a note of protest — then everything — that's that, karapuziki. Oh, what is being done ... It’s time for General Zakharchenko to turn on a new countdown counter: how many nanoseconds are left for the junta until a complete collapse after concerns expressed by a representative of the European Commission ...

Comments from our readers:

Uncle lee
Ukraine is a civilized country and the gulf correspondent on the streets of Kiev is like two fingers on the asphalt!

Ukraine is a terrorist neo-fascist under-state. Who would not say that now. I with non-slaves "will not sit in one place to defecate," as the people say.

Roma 1977
Do not dramatize. Surely the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has long prepared a letter expressing particular concern about this. Or what does the Russian Foreign Ministry usually do in such cases? ..

Everything is calculated “to the mullimeter”

The web continues to discuss the next launch of the North Korean rocket. Recall that the rocket was released from the DPRK landfill, flew between the Japanese islands of Honshu and Hokkaido and, having covered a total distance of about 2,7 thousand km, fell into the waters of the Pacific Ocean. In fact, we are talking about the inaction of the missile defense system, which is built in East Asia by the United States and which is positioned precisely as a defense against a possible missile strike from the DPRK.

And then an American military expert appeared and explained everything to everyone on his fingers. I started to bend those same fingers and say: dear Japanese and South Koreans, do you have any idea how much an average missile interception costs? .. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to intercept a missile? Vooot ... And if we burn and miss ... What will be, what will be. Kim will start laughing.
In general, they clearly explained to the Japanese and South Koreans that the United States did not set up anti-missile missiles for that reason, so that they should not waste money on any North Korean “pugalki”. Everything, they say, is calculated, as in the miniature of Petrosian - “to the mullimeter”. Buy, say, shovels and settle in the folds of the terrain - perhaps it will not hook.

Comments from our readers:

Reliable Soviet engines Ukrainians have sold. Koreans do not really know where and how far the rocket will fly from them.

The answer is even simpler: Because the missile defense system being created is missile defense only by name. In fact, this is a shock system created at our and Chinese borders. And in which, if necessary, do not load shock rockets for long instead of antimissiles. After all, TPK cells are unified.

There was no radio beacon on the Korean rocket to guide the antimissile.

When is the end of the winding rope?

In the LPR, two deputies of the Republican People’s Council were killed. The murder occurred on the night of last Sunday 27 August in Kamennobrodsky district of Lugansk. This was announced by Deputy Prosecutor Grigory Tsevenko.

And even not unexpected bad news. It is next in the long-long list. In such a confusion, murders, provocations, informational strikes on both sides of the contact line became commonplace. People both died and continue to die. These are deputies. And how many ordinary Luhansk and Donetsk residents have already died - from the Ukrainian "fraternal" artillery! And the most terrible thing is that the list is not closed at all - every day there are new reports about the dead and wounded - at least with political status, at least without it. This is a real tragedy that continues to take advantage of.

Comments from our readers:

Surprising and alarming: "The names of those killed were not disclosed in the interests of the investigation." More idiotic statements, both in the event and in the interests of operational investigative activities, I have not met! It is possible that such a formulation is intended to stretch the level of public resonance in society into a couple of stages, or an event does not fit into any logic at all.

If this is a local crime, the authorities of the LC and the DPR need to pay more attention to public safety. Let life be hard, but at least let it be safe to go even at night. Let more patrols out into the streets.

It's time to cover this shop already. Or attach or release.

Good, but ... bad

The lead patrol boat of the 22160 Vasily Bykov project (serial number 161) was launched. The ship was moved to the filling chamber of the Zelenodolsk plant named after AM Gorky. Recall that from the factory slipway it was withdrawn in June 2017 of the year.

And again replicas in style: lowered - well, but ... bad. For a long time built. For if we launch, then immediately a squadron. For it is necessary to catch up and overtake in pace China. For there would be Stalin, the Terrible or Rurik - they would have long since caught up and overtook everyone. Liberals - in the well, the patriots - a threefold increase in salary ...

But now there is neither Stalin, nor the Terrible, nor Rurik, and it seems that not everyone is ready to live like under Stalin, Grozny and Rurik. Well, okay - to blow off steam in angry comments is a good thing, because it is harmless.

We will wait for new descents and commissioning.

Comments from our readers:

Well, if the Caliber, then, read, the whole CRUISER will ...

Hmm ... laid it three years ago. We have been building a ship with a displacement of 1800 tons for three years. What kind of building even destroyers in general can say something? In fact, the box was sculpted by 3 of the year ... I do not understand, they brought it to a state of similarity with a ship, or something ...

Well done boys! The country needs ships, boats, Tanks, planes, space ......! Work, brothers!

MiG-41. And talk? ..

A few days ago, the Director General of RAC "MiG" announced new curious details of the project with the symbol MiG-41. The use of new technologies and solutions has already been announced. The possibility of obtaining higher flight performance using modern technology has already been announced by officials. At the same time in a promising project can be offered completely new opportunities.

MiG-41 while in the project. Therefore, the discussion at this moment can only be conducted with the following key: “they can begin,” “they are going to construct,” “they expect to launch,” etc. From the same series, reasoning about how weapons can be equipped with the MiG-41 and by what time the machine will go into the series. In general, while the work continues (either in practice or on paper), you can always talk ...

Comments from our readers:

Black Colonel
“There is no exact information about the tests of the 79М6 rocket. Perhaps it was possible to lift it into the air, but information on this has not yet been published. The project "Contact" did not give the desired results and did not lead to the beginning of the duty of new means of anti-space defense. "

And there is no need to voice the test results, which will be useful to our PAK DP and should not know the adversaries.

So that the T-4 "weaving" flew in accordance with the requirements of the customer, it had to be made of titanium, which put it in one row for the price of a submarine, but it gave impetus to the development of technologies for processing and welding titanium and made the Soviet industry almost leader in the field to this day. In order for Mig-25 to become the fastest fighter in the world, it had to be made of stainless steel. To make the Tu-144 a little faster than Concord, we had to develop new aluminum alloys, such as heat resistant AK-4 for the wing, use titanium welding technologies in the ribs of the wing, etc. To make the hypothetical MiG-41 a starship, as it is painted, you have to Already ceramic airframe coatings, use a combined power plant, the price and cost of operation will be like the Shuttle and will build them the same. Dreamers, in general.

Everything - props

From the statement of Savchenko:
“If we talk about the parade of technology, then of course we saw the enthusiastic faces of people, but military experts who came to watch the parade also expressed their opinion on this matter. So, they said later that half of this props. They brought, showed and everything. And where is this technique in the ATO? She did not go to Donetsk and Lugansk. We saw a new form and new icons. Everything. We fight with what groups, how does the technique travel, at least one statute has been rewritten since Soviet times? ”

The state - props, the constitution - props, economic growth - props. And here we are talking about props under the guise of armored vehicles. Yes, everything is a sham, including claims that Kiev is very, very much waiting for the reintegration of Donbass. Cardboard promises that have already got the Ukrainians themselves. Here are just a fuse for Maidan citizens of Ukraine, apparently dried up. Or no cookies in any way? Do all now on lace panties?

Comments from our readers:

Nadya is preparing for the election race for the presidency. On one criticism you will not get far. We need a constructive, but you cannot create it without financial support.

In the forehead with proletarian frankness. Yet it was released correctly and returned to Ukraine. Works, as probably promised.

Straight "America discovered" - props ... what country, and this technique ...

"So, they said later that half of this is a props."

And I ask you not to spit on plywood!

New odds for T-90

Currently, the Russian defense industry, carrying out a number of existing orders, carries out repairs and modernization of cash armored vehicles of several types. One of the results of such work should be a noticeable renewal of the fleet of tanks of the T-72 family, much of which should now correspond to the new design of the T-72B3. At the same time, until recently, the purchase of new tanks of existing models or their updated versions was not planned. However, according to the latest reports, the Russian military department once again expressed a desire to get new-built tanks.

Contracts signed at the Army-2017 forum are sent down from heaven to earth. The Ministry of Defense decides to follow the path of overhaul and modernization of the main tanks. The T-90 park is awaiting modernization, although it was previously stated that the troops would refuse them and either use the upgraded versions of the T-72, or wait at all for the T-14 to “Armata”. Now, apparently, it has come to an understanding that putting a cross on good cars is not at all a matter.

Comments from our readers:

The article says: To date, enterprises from the Uralvagonzavod corporation have developed several variants of a tank support combat vehicle based on different tracked chassis and differing in weapons composition. This allows you to build equipment that best meets the requirements of the customer. - but the Ministry of Defense did not make any demands, this is purely an initiative of the UVZ of those years when they had nothing to eat. Now will this tactic be customized?

Efficiency and security of Almaty are provided with various cunning gadgets: such as active protection, fire control complex, etc. etc. If the T90 put a gun from Almaty, fire control system, kaz, dz. and sprinkle it all with a number of lattice screens and aft niche for transporting ammunition, the resulting tank is not much inferior to Armata, but in 2-3 times cheaper and much more familiar in parts. So do not hurry.

Let's be honest at least in front of our conscience - the “Indian contracts” pulled out to the mountain both UralVagonZavod, and T-90, and most importantly people in Nizhny Tagil as a whole!

Kiev Hydra

The United States under the full program invested in supporting Maidan-2014 and breaking up close (brotherly, partnering, pragmatic - you can call it whatever you like) relations with Russia. They invested forces and means, actually turning a blind eye to the fact that the new government in Ukraine did not come without the help of the bayonets of the far-right Bandera radicals. They invested in such a way that at the same time they shut up a European mouth, which was going to say something about the fact that it would be better to reject the encouragement of the radicals. What's next? And then other oligarchic forces that came on the wave of an unconstitutional coup d'etat decided that they had a real carte blanche on the part of the United States, expressed by the formula: do what you want, just to spite Russia.

The “grain truce” ended in the Donbas, and the “school” truce began. Has anyone noticed? As a listener from Donetsk rightly said on the air of Ukroradio, if Kiev had nuclear weaponthen this power would not have stopped before its application. People burned. Planes shot down. Veterans tanks crushed. They shot their own people in the back ... Therefore, this bloody mess with “truces” will continue until the hydra has its head torn off. That's just the question: who in Ukraine will decide on this?

Comments from our readers:

Everything is much simpler - Americans will extract their gesheft, quietly go back, traditionally leaving behind themselves devastation, misery, civil strife ... Conquistador tactics are to scoop out all the gold, and the Indians can be consumed, along with their thousand-year civilization and culture ... they fuckin surrendered! As a result, America is booming, and some miserable Ukraine drags a beggarly existence thrown into the urn stories, like a used gasket ... Eka nevidal!

If you count how much the Russian Federation, according to dill, has transferred equipment to the Donbass, then there is nowhere for the apple to fall, you will definitely get into a tank or BMP ... Nowadays, you cannot surmount a motor-wheelchair and even more so in a war zone!

All of these games, we began to take place back in 80-x, when in the West there was a division into "bad" and "good" barmaley. Only then were those who fought against the USSR and its foreign policy good.
After the collapse of the USSR, suddenly the "good" basmachs lost their goals in life, which is why they found another occupation and immediately became "bad." There were the Taliban (* movement is prohibited in the Russian Federation, - approx. "IN"), twin towers, other charms. And every time the sponsors managed among the rabble to carry out a selection for professional suitability for their purposes. All this is reminiscent of running around the rake in a circle.
The same Israel fiercely struggles with Arab extremists, Hezbollah and other variations on the theme of the PLO, can not eat when looking at Assad and especially Iran, but worries about a possible vacuum when destroying ISIS (*). Well, let's come up with someone else, like “Boko Haram” - not bad guys in Africa, just wild ones. But the heads can cut as well as the mossy-nosed. Find individual niggers pomoyut, pricheshut, will direct the meeting with McCain (with it strictly, otherwise nothing) - and new fighters ready with some dictator.
And then come to cut sponsors. It is completely incomprehensible why, after all, everything worked out so well.

Syrian army is attacking

The Syrian army and the militia forces are changing the direction of the offensive in central Syria against the city of Deir-ez-Zor, which has a strategic position in the region, reports the inter-Arab edition of Al-Masdar. The newspaper notes that after the liquidation of the enclave of the Islamic State group (IG, banned in the Russian Federation) in the eastern part of the province of Homs, Syrian government forces were able to release thousands of soldiers to lift the siege of Deir ez-Zor.

In addition, as reported by TASS with reference to the Russian military department, the Syrian government forces, with the active support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, smashed some of the most combat-ready formations of the IG in the Euphrates River valley (district of Ganem-Ali).

It also became known about the receipt of reinforcements by the SAR army in the form of Russian BTR-80 and GAZ-39371 “Vodnik” light armored vehicles. This writes the "Herald of Mordovia."

We will remind, earlier in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation reported that the SAR government forces together with the Russian military concentrated the main forces on defeating the IS militants in the Deir ez-Zor area. According to the Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff, Sergei Rudsky, “with the release of this city, the routing of the most combat-ready formations of the ISIL terrorist group in Syria will be completed.”

The general noted that it was in Deir ez-Zor that the jihadists were pushing the forces that remained with them, the militants from Mosul and most of the most efficient units from Raqqi moved there.

At the same time, according to some experts, in the near future we should expect an increase in the number of forces of the “Islamic state” in the province of Deir ez-Zor due to squeezing the IS militants from the left bank of the Euphrates and the terrorists ’mobilization among the local population.

Comments from our readers:


“... in Deir-ez-Zor, the jihadists tighten their remaining forces ...”
This is the remnants of the dobivku. God forbid, the Americans still do not mess with it, although they seem to have already accepted it.

Mountain shooter
In all, it is the battle for Der-ez-Zor that will be decisive for Syria.

voyaka uh
It is still far to saw him ... The Syrian army is moving along the chasse. On the way a lot of small towns.
On the other hand, no one bothers. There are no third forces.

The battle for Aleppo was decisive. All other successes are consequences of that victory. Syrian Stalingrad dramatically changed the situation on the fronts and freed a large number of resources. Now it's time to lift the blockade of Leningrad (ECD). But there will still be serious operations ahead.
Idlib will not give up so easily. Rastan and East Gutovsky boilers too. And then with the Kurds, it’s not a fact that it will be possible to resolve the issue peacefully. But the Syrians have already won a crucial battle.

Fence republics

In Lithuania, they understood how to protect themselves from Russians. Need to build a fence. Two meters high. The construction of the border fence, as indicated by the press, will cost Lithuania 3,6 million euros. “We know what it is like to live near Russia,” they say in Vilnius. However, experts argue: how the two-meter fence will keep the tanks? It turns out that the money for the fence will be wasted!

However, one should not think that the Lithuanian intake initiative is something special or even unique. “Fences from the Russians” are being built simultaneously by several countries, while others have already been built.

In Latvia, in 2016, a long fence was planned, and in early February, 2017 was erected on the border with the Russian Federation a fence with a height of 2,7 m and a length of 23 kilometer. They also equipped the border strip with a length of 65 kilometers. According to the plans, in 2017, it is supposed to equip the strip in 150 kilometers. Work will continue until 2019. An 193 kilometer of barbed wire fence will be built. The total cost of the “fence” will be, according to the plan, 17 million euros. By the way, the Latvians will not cover the entire border: the total length of the border with Russia is almost 270 kilometers.

On a more expensive project, Estonians waved. At the same time, their fence will climb only 2,5 m and stretch just 90 kilometers. Here and there water will prevent. Well, the way out is found: where it is impossible to put a fence, Estonians will put buoys. The government allocated 74 million euros from the budget to strengthen the border zone with Russia. Works are expected to be completed by 2020 year.

The fastest was Norway. While the Estonians and Latvians are planning or building little by little, the Norwegians took and set up a fence on the border with Russia. This was done last fall. The goal of construction was not the “invasion of Russia”, but the desire to protect themselves from illegal emigration: in the 2015 year, over five thousand “guests” arrived in Norway — refugees from Russia who crossed the Norwegian-Russian border in the winter period… on the big roads.

The Norwegian fence turned out to be more serious than the Baltic crafts. Its height is three and a half meters, it is made of steel rods. True, it is relatively short - 200 meters. However, the intake construction caused a rebuff from the head of the Secretariat of the Council of the Barents / Euro-Arctic Region Lars Georg Vordal. He noted that the construction of the barrier would not solve the problems of the border guard over the 200-kilometer border with Russia. The very idea of ​​enclosing has a taste of the cold war.

Those who like the "taste of the cold war", we note, got a taste and start to rivet fences from all sides. Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway ... Who is the next participant in the socialist competition?

Comments from our readers:

Russian tanks have nothing to do with it. This is positioned as a fence from the Russian, but in fact the opposite. How else to keep their own, who run from the "bright capitalist future"

Masya masya
They will build open-air cages, lock themselves in them ... All of Europe is a big zoo! Have an extra ticket?

Our soldiers are already 1: 10 are quoted in the Baltic states: 12 has been announced for the participation of thousands of servicemen from the Russian Federation and Belarus, and 100 for thousands of people will approach Lithuanian borders. Cool, however. Or will this number include local volunteers?

Who is flirting with india

In the past two years, there has been an extremely radical intensification of the Indian promising defense sector programs, the pace of development of which almost does not lag behind the military-technological progress established in the military-industrial complex of the People’s Republic of China, recalls columnist E. Damantsev. The Indian Air Force has once again submitted to the government a request for the purchase of the 2 lot from 36 of French Rafale multi-purpose fighter jets worth 5,6 billion dollars (155 million dollars per unit), the first batch was purchased without a discount for 9,3 billion dollars (258 million dollars for one car)! The combat potential of Rafale does not justify such a dizzying cost (equivalent to 5 generation machines): EPR at 1,5 m2 with armament on suspension nodes, speed - no more than 1750 km / h with medium air-to-air suspension, practical ceiling - only 15240-16000 m. Moreover, Rafali is equipped with an 2-propulsion system with closely spaced nacelles, which does not increase the survivability of the aircraft. Despite this, New Delhi continues to “flirt” with “Dassault”. There is an attempt at blatant blackmail of the KLA from the Indian Air Force in order to force the transfer of the full range of “critical options” under the FGFA program.

Such a conclusion can also be made according to an unnamed source in the Indian military, who managed to give preference to the party of the expensive French “Rafale” generation “4 ++” over the barely noticeable fighter jets of the 5 generation FGFA, hinting at the “failure” of the multibillion-dollar program. The next test "for softness" in action, because the Indians absolutely do not want to lose FGFA even in the version that is offered by the KLA. “Rafale” is not a super-maneuverable machine, which is caused by the absence of an OVT system of the SNECMA M88-2-E4 engines; “Frenchman” will lose melee air combat to any modern “tactics” with a deflected thrust vector (this was proved during the quick training battle between “Rafale” and F-22A “Raptor”, which video has been hanging on YouTube for several years) the same angular velocity of the established pivot in the pitch plane (about 27 degrees / s) will allow to “twist” only Su-27CM, MiG-29А / С / СМТ and J-10 / 11, not equipped with ОВТ. The FGFA fighter even with “117C Products” is a full-fledged “super-maneuverable fighter” that New Delhi understands perfectly. Separate nacelles increase the survivability of the machine several times. Other “chips” are: maximum speed in 2350 — 2500 km / h, practical ceiling in 20 — 21 km and combat radius of action in 1600 — 1800 km (without PTB) and more 2000 km (with PTB). “Rafale” on this background looks extremely faded, and therefore all the “kinks” and whims of Hindus should be firmly ignored further, because “scattering” by exclusive technologies has never been the basis for the growth of the defensive power of the country.

Comments from our readers:

You can transfer any technology only to your direct allies, but also with reservations. The F-22 example is quite instructive. The United States did not even provide its aircraft to its closest allies, which were ahead of their competitors for several decades. Although the F-22 was worth a lot of money, but the United States did not try to recover its cost with export supplies, although there were such opportunities. Especially in the composition of our Air Force 5-th generation aircraft to count on your fingers, and already - transfer technology! It will be a mistake, not everything in money should be measured. Let's hope that our first persons have enough prudence not to be led by India or any other countries, although the C-400 example is not encouraging. Turkey is ready to convey a lot and, it seems, will pass.

It’s impossible for anyone to transfer key technologies. Especially to allies and friends. Since Russia has no friends or allies except its army and fleet with the videoconferencing to boot. Today they are with us, and tomorrow against us. One Lukashenko is worth it.

Fully agree with the author. Yes, the Indians have helped their orders to our industry. Well, they got hundreds of units of equipment at the level of world analogues, and much cheaper than these analogues, which allowed them to maintain relative parity with their neighbors. The exchange took place. What now bow to them for 100 years? During this time we have restored the industry, we have re-assembled the technological chains, and we can put in place the greyhounds.

Our negotiators need to be harder.

Ahead of the planet

A bright future is not for America. The sun rises for China, and for the USA it sets. So say other experts from China. The dominance of Washington is gone, the "American era" is about to sink into oblivion.

Beijing is less and less like one of the leading members of the "multipolar world", which is not at all eager to steer the whole planet. The desire to "catch up and overtake America", to become number one, to lead developing countries and move the US into second roles means taking the path to world hegemony.

Comments from our readers:

Hoc vince
China has always been and will be only on its side, and not on the side of the United States, the West or Russia.

Well, according to the Israelis, by 2030 Russia and China will catch up with NATO’s military potential. And there are still India, Indonesia, Brazil. In the new world of mattresses, oh, how difficult it will be.

America's decline to wait for a long time, too deeply the hands launched the States into the world economy and politics. The fall of such a colossus will cause tremendous upheavals in the world, not much will seem to anyone, including and China, whose exports are critically dependent on America.

One tore to pieces, another threw away

US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker believes that Russian-American relations will be "limp" until "the Ukrainian problem is resolved."

Relations between Russia and the United States are important, but the Ukrainian problem will continue to harm them. At the same time, in his opinion, the Russian Federation seeks to “freeze” the situation in the Donbas. Therefore, the Kremlin will have to put up with international isolation: "The country may be thrown out of the system of diplomatic and economic relations - this is clearly not what they would like in Russia."

What is this if not a Trump team statement? Looks like the White House keeps going the right way for Mr. Obama.

Recall that the previous US president claimed that he had torn the Russian economy to shreds. Now, Trump's man makes it clear that the White House can kick Russia out of global diplomacy, and at the same time economics.

Comments from our readers:

Volker does not understand that, arm or not Kiev, this will not help the economy. And it is tied to Russia and the EEU. How much is still stretched to default? From 18-20 pay over 20 billion dollars. Kiev is unable to. One billion cannot receive for this year, and here ...
So the result is clear. “The Ukrainian problem” will be pushed into the West by each other - who will pay for the Square ?! More than three billion Russian loans have already expired. Maybe this Walker will pay, something takes a lot?

Boa kaa
A permanent member of the UN Security Council, having veto power over all decisions of the Security Council, by definition cannot be isolated. And these irresponsible statements - to the public, to show which striped cool incredibly. Yeah.

I somehow purple desire of the United States and Europe to isolate us. Russia has always been a self-sufficient state, and we can handle it. Europe would cope with the Islamic factor, but discourage Ukraine from the lost loot. And as for NATO ... They coped with Hitler, forcing them and the rest.

With a pot on his head

The bridge to the Crimea will be, writes columnist R. Skomorokhov. The bridge will be built on time and will last for a long time: the construction is carried out by people who know how to do it.

The arches are made at the oldest bridge-building enterprise in Russia: Voronezhstalmost OJSC. 68 plant years, and for almost 70-year activity, none of the bridges that were built fell, collapsed, and so on. All cost. Persistence is a sign of mastery!

The observer collected some opinions of the Ukrainian media about the bridge to the Crimea:

1. There will be no bridge, because there is no one to build, there is no money, and if it is scraped, then everyone will be plundered.

2. The West will rise up for us, strangle with sanctions, the Russians will not be able to build.

3. In winter, everything started to wash away or in the spring will be demolished.

4. Patriots of Ukraine will blow up the bridge.

The information policy of Kiev, Skomorokhov believes, “is a bit like running through a minefield with a full chamber pot on its head.”

Comments from our readers:

Beautiful and impressive ... More would be put into operation, the road of life !!!

Old Horseradish
Of course, I apologize, but many experts say that it will not normally stand: soil features, ice drift, freeze-up, mud volcanic activity. Well, and most importantly: who builds it? Rotenberg! Well, what questions? Many also squealed with delight when Trump was chosen. And I still wrote: "Remember Obama again." So what? The US Congress passed a law according to which, over the course of 180 days, our stash, not even rotten, but completely rotted "elite" will be shown. And the first confiscation from them is one trillion dollars. Well, maybe it was not necessary to steal from our people? So with the bridge - you have to look, but what will happen!

Petrol cutter
I agree with your concerns. There is one thing! This construction is on the personal control of the very! Can you imagine what the consequences will be for the contractor, if he does not justify the high confidence shown? !! I would not want to be in his place really ...

“Vostochniy” was also in control ... And the construction for the summit in Vladik ... Perley without hesitation ... Something is somehow wrong in our kingdom — the state ... Until the king knocks on the table, or rather, until the servant on a straight line personally complains ...

Just a man
Another special type of medovar, which on YouTube gives the same nonsense. Excellent engineers and professional bridge builders are building there, including my brother-in-law, an engineer with 15 years of experience in building bridges, from the Far East to the Volga. Well, about Rotenberg, for all my criticism of the current government, if all the oligarchs were like him, and not Abramovich or Prokhorov, then there would be an order of magnitude more giant construction projects in Russia.

The rules are written in the Kremlin

Russians are changing the rules of the big game in the international arena, which the Americans once set in their favor. American journalist, ex-editor of Politico, ch. “Washingtonian” editor, teacher at Georgetown University and author of several books, Garrett M. Graff told in the magazine “Wired” about the arsenal of “active measures” of the Kremlin. These “measures” are aimed at the benefit of the state “enterprise”, which promotes “the personal goals of Vladimir Putin and his entourage”. The activities involved intelligence apparatus, the business community, organized crime groups and media networks. All this "merges into a single whole."

In the arsenal of “one whole” a number of tactical techniques are distinguished: disinformation; war in cyberspace; energy blackmail; practically unlimited financial expenses for promotion of interests; political assassinations originating from the “wet work” of Comrade Trotsky; distribution of dirt; espionage against the open western democracies; old-fashioned diplomacy; Finally, the “unique methods” of Russian intelligence, which are fundamentally different from the methods of Western intelligence.

Russians will go through the tools one by one until they achieve their goals.

As the experts found out, the concept of “active measures” in Russia was developed under the tsars, and neither the Soviets nor Putin discovered anything new here. Analog methods were transformed into digital ones, but the essence remained the same. Russians can dig into the letters of Hillary Clinton, or they can just steal a rice recipe. They may get angry and get revenge on something.

Effective means of countering Russian in the West have not yet been invented. This becomes clear after reading the extensive material of Garrett Graff, who relies on the works of other respected Western experts. Washington only reached the stage of identifying and pre-classifying Russian "unique methods." Apparently, the development of countermeasures in the United States is the goal of the distant XXII century.

What to say, because the Russians, as well as their Chinese allies, are now being helped by aliens! The latest report from the front of the technological war is in the next episode of “The Results of the Week”.

Comments from our readers:

In psychiatry, this nonsense is called "psychotic projection." Blaming the opponent for everything that they themselves are ill. And what is scary: this bullshit is in demand.

Mikhail Feldman
Well, to some extent this is true. The question is different. The West is sick with the same disease, but it considers all this permissible only for itself, and for some reason, the answer with the same coin wildly surprises and offends him.

It is strange and surprising when Anglo-Saxon speaks about law and ethics. This, probably, we and our allies are promoting the world, and by any means (what ethics and law can we talk about?), “Democracy”, in the process destroying countries and destroying the population. That we rivet the base along the borders of a sovereign state, etc. Again, a blatant lie from the side of the West snickering and gone mad.

Reading Western experts or news agencies, you understand that Russia is a superpower and the only monopolist in the world.

Earthlings recognize the sovereignty of brothers in mind

China and Russia will overcome the West: after all, “they are helped by aliens,” writes John Austin in the British newspaper Express. The Chinese and Russians "usurp the Western powers" thanks to the "technology" that the "aliens" will provide them with, the material says. This hypothesis was expressed by the editor of the international journal Nexus Magazine. The editor’s name is Duncan Roads. His publication is an "alternative source of news."

The time of the West is gone. China today "acts as a stronghold for dissatisfied countries that probably include Russia, Malaysia and a number of other Asian, South American and African states," Rhodes asserts.

However, the expert denies the future leadership of Russia and China: these states will not rule the world. The “Creators” intend to “do something else” that, Rhodes hopes, will lead to world peace, for so-called humanity is being “modernized” by those who gave birth to it.

Recall that the supporters of conspiracy theories, overgrown with hypotheses like mushrooms after a rain on alternative news sites or in paper secrets and mysteries, have no evidence in favor of creating and improving the “breed” of earthlings by any newcomers.

It is gratifying to know that Mr. Rhodes mentioned still hopes for a bright future. In the final, the “creators” will build a society on Earth that “will speak with one voice and recognize the sovereignty of its neighbors in space, as well as in other dimensions”.

Comments from our readers:

I do not know how in the service of the Russians and the Chinese, but in Belarus the aliens are operating long ago. How else (except for the alien technology) to explain the record harvests in the garden of the Old Man watermelons, shrimps, kiwi, salmon and other lobster?

The world is full of idiots. In fact, everything is simple. Western civilization can never, even in thought, admit that some barbarians can do something better than them. In their opinion, only Western civilization can do everything, and they completely ignore the fact that half of the fundamental scientific discoveries that the West ascribes to itself have been made in the East. Hence the following conclusions: “Since these garbage themselves cannot invent anything, Cthulhu / aliens / Buryat shamans are helping them! (choose to taste). ”

voyaka uh
Interestingly, in 70, there was a diametrically opposite conspiracy that aliens help the Americans. Maybe they balance the situation from time to time, helping those, then those?

It can be seen, the Yankees did not keep the promise or did not pay. Offended and moved to Russia and China.

Do not you notice: a lot of accidents in favor of Russia. Ancestors help us, not aliens.

* "Cool ... It could be worse" - a phrase from the movie "DMB"

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  1. izya top
    izya top 3 September 2017 06: 43
    "Fences from the Russians" are being built simultaneously by several countries, while others have already been built.
    and some fences DIG what
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Hoc vince
      Hoc vince 3 September 2017 08: 44
      Thanks to the authors for a competent summary of the week.
      1. Sling cutter
        Sling cutter 3 September 2017 12: 55
        forgot about the former senator to tell who shot at the ceiling.
        1. Alena Frolovna
          Alena Frolovna 3 September 2017 13: 30
          Bridge to Crimea

          And one more news.
          A terrible revenge for the construction of the bridge: in one of the villages of the Chernihiv region they raised 300 !!! in protest, three hundred sex rags, which are carried around all over the world by face-faces with the nickname "Ukrainians".

          It became somehow scary:
          After all, when in the hands of a "grenade" in the form of a "flag",
          Wait for the "trouble" from the monkey!
          You better eat bananas ...
    3. evil partisan
      evil partisan 3 September 2017 17: 42
      Quote: izya top
      Fences DIG

      Hic ... This is HOW ?? what
      Isenka hi You didn’t mix anything up? Or in the morning joined the device? wink
      Hi drinks digger lol !
      1. izya top
        izya top 3 September 2017 17: 51
        Quote: Angry Guerrilla

        hello myself hi
        Quote: Angry Guerrilla
        You did not confuse?

        Really, Shmulik, your memory failed, and you forgot the great Ukrainian rampart? belay True, it is built inland request
        1. stalkerwalker
          stalkerwalker 3 September 2017 17: 53
          Quote: izya top

          Ah, that's how .... recourse And I’m Yuri, yes Yuri ..... feel
          1. izya top
            izya top 3 September 2017 17: 57
            Quote: stalkerwalker
            "Yuri, yes Yuri"

            tse psi alias wink
            1. The comment was deleted.
              1. stalkerwalker
                stalkerwalker 3 September 2017 18: 08
                Quote: Angry Guerrilla
                Hi Ilyich!

                Hi ... khe-khe, I don’t know ... Yuri! drinks
                Quote: Angry Guerrilla
                he drives moonshine from fly agaric

                This is genius! 2 1 in ! It smells like a Nobel ... Or a fool - it depends on the degree of purity of the product ..... laughing
              2. izya top
                izya top 3 September 2017 18: 09
                Quote: Angry Guerrilla
                I will give

                I have yes
                Quote: Angry Guerrilla
                he drives moonshine from fly agaric

    DEPARTMENT 3 September 2017 06: 47
    The sediment is not good at heart, after an impudent search of our diplomatic mission in the USA ... After all, they provoke us!
    1. igordok
      igordok 3 September 2017 07: 49
      Quote: DEPARTMENT
      The sediment is not good at heart, after an impudent search of our diplomatic mission in the USA ... After all, they provoke us!

    2. s.melioxin
      s.melioxin 3 September 2017 08: 17
      Quote: DEPARTMENT
      The sediment is not good at heart, after an impudent search of our diplomatic mission in the USA ... After all, they provoke us!

      Precisely, provoke. We will see then .... "white smoke".
        DEPARTMENT 3 September 2017 08: 28
        Well, the next seizure of the diplomatic consulate of the Russian Federation will be such I think ... laughing Enough!
        1. s.melioxin
          s.melioxin 3 September 2017 09: 36
          DEPARTMENT Today, 08:28 ↑
          Well ...  Got it!
          Everything is possible. The impossible just needs more time.
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 3 September 2017 06: 51
    ... last week was diverse on world events ... Alexey and Oleg analyzing, give us a brief reminder of these events ...
  4. igordok
    igordok 3 September 2017 07: 04
    About the "news" not included in the results. Yesterday I drove along the road destroyed by the "tanks" of the 76 Airborne Division. On the sidelines, the tracks of the tracks are really noticeable, but no more. I thought that after the rains, the curb would be crushed. Since the roadside is narrow, the left track should have spoiled the asphalt. But I didn’t notice anything, even scratches are not visible.
    Honestly, the "local" news that we learn from the "central" sources of information is questionable. The hype was raised before the September 10 election.
    1. igordok
      igordok 3 September 2017 07: 20
      On the way, I got one trawl with BMD. Perhaps because of the hype in the future, BMD will not travel under its own power.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  5. Music
    Music 3 September 2017 09: 29
    About the fact that now the fly will not fly, so as not to be overlooked, this is doubtful. Camouflage robes for tanks became very sophisticated. Ik learned to hammer sensors in the entire spectrum, etc. .. on the networks for satellites why not paint!
  6. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 3 September 2017 10: 53
    The arbitration decision on the lawsuit of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation against the Taganrog Aircraft Plant on the return of about 6,5 billion rubles for the non-delivery of the Be-200 was also this week. The most important case about the fate of our hydroaviation! And you about Zelenodolsk small things come off. And what about the wild debts of the Kazan Helicopter? Don't you see the main problems of our defense industry? The whole system of public finances? This must be continuously choked!
    1. Mestny
      Mestny 3 September 2017 11: 32
      Yeah, it’s necessary - in your school and on children's branches, contact us.
  7. Eilert Alemat
    Eilert Alemat 3 September 2017 11: 19
    About "throw out of the global economy." Are they all children there? Sometimes you read and think: "the reasoning of a teenager." Hegemonists. : D

    "The rules are written in the Kremlin." All is correct. They need "specific Muscovy." Nothing will ever end, because to be wonderful (in politics, in personal relationships) is only possible with one method - deflection. So they worry that they felt somehow uncomfortable. We have normal methods. Let them answer for their own, the stigma in the cannon along the hooves.

    And aliens are utter nonsense. How is this in principle ... In general, completely crazy.
    SCHWERIN 3 September 2017 11: 58
    I look and read all this nonsense and swear. See:
    1. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Immediately pop up frames of the 90s. RF Armed Forces meeting, there is a discussion of the pact. Some deputy Toli Sobchak, Toli Yakovlev, a friend of Gorbachev, pulls out a piece of paper and, waving it, urges the Sun to vote and recognize it as an illegitimate document. To a question from the audience what kind of paper this is, he answers that this is a COPY of the document, they are looking for the original and will certainly find it! And what do you think? All this yuyuyuyuyuyu together, with the exception of some, votes FOR! Are you surprised that the Poles recognize us as OCCUPIERS? The question is who these people voted FOR for the text on a piece of paper, and to find out who is against!
    2. Bakatin hands over to the Americans drawings of their embassy in Moscow
    3. After the Gaidar reforms, the doors of our number factories and design bureaus are the entrance yard. All secrets are stolen or sold to the states, China, etc.
    4. Northern KIM. Today he is blackmailing the States, tomorrow we are. And who helped him in this? We! Specifically - Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Gaidar. Factories and design bureaus closed, scientists and specialists put their teeth on the shelf. If you remember in the 90s, North Korea offered contracts to our scientists in nuclear missile technologies to move to them. Many left, and the SK documentation simply stole. Are scientists to blame?
    5. Katyn. In the USSR, a state commission recognized the Germans as the perpetrators of the execution of the Poles. She relied on testimonies, including Polish experts. Russia pleaded guilty and took responsibility. For many years, researchers in the Katyn case demanded that the authorities force the Poles to admit and repent of the deaths of almost 100000 Red Army prisoners captured in the 20s in Poland. The authorities were silent. And the Poles demolished the camp and the graves with a bulldozer. And now I look sadly at the host of the show jumping out of my pants (SHOW!) Who are trying to prove to the Poles what they are. But fails. But the truth is that the audience woke up and is teaching the history of their country on the show (+)
    Examples can be given a lot. Therefore, the question is who is to blame - the answer is clear
    1. Sling cutter
      Sling cutter 3 September 2017 12: 18
      Quote: SCHWERIN
      Russia pleaded guilty and took responsibility.

      Colleague, the government is not Russia!
      1. alone
        alone 3 September 2017 14: 23
        Quote: Stroporez
        Colleague, the government is not Russia!

        Naturally, the government is not Russia. But you must agree that the government decides what to do. And all the authorities do not care what their own people think.
        It is everywhere like that
        1. Sling cutter
          Sling cutter 3 September 2017 15: 38
          Quote: lonely
          But you must admit that the government decides what to do. And all the authorities do not care what their own people think.

          While we polish our own sofas, they will not only spit on us.
          Quote: lonely
          It is everywhere like that

          this is the most anti-popular excuse.
          We live poorly, but the cow died at the neighbor
          1. alone
            alone 3 September 2017 23: 38
            Quote: Stroporez
            this is the most anti-popular excuse.
            We live poorly, but the cow died at the neighbor

            This is not an excuse buddy. This is reality.

            Everywhere power does not think about the people, but about their own benefit
  9. The comment was deleted.
    1. japs
      japs 3 September 2017 17: 28
      Are you, by chance, not Klitschko’s sister?
  10. Forever so
    Forever so 5 September 2017 12: 28
    The main signal for the west will be an increase in the production of ice axes in Russia.