Tillerson approved the use of funds allocated to fight the "Russian propaganda"

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson approved the development of $ 60 million allocated by the US Congress to combat the "propaganda and campaign for disinformation", as well as the fight against terrorist organizations, reports RIA News message from the State Department representative.

In particular, these funds will be used to counter Russia. Earlier, Politico reported that Tillerson "refuses to spend the allocated funds, since the additional funding for programs against the influence of the Russian Federation in the media sphere may irritate Moscow."

The Global Interaction Center (GEC) leads and coordinates the efforts of the US government both to reduce the influence of foreign terrorist organizations and to counter state propaganda and disinformation that undermine the interests of the US national security,
said the representative of the State Department.

He noted that this decision was made "last week after important consultations in the State Department, the administration, with foreign governments and non-governmental partners (organizations)."

According to the source, "19,8 million dollars will be used to fight the IG (the group is banned in the Russian Federation), this amount has already been included in the budget of the Foreign Ministry." Another $ 40 million for the Global Interaction Center program will be transferred from Pentagon accounts.

He said that the State Department could have requested $ 60 million from the Pentagon for its programs. That is, 20 millions will still be in the account of the Ministry of Defense.

The Foreign Ministry did not explain why Tillerson did not request the full amount from the Pentagon.

"The decision of Secretary of State Tillerson to approve the allocation of 19,8 million US dollars, as well as the requested funds from the Ministry of Defense was made after reviewing and then modifying the GEC programs to match the national security priorities and ensuring that this funding is used as effectively as possible to counter international message terrorist groups and misinformation, sponsored by the state ", told the agency in the State Department.

When asked whether these funds would be directed at countering "Russian propaganda," the State Department responded evasively, noting that the money, in particular, would be used to "counter propaganda sponsored by states."
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  1. +5
    1 September 2017
    Well, of course I mastered it. this is evidenced by his contented face and hamster cheeks. laughing
    1. +6
      1 September 2017
      Actually, as it turned out now, Soviet propaganda did not lie ...
      1. +5
        1 September 2017
        and who said she lied? only acted upon the western mine.
      2. +4
        1 September 2017
        Well, that’s all back to square one. Finally, it came to understand that Trump became the next shitty president, the State Department continued to scum work against the Russians, Russia is again the number 1 enemy for the Anglo-Saxons. (as it turns out, communism was just an excuse). Poles lick ass again. They were joined by Ukrainians and the Baltic states. The Germans are again bred as brainless suckers and set against Russians. The French eat croissants and follow the orders of English speakers.
        They haven’t taught anything for a hundred years.

        Will the presence of nuclear weapons stop the war?
      3. +1
        1 September 2017
        Quote: Hoc vince
        Actually, as it turned out now, Soviet propaganda did not lie ...

        ... and for this reason you need to shut up the Russian one.
        1. +3
          1 September 2017
          Hello Pasha. I liked the wording - "to combat propaganda and the disinformation campaign, as well as to fight terrorist organizations."
          If so, then these 60 mln. should get Russia.
          1. +2
            1 September 2017
            Hi Lesha ! hi This money will safely settle in the pockets of Russophobes like McCain screaming from the stands - that’s the whole struggle.
          2. +4
            1 September 2017
            Not. This is a bonus bonus only for these ..........
        2. +4
          1 September 2017
          Pasha, after your words, recalled an episode from the mid / late nineties. told one of the runaways during the Union. so, he said that under the USSR they were taught (on all kinds of radio freedoms) to brand everything Soviet and exalt Russian (that is, pre-revolutionary), after 91, they were taught to brand everything Russian in comparison with the Soviet. that’s how he poor ripened to become a patriot. though kill me, I don’t remember his last name, this business was on TV, the first channel told me about it.
          1. +1
            1 September 2017
            Typical philophia of the West ...
  2. +1
    1 September 2017
    Our big mistake is that this is not the first time that we have been following the occasion of the West by accepting their vision of the world.
  3. +16
    1 September 2017
    Not enough 60 million? And with us and with terrorism! But considering how they fight terrorism, all the money will go to our liberals.
    And to gays! Although for me, this is the same ...
  4. +1
    1 September 2017
    "Wedding in Robin", an unforgettable Watery: "This is mine, this is mine, this is mine from childhood, and this is for you."
  5. +1
    1 September 2017
    US $ 60 million allocated by the US Congress to combat “propaganda and a disinformation campaign,” as well as to fight terrorist organizations

    But it seemed naive to me that the fight against terrorism should be at the forefront. It turns out that the Kremlin’s “propaganda” is more terrible. Oh well.
  6. 0
    1 September 2017
    this is normal. Still to stop financing them. Although we don’t officially finance them heavily, all these brethren are businessmen, who really make a huge contribution to the US economy and their satellite. The United States can afford to print 60 billion and 600, if we buy them.
  7. 0
    1 September 2017
    These are our ardent opponents and Putin is awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples, or how he awarded it there?
  8. 0
    1 September 2017
    In principle, everything is fine, Russia is also spending, only PR and screams are not there, everything is modest, quiet.
  9. 0
    1 September 2017
    Somewhere I saw that the RT channel in the west eats $ 100 million. And that's not counting the SATELLITE radio and so on and so forth. It seems to me, or have the Americans really begun to spend less on the information war? Perhaps they have returned to the old strategy, if Putin V.V. and his team are strong now in Russia, then we will postpone anything when the president changes, and then again we will try to arrange a revolution of dignity like in Ukraine and change power to a more loyal West. The only thing that worries me is who will be after Putin V.V. It seems to me that if a wimp sits in the presidential chair, then Russia will not survive another 90s. And if it is normal with iron nerves and eggs, then Russia will stand. In fact, in Russia it is always like that in its entire history, if there is a riot, war, revolution and redistribution of land, if a strong man rules the country and his team supports and does not betray treacherously, then the country returns order and the return of land begins native Russian! We wish good luck to grind your teeth in the information war.
  10. 0
    1 September 2017
    The Pentagon spent $ 5 million on the preparation of 500 militants (though they switched to the enemy’s side on the very first day). So, this money will be spent at a press conference, where the next psaki tells about the achievements
  11. 0
    1 September 2017
    "Tillerson approved the use of funds allocated to combat" Russian propaganda ""
    - In fact, the State Department, having no arguments against Russian specific facts, was going to crooked methods to chatter our weighty house.
  12. 0
    1 September 2017
    The Voice of America monopoly is over. They ache from the RT programs before the pains.
  13. 0
    2 September 2017
    Rex, give me a millionaire for poverty! drinks

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