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How the Germans and the Swiss considered their gold

How the Germans and the Swiss considered their goldThe German edition of Bild ( March 6 published an article by Ralph Schuler "3401 ton of gold". Yes, even with a photo: "The picture near the gold reserves of the German people in New York."

The author of the article reports from New York that “the most valuable treasure” owned by the Germans is 3401 ton of pure gold, which equals “about 1800 euros for each.” R. Schuler exclaims: “It is completely crisis-free, distributed among the safes of high reliability in Frankfurt, Paris, London and New York! And Bundesbank doesn't care about that! ”

“An incredible golden scandal!” The correspondent exclaims again. He notes that “for the last time in 2007, Bundesbank took one glance at our gold reserves in New York and even disturbed the Federal Audit Office (the test continues).”

According to Professor Jörg Betg, whose words are quoted by R. Schuler, there is a clear violation: "The control calculation of ingots must be done at least once in 3 of the year." But this Bundesbank did not.

Further in the article it is reported that in the annual balance of the Bundesbank gold reserves (their actual value - approximately 147 billion euros) make up a very large share - over 17%. R. Schuler asks a question: are there any mistakes in the balance sheets of the Bundesbank in recent years?

Ralph Schuler writes: “Alarmed by the message“ Bild, ”the Bundestag deputy from the CDU and foreign policy expert Philip Missfelder wanted to know it more precisely.” Referring to the “Bilda” note, a member of parliament demanded from the President of the Bundesbank Jens Weidmann “a list of gold bars. Missfelder said "Bilda": "I was shocked. At first they said that there is no list. Then there were the secret lists. Then they told me that my questioning threatened the trust between the Bundesbank and the Fed. ” (By the way, Mr. Weidmann does not seem to worry about German gold at all. His words are quoted by the American newspaper "New York Times" March 13: "The German economy is in amazingly good shape." The author of the article is Jack Ewing).

When the Bundesbank learned about the search for “Bild” of German gold, “the head of the public relations service, Michael Best, even tried to prevent the deputy from visiting and reporting to Bilda ...”

“What does the Bundesbank want to conceal?” R. Schuler asked himself.

However, "Bilda" in the person of Ralph Schuler (the company he was Missfelder) but managed to visit Manhattan - in the US Federal Reserve Bank. Schuler went down into the depth, on the fifth floor down, level "E". “Clean floors, droning ventilation, giant steel doors. And - 7000 tons of gold! "

The stubborn German reporter asks: “But where is German gold?”

And Jack Gatt, a spokesman for the Fed's vice president, says that German gold is “in some of these 122 steel barred offices. I can’t say more. ”

R. Schuler notes that Bilda has no chance to see precisely German bars.

Jack Gatt, however, assures the correspondent: “There are lists with all the bars. Each ingot has a number, a stamp for the degree of purity of gold and a seal. ”

But the journalist knows: the German gold reserve must be calculated according to the law. And he is echoed by Bundestag deputy Philippe Missfelder, who suspects that something is unclean on the balance sheet of the Bundesbank: "This is a case for parliament." Missfelder requires a clear inventory of the gold reserves of Germany.

The article ends there, but the case with Germany’s gold reserves went further.

The next day, March 7, was posted on "Germany: to the consideration of the gold reserves of the Bundesbank in Frankfurt, Paris, London and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York".

Among other things, the article deals with the fact that German legislators should consider “managing Germany’s gold reserves. The Parliamentary Budget Committee will assess how the central bank manages its inventory of gold bars in Germany, which are believed to be stored in Frankfurt, Paris, London and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, according to the materials of the German newspaper “Bild”.

Immediately posted a photo from the "Bilda": Schuler and Missfelder in front of a building in Manhattan.

It further states: “The German Audit Office criticized the weak revision in the Bundesbank and the control over the state of Germany’s relatively large gold reserves - 3396,3 tons of gold, or approximately 73,7% of Germany’s national foreign currency reserves.”

The next paragraph: “This caused an increase in nervousness among the German public, German politicians and the Bundesbank itself about the enormous risk in the balance sheet of the central bank of Germany, which led some people in Germany to comment on the location problems and the exact amount of German gold reserves.”

Public issues are related to the fact, it is noted in the article that the system of the Central Bank of the Eurozone was unbalanced due to the fact that the volume of assets on the balance sheet of the ECB reached 3,02 trillion last week. euro (3,96 trillion. dollars), which is "by 31% more than Germany's GDP ..." "Record" is associated with the issuance of the second part of three-year loans to banks in Europe.

That is why in Europe they worry: they are already thinking about the collapse of the Eurozone. At the same time, “losses of the Bundesbank can amount to half a trillion euros - more than one and a half of the size of the annual budget of Germany.

In such a gloomy scenario - the collapse of the European Union - “gold reserves would be necessary for Germany to maintain the currency - will it be the new euro, or will it be a return to the Deutschmark”.

“German lawmakers,” the article says, “followed in the footsteps of American presidential candidate Ron Paul, who has long been calling for an audit of US gold reserves.

It is estimated that approximately 60% of German gold is stored outside of Germany, and most of it is stored in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. ”

The article proposes a scenario for the Germans: “Germany and other central banks can follow Hugo Chavez and repatriate their gold to Germany in order to directly own it and own gold reserves for better preparedness for a system or monetary crisis.”

Other central banks say?

As noted resource, "Germany is not alone." In the article “Switzerland wants to get its gold back from the Fed” it is reported that recently four members of the Swiss parliament launched the so-called “Golden Initiative”. The original source of the Initiative in English, French and Italian can be found on the website. (in the upper right corner, under the links: FR, IT, EN; in .pdf format). In the original language, i.e. German, here:

The “golden initiative” is simple. It has only three points:

1) the gold reserves of the Swiss National Bank are not sold;

2) gold reserves of the Swiss National Bank must be stored in Switzerland;

3) The Swiss National Bank must store its assets in large part in gold. The share of gold should be more than 20%.

And here are some quotes from another page. "Golden Initiative":

“Did you know that during the 5 years the national bank sells an average of 1 tons of gold every day? The fact that already more than half of the national gold wealth, namely 1550 tons, was sold at the lowest prices? The fact that the responsible person of the federal council answered the question of where the national gold is stored answered in parliament: “Where these gold bars are now located, I, unfortunately, can’t tell you for sure, because I don’t know this either, I don’t need to know I don't want to know that. ”

“Until the nineties, there was nothing more reliable than the Swiss National Bank. Under domestic and above all foreign pressure (from the USA), the national bank declared most of its gold and foreign exchange reserves “redundant” - and sold during the period from 2001 to 2006. at a negligible price of 1300 tons. Later - more 250 tons to buy foreign exchange. This hastily sold gold would today be equivalent to an amount of approximately 75 billion francs. ”

Further, it is noted that only 1040 tons of gold remained in the Swiss National Bank. The Swiss are afraid that this remnant will not disappear, therefore they put forward the “Golden Initiative”.

“Gold reserves belong to the people,” say its authors.

* * *

Thus, there is a nascent European initiative to return gold reserves to their historical homeland. The “gold rush” has been caused not only by the fact that central banks can make erroneous decisions subject to fair public criticism, but also by that (in the case of German gold) that they cannot find it - neither in the Bundesbank, nor in the US Federal Reserve.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Uralm
    Uralm 15 March 2012 07: 41
    The Swiss are the most cunning .. people. everything settles in them.
    And Iraqi. Soviet, Libyan, Fascist. etc.
    Gold doesn't smell to them
    Business is so "DEMOCRATIC"
    1. domokl
      domokl 15 March 2012 07: 44
      It’s for sure it’s hit. But their banks are really reliable due to the fact that European and world do not get involved in fights
    2. older
      older 15 March 2012 07: 47
      If the Germans and the Swiss return the gold home, then the usa will become completely shitty ...
      1. Ziksura
        Ziksura 15 March 2012 08: 38
        Quote: older
        If the Germans and the Swiss return the gold home, then the usa will become completely shitty ...

        Well, this is IF they return. The "gold rush" began when suspicions arose that the entire US gold reserve was counterfeit. it is not known where American gold is now ...
        Yes ... It's not a trifle to poke in my pockets.
    3. Uralm
      Uralm 15 March 2012 08: 25
      Americans only have their percentage and that's it.
      The remaining stigmas are silent. Until the Master says GAV.
      Once the owner did not think of them. said his word and some kind of hermit Kennedy shot
      For amers, War is like a Game.
      New countries For the sake of amerikososov. Morozhet as in Somalia ?!
      And what? Is America the weakest country ?! In Somalia, ALL Human Rights are violated. True, there is no oil here.
      among themselves. Right. If there were oil "SCITS" that would be teeming already
    4. Zeonius
      Zeonius 15 March 2012 16: 59
      The bankers will never return the gold they owe. They would rather drag their democracy to them or suppress some riots. Libyan leader Muammar prepared an agreement under which Arab countries switched to the gold standard and refuse the services of international banks. What did this lead to? all around "democracy" the East is under pressure.
  2. domokl
    domokl 15 March 2012 07: 42
    An interesting article ... It makes you wonder ... Indeed, owning your own gold reserves is very interesting from the point of view of extinguishing crisis phenomena .. but on the other hand, who will keep the eggs in one basket? To the author plus
    1. Igarr
      Igarr 15 March 2012 07: 56
      Gold must be kept at home .... and the point.
      At least even because it is one of the main materials in chemistry ... semiconductor manufacturing.
      From millennia of experience - you won’t go anywhere.
      Something robbers of all stripes - not pieces of paper with junk collected .. but a piece of gold and jewelry.

      And where is our gold, Russia? Who knows? Answer ...
    2. KAV
      KAV 15 March 2012 08: 14
      Well, in the USA they definitely do not need to be stored. There was already a precedent when China received ingots from them and thought of verifying their authenticity. It turned out that the bars are not gold, but gold. This is how much you need to be a self-confident idiot to do this at the level of the Fed and the state.
      1. Ziksura
        Ziksura 15 March 2012 08: 47
        Quote: CAV
        There was already a precedent when China received ingots from them and thought of verifying their authenticity. It turned out that the bars are not gold, but gold.

        Are you talking about this case?
        In October 2009, the U.S. Department of the Treasury sent a shipment of gold bullion to China from a repository located in Fort Knox. Countries regularly ship and receive gold in order to pay debts and balance the trade balance. Most of the gold in the world is exchanged and stored in depositories under the supervision of a special organization - the London Bullion Market Association - LBMA.

        After receiving the party, the Chinese government ordered


        The largest foreign holder of securities of the US Treasury.

        Chinese officials were shocked to find that


        The party consisted of TUNGSTEN INGOTS,

        coated with a thin layer of real gold.

        These TESTED “gold” bars were made in the USA and stored at Fort Knox for many years.

        The Chinese government immediately launched an investigation and issued a statement that hinted at the fraud of the US government. The registration numbers for this batch of ingots indicated that counterfeit ingots were received from the banks of the Federal Reserve during the Clinton administration.

        It was then that upon the order of the Fed BANKSERS, 1,3 to 1,5 million tungsten tiles weighing 400 ounces (11,34 kg) were manufactured.

        640.000 of these tungsten tiles were gold plated and shipped to Fort Knox, where they still lie.

        According to a Chinese investigation, the RESIDUE from these 1,3-1,5 million tungsten tiles weighing 400 ounces was also plated with gold and then SOLD ON THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET.

        Not only did fake gold fall into the United States gold reserve,

        but the WORLD MARKET WAS ALSO DECEIVED by the Federal Reserve Bankers

        and the Clintons. Clinton's Golden Scam is 600 BILLION DOLLARS.
        1. oper66
          oper66 15 March 2012 18: 40
          someone owns information on the further investigation - the result is interesting - and so all the crushing with gold is understandable since all the Central Banks and ours, including the Fed, are accountable to them and therefore the owner reports gold to the United States and I don’t believe that you can store eggs like that the kings trusted their treasury to be kept by strangers and even a potential enemy
  3. Uralm
    Uralm 15 March 2012 07: 52
    Imagine. If the Swiss reveal all the Mysteries !!!
    Yes God forbid !!!!
    They are asking for something. They are playing. And everyone benefits. (except for those who really earn this money)
    An interesting state. After them, the US come. its already known methods. well so scale in every way
  4. Vanek
    Vanek 15 March 2012 08: 16
    that they cannot find him - neither in the Bundesbank, nor in the US Federal Reserve

    We don’t know anything, neither heard nor heard anything.

    I think the answer to the Bundesbank from the United States will be just that.
  5. Uralm
    Uralm 15 March 2012 08: 41
    They got me. I fly off and shot everyone demagogue
  6. predator
    predator 15 March 2012 08: 48
    interesting and in the basements of the central bank of Russia how many tons of gold is stored? And how many are in US government bonds?
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 15 March 2012 12: 17
      Quote: predator
      interesting and in the basements of the central bank of Russia how many tons of gold is stored? And how many are in US government bonds?

      The Russian Central Bank believes in gold. Published data on the growth of gold reserves in its international reserves. It turned out that in this indicator Russia came out on top in the world. Gold reserves increased by 139,6 tons to 789 tons. Last year consolidated the trend. A year earlier, the Russian Central Bank closed the top three most active buyers of gold, second only to its counterparts from India and China, and now - became the first. Russia is in seventh place in absolute value of gold reserves. In terms of the share of gold in the value of reserves - 7,5% - Russia is far behind, for example, Germany, the largest European economy, where 71% of reserves are held in gold. To catch up with Germany, Russia would have to buy 2600 tons of gold, which is almost all of the world’s production over the past year.
      A little speed up replenishment of the gold reserve, perhaps it will work out. Central banks traditionally buy from domestic producers - in those countries where they are. Gold mining in Russia is growing: in 2011 it amounted to 242 tons, instead of 202 tons a year earlier. But the buyer of the metal is not only the Central Bank, but also the jewelry industry, and the most valuable ingots go to Gokhran, which is managed by the Ministry of Finance.

      Russia continues to reduce investments in US treasury bonds, and China has been reducing its package of US securities for the fifth consecutive month, but still leads the list of Washington's largest lenders, the US Treasury reports.
      Russia moved back in October from 10th to 11th place on the list. In December, it held bonds worth $ 88,4 billion - 1,3 billion less than in the previous month.
      At the same time, Japan, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Canada bought American securities, occupying the second, eighth, ninth and 10th places respectively - 1,04 trillion, 116,2 billion, 112 billion and 96,6 billion dollars.
      In general, at the end of last year, foreign states had US $ 4,73 trillion in their hands, reducing their portfolios by 0,4% compared to November.
      In addition to states, US long-term Treasury securities are bought by foreign legal entities and individuals, as well as domestic companies, funds and private individuals. This allows the administration to stay afloat in conditions of astronomical budget deficits, which over the past three years have exceeded $ 1,3 trillion.
      1. predator
        predator 15 March 2012 19: 11
        Thank you Ascetic for the information!
      2. Yura
        Yura 16 March 2012 16: 02
        Ascetic is another thank you, when for a long time I do not see your sensible and detailed comments, it becomes boring even to become something like that.
  7. 755962
    755962 15 March 2012 10: 49
    US presidential candidate Ron Paul, who has long been calling for an audit of US gold reserves.
    It has long been rumored that only one "zilch" remained of the gold reserves
  8. Ascetic
    Ascetic 15 March 2012 11: 55
    It is interesting in this regard to dwell on the reaction of the German media to Putin’s victory in the elections in Russia and future relations between Europe and Russia. If we put aside the obligatory liberal whining in such cases regarding election fraud (you have to work out your salary), you can also find quite realistic and sober estimates. undisputed, of course, but also without liberal bias

    “The victory in the elections definitely fell to Vladimir Putin. Even if isolated forgeries occurred, which is likely, even then, no one can refuse the new president democratic legitimacy. Now he is officially the one who clearly was before: the strongest man in Russia, ”writes Gabor Steingart, editor-in-chief of the respected economic newspaper Handelsblatt, in his morning column.
    The regional Westdeutsche Zeitung emphasizes the importance of Russia as a supplier of energy resources: “At least the international community should not bet that the Russian summer will follow the Arab spring. First of all, Germany is interested in Russia as a stable supplier of resources and an important trading partner. Until now, in Germany no one had to worry about oil or gas supplies. ”
    “Germany needs to continue its strategic partnership with Russia after Putin's victory. Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said on Monday in Berlin that besides economic relations, there is a strong security interest in relations between the countries: "We cannot ensure security on the European continent against Russia, but only together with Russia."
    A separate topic is the notes on the future of Russia after the elections. “The tsar is crying,” said Benjamin Bidder, a correspondent for Der Spiegel in Moscow, titled his note on the Russian elections: “Time magazine described him as an incredibly shrinking Russian prime minister. However, Putin's victory is so great that this moment obviously shocked him. ... He pronounces a dashing "Glory to Russia!" and leaves the stage.

  9. Vlaleks48
    Vlaleks48 15 March 2012 12: 13
    But I wonder how much of our gold is stored in Fort Knox !?
    Gold and foreign exchange reserves of the Russian Federation in 2011 grew by 4%
    Central Bank: External Debt of Russia in 2011 rose to $ 539 billion

    Read more:

    Gold and foreign exchange reserves of the Russian Federation fell to the lowest level in 10 and a half months. As the Department of External and Public Relations of the Bank of Russia said today, the foreign exchange reserves of the Russian Federation as of January 13, 2012 in their weekly calculation amounted to 497,1 billion US dollars.

    Read more:

    Putin gives the IMF the gold and foreign exchange reserves of Russia?
    And it is not known where sovereign gold !?
  10. 755962
    755962 15 March 2012 14: 03
    Both Germany and Switzerland demanded that they return their gold from the New York Fed's storerooms.

    Do not forget that the United States launched a war with Iraq because of the non-dollar oil trade, and launched a war in Libya because it dared to hint at the oil trade for gold-backed currency. We also remember that Iran is going to move away from the dollar and trade oil for gold, so now the US is going to start a war with it.

    Given that Germany and Switzerland now want the Fed to get their gold back, what will the United States do? They will not be able to directly invade these countries. So maybe another option would be to invade other countries that have enough gold to return it to Germany and Switzerland?