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Road "Red Javelin"

On August 16, the Norinko corporation held a “Day of armored vehicles and anti-tank weapons” at the test site near the city of Baotou (Inner Mongolia). Second time in stories Chinese defense industry.

In the closed pavilion 34 samples of tracked and wheeled armored vehicles were presented. To demonstrate the acceleration and overcome the standard obstacles involved a part of the production site with an unpaved surface.

BTR in the Russian style

Chinese gunsmiths showed a light battle tank VT-5 (curb weight - 33 tons). It is equipped with a 800 horsepower turbodiesel engine and automatic transmission. The main armament is a 105 mm smoothbore gun. The ammunition includes feathered and sub-caliber armor-piercing, high-explosive fragmentation shells, laser-guided missiles. Ammunition designed to combat tanks, from a distance of two thousand meters they pierce a sheet of homogeneous armor with a thickness of 550 millimeters. In the version for the mountain rifle brigades of the PLA, the tank tower is equipped with mounted modules of dynamic protection of the Reaction-4 series.

The same gun was installed on the new wheeled assault vehicle under the designation ST-1, created on the basis of the floating Type-08 armored personnel carrier with the wheel formula 8 х8. Diesel BZ6M1015CP from the German company DEUTZ provides an armored vehicle weighing 23 tons of maximum speed 100 kilometers per hour. Power reserve with full refueling - 1000 kilometers. When driving on water, the maximum speed is eight kilometers per hour. The turret has mounting points for an anti-aircraft machine gun and eight launchers (launchers) for smoke curtains of 76 caliber of millimeters. Inside the tower, you can install a twin 7,62-mm machine gun. It is known that the welded hull is made of composite armor, which protects the crew from firing from the 25-mm gun into the frontal part and automatic weapons 7,62 caliber in the side and back surface from a distance 100 meters. The machine is adopted by the naval infantry of the PLA.

Road "Red Javelin"

Another new product from Norinko was a heavy infantry fighting vehicle under the designation VN-17, built on the basis of a light tank VT-5 using the same type of engine, automatic transmission and communication systems. It is noticeable that the designers were impressed by the Russian BTR-T and T-15. The weight of the Chinese heavy BMP reaches 30 tons due to enhanced dynamic protection, which reliably covers the entire body of the machine. On the VN-17, an off-board turret with an 30-mm automatic cannon, two “Red Arrow 12” ATGM and 12 PU for smoke grenades. Arming guidance is provided by a two-channel opto-electronic station with a laser rangefinder.

On the basis of the time-tested BMP-3, Chinese designers created for export fairly heavy (23 tons) BMP VN-11А. In the habitable WA333T1B turret, an 30-mm cannon is installed, on the external points - the classic “Red Arrow 73D” ATGM and six PUs for the installation of a smoke screen. The power of the VN-11А engine is 440 kilowatts, the power reserve at full refueling is 500 kilometers. The crew - three people, in the landing compartment seven seats. A distinctive feature of the BMP is the bolted scheme for attaching additional sheets of armor. Both the driver and the landing party are provided with side triplexes to monitor the situation.

At the Baotou proving ground, for the first time, a heavy infantry fighting vehicle developed on the basis of the tank "Type 59D" (the Chinese version of the Soviet T-54 / 55) appeared to people. Engineers upgraded it with the aforementioned WA333T1B turret with the 30-mm gun and the Red Arrow 73D. Chinese observers state that the body armor protection is seriously enhanced due to both thickening up to 600 millimeters and the use of a large number of dynamic protection units. BMP is designed for buyers from more than 20 countries of Asia and Africa, in the armies of which a significant number of tanks "Type 59D." The approach was borrowed from Israeli specialists, who continue to work on the modernization of heavy Timer BMP for the IDF.

It should be noted that the designers of Norinko offer to install UW-4 uninhabited modules in which the 30 caliber millimeter and 12 PU guns are mounted for the smoke screen, and for light armored vehicles they offer an option with an 12,7-mm machine gun.

The armored vehicles that participated in the dynamic display were covered with camouflage kits of special fabrics that hide it in the radar and infrared ranges. Such an approach allows both to reduce the cost of repainting and to increase survivability in combat conditions.

Also in the pavilion and in the open area were presented armored wheeled vehicles with different levels of armor and armament, including for the first time - transport VP-22, modeled on the Russian "Typhoon-K" taking into account information about the operation in Syria.

Arrows in stock

It is known that in the closed pavilion PU heavy ‑ missiles “Red arrow 10” were demonstrated. These anti-tank ammunition are placed in eight units on the basis of tracked infantry fighting vehicles VN-11 (a copy of the Russian BMP-3), which, according to the Chinese military, should allow the division of such anti-tank guided missiles consisting of nine vehicles to confidently destroy enemy armored vehicles in four minutes around 60.

At the stands, one could also see the “Red Arrow 12” ATGM (production designation GTS7), which looks like the famous American FGM-148 “Javelin”. Chinese manufacturers do not hide the fact that they borrowed some constructive solutions from American gunsmiths. PU provides a cold start of the ammunition at 30 meters, after which a single-stage solid-fuel engine is triggered, providing an average flight speed of 200 meters per second.

Some tactical and technical characteristics of the Red 12 boom: missile weight - 17 kilograms, PU - 5 kilograms, missile length - 1,25 meters, caliber - 170 millimeters. The launch range for infrared hover is 2000; when using a television system, it is 4000 meters. At a distance of 2500 meters, the tandem warhead pierces 750 millimeters of homogeneous armor.

For the first time, the Chinese military observers were presented with a heavy increased range ATGM “Red Arrow 11”, the missile of which, with a launch mass of 30 kilograms, has a maximum launch range of 10 kilometers and is actually a multipurpose ammunition that can fight any enemy armor, even in fortified positions.

Helmet for the tank

At the "Day of armored vehicles" a video was shown showing the operation of the GL-5 active protection system (SAZ) installed on the roof of the Type-96 MBT tower. According to information from the manufacturer, over the past two years, engineers have made great efforts to refine the SAZ - problems with radar power supply with an active phased antenna array and its cooling have been fixed.

The GL-5 system includes four panel radars. Each includes six receiver-emitters, of which two are responsible for target detection, two for tracking and two for targeting interceptor shells. The destruction of anti-tank ammunition is assigned to four launchers, each with three shells. They are installed in guides with 30 degrees of rotation from the mount axis, which allows covering the sector in 90 degrees.

For the GL-5 computing station, Chinese specialists have developed a special algorithm. When an anti-tank projectile is detected, it will immediately use two interceptor munitions, which according to calculations is guaranteed to remove the threat. The maximum effective interception range is 100 meters, while the minimum can be ten times less, which, however, does not ensure the safety of optical-electronic systems and anti-aircraft machine guns located on the roof of the tank. The turret provides space for additional 24 interceptor shells, which allows SAZ to be reloaded twice.

Some Chinese experts note that while the GL-5 is capable of intercepting only ammunition that flies up to the tank at a speed of no more than 1800 meters per second. It is obvious that the designers are trying to create a system that should not be inferior in efficiency to the Russian Arena and the Ukrainian Knife.

Note that the equipment presented in Baotou is intended mainly for export.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 3 September 2017 07: 54
    Obviously, the designers are trying to create a system that should not be inferior in effectiveness to the Russian Arena and Ukrainian Knife.
    Our "Arena" is an active defense complex, the Ukrainian "Knife", it is a dynamic defense complex. So the Chinese are creating a single system?
    1. seos
      seos 3 September 2017 09: 49
      It turns out that the author knows nothing and is not sure of anything .....
  2. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 3 September 2017 10: 52
    It’s interesting and when our ATGMs with a principle shot and forgot washed down.
    1. lego305
      lego305 3 September 2017 11: 20
      Until the high efficiency of the 3rd generation ATGM against countermeasures against modern armored vehicles (for example, if the Kurds with the help of the "Javelins" burn the Turkish "Leopards") is confirmed, it is foolish to force their creation.
    2. vlad007
      vlad007 3 September 2017 11: 22
      Quote: Ken71
      It’s interesting and when our ATGMs with a principle shot and forgot washed down.

      The latest versions of the Kornet anti-tank missile launchers realize the “shot and forget” concept using a target acquisition and tracking machine, but the target must remain within sight of the launcher until a missile hits.
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 3 September 2017 13: 02
        Quote: vlad007
        The latest versions of the Kornet anti-tank missile launchers realize the “shot and forget” concept using a target acquisition and tracking machine

        ACS does not make third-generation ATGMs out of some Cornets
      2. PSih2097
        PSih2097 4 September 2017 11: 45
        Quote: vlad007
        The latest versions of launchers ATGM "Cornet" implement the concept of "shot and forgot" due to the automatic capture and tracking of the target, but the target must remain within sight of the launcher until the rocket hits.

        sorry, but the first contradicts the second ...
        1. avdkrd
          avdkrd 7 September 2017 13: 28
          Quote: PSih2097
          sorry, but the first contradicts the second ...

          Yes, there is no contradiction, after start-up the operator does not participate in tracking the target and can focus on the next. Just a different approach to creating ATGMs. Complexes like Javelin have their weaknesses, starting from the relative high cost and complexity and ending with the application algorithm. For example, a target is captured by Javelin only after 2.5 minutes of cooling of the main gun and 10 seconds of cooling of the seeker, then the shooter has about 4 minutes to fire, after which it is necessary to change the cooling unit. With all this, it takes 10-15 seconds to aim at the target. A lot of restrictions for use. The enemy must play along so that Javelin is successfully applied. If you add to this the relative ease of counteracting thermal GOS with the help of aerosols even of the old generation (Shtora-1 will perfectly cope with the range of 12 μm having its own from 0,4 to 14 μm) and a high probability of detection of a shooter before a shot due to large optics and long guidance, then all the "advantages" of the Javelins become doubtful.
  3. Lopatov
    Lopatov 3 September 2017 13: 01
    It is known that in the closed pavilion were shown PU heavy ATGM "Red Arrow 10". These anti-tank munitions deploy eight units each based on the VN-11 tracked infantry fighting vehicle (copy of the Russian BMP-3

    To begin with, the VN-11 is never a copy of the BMP-3; rather, it is similar to the BMP-2 with an increased reserve volume due to the larger height of the hull. And the fact that they install a copy of the “triad” on it does not mean anything.
    Further, there are no "Red Arrows". There is "HJ" from the Chinese "Hong Jian", there is an official "export" translation of "Red Arrow". And that’s it.

    HJ-10 ("Red Arrow-10") are an analogue of the early "distant" "Spikes-NLOS", third-generation missiles with the ability to capture the target after launch or manual control by transmitting commands and "video" via fiber-optic cable. Maybe someone will correct, but as far as I know, the current "Spikes" use a radio channel for this.
    Complex "ground-helicopter". Main - the complex can "work" with closed firing positions.
    1. DimerVladimer
      DimerVladimer 4 September 2017 13: 02
      China is not doing anything on the basis of the BMP-2 or BMP-3.

      They have a BMP-1 and its modernization options.
      Such conversion products come across here ..
  4. bandabas
    bandabas 3 September 2017 13: 40
    The Chinese make excellent use of the potential of Soviet military equipment, making both their own and Western improvements. Unlike our underserved children who still cannot deal with the "Mace". Only blah blah. And, the disappearance of money in the "left" pockets. The guilty ones are found ... Sagittarius. "Vice-Chairmen of the Pounds."
  5. Operator
    Operator 3 September 2017 14: 32
    The author smokes something very picky: "GL-5 is only capable of intercepting ammunition flying to a tank at a speed of not more than 1800 meters per second" laughing
    1. Mozart
      Mozart 3 September 2017 14: 39
      Why? Normal speed for a projectile. If it flies faster, it will no longer be intercepted.
      1. Operator
        Operator 3 September 2017 15: 18
        The highest interception speed was achieved only in the Russian KAZ of the T-14 tank - 900 meters per second.
  6. Berkut24
    Berkut24 3 September 2017 18: 38
    In general, the Chinese are developing their school of copying. So far, neither its tank nor aviation engineering schools have yet appeared.
  7. megavolt823
    megavolt823 4 September 2017 00: 22
    you got it right. everyone understood. but the conclusions are not correct. copying as much as possible to 100% is very difficult. Too quickly, one must master the various and all. and the result of trial and error will disappoint. Buying ready-made solutions is easier. and the end result on the face. if the purchase is relevant. The stupidity of the Soviet military-industrial complex is that the decisions were sold for nothing. left and right. and the price of mistakes fell on the budget. China does not deal with all directions immediately. buy something. translates something into partnerships. they have the opportunity. and they use it. China’s power is not in the weapons component. but in economics, industry. Russia is forced to invent (the penis) or something similar that a competitor has. they don’t sell us anything. hi
  8. Nix1986
    Nix1986 4 September 2017 07: 22
    Surprising is the speed with which such a wide range of weapons has been developed. Of course, not without some of the imported components, but in the context of globalization, this is normal. It remains only to express respect. Who has been in China recently, he already knows that no one has been working there for a plate of rice for a long time.
    1. DimerVladimer
      DimerVladimer 4 September 2017 13: 07
      Hiring an engineer of the same qualification in China ($ 1000) is more expensive than in Russia (after the devaluation of 2014 - $ 600)
      1. Nix1986
        Nix1986 4 September 2017 14: 15
        However, this does not prevent our authorities, in response to the question "why we do not see foreign investment in real production," declare the high cost of labor in our country, in China it is all cheaper. It is enough to visit at least Shenzhen to understand that this is exactly the opposite.
        1. megavolt823
          megavolt823 5 September 2017 17: 03
          China is trading with the whole world. and usa and europe. but we are prevented from selling gas. sanctions to drive. we have to shoot, and we have all the squeeze squeezed. did you bring the missiles to Cuba? almost grabbed. and they overlaid us, we are silent. when it’s hard with the economy in Europe. they are shooting. like America. and we climb to shoot until the economy collapses. counting the second in the war with the Japanese and Germans. lost the country. and Stalin built in all wars. hell knows . but a fact. hi