This year, the Luch Design Bureau has supplied the APU 50 missiles to the Corsair installation

The Korsar lightweight portable missile system developed by Luch Design Bureau (part of the Ukroboronprom) was adopted by the Ukrainian army in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Defense, сообщает military blogger Diana Mikhailova.

The company has already manufactured and supplied the Ukrainian Armed Forces more than 50 missiles for the Corsair complex together with a number of launchers specified by the customer.

“Corsair” allows you to fire at a distance of 2,5 km (similar range from the American FGM-148 Javelin), and the missile is guided by a laser beam. In this case, the guidance takes place in the low-energy level of radiation in order to conceal the control channel, ”the material says.

The author notes that "one of the main features of this complex are the dimensions that allow it to be carried and fired from the shoulder, without the use of additional devices." However, for ease of use of the complex on the prepared positions, it is advisable to use a special machine.

Luch has developed two guided missiles for the Corsair - the PK-3K and the PK-3OF.

It is reported that "RK-3K is equipped with a tandem-shaped cumulative warhead, which is designed to destroy modern armored fixed and moving objects that have combined, spaced or monolithic armor, including dynamic protection, as well as frozen helicopters." The ammunition provides armor penetration beyond the dynamic protection of at least 550 mm.

The PK-3OF missile is equipped with a high-explosive fragmentation warhead with a shock core and is intended to destroy lightly armored objects, field-type facilities (DOT, DOT) and manpower. During the tests, a through-breaking of an armor plate with a thickness of 50 mm was demonstrated.

The accuracy of the guidance is the product of "Izumsk instrument-making plant" - a pointing device PN-KU. “Despite its small size and weight in 4 kg, it provides guidance of the missile at a distance of up to 2,5 km within +/- 250 mm. That is, the “Corsair”, even at the maximum range of its flight, allows the operator to get into the embrasure of the bunker, ”the author notes.
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    30 August 2017 14: 02
    m yes. Soviet school, however. a pity. because these corsairs will go to the Donbass.
    1. +2
      30 August 2017 14: 04
      hardly ... not so stupid ancient Ukrainians to give ptrk to militias
      1. +5
        30 August 2017 14: 06
        Well, I hope maybe they don’t. in that case, why spend money on equipping the army.
        1. +3
          30 August 2017 14: 19
          And no one paid attention to the holes? Here is the first photo some kind of not through, time, but on the second the crack goes up and down. At first only up. It is doubtful that the crack was hidden on one side and visible on the other.

          These are different photos. And indirectly - rust is visible on one and a fresh plate on the other. Someone Stanislavsky stirred in mnu ... laughing

          But not special, purely IMHO.
          1. +6
            30 August 2017 14: 31
            first photo input, second output. both end-to-end. just on the first visible support for the armor plate. in short, just leaned against something.
            1. +1
              30 August 2017 14: 48
              More like getting hit from a BMP-2, the cumulative jet would burn through with a smaller diameter
              1. +9
                30 August 2017 14: 54
                it is written that the rk 3of missile with a high-explosive fragmentation warhead with a strike core. drawing is about him.
        2. +2
          30 August 2017 15: 03
          ATGM Stugna-P has long been at the front. They are equipped with elite units (airmobile brigades). The rest (that is, tank and mechanized brigades) mainly have the old Soviet anti-tank systems "Fagot".
          1. +1
            30 August 2017 15: 52
            They wrote everything correctly.
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              30 August 2017 16: 08
              Quote: Sith Lord
              They wrote everything correctly.

              Good afternoon!
              Taking this opportunity, I would like to ask - have the prospects for the fall of this year in solving the problem with the junta changed? Something Pez painfully broke up in recent days .... what
              1. +3
                30 August 2017 16: 38
                Good afternoon! Nope, they knock out dust with a hoof, thereby starting a presidential company in Ukraine.
                1. +4
                  30 August 2017 16: 40
                  Quote: Sith Lord
                  they knock out dust with a hoof, thereby starting a presidential company in Ukraine.

                  Got it.
                  Thank you!
              2. 0
                30 August 2017 19: 17
                Quote: stalkerwalker
                I would like to ask - have the prospects for the fall of this year in solving the problem with the junta changed?

                Everything is as before. By May 2017 Kyivnash lol
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    30 August 2017 14: 20
    Let them fix the issue, and then brag. 50 rockets, it's about nothing. You can’t conduct training firing properly.
    1. +1
      30 August 2017 15: 02
      The corsair has just been adopted and this is the first batch. 300 put rockets to the rig (which, by the way, is also not much). Well, in general, 2015-2016 delivered slightly more than 1000 missiles of all types and 40 launchers. 2017 350 rockets come out (300 to stugnoy and 50 to corsair)
  3. 0
    30 August 2017 14: 27
    More than 50 is 51 ??? Well, it feels like, well, judging by the quantity, that this is manual work with an oak log rasp with final completion by a file. )))) Especially the "delivers" the nozzle from the water "half-inch", crookedly cut off the grinder obliquely, without finishing processing of the edges of the cut. The level of vocational schools, not KB! Even in the picture - SHOPPING!
  4. +2
    30 August 2017 14: 39

    Soviet METIS .. Year of adoption-1978 ... Ukrainians only painted the fairing ...
    1. +3
      30 August 2017 14: 41
      Hmm. The level of analysis and knowledge of the materiel is amazing.
  5. +4
    30 August 2017 14: 48
    The company has already prematurely manufactured and delivered APU]

  6. +2
    30 August 2017 15: 10
    Oh, hurried! How now to ask the Americans?
    1. 0
      31 August 2017 11: 41
      AXAXXAXAXAX !!!!!! laughing lol good
  7. +1
    30 August 2017 20: 26
    ATGM of Ukraine "Corsair" I consider ineffective ... Penetration of 550 mm is no good ... Modern tank, what we have, that they already have a frontal projection protection of more than 1000 mm ... Here you can thank the Ukrainian designers, they don’t want to do for the APU, something more or less worthwhile ...
    1. +1
      30 August 2017 20: 49
      You carefully read for dynamic protection, that is, without protection it will also break through more than 1000mm.
      1. 0
        31 August 2017 11: 35
        mdya .... only now even the Ishilovites have not traveled without such armor for a long time, not like the tanks of the Donbas army.
        1. 0
          31 August 2017 11: 46
          Do you think that the T-72 or T-64 have a 1000mm frontal armor? I want to disappoint their forehead is armored somewhere in the region of 250-300mm, and those notorious 1000mm come out with dz and screens.
          1. 0
            31 August 2017 11: 53
            no, I don’t think, I know it, but for them there are enough “Fogot” with “mestizos”, so that's right, there will be little sense from this ATGM, if at all, but by the way the second TOU, it also breaks to 1000mm but in DZ, even with the tandem part, as practice in Syria has shown, the chances of breaking through 50/50 are exactly the same as for the “Fogot” and “Métis”.
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    30 August 2017 20: 47
    guidance takes place at a low energy level of radiation in order to stealth control channel

    An interesting approach. I understand that laser warning devices may not respond?
    1. The comment was deleted.
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        31 August 2017 12: 33
        And here I do not agree Doomsday war showed the effectiveness of anti-tank systems. 50% of Israeli armored vehicles lost precisely from anti-tank systems.
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          31 August 2017 16: 09
          I absolutely agree with you, that's right, my colleague again, I mean specifically this new “ukrvudervaflu” it will be more expensive than all the old ones but in terms of efficiency it is the same, only more expensive, and even the range is only 2,5 km, from a mestizo with a bassoon to 3 km. And by the way, in the wake of the Yom Kippur Day, there were no tanks on tanks, on Israeli ones for sure.
          1. 0
            31 August 2017 19: 25
            Well, a new product is always more expensive, as for mestizo and bassoon in Ukraine, they don’t let out what you want for a tank with a sapper shovel, it’s even the range at the training ground, maybe it is important to get an estimate, but in a battle when the target moves it shoots what 3km can be talked about. Three lines too shot 3km but in practice it turned out that 1km is enough.
            1. 0
              31 August 2017 22: 55
              Well, in Emen and Syria, they beat to the maximum and Cornet in Syria flew 5km, so ..... well, maybe in the conditions of the Donbas war this is not so true, although the steppe is sir, there is space. And about the blades, for me yes, the APU let them go to tanks with shovels or run
              1. +1
                31 August 2017 23: 37
                You were in the Donbass which steppe ravines and acacia planting old terecons and outposts. From when you are sent to the war I will see how you and the machine gun go against the "bear".
                1. 0
                  4 September 2017 11: 37
                  I’ve been to a war of kamarad, though I didn’t have to fight with tanks, but in Lebanon I saw our tanks getting ATGMs from a great distance of 3 km, at least or even 5 km, and there are also hollows, dense vegetation, gorges, and in practice Hezbollah gave our Shirin (tank units) a good crap, and even in Donbas there were videos of shooting at least 3 km. So 2,5 km is a lot, ok, but not much.