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Indians started to produce their own attack helicopter

Indian aircraft manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics Limited has begun mass production of a nationally developed LCH light attack helicopter. To date, the Air Force and the ground forces of India have placed an order for 179 new helicopters, reports Defense aerospace

Indians started to produce their own attack helicopter

The development of the LCH attack helicopter has been conducted in India since 2006. The machine is designed specifically for use in high altitude conditions. The length of the helicopter is 15,8 meters, and the diameter of the main rotor - 13,3 meters. The maximum take-off weight of the helicopter is 5,8 tons. The LCH is capable of speeding up to 330 kilometers per hour and flying to a distance of 550 kilometers.

Indian helicopter armed with one aviation 20 mm caliber cannon, and is also equipped with four suspension points for missile launchers and cannon containers. According to the current plans of the Ministry of Defense of India, the initial combat readiness of the LCH (the entry of the first vehicles into the army and their adoption into service) will be announced in 2018.

Today, India has a program of gradual reduction of the country's armed forces against imported weapons and military equipment. As part of this program, several types of military equipment are being developed, including their own aircraft carrier, a multi-purpose helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicles, the website reports. "N + 1".
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  1. Anarchist
    Anarchist 30 August 2017 13: 16
    Hindus Chinese recall! With one difference, not enough is brought to mind! But grab onto everything ...
    For whatever I take, it's nice everywhere!
    1. 32363
      32363 30 August 2017 13: 18
      Quote: Anarchist
      Hindus Chinese recall! With one difference, not enough is brought to mind! But grab onto everything ...

      for sure, an aircraft carrier has been under construction for more than 10 years
      1. oldseaman1957
        oldseaman1957 30 August 2017 13: 21
        Quote: Anarchist
        - it’s not enough that they bring to mind! ..
        “Well, why wouldn’t they have their CHEAP helicopter?” Although their hardware is not so hot, they have experience in our design bureaus, they develop electronics at the level. They will blur something mediocre, but a lot. The mass will be crushed, gradually rising to quality. Yes, and with the motors it is not clear, it is clear that you have to buy.
        1. Thrall
          Thrall 30 August 2017 13: 24
          Quote: Anarchist
          Hindus Chinese recall!

          Indians fall from heaven more often ...
        2. Anarchist
          Anarchist 30 August 2017 13: 24
          That's just the point, that neither inexpensive, but cheap!
          They are much cheaper for cheap things.
          1. family tree
            family tree 30 August 2017 14: 13
            How will they do it, but how will they begin to fight with the Chinese in Dibla for Tibet.
            Well, cho wassat
            The machine is designed specifically for use in high altitude conditions.
        3. Astoria
          Astoria 30 August 2017 16: 42
          Mass will crush
          - Well then, pilots will have to be trained in thousands wink
    2. Maz
      Maz 30 August 2017 14: 14
      As the Indians built their national tank, it turned out to be a freak. Now the helicopter ...... It would be better to copy like the Chinese. Oh, the weak link in our chain. The greed of the Jews brought to a country the size of a small region in Russia. They should have a good adviser from the General Directorate of the General Staff.
    3. mishaia_23
      mishaia_23 30 August 2017 15: 30
      Hindus Chinese recall!
      This very Indian helicopter resembles our MI-24 (Cracodile)
      1. Gray brother
        Gray brother 30 August 2017 16: 04
        Quote: mishaia_23
        This very Indian helicopter resembles our MI-24 (Cracodile)

        No, now it’s fashionable to do “Augustus” - the Chinese is similar, the German is similar, the Turkish - in general, it is, the Indian is also similar, probably it’s also someone else’s)))
        1. Roma 1977
          Roma 1977 30 August 2017 17: 08
          Right This product was also inspired by Italian origin to me.
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 30 August 2017 13: 22
    Judging by the weight and size - there is no armor or nominal booking of the cockpit, 20 mm airgun, suspension points are not enough, although here, perhaps, the specifics of application in high altitude conditions are taken into account. Good engines are needed, but in difficult conditions you can’t drag a lot of weapons and armor.
  3. irazum
    irazum 30 August 2017 13: 46
    You can’t transfer any technology to them! It is impossible! So far, they have blinded some "freak", and then what? "Chinese" experience taught nothing?
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 30 August 2017 13: 55
      Quote: irazum
      You can’t transfer any technology to them! It is impossible! So far, they have blinded some "freak", and then what? "Chinese" experience taught nothing?

      Yes stop singing this mantra - China copied - China world copy machine and so on
      A lot of China’s weapon systems were developed specifically by our specialists to order them, and I won’t be surprised if the Indian helicopter was also designed by us.
      "Kamov" stood at the origins of the Chinese combat helicopter WZ-10

      The main PLA WZ-10 combat helicopter was developed by the Chinese on the basis of the Kamov Design Bureau’s ex-project, commissioned in 1995 by the PLA, said Kamov’s general designer Sergei Mikheev in an interview with Flight International magazine at the Heli-EXPO helicopter exhibition in Las Vegas .

      According to Mikheev, the preliminary design was carried out in accordance with the terms of reference provided by the Chinese and was not based on any Soviet backlogs. "They gave us the desired weight, we discussed the preliminary characteristics, then we signed a contract and completed it," he said. The Chinese helicopter development project was called "Project 941."
      Thus, the WZ-10 complements a long list of Chinese weapons systems designed with the participation of Russian engineers. Well-known projects created with varying degrees of participation of Russian developers are, in particular, the FC-1 fighter, the L-15 combat trainer, the HQ-9 and HQ-16 air defense systems, the PL-12, YJ-91, and the WZ502 / 502G. The full list of such cooperation programs is much wider, and the most interesting and important programs may not have been announced yet.
  4. Nitochkin
    Nitochkin 30 August 2017 13: 46
    Appearance is ugly. And it will fly the same, most likely.
    1. sabakina
      sabakina 30 August 2017 14: 45
      Quote: Nitochkin
      Appearance is ugly. And it will fly the same, most likely.

      Yeah, this is not our "Black Shark" ....
  5. san4es
    san4es 30 August 2017 13: 57
    ... Instead of "fumes", it was necessary to weld the engine from the "Tornado" .. For acceleration bully
  6. Berkut24
    Berkut24 30 August 2017 14: 02
    I see that the frozen protected place of this crocodile is the rear landing gear.
  7. san4es
    san4es 30 August 2017 14: 05
    ... HAL experts also emphasized the low noise level of the new helicopter, whose price is now about 22 million dollars. And this is incommensurably less than that of the same American Apache (up to $ 60 million).

    ... standard weapons ... him

  8. alone
    alone 30 August 2017 14: 30
    similar to mi-24/35. Rather, when designing, the basis was taken by the Crocodile.

    If it will be the same as with the t-90, then it is a pity for the pilots.
  9. sabakina
    sabakina 30 August 2017 14: 40
    "A monster! It's called a Tiger, a mammoth is painted on the tower. And a horseshoe for good luck. The horseshoe helped, not a single scratch on the skin of this tiger." (c) "Armor of Russia.
  10. Dobi
    Dobi 30 August 2017 14: 53
    Well cho congratulate nadot.
  11. Horst78
    Horst78 30 August 2017 15: 35
    Did one seem to me similar to Our Mi-24 / 35? recourse
    1. Rader
      Rader 30 August 2017 15: 51
      Quote: Horst78
      Did one seem to me similar to Our Mi-24 / 35? recourse

      I don’t know ... A few people said: "Do you notice similarities with the 24th?" No, I don’t notice. Although you crack, I do not notice. For me, the distinguishing feature of the 24th and 35th is the presence of a compartment for the landing.
      Here I see more likely a cobra / viper tuned to a kamancha.
  12. Krasnyiy komissar
    Krasnyiy komissar 30 August 2017 16: 12
    Can he sing? All Indian technique is simply obliged to be able to sing and dance to "Jimi-jimi, acha-cha-cha." But seriously, before us is the next vyser of the Indian military industry, meaningless and merciless. Where is the armor ??? Maybe they will shoot at him from the air? Then the pilots are definitely not in danger. If the Chinese often simply copy successful samples, making minimal changes to them, then the Indians reinvent the wheel. Where is their Arjun supertank? Where is the tejas raptor killer?
  13. faiver
    faiver 30 August 2017 18: 41
    so far, the Indians haven’t got anything good out of weapons, but we’ll see ...
  14. cormorant
    cormorant 30 August 2017 18: 47
    Until the end of 2010, they planned to build as many as 10 helicopters. And then they suddenly started production again ... Well, well ..
  15. APASUS
    APASUS 30 August 2017 20: 14
    As I understand it, the Indians construct a helicopter according to the principle: with the power of modern engines, the aerodynamic shape is not important, if desired, the locomotive will fly
  16. ved_med12
    ved_med12 30 August 2017 21: 03
    The main question is, where are the engines from?
  17. fzr1000
    fzr1000 30 August 2017 21: 18
    Straaashny, already terrible.