In the Northern Fleet launched a test readiness

Over 40 ships and vessels of the North fleet The Russian Federation reached the Barents Sea as part of a planned combat readiness check, reports RIA News message of the press service of the Federation Council.

“A planned test of the combat readiness of the forces and troops began in the Northern Fleet, against the background of which a series of defensive tactical exercises will take place. An alarm was raised compounds of the army corps of the fleet and marines in the territory of the Murmansk region. The personnel on the standard equipment in the composition of the units made multi-kilometer marches to the landfills, ”the release says.

It is reported that as part of the inspection, “more than 40 combat and auxiliary units of the fleet, including the destroyer Admiral Ushakov, nuclear submarine cruisers, went to the Barents Sea.”

"The Peter the Great and Marshal Ustinov missile cruisers have worked their way out of the main base by barreling at the North Sea raid," the press service added.

According to the information, “the withdrawal of ships and vessels from the bases was provided by the mine-sweeping groups of the Kola Flotilla,” and the anti-submarine support was carried out by the small ships Brest and Snezhnogorsk.

During the events, the focus will be on "the work of the management system of the forces and troops of the Northern Fleet, the organization of communication and interaction between them when working out joint tasks for sudden introduction," the report said.
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  1. +3
    29 August 2017 16: 21
    Remember in 2000 there were exercises and the Kursk nuclear submarine fell to the bottom? it’s still not clear if the torpedo explosion inside the boat, or the NATO submarine’s attack.
    probably the exercises will be watched by our probable opponents?
    1. +8
      29 August 2017 16: 23
      Quote: vazxnumx

      1. +1
        29 August 2017 18: 29
        Guys - don’t freak out - this is a setup. I'm forever --- still tears - I'll figure it out myself
        1. 0
          29 August 2017 18: 33
          Well, yes, the test is not a good way out !!! --- and to be honest - there was something else.
    2. +1
      29 August 2017 16: 34
      This was an unsuccessful exit - torpedoes - her mother ichi - you understand the information.
      1. +2
        29 August 2017 18: 11
        Why did the Kursk boat die?
        1. The crew of the boat had no experience of practical torpedo fire in the last two years, no experience of any navigation in the last 9 months, no experience of torpedo shooting of a specific type.
        2. The only working rescue vessel of the SF stands in the harbor as usual. They do not plan to take him out to sea at all.
        3. There are no deep-sea divers on the diving vessel. They are not in the Northern Fleet.
        4. The emergency hatch of the boat in compartment 9 does not work. The emergency buoy is locked.
        5. The docking of the rescue apparatus and the Kursk have never been practiced. If they were practiced, we would find that, due to the design features, the rescue apparatus used in the SF type cannot fundamentally be docked to the boat.
        6. A defective training torpedo is loaded onto a boat so ready to go. Subsequently, the check reveals serious violations of the storage conditions of other torpedoes of the same type: technical condition checks are not carried out, corrosion, a huge number of parts and entire assemblies work beyond the prescribed time.
        1. +3
          29 August 2017 19: 10
          Son, you are very smart, I see. Explain to me, old fool, why is there such a hole?
          1. +6
            29 August 2017 20: 43
            As for torpedoing, there is no such thing as a torpedo, but no hole from it. After lifting the Kursk, everyone was shown a round hole in a lightweight body. At the same time, in the same place, the sturdy hull is intact, that is, no torpedo was introduced there. Moreover, the torpedo does not leave any round holes, it leaves a healthy ragged gap, which is difficult to confuse with something. I’m already silent, that right next to this place - “Granites” are standing nearby, which “for some reason” did not explode. Missile mines are whole.
            1. +3
              29 August 2017 20: 44
              And there is no hole in the rugged case. The version about the torpedoing of the boat by the Americans "in secret" was launched by the command of the Northern Fleet, which really did not want to answer questions about their own professional qualities.
              1. +2
                29 August 2017 21: 13
                Son, "there is no hole in the solid case" - how do you write, then how do you explain this?

                Part of the sturdy case is bent inward. Probably evil spirits?
                1. 0
                  30 August 2017 01: 06
                  Smile in your toilet. I will not even explain the subtleties. Well, the tests have passed. Zaponi - this is testing - testing. Errors found. And eliminated. Well damn, how beautiful, from under the water, this monster will come out.
                2. +6
                  30 August 2017 07: 21
                  The bow of the boat was separated under water, these are traces of the work of the "separation device" (let's call it that) of the destroyed 1 compartment. If you roughly know the submarine device, then this is around 22 bps.
            2. +5
              30 August 2017 07: 52
              I agree, and the break OUTSIDE (with an underwater explosion inside the PC). And warhead missiles did not detonate. Only they are located not in mines, but in containers.
            3. 0
              30 August 2017 14: 37
              I like you and
              announced Well this is not the end of science, in the blood
        2. 0
          30 August 2017 00: 09
          What to say (silently) and not during the war. Holy memory.
        3. 0
          30 August 2017 00: 51
          Sorry, but you read how to act. I have been in critical situations. And there is a completely different law. The body itself creates panic. Then some peace. And then Boska begins to think what and how. (when the water sipped)
        4. +6
          30 August 2017 07: 17
          In order:
          1. This is not true, if only because the "Kursk" came to the GL from the sea, and then went there too. The BP course was tested, about a break in swimming for more than 9 months. it is not a question.
          2. The phrase must be written in the past tense - "stood", "did not plan" ...
          3. Deep-sea divers generally do not exist in nature, there are deep-sea divers and further on in accordance with the PVA. And in the SF they are and were.
          4. There is no emergency hatch on the floor of this project, there is an emergency and rescue hatch, it is also ASL. The emergency buoy must be locked in strict accordance with the operating instructions. It is offered with the help of squibs, if something ...
          5. On this point, I agree completely, with the exception of one thing - the SA in those days could not dock, now it can.
          6. That's where such information comes from - I don’t know, most of it is a little bit stamped ...
          Strictly IMHO, for open sources. hi
      2. +1
        29 August 2017 19: 07
        Quote: bald
        This was an unsuccessful exit - torpedoes - her mother ichi - you understand the information.

        Or it may not be a successful test or check-adjustment of new equipment, otherwise. What did civilian experts do on the boat (these are representatives of the design bureau)? Which were in the first published lists of the dead, then they were removed from TV.
        1. 0
          30 August 2017 01: 14
          You even know about it. Yes there were, yes it got bogged down. Now estimate when the error is correctable. You have to write in panties. Just assimilate - we are peaceful.
    3. +1
      29 August 2017 18: 14
      If you want peace, prepare for war.
    4. 0
      29 August 2017 18: 21
      Yes, for which it is not clear, there are subtleties, engineers will figure it out.
    5. +2
      29 August 2017 18: 45
      Rear-wheel drive sedan, he wrote about himself that way ... that says it all .. laughing
  2. 0
    29 August 2017 16: 31
    Rather, the test is not "combat readiness", but "performance". The combat readiness would be checked if there was a skirmish of 40 to 40 (or 20 to 20), where each group would destroy the targets of the enemy side, be it air defense targets or ground posts.
  3. +7
    29 August 2017 16: 32
    Teachings are constantly pleasing. In our time, this has not happened. Eh ... Get ready guys. The world walks on the blade. You have all the hope!

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