Two new Su-30CM fighters entered the ZVO aviation regiment in the Kursk region

Fighters of the 4 + generation, Su-30SM, flew from the airfield of the Irkutsk aircraft factory to recruit squadrons of the aviation regiment of the Western Military District (ZVO), based in the Kursk region.

During the planned rearmament, the regiment received two super-maneuverable Su-30SM fighters. Aviation the equipment will enter the combat structure of the regiment and will defend the air borders.
- reported to "Military Review" in press-service Western Military District.

Two new Su-30CM fighters entered the ZVO aviation regiment in the Kursk region

Currently, the pilots have completed retraining on the basis of the Lipetsk Aviation Center VCS and performed the first sorties with the combat use of aviation weapons.

For the training of the squadrons of the aviation squadron, which received the Su-30CM fighter aircraft, training complexes will be created, including several halls with training systems and interactive monitors, recreating the actual conditions of air combat, as well as possible malfunctions for practicing the skills of working with a new type aircraft.
- said in a statement

The aircraft is able to use modern and advanced high-precision weapons of the air-to-air and air-to-surface class. The combat vehicle is designed to gain air supremacy, block enemy airfields at great depth, destroy air, land and sea targets, including at night and in difficult meteorological conditions.
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  1. +5
    29 August 2017 12: 36
    when I read such news the soul rejoices! it’s a pity these wonderful planes were just arriving late into the arsenal of Russia just back in the 90s
  2. 0
    29 August 2017 16: 26
    2? laughing lot bully I think it's a shame! two power belay
    1. +7
      29 August 2017 16: 47
      Not a shame. Firstly, the Su30cm Kursk has been arriving since last year, and secondly, there are two or three Mig29cmt squadrons there, very fresh cars, where to put them? Do you want to write off? Thirdly, the total number of su30cm built this year for the Air Force and Navy for 10 sides will definitely exceed, more is not needed yet, so do not be ironic.
      1. +2
        29 August 2017 23: 50
        Quote: Rushnairfors
        so don’t be ironic.

        In vain, a colleague, threw the beads, though, thanks for the info. This is (by the way, a nickname suitable) a representative of a country where military aircraft are only NATO ones, and then they fly by. By the way, over the past few days, a mere invasion from those parts - to see, the herring went to spawn (although not the season).
        1. +2
          30 August 2017 11: 03
          To the point they said!