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Mortar test with silencer 82-mm production DNR

Soldiers of the DPR army conducted a mortar test with a silencer. The device should help the militia to make shots as close as possible to the positions of the Ukrainian army.


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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 29 August 2017 09: 14
    Armed groups of the DNI tested the mortar with a silencer. The device should help the militants to fire as close as possible to the soldiers of the Ukrainian army.
    Wrong text ... (provocative).
    right so ...
    Fighters of the DPR army tested a mortar with a silencer. The device should help the DNR soldiers to fire at the closest possible distance from the Nazis of the national battalions of the Ukrainian army.
  2. tchoni
    tchoni 29 August 2017 11: 02
    Judging by the dry foliage of the test frames at least a year ....
    1. dog breeder
      dog breeder 29 August 2017 11: 19
      Posted on: 28 Oct 2014
  3. Grach-25sm
    Grach-25sm 30 August 2017 00: 19
    This mortar was created on the initiative of the famous science fiction writer Fedor Berezin. They removed the mortar from the monument, stripped the paint, disassembled, measured and released the drawings. It is called - "reverse engineering". And after the "mortar-veteran" returned to the pedestal. He is still there, along Ivan Tkachenko Street, next to the central entrance of the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant. Subsequently, these mortars were tested in battle and fought in the vicinity of the Donetsk airport, and were used together with unmanned quadrocopters. And in other places, too. The mortar is real - almost inaudible, shoots a little louder than the champagne is opened. The trunk does not heat up, for all the time there has not been a single rupture of the trunk. Not that the Ukrainian self-exploding Hammers! hi
  4. the same doctor
    the same doctor 30 August 2017 09: 44
    You can, of course, with a silencer, but given the availability of artillery radars (which will cost like smartphones in mass production), this is unpromising.
    It is not necessary to engage in partisanism, but to create real equipment in factories and design bureaus. Moreover, all the prerequisites are already there and the directions of development have already been clearly identified.
    In principle, you can create a new sample for 10-15 million rubles.
    1. Olegovi4
      Olegovi4 4 September 2017 21: 11
      Quote: also a doctor
      but given the availability of artillery radars

      yes, yes. but so far the APUK has few of them. Yes, and those are sometimes "lost"))
  5. KOMA
    KOMA 9 September 2017 04: 04
    Why publish such ancient accordions on BO? For a couple of benefits? It was in 2014 that year, and it was all sucked for a long time!
  6. super.ufu
    super.ufu 25 September 2017 14: 21
    ukrokulibstvo on the other hand