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How does the gun against the Kalashnikov drones

The Kalashnikov concern developed the REX 1 electromagnetic gun for the destruction of unmanned aerial vehicles and demonstrated its operation.


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  1. Engineer
    Engineer 29 August 2017 09: 48
    A brother serves in the National Guard for guarding nuclear power plants, he says that drones of various calibers regularly fly over the territory of nuclear power plants, and since they are not allowed to open fire on them with small arms, they cannot do anything with them - they don’t have anything no means to counter them. So the thing is necessary and very relevant for the protection of special facilities, airports, etc.
  2. VAZ2106
    VAZ2106 29 August 2017 14: 14
    here it is, the future has come! in the 80s it was only in science fiction films, people dreamed of a technological world and a humane society. it’s a pity that people remained the same, and cruelty in the world has become even greater.
  3. The comment was deleted.
    1. aws4
      aws4 29 August 2017 18: 27
      Putin's military installations lol