Sergey Abramov: "Iskander" - one of the most "compelling" of our products

Sergey Abramov: "Iskander" - one of the most "compelling" of our products

Sergei Abramov, industrial director of the Armament cluster of Rostec State Corporation, told Interfax about the work on the modernization of Iskander, the delivery time of Armata to the troops, the procurement of Rosgvardi and the tasks of Uralvagonzavod.

The products of the cluster “Armament” of Rostec State Corporation are the calling card of the Russian army. What do you think, by what samples do we overtake Western countries and China, and which samples need modernization and breakthrough ideas?

Until now, the most recognizable Russian brand remains Kalashnikov. AK-47 was really a cult weapons throughout the world for half a century. Not for nothing, he is even depicted on the arms of several states (such as Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Burkina Faso and East Timor). Of course, time does not stand still: changing military doctrines, conditions and methods of warfare - and at the same time changing weapons.

The legendary AK-47, as well as the AK-74 with all modifications, is now morally obsolete. And it was replaced by a new generation of AK-12 and AK-15 machines. New machines are much more ergonomic and more efficient than their predecessors. In addition, the design of the new machines is much better developed, as a result of which the machine gun has better accuracy and the ability to install various aiming and instrumentation equipment.

I can state, not without pride, that the Kalashnikov assault rifle is still the best assault rifle in the world.

What are the advances in the development of technology for the ground forces?

If we talk about land military equipment, then first of all I note tank products. Recently, Uralvagonzavod joined the Armament cluster of Rostec. Currently, the army is armed with various modifications of the T-90 tank. The closest competitor to the T-90 is the M1A1 Abrams. There are a number of prejudices against this tank. Those same Americans do not perceive the T-90 as a serious competitor to Abrams. Initially, the T-90 was really inferior. First of all, on fire control systems and sighting devices. It must be understood that the commissioning of the tank took place in the 1990s, when the country did not have a single management of industrial enterprises, there were no state corporations, there was no single production group - a continuous Brownian movement on an industrial scale. For example, often there were situations when enterprises developed a product and then searched for markets and often unsuccessfully.

At present, the situation is developing radically: in the first place, all defense companies and enterprises work closely with each other. As for the production of tank technology, production is now concentrated at Rostec: we produce not only the tank itself, but also guns, ammunition, guidance systems, and other electronics and components. Inside Rostec, enterprises are developing a product to meet the needs of customers and, after completing the development, they start deliveries. At the moment, the electronics and ammunition with which the T-90 is equipped are not inferior to competitors. Uralvagonzavod continues to upgrade T-90, but we do not plan a significant breakthrough in performance characteristics in the T-90 tank.

Today, the flagship product of the UVZ is the Armata tank, which is currently at the final stage of refinement. We hope to supply Armata to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in 2019.

What other samples of Russian weapons and military equipment successfully "compete" with Western competitors?

Separately, I want to note the operational-tactical missile systems. I can say that Iskanders today are one of the most “compelling” in every sense of our products.

In addition, our gunsmiths made a breakthrough in small arms and grenade launchers. To date, our Western colleagues have failed to outperform Russian automatic grenade launchers and machine guns in terms of accuracy and accuracy. As for high-precision weapons, we continue to search for breakthrough ideas and the introduction of new technologies.

Another heavy advantage is multiple launch rocket systems: for a number of products, we have a priority in the scientific and technical development of weapon systems and complexes. In particular, our adjustable and controlled missiles to the MLRS have no analogues in the world and domestic practice in terms of reliability, efficiency and operational durability.

If we talk about their modernization, then due to a sharp jump in world practice in terms of ergonomics, technical aesthetics, automation and operational processes, it is now possible to raise the question of modernizing the classic MLRS models that are in demand so far - the flagships of the Soviet and Russian army, which deserve great simple commanders of artillery units.

In the cluster development strategy, it was announced about the planned profit growth through the PTS line. What products are now actively promoting the market?

In connection with the decline in the volume of the state defense order (GOZ) after the completion of the state armament program (LG) after 2020, profit growth in the PTS line is one of Rostec's targets. We are actively developing conversion at defense enterprises, but at the moment we understand that the sale of military and dual-use products is a key source of revenue for the corporation.

The strategy for the development of military-technical cooperation is based on indicators of the overall growth rate of military production in the world: the global growth of armaments and military equipment is taken as a basis. Given the current market situation, we can state that with the current exchange rate for industrial companies, the development of military-technical cooperation is one of the most profitable areas.

Is there a substantive interest in the products of "High-precision complexes" - "C-1 Armor" and NPO "Splav" - MLRS? Will there be new contracts this year?

Foreign customers are showing an increased interest in the Pantyr-С1, the Tula Instrument Engineering Design Bureau is regularly visited by delegations from other states.

At the same time, Splav remains the leader in the production of the MLRS for various types and types of troops, and great interest is shown to products from foreign customers. First of all, ammunition and weapon systems are being promoted to foreign markets, allowing them to be controlled in the process of use and having the ability to choose and determine the nature of the target. This refers to adjustable and high-precision systems. Including popular are samples that have the ability to hit deep-seated or highly protected targets.

"Splav" actively represents its products on the main world weapon sites. In the 2017 year, several export contracts were concluded; by the end of 2017, several more are planned for signing.

But "Splav" and "High-precision complexes" are not the only producers of the products of the cluster "Armament", which is in demand in foreign markets. At the moment, there are a lot of applications in the organizations for elaboration, both for conventional and high-tech ammunition. Ammunition for field and tank artillery, small-caliber ammunition for domestic military equipment, melee weapons (hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers and automatic grenade launchers), air-bomb weapons are in steady demand.

Earlier it was reported that the modernization of "Iskander" will begin in the coming years. What tasks should be solved in the course of these works? The pace of supply to the troops saved?

Modernization of missile weapons OTRK is underway. We are continuously improving Iskander-M - first of all, we expand our combat and operational characteristics.

In terms of providing the armed forces with the Iskander OTRK, I can confirm that the supplies of the complexes are carried out in accordance with the planned tasks of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Is creating an export version of Iskander justified?

Iskander-E has a future. "Iskander" is the most effective weapon in its class and is far ahead of all foreign counterparts. We consider Iskander-E a very promising product.

What are the challenges facing Uralvagonzavod for the coming years?

The main objectives of Uralvagonzavod as a whole are clear and defined. In the field of means of warfare, they stem from the provision and implementation of measures for the life cycle of weapons, military and special equipment. First of all, it is carrying out research and development work on the development and creation of weapons, the development of their mass production, manufacturing and supply, factory repair and modernization, and service maintenance of weapons in the armed forces.

In the framework of the state defense order, the solution of tasks by enterprises of an integrated structure is directly related to the implementation of state guided missiles in terms of armored weapons and equipment, various types of artillery weapons, primarily self-propelled artillery, military vehicles in the interests of the Ground and Airborne Forces, the Naval fleet, a number of other Russian law enforcement agencies and organizations.

How is the work on promising projects?

At the final stage are works on the creation of advanced weapons and the development of their mass production. These are three “Armata” products on a heavy unified combat platform and three products of the interspecific artillery complex “Coalition-SV”. The works are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the main customer - the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the terms of the concluded government contracts.

The most important direction in the development of advanced weapons is the creation of advanced 57-mm artillery systems, 82-mm and 120-mm mobile mortar complexes of various classes.

A serious direction is the creation of weapons and equipment for the Arctic brigades. First of all, this is the development and mass production of products based on two-link snow-swamp drive tractor-tractors of various weights from 3 to 30 tons.

In recent years, enterprises have launched work in the field of creating advanced robotic systems.

In the field of mass production, there are serious tasks related to the production of the modern upgraded T-90M Breakthrough-3 tanker, the BMPT tank support vehicle and the T-80BB tank with improved combat performance, and the upgraded BMP- infantry fighting vehicle to the troops. 1 with 30-mm combat module.

The production of the T-72B3 tank does not stop with a further modernization, the upgraded 2СXNNXXМ19 "Msta-S" self-propelled reconnaissance systems, the upgraded 2-mm and 82-mm mortar complexes on different chassis, the upgraded mobile reconnaissance systems, the upgraded mobile reconnaissance systems, and the 120-mm mortar complexes on different chassis, the upgraded mobile reconnaissance systems, and the upgraded mobile reconnaissance systems of the NNMX and MM-4-mm mortar complexes on different chassis, the upgraded mobile reconnaissance systems, and the upgraded mobile reconnaissance systems; A-100 surface ship complexes.

A wide range of tasks is also being solved in the factory repair of the existing fleet of armored and missile-artillery weapons in armored repair factories. A number of arms manufacturers are also involved in solving these problems. Virtually all enterprises are involved in the manufacture and delivery of the main components to the troops to provide military repair agencies.

UVZ in the near future will have to tackle a very wide range of tasks in various areas of scientific and production activities to ensure the national security of the Russian Federation.

A year ago, a new customer appeared on the domestic market - Rosgvardia. Did you build a job with them?

We are actively cooperating with the divisions of the Rosguards. In particular, they are interested in small arms and special weapons. In addition, the leadership of the Russian Guard undertook a decision to purchase second-generation Ratnik combat gear. As shown by the pilot-military operation, equipment does not need special modifications for this unit.

Will Rosgvardia buy a submachine gun for shooting under water, about which the media have written a lot?

A two-medium automatic machine produced by the Central Design Research Bureau of sporting and hunting weapons (included in the High-Precision Complexes Holding) has been adopted by the Russian Guard.

What is the state of the ammunition industry? Are you able to implement important projects for the creation of ammunition for "Armata", PAK FA, PAK DA, Mi-28HM, Ka-52? Can you sum up the interim results of these works?

The ammunition industry is in a state of confident development. The competence center for the production of ammunition is concentrated in the concern "Techmash".

Taking into account the draft HPV-2025 project, as well as the stable and even increasing demand for ammunition on the international market, the tension of the concern’s enterprises is increasing. In the interests of this main task in the ammunition industry, modernization and restructuring of production is carried out, and a set of basic technologies is being improved. Tekhmash together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia are working on plans for further work on the technical re-equipment of enterprises and the transition to flexible automated production facilities.

As for the creation of new ammunition, the existing scientific and technical background allows Tehmash to solve the most complex tasks. Development for promising models of weapons continues as agreed with the Ministry of Defense of Russia and plans for a number of samples reached the final stage.

It should be noted that our specialists managed to develop artillery shells with composite structural elements that increase combat capabilities. aviation cannons 30-mm cartridges with plastic guides (PVU). Due to the high rate of fire (several thousand rounds per minute), high heating of the barrels occurs, their resource decreases, and the accuracy of shooting worsens. And in "Techmash" they created ammunition with leading plastic belts, which solves all these problems. Thus, the developers have achieved a manifold increase in the survivability of the barrels, the stability of the ballistic parameters, and a significant increase in the fire performance of the guns. These cannons are standard armament for new combat aircraft and helicopters.

Is it true that "Kalashnikov" will receive a mass contract for the supply of machine guns for combat equipment "Warrior", and the machine gun Degtyarev go to the "Warrior" for special forces?

We hope that the customer will make a final decision on this issue at the end of 2017, and serial deliveries will begin immediately. At present, experimental military operation continues, the results of which will decide which of the two samples will be included in the mass set of combat equipment, and which will remain for the special forces.

Techmash and Splav - what is the future of these holdings? What are the reforming tasks?

"Splav", producing ammunition for the MLRS, is planned to be included in the group "Tehmash". At the same time, the new Tekhmash was headed by Vladimir Lepin, who previously held the post of general director of Splav.

"Tehmash" is one of the few global manufacturers of ammunition capable of creating new models for the full cycle: research - development - testing - production on mass production - mass production and delivery of batches of products to the customer, followed by copyright support and control at storage sites.

In order for Tekhmash to focus on the production of ammunition, a number of enterprises were withdrawn from the holding, on the basis of which a division of special chemistry will be formed.

Does the cooperation of Tekhmash enterprises with foreign customers for Osa pistols continue?

We continue to work in already occupied markets and strive to expand the geography. Thus, deliveries for the prison system to Hong Kong have recently taken place. There are also negotiations on the supply of "Wasps" to Brazil and the countries of the Middle East.

In addition, we are developing cooperation on the nomenclature and offer products to customers in the field of non-lethal impact. High interest is shown in relation to the Legion multifunctional shield, which allows shooting of light-sounding, traumatic and irritating ammunition. These boards are currently being tested in the divisions of the Russian Guard.
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    29 August 2017 15: 03
    Iskander range is small, and good weapons were developed in Soviet times
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      29 August 2017 15: 42
      Quote: vazxnumx
      Iskander range is small, and good weapons were developed in Soviet times

      Yes, not enough!
      And what is Abramkin doing there?
      As there was a worthless chairman of the Chechen government, so now, he is clearly a protege of someone
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      Quote: AM567083
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      Iskander is not an achievement, but fraud, it is an ordinary Point U, and the warhead of this missile is not able to maneuver. Putin is a slave owner. Media in Russia is not true! In Russia, a slave system

      Here you are rushing!
      Have you drunk the hawthorn insisted on fly agaric
      and after that he smoked something else?
      You stop it because it is fraught!
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      29 August 2017 19: 32
      Quote: AM567083
      Iskander is not an achievement, but fraud, it is an ordinary U point, and the warhead of this missile is not able to maneuver.

      Cinema and the Germans?
      The Iskander missile system began to be developed by Sergey Pavlovich Invincible, the legendary general designer, who took as a basis the extremely successful Oka missile system at that time

      And I can’t even write about maneuvering
      Quote: AM567083
      Putin is a slave owner. Media in Russia is not true! In Russia, a slave system

      And there is

      And Iskander uses birch firewood as fuel!
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          What are you getting excited, men? You are primitively trolled by this ghoul (and it’s stupidly trolled), and you were led like children!
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            Quote from AUL
            What are you getting excited, men? You are primitively trolled by this ghoul

            Yes it is clear ! Well stupid damn already funny laughing Definitely fly agaric
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    Skoko letters. and a simple cell phone with monochrome screens cannot be released. I'm not talking about tablets or laptops. The production of printers is space and we can never make them .... bully
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    2 September 2017 20: 19
    can anyone explain to me where the error is in my logic?
    Iskander an offensive weapon? Once it is established in the Kaliningrad Region, on the border with Europe, it is offensive (if the enemy enters the Kaliningrad Region, then Iskander will not help). The missile defense system installed in Poland is defensive, exactly as intended (to shoot down missiles / planes). So why is the forum surprised that Europe is afraid of peaceful Russia, while Russia is outraged by NATO aggression?
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      4 September 2017 06: 57
      Iskander an offensive weapon? Once it is established in the Kaliningrad Region, on the border with Europe, it is offensive (if the enemy enters the Kaliningrad Region, then Iskander will not help). The missile defense system installed in Poland is defensive, exactly in its intended purpose (to shoot down missiles / planes)

      you carry nonsense and nonsense, dear. By your logic, is a Kalashnikov assault rifle an offensive or defensive weapon? Or is MTSI Su-35 a purely defensive tool or an attacker?
      The Iskander tactical missile system is designed to destroy enemy targets to the entire depth of their deployment. That is, its use does not depend on the type of military operation - whether it is defensive or offensive.
      The same can be said about the American missile defense. It can very well happen to be a means of supporting the advancing troops, providing their cover against a retaliatory strike.
      So get less propaganda. hi

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