Military Review

Tornado vs American M270: Whose MLRS is cooler?

The reviewer of the publication Independent Military Review, Viktor Myasnikov, analyzed the combat capabilities of two multiple launch rocket systems from different countries: the Russian MLRS Smerch and the American M270 MLRS.


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  1. Engineer
    Engineer 1 September 2017 14: 36
    Tornado - 300mm, M270 - 240mm, Hurricane - 220mm. I'm certainly not an expert, but it would be more logical to compare close calibers. In addition, the M270 is a universal platform - a cross between Hurricane and Iskander.
    1. V
      V 1 September 2017 18: 09
      Perhaps it would be more relevant to compare available better systems? If the Americans do not have a higher caliber, similar to the "Tornado", then there is no point in trying to compare with the "Hurricane".
      Existing ammunition "Tornado" surpass the "versatility" of the M270.
  2. guerrilla
    guerrilla 1 September 2017 19: 21
    And so and so far from the Chinese MLRS, oddly enough.
    Chemistry (industrial technology), and therefore range, the Chinese nobly pumped.
  3. nesvobodnye
    nesvobodnye 1 September 2017 19: 58
    And the time of leaving the position after completing the task varies greatly?
  4. Aim point
    Aim point 3 September 2017 03: 08
    According to the M270, there is not enough information in the public domain, of course we can say that ours is better, but is it so ...
  5. bagr69
    bagr69 4 September 2017 12: 10
    Steeper than the one that never shoots at people.