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The Northern Fleet has replenished with another anti-diversion boat

Detachment against submarine sabotage forces and means of the main submarine base fleet Gadzhievo received the third boat of the project 21980 "Rook", reports TASS Post press service of the Northern Fleet.

"As part of the military-technical forum" Army-2017 "a naval flag was hoisted on a boat," the release said.

It is reported that "now in service of the submarine forces of the Northern Fleet are three modern boats of the Rook project, the first of them received the name" Arctic Polar Circle "and took part in the Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg."

The boat of the 21980 “Rook” project was developed by the Nizhny Novgorod Design Bureau Vympel. They are engaged in the construction of the Shipyard "Vympel" in Rybinsk (Yaroslavl region).

According to the manufacturer, the boats are “designed to fulfill the tasks of protecting water areas, and combat sabotage forces and facilities in the water areas of bases and near approaches to them.” They are equipped with large-caliber machine guns, anti-sabotage grenade launchers and portable air defense systems.

The electronic and hydroacoustic armament of the boat allows searching for underwater objects, including small-sized and subtle, such as combat swimmers.
Photos used:
Shipyard "Vympel"

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  1. novel66
    novel66 28 August 2017 10: 15
    and does anyone know: what is an "anti-sabotage grenade launcher"?
    1. VAZ2106
      VAZ2106 28 August 2017 10: 27
      this is when the rocket launcher bombs fire and detonate under water, stunning swimmers saboteurs like a fish
      1. novel66
        novel66 28 August 2017 10: 29
        useful thing for poaching! there are so many fish!
    2. WHAT IS
      WHAT IS 28 August 2017 10: 28
      Like a fish jamming. All saboteurs up belly up ... wink
      1. novel66
        novel66 28 August 2017 10: 30
        inhumane somehow ....
        1. WHAT IS
          WHAT IS 28 August 2017 10: 33
          And what to do, not we are, life is ... hi drinks
          1. novel66
            novel66 28 August 2017 10: 40
            well, yes! "..... and don't pee in my pot!" drinks
  2. Bourbon
    Bourbon 28 August 2017 10: 17
    we will answer the American Elks and Burks - they rook in thousands! Give Rook to the quarter and we will be happy !! .... damn it when Makarov, Gorshkov ... Kasatonov ?? ...... when the ash goes in a year apiece? ....
    1. alekc75
      alekc75 28 August 2017 10: 26
      ash trees will build on your grandmothers?
      1. Bourbon
        Bourbon 28 August 2017 10: 35
        Quote: alekc75
        ash trees will build on your grandmothers?

        on yours ...... we will stamp the rubber fleet and there will be parades .... the question of grandmas is asked by real noobs!
  3. VAZ2106
    VAZ2106 28 August 2017 10: 28
    beautiful, it feels like the profile is similar to the profile of an elite yacht
    1. novel66
      novel66 28 August 2017 10: 41
      maybe they are being rebuilt from them, taking away from the oligarchs?
      1. VAZ2106
        VAZ2106 28 August 2017 10: 47
        maybe one of the admirals of the Navy, appreciating the convenience of his own yacht, decided to transfer this to the combat fleet
        1. novel66
          novel66 28 August 2017 11: 09
          those. Is there a pool on it? *
        2. Radius
          Radius 29 August 2017 08: 25
          Each fleet had similar cutters for the commander. Construction of Simferopol. The project "Vulture".
  4. Atlant-1164
    Atlant-1164 28 August 2017 11: 13
    I hope for the new year, we’ll have time to get the Rowing Sam-1 anti-terror raft .. to create a connection from such boats and rafts. I’m ready to give my Progress-4, only it needs to be painted.
  5. Conductor
    Conductor 28 August 2017 11: 46
    Yes, not a cruiser, and not even a corvette.
  6. Altona
    Altona 28 August 2017 11: 56
    The boat is certainly wonderful, wonderful, but I would like something more impressive, at least new destroyers. crying
    1. Rushnairfors
      Rushnairfors 28 August 2017 13: 02
      At least new RTOs .....
    2. VAZ2106
      VAZ2106 28 August 2017 15: 14
      spending on the fleet should be reasonable, Russia must first protect land borders