On land, at sea and in the air: spectacular shots of preparation for the exercises "West-2017"

The exercises of the rear forces take place all week in the Western Military District and in Belarus, the MTO troops rehearse the West-2017 strategic maneuvers.

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    27 August 2017 16: 52
    the ability to quickly build bridges is very important, during the war in the Donbass in 2014, due to the lack of the ability to quickly establish a crossing, I lost a lot of time
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    27 August 2017 17: 42
    Well, on one river they showed a class of work. And on the other rivers, everything will be fine by default.
    Landing on the federal highway. Well, only on the federal highway, on the remaining routes you will have to look for a flat area.
    I recall many kilometers of fuel routes for refueling tanks back in the USSR. I didn’t see anything like this during the exercises. They dumped the fuel column and it’s good.
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    27 August 2017 19: 51
    Honestly, beautiful, powerful, you can feel the scope, but this is only a preparation for exercises. More observers and reporters, I think they will definitely impress. Comparing with the exercises of NATO countries - a huge difference. Especially the moment of crossing. Everything is very dense, like bees in beehives, each doing its job.
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    27 August 2017 22: 28
    Everything is beautiful, but I did not understand the moment when the locomotive went through the pantone with wagons, and then what? Have they built a railway branch in one day ???
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      29 August 2017 03: 47
      Pontoons were built in our territory, next to the landfill, or settlement. So they thought that the branch was nearby. Well, they led to the river. Across the pontoon river - further a dead end. Think so.