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Results of the week. "Well, I wish that everything!"

Dedollariziruyte to start yourself

Representatives of the federal apparatus have recently quite actively declared that Russia literally has already risen, or at least is about to take the path of de-dollarization of the economy. As signs of a decline in the role of the US currency in the country's economy, agreements with China, some CIS countries, and preparation of agreements with India on mutual settlements in national currencies are cited.

Results of the week. "Well, I wish that everything!"

When officials talk about dedollarization, who continue to keep savings in American candy wrappers and grieve over the fact that now there may be problems with non-receipt of a US visa, this is, generally speaking, strong ... It is as if a heavy smoker suddenly started to convince everyone that only quitting smoking will benefit everyone, and he himself will still smoke. So de-dollarize there to start yourself and then to the slogans! ..

Comments from our readers:

While the ruble exchange rate depends on the whims of speculators and the Central Bank, while capital flows uncontrollably across the border, while the financial system of the one-contour and Central Bank pumps parasites with finances, dedollarization does not bring anything good for the population, but speculators also have room for creativity, therefore Oreshkin seems to be doing mutually exclusive statements.

Our ruble is the most volatile currency in the world (fact!). And until the nail is pressed against those who made it the way it is, in FIG, "dedollarization"!

Nikolay K
All this is idle chatter. There is no de-dollarization, and it will not be, as long as our most important officials keep their accounts in offshore. For real dedollarization it is necessary:
1. To abandon the floating exchange rate of the ruble, tying it to a basket of currencies.
2. To prohibit circulation of cash foreign currency in the country (leave only foreign currency accounts).
3. Introduce the mandatory sale of currency by legal entities within three months.
4. Introduce a foreign currency purchase tax of 3-5% to make short currency speculations unattractive.
5. Introduce mandatory declaration of all accounts in foreign banks, shares in non-public companies and trusts. For failure to provide information - the confiscation of assets.
6. Refuse to store reserves in US bonds. To form foreign exchange reserves, based on the share of currencies in the basket.

Parade for Mad Dog

For Donbass, the termination of the legal background of the “Minsk format” will be a unique “carte blanche” for applying the full range of response actions to aggression from Kiev.

The very fact that the US Secretary of Defense was the main character in the Ukrainian parade of “independence” against the background of the American hymn being played by the orchestra - well, forgive me, “apupay-apupeoz” of independence. So when they say that they say that somewhere they agreed on a “school truce”, then I want to at least spit - hundreds of children were killed, thousands of houses were leveled, millions of families were destroyed ... and here, such in Kiev - bam : yes, yes, yes, we agree to a truce on September 1. Top blasphemy and hypocrisy. Although it was on blasphemy and hypocrisy that the current Maidan elites came to power under the wild applause of the American "mad dogs". So is it any wonder for the thousandth time?

Comments from our readers:

The funeral of "Minsk-2" is beneficial to all because of the reluctance of their failure to comply with Kuev. However, until October there can be a lot of changes, both in Syria and in Ukraine, and the United States may be out there and there, and they will have to change their strategy on the go. Whether they can do this is a big question.

Where such confidence? October of this year ... They have been fighting for three years and, perhaps, will do this for another thirty years ... The United States cannot be out of work there ... They have already taken root there. They can only be knocked out by force.

Why not place stationary posts of OSCE observers with radar stations along the demarcation line and upload data to the Internet + cameras in real time. Probably do not need it to anyone ...

Of course you do not need !!! The OSCE from the Donbass needs a nasty broom to drive to the bitter end over the APU !!!

Su-57 overseas are waiting too ...

The American question: “Are you out there,“ crap ”with the new T-50 aircraft PAK FA Su-57?” And then, with reference to The National Interest, a fascinating story about the problems of the new aircraft. With an indication of specific flaws and direct deception of customers by manufacturers.

What did the Americans once again talk about in Russia, the private matter of the Americans themselves. It is more important for our Armed Forces when Su-57 will start to enter the troops in series. And if you believe the statements of the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Yuri Borisov, the serial deliveries of 5-generation airplanes with engines while the 1-series to the troops will begin with 2019. The main thing that the series did not come out in the form of short films.

Comments from our readers:

Not so long ago I read in the comments on that serious people do not even touch The National Interest. So is this publication constantly referenced?

And why not to refer to the collection of jokes?

Yes, already tired of writing the same thing:
The path of the F-22 from the take-off of the prototype, before being deployed to the troops, took 13 years.
Accordingly, these terms, we will see the T-50 in the troops in full configuration for the 2023 year.

In addition, the speed of the T-50 on the cruise mode will be higher by 300-500 km / h.
The 30% supersonic range of the T-50 will be higher.

On the scale of personalities and eras in sports

The All-Russian Athletics Federation was barred from performing in connection with the anti-doping scandals of the past. However, I, at the World Cup someone spoke. I was surprised not by the fact that someone “fought out” for the World Cup, but how it was served. Including the comments of Mr. Mutko, who strenuously pretended that in fact nothing of the kind had happened, everything is fine.

It is very difficult to imagine this: the year 1972 is the national team of the same players, but with the symbols of the international hockey federation under the white flag with some crossed sticks, go onto the Canadian ice instead of the “Red Car”. It turns out after the statement of the head of the sports department or the deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR that “the guys could not go, because they were preparing, and the flag, it is not necessary at all”. It's hard to imagine. But imagine how “long” in his chair would hold out after this deputy chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers, along with all the sports department, you can imagine.

As you can imagine and say that would require removing the Soviet form, for example, the legendary Vsevolod Bobrov. The scale of the individual in the sport today is not the same ... And the sport is not the same ...

Comments from our readers:

Modern gladiators act only for money. Soon, and in addition to the players, all other athletes will be bought and sold. Vaughn players lose and win is celebrated. And what? Payment is guaranteed. Professionalism, in addition to at least the initial skills, implies responsibility, and it is not present among the athletes or the management. And of course, the * professionals * of sport lack moral and ethical standards, as they are superfluous in achieving only their important goal.

Speech by athletes "without a flag" and attributes of the state is a betrayal.
There is no permission to represent the state - you need to ignore these competitions, no matter how important they are, even though the Olympic Games.
No need to put in the forefront of "interests" of athletes, "the years spent in preparing for these competitions." International sport is politics, and above all politics, where a particular state demonstrates its flag and its capabilities, its power, if you like. And here the interests of one or several individuals must cede, be suppressed by the more important interests of the country where they live.

And let's just put an end to this stupid argument. These 19 people represented themselves exclusively. But not our homeland. Is it bad? Well, here is someone who looks at life. They did not commit a criminal offense - respectively, they are not criminals and not traitors. It is a fact. And I hope everyone agrees. But if claims against them from the point of morality and ethics? I have. For there they flooded for loot and sponsorship ... It's like a panel. In fact, they went to the panel, hoping to sell themselves at a higher price. A generation is ... Do you imagine Rodnin under a white rag, and Bobrova, and Isinbayeva ??? Personally, I-no! And yet, stop calling Sharapova (and others like her) a Russian athlete. She had forgotten Russian long ago. It reminds me of how Selyuki cling to the glory of others. Achievements Sharapova - this is the achievement of American coaches, massage therapists, doctors. This is a consequence of the developed infrastructure. Russian, except for genes, there is nothing there. I anticipate a sea of ​​indignation, but understand that by rejecting these dubious achievements, we will maintain our self-esteem, let us give real RUSSIAN athletes the opportunity to show themselves. Yes, even at the beginning, we will lose. But it will be our losses. And these athletes under the white rags will not go!

About distant interception

One of the most important components of the aerospace forces is the group of long-range interceptors. Its task is the timely interception of dangerous air targets at a safe distance from the borders or important objects.

When NATO (read American troops) is in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland, plus strives to get into Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, then the phrase "distant interception" can cause questions. Not that Russia needs to give up long-distance interceptors - not at all. It’s just that modern challenges are such that the strategy itself, developed several decades ago, is hardly capable of countering these challenges. We need a strategy of a new generation, and I would like to hope that the creation of this strategy is in full swing - it is going not to get another version of "treacherous and without declaring war."

Comments from our readers:

It is clear: there is an understanding of the need to replace the “MiG-31”, and the realization of understanding only looms on the horizon. Modernization cannot be eternal, the aircraft will soon have 40 years from the start of operation, it was necessary to think about the replacement a long time ago, just like it was done when the MiG-25 was commissioned - work began on the "thirty-first" almost immediately.

According to a small such insight, there is infa about testing avionics on the serial MiG-31 for the future MiG-41. In general, the concept of an ultrafast heavyweight interceptor will not change.

Based on the article, which aircraft will come to replace the MIG 31 for the 2030 year (according to repeated statements by the leadership of the MoD, the operation of MIG-31 is planned before the 2030 year), no one knows. So it remains 12 years.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Soldiers of the Russian Western Military District (ZVO) arrive in Belarus to participate in preparatory activities as part of the West-2017 exercise. Against this background, the hysteria of the opponents of the “West” in the person of the leadership of the Baltic countries and the opposition of Belarus continues to increase.

In general, the “red” Dahl promised almost personally to follow the exercises “West-2017” in order to establish whether all Russian military personnel would leave the territory of the Republic of Belarus or not. What will she do if she isn’t left? Dalia Polikarpovna didn’t clarify, but just in case she climbed under the bed and rubbed a red crust of a Komsomol activist lying in a large suitcase.

Comments from our readers:

Settlement Oparyshev
Something tells me that Dale Grybauskaite still have to change his shoes in the air. Although she is an experienced equilibrist, but age is not the same.

I remember a humorous scene performed by Galtsev and Sparrow: "Take me ..."

The main source of ideological pressure on Belarus is Lithuania. This is where the main propaganda resources are located. For example, IISEPS, monitoring sociology in Belarus. The second player is Poland. The best known of the resources they support is the “97 Charter.”
Our main feeding is the same as the main manuals - from the USA. It was ridiculous that, during the main development of the Ukrainian crisis, the opinions of the heap of “oppositionists” did not differ from the opinion of the local State Department on the website of the US Embassy. There were not enough brains even for the alteration of theses for Russian realities, only thrash, only direct quotation.

"For later" will not be?

According to the press service of PJSC Motovilikhinskie Zavody, within the framework of the implementation of the state defense order, the company shipped the first batch of vehicles from the modern complex of the Tornado-S multiple launch rocket system.

During the week, Deputy Minister of Defense Yury Borisov said that the GOZ-2017 was currently executed on 43% for the supply of serial military equipment and on 48% for repair and maintenance of the existing one. Tornado-S became an integral part of the mentioned 43%. I would like to hope that with the remaining 57 percent, everything will turn out well, and the state defense order will be fully implemented for the first time in recent years. And then we transfer it from year to year, apparently believing that the defense industry is an area where you can still be left for later ...

Comments from our readers:

Interestingly, the cost of a volley were able to reduce compared with the "Tornado"?

Tornado-S, in fact, is the modernization of Tornadoes. I am more interested. There was talk about Tornado-U as a replacement for the Hurricanes. But then they fell silent. Which, however, is logical. I honestly do not really understand the need to have both a hurricane and a tornado at the same time, except for the need to do some 220 mm ammunition in warehouses. But, apparently, for this, there is already a bicalyber Hurricane-1. Ordinary Hurricanes become unnecessary. Having two caliber RSZO-122 and 300 mm is enough. The need for a third - 220 mm, to put it mildly, is not obvious.

The main advantage of the 122mm caliber is the ability to mask as an ordinary truck and the possibility of manual loading, with the 300mm caliber it does not fail.

"Shield" and "Sword"

The Kalashnikov Concern, part of the Rostec State Corporation, on its own initiative developed the Shield special vehicle designed for the needs of the police.

The “Shield” supermachine is there, the “Sword” supermachine, apparently, can also be expected. After all, it’s a matter of elections, and certain “Chrytians” may not be satisfied with only yellow ducklings on the streets. But in the end, in any case, one thing: either with a shield or on a shield, and this is not even a figure of speech, taking into account events, for example, 5-6-year-old against the background of the insatiable desire of Western friends to participate in the process.

Comments from our readers:

St Petrov
It does not need a car, and the order at the right time and freedom of action.
Guards and so will work out, those means that are already in stock.

Drive dissatisfied? Rulers are everywhere the same person — together with it, in order to raise the well-being of the people, they allocate money for a repressive apparatus.

St Petrov
oh, oh, oh, breathed a tinge of repression, tears came to our eyes over former freedom ...

"In terms of its technical equipment and performance, the Shield complex is superior to existing foreign analogues."

And what does performance mean in this context?

"Project of the West" failed

According to Russian Defense Minister S. Shoigu, the introduction of de-escalation zones in Syria and the secession of moderate opposition allowed "to actually stop" the civil war in the country. Experts, however, are not so optimistic and believe that there are still a lot of sensitive issues to be resolved in Syria.

The ongoing active dialogue in recent months between the official Damascus and the armed opposition, along with the agreements on de-escalation zones, clearly give the Syrians a chance for a close end to the bloody civil war. Today we hardly need to talk about stopping this war, but one cannot deny the successful actions of both the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian army, as well as the diplomatic achievements of the Center for reconciliation of the warring parties responsible for the truce.

And not without reason, in his speech at the diplomatic congress in Damascus, broadcast by Syrian TV, Syrian President B. Assad made a programmatic statement. According to him, the “project of the West” in relation to his country failed.

Comments from our readers:

Of course, I am critical of the statement of our minister. They will fight there for a long time among themselves, and there will be no united country anymore.

Fine. Now we will restore Syria.

Until the end of the war there is still very far away. In addition, we must ask or convince to get out uninvited guests from the territory of Syria - the whole coalition and Turkey.

On the actual end of the war to speak, of course, too early. But I fully agree with this: "... in Syria there is still a lot of critical issues to be resolved."

Front-line victories and front-line production

The Syrian army, with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, was able to push the IG (prohibited in the Russian Federation) from the defensive lines in the east towards Deir ez-Zor province. The best result is observed at the junction of the provinces of Homs and Hama (50 km north of Palmyra), where the assault units of the Syrian Arab army were able to liberate the cities of Salamia, Ash-Shair and Itria, and then proceed to the formation of the Akerbat boiler, observer E. Damancev notes. For this, the army will need to cut off its "neck" in the area of ​​gas fields Al-Shair. The assault "backbone" of the pro-government ATS forces in this area is represented by units of the Tiger Forces brigade. The exit of gas fields Al-Shair from the control of the “caliphate” will be extremely painful moment for “IG”, since this sector is extremely rich in oil, the only energy source that keeps the entire terrorist group afloat.

Of interest is another Syrian news. Referring to the images of commercial satellites, the source reports that on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in the vicinity of Banias, the company is in full swing building a batch production of operational-tactical ballistic missiles of the Fatech 110 family.

It will be rather difficult to overestimate the future contribution of the above-mentioned plant to the defense capability of the Syrian Armed Forces, since several production lines will be able to be located in its branches. First of all, this is an assembly complex of regular operational-tactical ballistic missiles Fatech 110, which have a range of 300 km. Dozens of such short-range BRs would have a deterrent effect on the IDF if they planned new attacks on the Syrian Arab Republic. Secondly, this is a mass production of more advanced modifications of the Fatech 110 family with the names Fatech 313 and Zolfaghar; the radius of their action should be 500 and 750 km, respectively, while the march airspeed can reach 5 — 5,5М. Intercepting them will be more difficult than the Iraqi SCUDs, but within the radius of effective fire will be all potentially dangerous military installations of the Western coalition in Jordan, Cyprus and Turkey.

Comments from our readers:

I have no doubt that this plant will be destroyed by the Israelis sooner or later. It is not clear why the Iranians should build a factory, putting huge money in there, in a destroyed country, the future of which is very vague. Assad is not eternal and not the fact that those who come in his place will be loyal to the Russian-Iranian tandem.

Is a plant being built at all? Satellite photos are two standard buildings. There generally can be placed anything! From the workshop for bottling French spirits to the factory for processing Syrian tomatoes! It’s ungrateful to suck on profound analyzes and talk about the reasons for the inaction of the Israeli Air Force. Most likely, the Israeli Air Force is therefore inactive, because there is no threat to the security of Israel!

Maki Avellevich
Israel will not tolerate the "bottling (y) of the French spirits" near its borders.

The article is interesting. But there is no such bottle that cannot be opened if it is under your hands or broken. It is all a matter of the need for these efforts and the quantity of time, mat. means to achieve the goal.

“Dad asked me to tell you all that the theater is closing. We are all sick! ”

In Cuba, there was a military-political scandal involving the use of the so-called acoustic weapons. Unknown forces drove American and Canadian diplomats to nausea and hearing loss. The investigation leads the FBI, as an exception, allowed to Cuba, but the detectives do not even have a version yet. The Russian trace, however, is not denied. As well as the North Korean.

According to three American officials, in some attacks, "complex acoustic weapons" were used, which operated "beyond the limits of audible sound." It was established "either inside or outside the residences of American diplomats living in Havana." The use of such weapons immediately caused the attacked "physical sensations, including nausea, headaches and hearing loss." Other attacks were simply "a deafeningly loud sound, similar to the buzz created by insects or metal scraping on the floor."

Hidden attacks led to the appearance of suspicion. US officials suggest that "a third country is involved," which set out to act against the United States and Canada, or to drive a wedge between these countries and Cuba. Now, investigators are seeking to understand whether the island was attended by merchants of a country competing with the United States. Agents could come "from Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela or Iran," the CNN channel said in its report. However, until now the FBI investigators failed to narrow the direction of the search “at least to some” suspect.

In July, 2017, Raul Castro said in a speech that he hopes to further improve US-Cuban relations, even if the Trump administration take a tougher stance towards Cuba. And any violation of the state’s security of the island or the appearance here of some military working against Castro’s policy aimed at improving relations with the United States would be unprecedented.

Now the question is who the United States will point the finger at.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
My God, what a nonsense ... Thousands of kilometers to go to bring to the diarrhea and vomiting of American diplomats ... Well, and fantasy ... HG Wells nervously resting aside ... And what a brilliant script for a blockbuster! More fantasies, guys, more fiction ...

Nausea, dizziness - there is one of two things: either the “diplomat” is pregnant, or he has a hangover ... Well, these geezer most likely call hearing loss due to loud noises. So we reject the pregnancy ... HUGWORK! Here it is, RUSSIAN NEXT!

"Other attacks were simply a" deafeningly loud sound, similar to the buzz created by insects or metal scraping on the floor. "
The beating of Putin’s heart must have been conveyed to them, and he caused such a reaction, as in vampires, ordinary light causes burns, and in those vampires - hearing loss. In principle, nothing new, I knew.

Geostrategic Rift: Identifying Threats in the Asia-Pacific Region

Extremely important information continues to flow today from the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, where an increasingly prominent geostrategic "rift" is formed between the global ambitions of Washington and Beijing "mixed with" the North Korean concept of nuclear deterrence, says E. Damantsev. The implementation of serious operational-strategic countermeasures by the PLA command led to several factors indicating Washington’s desire to deprive China of the former control lines in the South China and East China Seas, as well as successful attempts to obtain radar control over the airspace of Shandong, Jiangsu provinces , Anhui and Henan. In the latter case, we are talking about the deployment of the THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea.

The threat here lies not in the missile defense (after all, the 2nd PLA artillery corps has a lot of other directions for mass launching ICBMs and IFRS), but in the multifunctional detection and guidance radar AN / TPY-2 GBR, which is capable of detecting aerospace objects with EPR within 5-7 m2 at a distance of about 1200 km. Thus, under the guise of observing the launches of North Korean ballistic missiles, the American calculation of THAAD gets the opportunity to track everything that happens in the airspace over the above provinces. Moreover, the intensification of regular reconnaissance flights of the P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft near the disputed Spratly archipelago, as well as the cooperation of the US Navy with the Indian fleet in order to complicate the operation of Chinese IBM and MAPL in the Indian Ocean.

There are programs for the development of promising supersonic low-profile H-20 and YH-X bombers that have 2-fold speed advantage over Russian PAK DA and American LRS-B. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the concepts of hypersonic LA carriers of “nuclear equipment” capable of breaking through the most complex missile defense systems in sea and land theaters of military operations. They should allow Beijing to establish parity with Washington within the "third chain" of islands in the Pacific zone. At the same time, it will take at least 8 — 10 years of hard work of specialists from the Chinese company Xian and numerous research institutes specializing in the design and manufacture of aerospace equipment to bring these concepts to operational combat readiness.

Comments from our readers:

There are no perfect weapons, there are strengths and weaknesses. We must strive for parity, it will be the key to peace.

I’m confused by the fact that it’s not specified how exactly China should direct its cunning anti-ship missiles to AUG in the Guam region at a distance of up to 3000 km? Still, AUG is a moving target. I don’t see any problems on the island’s infrastructure, but on the ships themselves, it’s not yet clear whether China has similar target targeting capabilities for moving targets?

PLAC versus AUG of the US Navy is, of course, formidable (hypothetical), but extremely technically difficult to use. The goal is still quite maneuverable and unpredictable, and this is only the first of a number of factors that prevent defeat.

Transdniestria surrounded

Transdniestria was surrounded by enemies, said military expert Alexander Staver, and “this situation must be resolved,” since Moldova and Ukraine “will do everything to ruin the life of a freedom-loving republic.”

The United States clearly dreams of a “Middle East” on the European continent, the expert believes. Anywhere, be it Ukraine or the Baltics. Be it Poland or Romania. In any case, the old Europe will have to be drawn into the war. NATO membership has not been canceled. And obligations too. The first and second world wars made the USA a world power. Need a new war in Europe.

Moscow “prepared an adequate response to the new threat,” says Staver. And this answer "will be tough enough." On the other hand, Germany and France, not to mention the weaker countries, will do everything not to get involved in a future conflict.

How much will “everything” be possible? After all, who gives the orders? Who steers NATO? Who will finally send the Europeans to war? What state representatives?

Guess with one try.

Comments from our readers:

In old Europe, the intestine is thin, in order to go against the will of its star-striped gentleman.

Taking into account the fact that our peacekeepers stand in the PMR, then if something really starts, then we will have to answer unequivocally. But how and with what, the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has probably decided a long time ago.

There is a solution. Only here it is too radical. Citizens of Russia today in the PMR in the majority. Yes, and peacekeepers are present. Only it will be necessary to beat across Ukraine or Moldova ... And this is a full-scale war ... About what and the article ...

Interpol is looking for I. Susanin

The Polish Internet portal published a material stating the intention of politicians from the Polish ruling party Law and Justice to claim war reparations not only from Germany, but also from Russia.

Thus, deputy Stanislav Penta, denoting "all crimes" committed by the USSR against Poland, including damage caused to citizens and the destruction of material and cultural values, believes that the amount of reparations from the Russian Federation is subject to accurate reconciliation, but it is already clear that "Moscow should pay us trillions of zlotys ”(1 Polish Zloty = US $ 0,276011).

Deputy Malgorzata Goshchevska argues in a similar vein: “The Russians plundered industry, works of art. We must seek war reparations from them. ”

Have this stories there was a sequel. Portal "Wirtualna Polska" quoted Twitter post by Russian senator Alexei Pushkov: “In Poland, another madness: they want to demand trillion-dollar reparations from Russia for historical damage. It's time to consider the price of their release from Hitler. ”

Then the Polish material cites the words of the above-mentioned deputy Penta, who explained that both Germans and communists killed the Poles. Therefore, the latter are also responsible for the destruction of cultural property.

And here is the historical data: the site recalled the calculations of Dariusz Kalinski, the author of the book “The Red Infection. How did the liberation of Poland actually look like? ”According to this author, the Polish national state was damaged in the amount of 54 billion dollars. And this is taking into account only the pre-war lands within the present borders of Poland.

The current statement in the "Twitter" Mr. Pushkova commented on all the same Stanislav Penta. His opinion was published in the publication “Fakt”:

“It was not the liberation of Poland, but its enslavement, this time by Joseph Stalin! I would advise Mr. Senator to get acquainted with the books of Polish historians, who clearly described the post-war years and what happened to Poland at that time. ”

Money requirements, we note, have become fashionable in recent years. A forgotten word was added to the lexicon: reparation. The republics of the Baltic states stand in line with Poland, with their pay for "occupation." By the way, the amounts of this fee are regularly revised upwards. There are also historians in the Baltic countries!

Comments from our readers:

Hoc vince
War reparations paid defeated! The Poles, as always, share what does not belong to them.

Hoc vince
Urgently! Poland requires additional investigation into the circumstances of the death of its military contingent in the winter of 1613 in the Kostroma region.

Sling cutter
I want to declare Krakow a Russian city and demand compensation from Poland for the fact that in just one month they surrendered Poland to the Nazis.
For myself, I demand compensation for the fact that in my childhood I was shown the film “Four Tankmen and a Dog”.

And on Ivan Susanin they opened a criminal case and filed a search in Interpol.

Estonians against European values

The refusal of Greece to accept the point of view of the Estonian authorities on communism and events in the history of the twentieth century forced Tallinn to make adjustments to the official texts.

Earlier, the European Parliament adopted a document calling for the announcement of August 23 as a day of commemoration of "the victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes." It speaks of crimes committed by a number of communist regimes in Europe, but the final wording of the word "communism" does not contain.

The original wording of Estonia categorically did not suit Greece. She formally protested and accused Estonia of trying to revive the climate of the Cold War and of disrupting EU values. The representative of Greece, Minister Stavros Kontonis, even refused to participate in the relevant conference.

The reaction of Athens forced the Baltic republic to back down. Thus, the Greeks taught Tallinn a history lesson.

Comments from our readers:

Balts in the door, they are out the window. They are constantly seeking at least some opportunity to stab Russia in the first place. Right national game - who will spit on and pour out more dirt. The Greeks, even in this matter, overcame their laziness and were outraged.

Estonian fascists in power do not just hurt themselves!
There is another (implicit) question to the EP! For what the hell of Estonia as a modern Nazi state of apartheid was given the presidency of the European Parliament ?! Under the law of the EP, this should not have been done in the EP!
Then who are they, all the deputies of the European Parliament and their country ?!

Hoc vince
In a nearby galaxy, Supernova (CH) exploded.
Reaction on Earth:
Russia 24: invited astrophysics to talk about CH-x.
CNN: answers the questions: how to make CH in the backyard for selfies.
Apple: released the app "Light up the CH!" for $ 999.99.
Google: released the application "Redeem CH from Apple!" for $ 999.98.
Xiaomi: released the app "Light up CH - extinguish CH" two in one for $ 499.00.
State Department: Russia's involvement has not yet been identified, but we will closely monitor the situation.
Pentagon: sent another corvette to the South China Sea and requested from Congress to increase military allocations.
Paris: expressed concern.
London: expressed concern.
British scientists: calculated that if you place a hamster in 100 thousand feet from the center of CH, then nothing will remain of it.
Germany: K. Merkel stated that the explosion of SN is a violation of the Minsk agreements, therefore, sanctions against the Russian Federation must be maintained.
Poland: in connection with the CH explosion, sanctions against the Russian Federation need to be strengthened.
Ukraine: the CH explosion is a cynical attempt by Russia to divert world attention from Ukraine. Demanded new loans.
Lithuania, Latvia: the CH explosion is a new evidence of the Russian aggressiveness. They asked to create three more American bases on their territory.
ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation): claimed responsibility for the CH explosion and threatened similar acts in all capitals of “infidels”.
Estonia: Far-oh-oh ...

Down with the visa!

D. Filipov and E. Roth in the Washington Post recalled the suspension of the issuance of visas to Russians by the US government, which strengthens the diplomatic confrontation between the two states. At the same time, the following is interesting: the sanctions decisions of America will not lead to Putin’s “decline in popularity” in the country. In addition, these measures will not affect Putin’s policies "outside of Russia". But sanctions can lead to an escalation of tensions in the form of some kind of retaliatory action "in the spirit of the cold war." Such a “cold” confrontation between the United States and the Russian Federation over the years can keep the relations of two states “at the freezing point”.

The correspondent of the influential German newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" Julian Hans said that the Russians have become less to fly to the United States on visas in recent years. According to the US State Department, last year Russian citizens were granted permission to 186.000 US visits. The trend shows a decrease: in 2013, 265.000 visas were issued.

Julian Hans does not believe that the iron curtain was rebuilt. However, something has already appeared. In his opinion, the border between East and West is becoming ever denser. “And let the new iron curtain has not yet been built, but a filter has already been created, by passing through itself reducing the amount of information, goods, thoughts and ideas. And now people, ”the author states.

Hans believes that the Kremlin’s host “again managed” to redirect the sanctions strike, aimed at the elite, “towards its own citizens.”

How to save citizens from new difficulties? The journalist proposes a radical solution: “the opposite measure” would put Putin “in a difficult position”. The journalist considers such a measure “the abolition of the visa regime” (die Aufhebung der Visapflicht).

It seems that Herr Hans has found a way for the US to pour humanism and liberalism in one bottle. Let Washington abolish entry visas for Russian citizens - and then, probably, Putin’s regime will collapse, for the West will open for Russians in all its glory, without bureaucratic delays and unpleasant sensations behind the “iron curtain”. Even if not as dense as in the Soviet era, when traveling officials took away the glossy magazine Playboy from traveling Comrade Yevtushenko.

German and American journalists believe: the image of the West as an enemy of Russia is beneficial to the Kremlin. If this image is destroyed in the eyes of citizens, then Putin’s rating will immediately slide to the baseboard.

It is hardly possible to test such a hypothesis, because the next “wall” is not built by the USSR, which has long been history. America is building a wall. America, which considers itself liberal.

Comments from our readers:

How can the artificially created American red tape with visas affect the attitude of the people towards the president? Even if it is hypothetical to imagine that all 180-200 thousands of people were indignant, who were delayed in issuing visas, so what? Another attempt by Americans to show who is the boss. That's just it does not pass on Russia.

The world is bombed by the United States, the United States imposes sanctions, the United States does not give visas, but tyrant Putin is to blame for this. What is it with my logic?
PS For all of my dislikes towards Putin and, in general, to many of our leaders, I believe that the USA is sick of Makkeevism and Russophobia in the most severe form, and their liberal and democratic media is all the same propaganda ministry, stupid and pompous. Enough to read any democratic press. It was that 40 years ago, that 20, that now. America is the world. America is forever, the whole world sucks. Here is the main American slogan.

This is one of the reasons why the United States ceased to influence the population of Russia. Because of the lesser truth. True, now they are starting to get a chance because of Putin’s propaganda and control, which has been blunt all around.

The USA is not the whole world, but its antipode. Nothing bad will happen if Russians stop there. The rest of the world, i.e. free world, open. So much the worse for the USA ...

* "Well, I wish that everything!" - A phrase from the movie "Heart of a Dog"

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  1. Hoc vince
    Hoc vince 27 August 2017 07: 05
    Well, what can I say? Bravo, authors! Thanks for the cool stuff, everything is laid out and explained ...
    1. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna 27 August 2017 08: 01
      Let Washington abolish entry visas for Russian citizens - and then, probably, the Putin regime will collapse, because the West will open for Russians in all its glory, without bureaucratic delays and unpleasant sensations of living behind the Iron Curtain. Even if not as dense as in the Soviet era, when Soviet officials took away the glossy Playboy magazine from a traveling comrade Yevtushenko at the border crossing.

      Most in our country never felt the “unpleasant sensations of living behind the Iron Curtain”, because we lived, just lived, worked, raised children, respected the elderly and did not indulge in empty dreams. This is the first.

      And secondly, I also have an indicator: "as in the Soviet era, when Soviet officials stole the Playboy glossy magazine from a traveling comrade Yevtushenko at the border crossing." That's because of such euthenics and other, too much rubbish came to the country, which undermined moral principles and an established way of life.

      And thirdly, there will be a visa cancellation or not (even in the dreams of sick people in America) it does not play a role, because the poisoned seeds thrown into the dashing 90 sprouted and there are practically no brains in power at any level.
      They have no idea about judiciousness and wisdom, and the ability to think at the state level. Mammon froze and clip thinking, as a consequence of the woman "ege" did their dirty deed.

      And so as not to say that we have good youth, on the whole we have lost two generations, which are unlikely to be able to put “our lives for our own friends” in an unforeseen situation, when or.

      * I am not a pessimist, but before my eyes, the life of students of a medical school is passing, and there is also a school nearby.
      1. japs
        japs 27 August 2017 20: 31
        Too much attention is paid to these issues,
        I did not go to America, and, honestly, I do not want to. Even if for free.
        Europe traveled all over at work. But I won’t go there myself, we have nothing to do there.
        A tourist, maybe. Once again, take a walk around Sanssouci, wander around the Dresden Gallery, maybe the Louvre, Prague, there are a lot of things to see, but to live there as an engrafter, to see a reproach
        in the eyes of the interlocutor, no, thank you ...
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 27 August 2017 07: 09
    ... here’s another bullet flew, in the sense of a week, and look at the debriefing, which authors Alexei and Oleg are regularly preparing for us ...
    ... and if very briefly: then there is no war between the northerners and the mericatos, the sanctions have already put us on edge, no more, we are living bread and we are raising children, and who are already grandchildren and granddaughters ... good let our enemies disappear in the marshy swamps, and who nevertheless crawl out, having tangled the coast and the coordinates will climb into it again ... laughing
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 August 2017 07: 53
    “Well, I wish it all!”

    Guys, as always, the heading to the results not only says a lot, but also fully (with irony) corresponds to political reality. Only if Bulgakov meant advice, then this "toast" today can be devoted to the United States.
    1. s.melioxin
      s.melioxin 27 August 2017 19: 33
      rotmistr60 Today, 07:53 AM
      “Well, I wish that everything!” ... the heading to the results not only says a lot, ...
      Something like this.
  4. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 27 August 2017 09: 23
    ... that he would say demanding to take off the Soviet uniform, for example, the legendary Vsevolod Bobrov. The scale of the individual in sports is not the same today ... And the sport is not the same ...
    No words, only emotions. Those. solid mat. How is it possible? But you can see. It's a shame, annoying but not okay. I am ashamed of those who made such a decision.
  5. VAZ2106
    VAZ2106 27 August 2017 09: 23
    Su-57, in my opinion, is the most beautiful 5th generation aircraft and the Shield special vehicle is also an interesting development
  6. 23rus
    23rus 27 August 2017 09: 41
    The article is a statement of facts. There were and will be problems, there were no friends and never will be. Every man for himself. This is for you, gentlemen, not socialism. hi
    DEPARTMENT 27 August 2017 09: 53
    Today is Shakhtar Day! On this holiday, men, especially Donetsk ... Our cause is just, the enemy will be defeated!
  8. demo
    demo 27 August 2017 10: 29
    While the ruble exchange rate depends on the whims of speculators and the Central Bank, while capital flows uncontrollably across the border, while the financial system of the one-contour and Central Bank pumps parasites with finances, dedollarization does not bring anything good for the population, but speculators also have room for creativity, therefore Oreshkin seems to be doing mutually exclusive statements.

    The ruble exchange rate does not depend on the whims of speculators.
    The ruble exchange rate is determined by the Central Bank on the basis of the number of those gold reserves, even to a greater extent BP, which are in accounts with Western banks.
    The formula is simple.
    How many dollars do you have (euros, pounds, etc.), how much translated at the rate can you have in rubles.
    No more and no less.
    Suddenly comes a huge mass of currency. The Central Bank should issue a corresponding mass of rubles. But the system is bureaucratic and inert. How long does it take before this happens?
    The fall game begins.
    There is a washing out of free rubles.
    Here the Central Bank pulls up and begins to level the market.
    And then the ruble stabilizes.
    Further vice versa.
    Now attention.
    Once such a trick passes.
    Well, two.
    And then the Central Bank says.
    And if I myself begin to regulate what and when to enter and withdraw?
    Indeed, under the guise of contracts, the sum of 100-200 million dollars cannot be dragged. They come in tranches and are stretched out over time.
    So someone very powerful permits the input of money in the amount of up to a billion dollars for operations.
    But who is he so powerful?
    Well guess three times!
    1. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 27 August 2017 19: 49
      you write intriguingly. But is the mighty to blame ?. Banks are not fools, they play for a fall, they earn on a rise i.e. wash out our well-being. Money is generally a strong thing. Labor measure stolen by the exploiters. How to make money work for us? - a key question The answer is quick: to invest money not in foreign exchange reserves but in technology, machine tools for the production of machine tools and, oddly enough, in specialists. But a system is needed to protect technology and people so that they do not run away for the West! back to Stalin! laughing
    2. japs
      japs 27 August 2017 20: 39
      Do not pull, tell us ignorant who he is, omnipotent?
      Can I guess it's Vekselrod, or Rotenberg ... Didn’t guess?
      Well, then Soros or Rothschild? Didn’t guess again?
      Ahhh, clearly, this is your own GDP. Now it’s clear - you are a graduate from the KAF, and a true liberal.
      No wonder.
  9. voron770247
    voron770247 27 August 2017 10: 38
    T-50 will begin to release when it is morally obsolete.
  10. Mikhail Anokhin
    Mikhail Anokhin 27 August 2017 11: 09
    I believe that the six points in the comments of Nikolai K are accurate, exhaustive of the problem.
  11. Altona
    Altona 27 August 2017 11: 44
    Thanks for quoting, but I used the twitter meme "terran", which in the quote corrected for "tyrant". The "weekly review" in August should be sharp, this is the most dangerous month of the year.
  12. Altona
    Altona 27 August 2017 11: 47
    Quote: demo
    dedollarization will not bring anything good for the population

    "Dedollarization" should not be a thing in itself. Under this term, most people think of a change in the economic course and a complete change in the financial system, you partially write about it.
  13. ADmA_RUS
    ADmA_RUS 27 August 2017 11: 56
    The article in the Analytics section cites user comments. This is Achtung.
  14. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 27 August 2017 12: 55
    The authors have collected the best thing in a cool way with different points of view .... Understand and judge for yourself. Thank you Alexey and Oleg!
  15. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 27 August 2017 17: 19
    when Soviet officials took away the glossy Playboy magazine from a traveling comrade Yevtushenko at the border

    And the “comrade” Yevtushenko loved and appreciated the “Playboy” so much that he dumped America to the ends. So as not to be taken away ...
  16. privateer2000
    privateer2000 28 August 2017 00: 20
    Brothers Slavyansk-ego-brother-in-law .... yes the material is excellent. And for fun also with humor. Also very cool. It was funny. But it’s understandable about all world politics who says sho.
  17. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 28 August 2017 08: 20
    Of all the readings above, there is only one conclusion, simple and clear as "God's day", it is necessary to change the domestic policy in the country, especially in the economy, personnel, and ideology. It is necessary to take all the good things that Stalin did, to develop its industry and economy at an accelerated pace, to put things in order in the so-called "elites" of officials, and to pinch a little our corrupt intelligentsia, especially the theater. The only question is whether our leaders in the person of two lawyers will be able to do this - I think not, there is no political will, so blah, blah, blah, you could certainly write in more detail, but you’re so tired of doing it when you see this whole mess and bum.