Trump changes skin

Today, Tuesday, President Trump delivered a keynote speech. "Brothers, he was replaced!" - voters exclaimed. Trump came to power, promising to return the soldiers home and block the way for migrants.

“Let's conquer the world and invite the world”, Invite and Invade — Trump's enemies acted under this motto — American liberals and their European singers, interventionists. They called to conquer and ravage countries and take in refugees and migrants from devastated countries — like their grandfathers used to bring slaves from conquered lands.

For local, American, and European workers, interventionism (the so-called strategy) turned out to be a path to poverty: their jobs went to ready to work for pennies to migrants, and the taxes they collected went to the army for gains.

Trump became president under the banner of fighting this liberal idea. He clearly spoke out against invade - against wars of conquest, against regime changes, against distant campaigns, and also against invite - against inviting migrants and refugees from conquered countries. The workers of America voted for him.

The first one was his war with migration. He adopted decrees, but the judicial apparatus, fully staffed by liberal interventionist democrats, abolished these decrees. And now his struggle with the interventions ended. The United States is again on the path of wars, interventions, conquests and occupation.

So said in his half-hour speech President Trump. He completely forgot his calls to leave Afghanistan, where Americans have been sitting for sixteen years, and announced his intention to send more soldiers there and fight until the glorious victory.

Victor Pelevin, in his story “The Plane of Mozhaisky,” wrote with a caveat that the reptilians, they say, bind each new American president, “then crawl into their heads with their yellow tentacles and change everything there. And the people wonder why such good and different people, as soon as they are chosen, always do the same. ” Pelevin, of course, was jabbing, but how else to explain the wondrous metamorphosis that President Trump did?

Russia at the beginning of this century supported the American seizure of Afghanistan. The reasons for such a strange decision were explained by President Putin in his interview with Oliver Stone. He said that he was assured by the American administration, they say, we are talking about a short rally against Al-Qaeda *, Islamic extremists, after which the American army will go home. But the American administration lied. Nowhere have the Americans gone - there they sit.

How many screams were there all over the world about the Soviet presence in Afghanistan, as they called it “occupation” and demanded care and release. Now, no one is screaming, no one is outraged, and to whom to scream? In one hundred countries are American bases, most of the world is occupied by American troops.

Why are Americans in Afghanistan? Firstly, their special services are grazing the production of drugs there. Secondly, Afghanistan is the basis for the war with Iran, which America has not refused. Thirdly, Afghanistan is an important feature in the Big Game for dominion in Eurasia, for confronting Russia and China.

In the military sense, the American occupation was not successful. The invaders themselves and their local quislings are afraid to stick their nose out of their bases. Guerrillas strike, free cities and entire provinces. In the face of defeat, the American president could take his troops home, as promised. But he decided just the opposite - to send more troops.

Well, the Afghans are used to burying the empires, they dealt with the British, with the Soviets — and with the Americans. Places in the Afghan mountains for all the soldiers' coffins and military graves will be enough.

Trump's speech caused a storm in neighboring Pakistan. After all, Trump said that the Americans did not win because Pakistan gives shelter to the rebels. Russian, this topic is familiar. The Russians could not win in Afghanistan because the then mojaheds went to their bases in Pakistan and from there attacked Russian soldiers. But the USSR did not dare to put pressure on Pakistan, and even more so to invade there. Trump promises to pin down Pakistan, and it will be needed - and to send troops there. The Pakistanis do not like this option at all, and they are talking about strengthening the alliance with Russia and China.

Trump wants to engage India against Pakistan. In India, anti-Pakistani sentiment is strong, but apparently enough of common sense not to interfere. If common sense is not enough - just not enough money and soldiers, so that the active intervention of India is unlikely.

Waves of Afghan refugees go all the way to Europe. Thousands of young Afghans came to Sweden and other EU countries. The intensification of the war in Afghanistan will drive new tens of thousands of refugees to Europe and weaken this traditional rival of America. So with one blow of a cue, Trump wants to bring down Europe and Central Asia. But you can hope that not everything will work out for him. His authority in the US is at a historical minimum, he does not see lightning brilliant victory as his ears, and his opponents in the Congress and in the media will still present his actions as a monstrous mistake.

It would have been better for him to return the soldiers home. But this he does not have enough gunpowder.

* Al-Qaida is a terrorist organization banned in Russia.
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  1. 0
    August 28 2017
    Trump is still so experienced, makes not always the right decisions, but nothing will gain experience over time
    1. +1
      August 28 2017
      It's just that all American presidents have such a tradition. Declare war on someone, bomb and destroy. Otherwise - in vain the place has sat, the loser.
  2. 0
    August 28 2017
    “he cannot see a lightning victory like his own ears”, maybe so, but what Americans cannot take away from them is that they can play the “long”, they don’t always pursue short-term successes
  3. 0
    August 28 2017
    Doll Changeling.
  4. 0
    August 28 2017
    and host refugees and migrants from devastated countries - as their grandfathers once brought slaves from conquered lands

    author burns laughing Yes, all over the world there are lines to get into the states.
  5. +9
    August 28 2017
    Someone from above is manipulating these presidents ... This was especially noticeable for Obama, who, not at all embarrassed, said one thing in the morning and the opposite in the evening. Puppets.
  6. +2
    August 28 2017
    This is the beginning of Trump’s real end. Soon it will tear. Too many contradictions for one person. This is the path to schizophrenia, to the complete disintegration of personality. It is impossible for him to preserve his identity without ceasing to be the president of the United States, i.e. losing de facto from all positions, officially, and not just psychologically. Wang, either he will leave, or they will leave him, without options ...
  7. 0
    August 28 2017
    Trump, gurgled supposedly it is necessary to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, but to him right there ... Grunt! Slap, what are you saying? There poppy fields ripen, and you withdraw troops ... who will protect this property of the USA?
  8. +2
    August 29 2017
    How many cries were there all over the world about the Soviet presence in Afghanistan, as they called it “occupation” and demanded departure and release. Now nobody is yelling, no one is indignant, and to whom is yelling?
    I am personally surprised that the Russian authorities do not yell every day, as if the institution of the Amer occupation of Afghanistan. For some reason, Putin does not resent the whole world, just as his vile Yankees deceived and did not withdraw their troops 100500 times again! Does not connect all neighboring countries with Afghanistan to these cries! They don’t trumpet the whole planet about heroin, whose production under amerokrokami increased by five orders of magnitude and which the amerely humans are openly and brazenly selling! If every day you press Amers about this, where it is possible and impossible, in each case poke it in the eye with this problem, deploy an unprecedented company in SMRAD and the Internet, and even throw some goodies on the Taliban - ameroshakals will not last long.
    Apparently, our bosses have their own gesheft there, you can’t explain this sur to anything else.
    1. +1
      1 September 2017
      Apparently, your bosses have a gesheft there. And Putin has something to do with it, who and when did it promise him to withdraw troops from Afghanistan?

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