The Arab Spring comes to Morocco. Islamists waiting for a new chance

In another Arab country, Morocco, mass unrest is breaking out, hundreds of thousands of people are in favor of political reforms that run counter to the course of the hereditary ruler, King Muhammad VI, writes RIA News.

Unrest continuing the tradition of the Arab Spring follows the logic of the protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria on the 2011 year. The protesters began by saying that they were indignant at the murder of fish merchant Mukhsin Fikri. Now they want to change power.

Against the background of incessant mass demonstrations in Morocco (and in neighboring Tunisia), more than a thousand former IG fighters (a grouping banned in the Russian Federation) have returned, able to proceed to action if the regime falls,
Says the article.

History Fikri, a fisherman who tried to recover the catch he had confiscated from him and who died (according to the criminal negligence of the police) in the trash compressor of one of the cars, broke out last fall. The tragic incident revealed the tension that had long ripened between law enforcement officers and residents of the coastal province of Reef.

The Moroccan protests revealed leaders, one of them - 25-year-old Imad el-Attabi, who turned out to be a symbol of the movement against his will. On July 20, during a protest, El-Attabi received a blow from a policeman, fell into a coma, without leaving which he died. Protesters call the deceased a martyr of his movement, who received the name “Hirak” in the Arab press.

“The piquant aspect of the Moroccan protests is the question of the right to grow cannabis. Historically, the reef province, where the unrest began, is known as the site of cultivation of this plant. For the legalization of a soft drug in the Reef, everyone stands, including local authorities loyal to the king. However, Muhammad VI shows his principles and refuses to accept the decision expected by local residents. After the death of Fikri and Attabi spawned a mass movement, the protesters, in addition to easing the political regime, also demand to stop the persecution of farmers who export cannabis to Europe ", - writes the edition.

As a neighboring country to the EU, Morocco holds an important part of this delicate market in the European community, some countries of which officially legalized herbal drug. By the way, the farmers of the Reef are not embarrassed that the cultivation of cannabis is in conflict with Islamic laws.

The official point of view of the authorities of Morocco at the demonstration is that they reflect only the point of view of one region and constitute a separatist movement. Indeed, the reef is populated to a large extent by ethnic Berbers. However, such an interpretation of the Moroccan protests is short-sighted: “the further, the more they spread throughout the kingdom, including the capital Rabat and the largest port of Casablanca,” the author notes.

Such a turn of events is particularly dangerous in Morocco, a country in which Islamist appeals find a response. The largest terrorist attack in Europe of the XXI century - Madrid, 2004, was committed by Moroccans. The recent massacre in Barcelona and the attack on passersby in Finland are also associated with people from the kingdom.

According to European press reports, it is precisely in North Africa that thousands of jihadists are sent, who fought for IS, but realized the defeat of the “caliphate”.

“The involvement of these people in Moroccan protests can give events an unexpected and extremely negative turn: Morocco can become a new stronghold of the IG,” concludes the publication.
  • TASS / AP Photo / Abdeljalil Bounhar
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  1. +4
    August 24 2017
    Alternate airfield for ISIS?
    1. +3
      August 24 2017
      Hirak on the head and idol is ready
    2. +4
      August 24 2017
      Yes, he, this airdrome, judging by recent events, is the main ... All this (our participation in Syria) is mouse fuss, if it is possible about the Deaths of the Yaitsky Cossacks ... It is impossible, of course ... It looks like the battle of Hercules with Hydra. .. IN THE GERM, IT IS NECESSARY TO PRESS ... in the USAaaaa ... feel
      1. +23
        August 24 2017
        Brother, not only in the USA. Recently I talked with one `` son of David '', so he claims that they will do everything so that the squabble in this region continues ...
        1. +1
          August 24 2017
          their intelligence chief openly said this.
    3. +2
      August 24 2017
      Under the very belly of Europa then? There will be the main one - Gibraltar, a stone's throw to Spain, caravans can be robbed again.
      1. +1
        August 24 2017
        Quote: Ushly_bashkort
        Under the very belly of Europa then? There will be the main one - Gibraltar, a stone's throw to Spain, caravans can be robbed again.

        Most importantly, away from Russia. They are now scientists - they know from whom the buns, and from whom the stars come from. Closer to one, away from others. Everything is logical.
    4. +3
      August 24 2017
      ISIS is dead! Long live ISIS! laughing
  2. +1
    August 24 2017
    I hope that the monarchy is smart enough to nip this infection in the bud.
  3. +1
    August 24 2017
    Then summer fall and winter.
    Terrorism (Islam) occurs at any time of the year.
    1. 0
      August 24 2017
      if fed, it will grow as long as there is funding.
      and they always distinguished themselves arrogantly-Saxons.
  4. +5
    August 24 2017
    The piquant aspect of Moroccan protests - the question of the right to grow hemp

    But in the world there has not been a single fatal outcome from the use of marijuana, unlike alcohol. Maybe they’re doing the right thing, that they staged a protest wink.
    1. +3
      August 24 2017
      Quote: Sharky
      But in the world there has not been a single fatal outcome from the use of marijuana, unlike alcohol. Maybe they’re doing the right thing, that they staged a protest.

      In what WORLD? accidentally not in the afterlife ...
      Count how many suicides ended !!
      if we compare: alcohol does not switch to hard drugs
      Anasha ,, dries ,, the brain and a person degrades more than with alcohol
      BUT I think positive statements about Anasha that about alcohol unacceptable!
      And the connections of the speech of the people with the Arab spring can be seen with the naked eye
      1. +2
        August 24 2017

        You know, I’m not even surprised that this picture of your handiwork lol.
        I will not argue with a researcher (you) who has studied the harmful effects of marijuana on a person’s brain all his life Yes.
        1. +2
          August 24 2017
          Quote: Sharky
          I will not argue with a researcher (you) who has studied the harmful effects of marijuana on a person’s brain all his life

          I understand your sarcasm, but why talk about me then? We must speak to young people who sincerely consider anasha or cocaine a non-dangerous drug ... moreover, they are elitist
          I’m sure if you found out that one of your children is using it, you probably would try to dissuade !? hi
          1. The comment was deleted.
            1. +1
              August 24 2017
              How would you shorter ...
              Imagine two centers in a person’s head
              They are both necessary.
              Center of pain and
              Pleasure Center ...
              the areas of these centers strive for equilibrium (the reality that we know strives for equilibrium, peace)
              Constantly the boundaries of these areas are shifted in one direction or another, and then a person feels bad or good. This is a natural chemical-biological process!
              Remember yourself in childhood... you were Not needed Stimulants
              And in order to feel better you as a child had to have an elementary rest, sleep!
              Based on this information, we can conclude: there is NO need for stimulants!
              The paradox is that by deliberately pushing the area of ​​pleasure, (buzz, the highest bliss), we receive, after a certain period of time, a shift in the opposite direction to the center of pain (breaking, hangover)
              And most importantly: a person will remember the position of highest bliss the entire life and if possible strives for it!
              It’s not for nothing they say: it’s impossible to cure a drug addict, it’s impossible! wassat
              Here in short, and all I wanted to say no need to talk about it at all!!
              Not all knowledge is good !!!
              1. 0
                August 24 2017
                You know, I wrote you a detailed answer. Long enough. But, the poor performance of the mobile version of this site did not allow me to send it to you. This unprecedentedly disgusting attitude on the part of the creators of this resource has been going on for us for about a year (when did you introduce this mobile version of the site?). The point is that I press the send button, an unnecessary blinking star appears and ... that's it. If the message is not sent, then this star blinks, blinks and blinks endlessly! And the most nasty thing is that it is impossible to copy and save the writing, only the back buttons and update in the browser are active. Is it really possible to hire adequate guys with experience that would have washed down the normally mobile version? What would be the opportunity to at least copy your unsent message? This is not difficult! Maybe those who keep this site simply recruited workers by announcement (or by pull) and don’t know that there is such a problem ... I don’t know. Here is a photo to confirm:

                Normal guys would solve this problem quickly enough, probably a year has passed ...
                1. +2
                  August 24 2017
                  Quote: Sharky
                  But, the poor performance of the mobile version of this site did not allow me to send it to you.

                  It is solved elementarily:
                  In the browser settings, put:full version
                  I understand your frustration lol
                  There is another option to type text in, notes, or any text editor, then copy and paste the text, as floaters do wassat
                  This is not a server problem but a communication problem ....
                  I described to you personal experience and observations of other people .... I'm 55 and I can speak quite confidently!
                  By the way, I also write from smart smile
                  I advise you to look at YouTube:
                  Saveliev talks about the brain
                  A shocking comrade, but says that for a long time he was a pathologist who examined the brain of geniuses
                  [media = https: // q = Savely% 2
                  0% brain problems & sm = 20]
        2. +2
          August 24 2017
          How can I catch AIDS through a jamb?
          just do not talk about saliva.
          1. +6
            August 24 2017
            That is the same question. AIDS is a virus. The main carrier is blood, mucous (sexual contact).
        3. +1
          August 24 2017
          We do not need vodka, we need grass. In the morning, her head does not hurt laughing
          Py Sy. words from one funny movie wink
  5. +3
    August 24 2017
    the first time that hemp caused aggression ...
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. +2
    August 24 2017
    Apparently, the secret directors came to the conclusion that the refugees are not felling in Europe with such a powerful stream as we would like. Therefore, they twist the valve further.
    1. 0
      August 24 2017
      I would say that they laid the Syria-Morocco pipeline.
  8. +4
    August 24 2017
    You should wait for leaflets with instructions for organizing the Maidan.
    And there are lovers to shoot.
    They still didn’t deliver cookies, the State Department goodies?
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. +1
    August 24 2017
    That’s it, now Moroccan tangerines are kirdyk.
    1. +1
      August 24 2017
      Quote: zivXP
      Moroccan tangerines are now kirdyk.

      So, from tangerines there is no such "exhaust" as from grass and its derivatives. Yes Of course, those involved in the cultivation of hemp, will "drown" for legalization.
  11. +1
    August 24 2017
    Mmmmdaaaaa, you see a lot of fools everywhere, history only teaches that it teaches NOTHING. Again, the standard excitement of the population through Facebook, especially since Zuckerman does not control him yet - he went on maternity leave, transferring control functions to the CIA ...
    Can the Moroccans turn out to be the same idiots as their neighbors fooled by the states?
    Or maybe the neighbors will help, will not let me repeat everything in a new way?
  12. 0
    August 24 2017
    Hemp can not only smoke. Why forbid something.

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