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Warsaw set out to receive "reparations" simultaneously from both Germany and Russia. In Moscow, on the contrary, they believe that the time has come to calculate the price for the liberation of Poland from the hordes of Hitler.

Moscow. Alexey Pushkov lays flowers at the French Embassy in Bolshaya Yakimanka in memory of those killed in the act of terrorism in Nice

Russian senator Alexei Pushkov was outraged by the desire of Polish politicians from the Law and Justice Party to receive reparations from Russia. He proposed to calculate the price of the liberation of the Poles from Hitler. The Poles advised Pushkov to study the works of Polish historians. According to Polish experts, the liberation of Poland was in fact the beginning of the occupation of the country by Stalin. Wirtualna Polska tells about it (translation from Polish and retelling made "InoTV").

The Wirtualna Polska portal quoted Twitter by Alexei Pushkov: “In Poland, another madness: they want to demand trillion reparations from Russia historical damage. It's time to consider the price of their release from Hitler. "

Next in the Polish material are the words of the deputy Stanislav Penta, who explained that both Germans and communists killed the Poles. Therefore, the latter are also responsible for the destruction of cultural property. This figure was supported by the deputy Malgorzata Goshchevskaya.

And here is the historical data: the site recalled the calculations of Dariusz Kalinski, the author of the book “The Red Infection. How did the liberation of Poland actually look like? ”According to this author, the Polish national state was damaged in the amount of 54 billion dollars. And this is taking into account only the pre-war lands within the present borders of Poland.

Mr. Pushkov’s current statement on Twitter about the price of the liberation of the Poles from Hitler was commented on by Stanislav Penta, mentioned above. His opinion was published in the publication “Fakt”:

“It was not the liberation of Poland, but its enslavement, this time by Joseph Stalin! I would advise Mr. Senator to get acquainted with the books of Polish historians, who clearly described the post-war years and what happened to Poland at that time. ”

We will remind, earlier the deputy Malgorzata Goshchevskaya not only supported the intentions of her party colleague Stanislav Penta, but also announced the plundering of industry and the theft of works of art. "We must seek military reparations from them [from Russia]," Goschevskaya website quotes the conclusion

Political analyst Yury Svetov believes that in this case a somewhat paradoxical situation is taking shape. “Usually, reparations were imposed on the losers, and now they are demanded from the winners, those who bore the brunt of World War II. I think that this is a kind of general trend in the modern world - claims against Russia are heard from all sides, all of them demand something from us. And, naturally, Poland in this situation thinks: why not, roughly speaking, not to cut the money from Russia in this matter, ”he told radio "Sputnik".

Money requirements, we note, have really become fashionable in recent years. Now one more word has been added to the lexicon: reparations. The republics of the Baltic states stand in line with Poland, with their pay for "occupation." By the way, the amounts of this fee are regularly revised upwards. There are also historians in the Baltic countries.

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  1. Mihail177
    Mihail177 24 August 2017 07: 52
    Let them lie, Dmitry will answer first)
    1. oldseaman1957
      oldseaman1957 24 August 2017 07: 59
      The Poles were hindered by the Polish arrogance throughout their history! Happily different pans and pannas brazenly objected to their kings, as a result of which Poland was tight with one-man management and Poland was constantly beaten by all who were not lazy. They treated all other nations in a hurry and therefore underestimated them, for which they also received good stars later. Poland survived despite everything only thanks to Russia, and later to the USSR, which never remembered the Poles their hatred of the Russians. Now again their nonsense poured in a fountain. But one must not forgive, do not forget! And it is also necessary to punish specifically, on points.
      1. Black Colonel
        Black Colonel 24 August 2017 10: 10
        Poland is constantly all and sundry beat.
        I would add a letter е
      2. Cube123
        Cube123 24 August 2017 15: 34
        Quote: oldseaman1957
        The Poles were hindered by the Polish arrogance throughout their history!
        Now again their nonsense poured in a fountain. But one must not forgive, do not forget! And it is also necessary to punish specifically, on points.

        First of all, they were disturbed by their own public lies. A selection of Polish newspapers of 1939 was a shock to me.
        polskie-gazety-sentiabria-1939-goda /
        (careful 18+)
        That's where the schiza and the scope for psychiatrists.
        “A little more in detail .... First of all, in all Polish propaganda, full confidence in“ the West will help us! ”Ostap Bender expressed this hochma in our classics. According to Polish newspapers,“ The West is already helping. ”The whole emphasis is on the West. Newspapers are directly in all talk about the political and social pressure of Germany in the international arena, which was organized by the Western allies of Poland. Newspapers tell about the active actions of Western politicians, about the active military operations of England and France. As if the allies of Poland already bombed Germany in full, the fighting extends on land and on Germany is completely under siege ... It tells about successful joint operations of French-English-Polish sailors, infantry pilots, volunteers from the Czech Republic are already keeping up ... In general, Germany was completely taxed from all sides. Polish newspapers print all the slightest "gestures" of England and France, the Poles directly "peep the mouth" of any political dialing from England, France and America. At the same time, the empty action of the British and French appears in Polish newspapers directly hyperbolic, but not as objective ...

        There are many joyful victorious cries that the Polish army is crushing the German army in all. The figures of German losses are given. Now the Germans are fleeing from near Warsaw. Poles bomb Berlin! And note the dates of the newspapers ... Everything happens when the Germans are already near Lviv, Warsaw is surrounded by ten days, almost all Polish cities are captured. When Polish aviation did not exist on the third day of the German invasion ... Krakow's Tempo Dnia (Temp of the Day) reported on September 2: "In response to the treacherous attack of German aviation on peaceful Polish cities, Polish pilots bombed Berlin and Gdansk." From the message of the High Command on September 2, informing that in two days we lost only 12 aircraft, it could be concluded that the Polish losses in the raid on Berlin were small. The Polish victory in the skies over Gdansk was all the more valuable because, as the press reported that day, "Gauleiter Forster announced the accession of Gdansk to the Reich."

        This is what made me laugh ... The Poles are now reeking of supposedly terrible communist-Soviet propaganda that didn’t reveal the truth to people at all ... So wait ... in Poland then there was a lot of commotion, there was no censorship and censorship at all ... So who so they were lying to the people then? It turns out they were deceiving themselves. And now they continue ... After reading these Polish newspapers, it is clear that these Polish nonsense have not changed at all since then ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Monos
      Monos 24 August 2017 08: 10
      This was not the liberation of Poland, but its enslavement, this time by Joseph Stalin!

      1. Hoc vince
        Hoc vince 24 August 2017 08: 14
        - Grandfather, is it true that our country used to be called Poland?
        “True granddaughter,” replied Grandfather and stroked his head.
        “Is it true that then she attacked Russia?”
        “True granddaughters,” and stroked his second head.
      2. The black
        The black 24 August 2017 08: 17
        “We must seek military reparations from them [from Russia]”

        If the Psheks return 600 Soviet soldiers to us alive, pay for the restoration of the post-war infrastructure of Poland, and return the lands that Stalin gave to Poland as trophies, then there is no market! smile
      3. bouncyhunter
        bouncyhunter 24 August 2017 08: 21
        Hi Victor! hi drinks The article correctly says: Poland is following the global trend and also requires something from Russia. Just as if, instead of billions of reparations, billions of lyuli were not seized by logs. It hurts, but everyone will get it! am
        1. Monos
          Monos 24 August 2017 08: 29
          Hello Pasha! hi smile
          Quote: bouncyhunter
          The article correctly says: Poland keeps in a global trend

          laughing Well, along this "trend" in bulk, they will receive.
          1. bouncyhunter
            bouncyhunter 24 August 2017 08: 31
            Yes, there not only according to the "trend", even according to the "mainstream" everyone will get. bully
            1. Pete mitchell
              Pete mitchell 24 August 2017 11: 55
              Pasha, and you are evil hi But it seems to me they are just stupid: the GDP clearly said - we apologized once, the question is closed. I think that if Germany and Russia show the Psheks, they will not find it enough: they will remain at least without access to the sea. Actually, it's high time ..
              1. bouncyhunter
                bouncyhunter 24 August 2017 12: 00
                Hello ! hi I am fair, not evil. The greyhound of the "European shout of the USA" crosses all sorts of borders. It’s high time for them to make a “Commonwealth from Sea to Sea”, so that for a couple of hundred years about these jackals lousy and could not be heard! am
      4. seregatara1969
        seregatara1969 24 August 2017 08: 51
        and Krakow at an incredible price did not need to be saved from the explosions of buildings
    4. Finches
      Finches 24 August 2017 08: 30
      After the Anglo-Saxons, the Poles go by their meanness! But the creator god put Judah into the mass of Slavic peoples ... He could have limited himself to the Poles, but decided to dilute the Kainovo herd with Ukrainians too ... We’ll do nothing!
    5. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 24 August 2017 08: 52
      Quote: Michael177
      Let them lie, Dmitry will answer first)

      And they will also reimburse with %%% all the assistance provided by the USSR --- to Poland after WW2.
      For the Stalinist skyscraper in Warsaw ---- a separate fee !!!!!!
    6. Vend
      Vend 24 August 2017 11: 03
      Quote: Michael177
      Let them lie, Dmitry will answer first)

      And for the occupation of Smolensk.
    7. Basil50
      Basil50 24 August 2017 11: 30
      The original message is incorrect in the comments.
      Through a military coup and with the help of American mercenaries, the Poles seized part of the territory of the RUSSIAN EMPIRE, then they conducted ethnic cleansing, were robbed and then destroyed by RUSSIAN PEOPLE. From 1918 to 1939, the Poles colonized and assimilated on the occupied lands.
      Attempts to legitimize the military coup and the seizure of foreign land is the exclusive right of the Poles? The fact that Warsaw is a city of the RUSSIAN EMPIRE has never been disputed by anyone. Let them pay for the seizure of foreign territory and genocide. We should not forget the reparations for the alliance with the Nazis, and the fact that they did not divide among themselves there, so all the bandits sooner or later are cut among themselves.
      1. mashinist
        mashinist 25 August 2017 22: 42
        Warsaw is the city of the Commonwealth, not the Russian Empire! What are you?
  2. Smog
    Smog 24 August 2017 07: 59
    Well, why not. Take them "reparation" in plain sight. Equip a couple of convoys from T-72B3M. And take it.
    From above the DRYS fly, just in case. Well, you never know what can happen with a convoy on the road ....
    1. LeonidL
      LeonidL 24 August 2017 08: 10
      General of the couch troops, moderate your fighting ardor. Yes, Poland, in the person of its rulers and elites, acts infamously, but only a very stupid person will succumb to provocation and send “a couple of convoys from T-72B3M.” Fortunately, the people at the head of Russia are adequate, they will find what and whom to send so that it would not seem a little without convoys of tanks.
      1. Smog
        Smog 24 August 2017 08: 12
        Well yes. You still read me the notations in the morning, you are our militant. You generally understand sarcasm.? Or a sense of humor next to you didn’t even sleep? Alas, then ah !!!!
  3. WHAT IS
    WHAT IS 24 August 2017 08: 02
    Poles are the same Slavic brothers to us, like the Bulgarians (all wars have fought against us), as in the list below ...... Yeah .... Brothers, damn it, Slavs ......... .... Serbs alone remained ....
    1. John_f
      John_f 24 August 2017 08: 07
      neither Poles nor Hungarians nor Estonians, nor Latvians and Lithuanians have ever been our fathers ...
      1. WHAT IS
        WHAT IS 24 August 2017 08: 10
        Well, you gathered everyone together ... fellow are the Balts really Slavs? And the Magyars to do with it? I'm talking about the Poles now.
      2. Pirogov
        Pirogov 24 August 2017 08: 11
        Quote: John_f
        neither Poles nor Hungarians nor Estonians, nor Latvians and Lithuanians have ever been our fathers.

        And thank God, otherwise I would not respect myself.
        1. Izotovp
          Izotovp 24 August 2017 10: 11
          The funny thing is that if you turn to unprejudiced people, then they can definitely tell who is brother or not brother to whom and how much. There is such a science of genetics. And according to the analysis of these scientists, both the Balts and the Poles and Czechs and Bulgarians still have very close genetic kinship with us ... well, relatives ... there are no enemies with such relatives ...
          1. Orionvit
            Orionvit 24 August 2017 10: 57
            Quote: Izotovp
            There is such a science of genetics. And according to the analysis of these scientists, both the Balts and Poles and Czechs and Bulgarians still have very close genetic kinship with us.

            Poor you know genetics. The Poles are still okay, although they are high-ranking r.h.d.c.s, but the ch.u.s. Bulgarians in general are genetically related to the Turkic peoples, they just adopted the Slavic language, and the manner of behavior remained.
            1. Izotovp
              Izotovp 24 August 2017 11: 27
              I understand that Wikipedia is not very authoritative, but I do not think that there will be any other information on this issue in other sources.
              1. Izotovp
                Izotovp 24 August 2017 11: 28
    2. nedgen
      nedgen 24 August 2017 08: 23
      Who about what and lousy about the bath. NU can not help but remember about the "betrayal" of the Bulgarians. And why don’t you remember about Czechs and Slovaks? After all, the Czechoslovakians and Slovaks fought all WWII against Russia and during WWII the weapons for the Wehrmacht were riveted throughout the war. And then they still had to be appeased in 1968. And because of the Serbs, Russia lost 10 mil. in WWI and after WWII all the time spoiled the blood of the USSR. And how many times to prove that BULGARIA did not fight in WWII against the USSR. Yes, and Russian Serbs are such brothers that enemies are not necessary.
      1. Smog
        Smog 24 August 2017 08: 29
        Well, in almost everything I agree with you! But ....., one wormhole sharpens here. Eh, sharpening. For you
        Quote: nedgen
        and for us - the Great Patriotic War !!!!!!!!!!! So here it is.
        1. nedgen
          nedgen 24 August 2017 23: 56
          Quote: Smog
          Well, in almost everything I agree with you! But ....., one wormhole sharpens here. Eh, sharpening. For you
          Quote: nedgen
          and for us - the Great Patriotic War !!!!!!!!!!! So here it is.

          Do I argue ???? But no matter how you look BULGARS against the Russians did not fight either in WWII or WWII. All the same, from the historical perspective, the Great Patriotic War is part of WWII and not vice versa. USSR Participated in WWII before the Second World War and after too.
      2. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 24 August 2017 09: 06
        Quote: nedgen
        NU can not help but remember about the "betrayal" ........................ Russian brothers are such that the enemies do not.

        But I often remember all of them, a reminder of this is the 200-volume edition of World Literature, under the USSR. In my room . There are translated into Russian, both Polish and all other authors of nationalities, who are now vilely yapping against Russia .. They tried to translate their literature. And the Balts are generally unreadable DUDOM !!!!!!
  4. Observer2014
    Observer2014 24 August 2017 08: 04
    Stalin needed to take all the land up to the GDR along the Baltic Sea. And the Poles should lease the ports. And then proletarian solidarity. And other "tuftalogy". He then sang everything in his ears that it wasn’t necessary. And so the Poles say ours. It was necessary to do the corridor to Germany. The story would have evolved differently. The old horror of the Anglo-Saxons came true then. The Union of Germans and Russians. Now we wouldn’t think what’s with these Neither the Germans do wretched. Neither do we.
  5. Same lech
    Same lech 24 August 2017 08: 06
    I think that this is a kind of general trend in the modern world - claims to Russia are heard from all sides, all of us require something.

    It’s true ... 90s yoke, it was then that the reasons for this were given.
    In a fit of tolerance, philanthropy and democratization from RUSSIA, they made a cash cow for all kinds of demanders ... up to repentance (Thank God this senility has not yet reached)
  6. LeonidL
    LeonidL 24 August 2017 08: 07
    They should invoice the full program starting from the Civil War and the first Polish intervention. Let them know how to dig holes for others. But the lesson is good for Russia - there is no need to save anyone and make friends with anyone. Not a single good deed has gone unpunished.
    1. Ratmir_Ryazan
      Ratmir_Ryazan 24 August 2017 09: 54
      I would start to bill from the time of the Old Russian State, from the campaigns of Poland to Russia and the capture by Poland (Commonwealth) of Kiev, Smolensk and other Russian cities ... And then I would take into account everything, even Poland’s participation in joint campaigns against Russia in Napoleon’s units and Hitler ... In the Wehrmacht, the USSR captured more than 60 soldiers of Polish descent alone, given the fact that some of them died in battle, having forgiven Russia the whole Polish army fought on Hitler’s side !!! He would have considered everything painstakingly, would have taken into account everyone who died at the hands of Polish soldiers and how many children did not have children on average and how many children they had, would calculate the average contribution to everyone’s GDP and the cost of destroyed cities in shelves and bill detailed and timed, so that the next time someone else opens his mouth and demands compensation from Russia, this account could be hammered into his mouth ...
  7. Will
    Will 24 August 2017 08: 08
    It’s blood brothers that become blood enemies. winked Story...
  8. Altona
    Altona 24 August 2017 08: 08
    As a "historian to a historian," I will say. Let them take reparations from Ukraine. Auschwitz was liberated by the Ukrainians.
    The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Grzegorz Schetyna, answering a Polish radio broadcast a question: why the president of Russia was not invited to the Auschwitz concentration camp on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Red Army, made a historic discovery.

    - It was the First Ukrainian Front, and Ukrainians liberated a concentration camp in Auschwitz. There were Ukrainian soldiers that January day, they opened the gates of the camp, and they freed the camp, ”said Schetyna.

    So why they dragged Russia, it is absolutely incomprehensible in the context of the logic that they are guided by. request
    1. Smog
      Smog 24 August 2017 08: 32
      Quote: Altona
      Let them take reparations from Ukraine.

      Exel-moxel !!!! Something and kakly someone will have to !!!!! And then everyone owes them, everyone owes them ......
  9. trophy
    trophy 24 August 2017 08: 11
    Well, is there really not a single normal guy left among our drivers who can clearly, loudly and unequivocally send these fuckers to hell? And then how some homosexuals will express indignation, then concern.
  10. alex-cn
    alex-cn 24 August 2017 08: 26
    In my opinion, politics is just an excuse here ... The impoverished "young Europe" is trying to cut money so that it can at least somehow match ... And it understands perfectly well that you won’t get anything from the old Europe except for pendels, and then it suddenly breaks off. ... HA!
  11. hohol95
    hohol95 24 August 2017 08: 31
    Calculate the costs of the USSR for the maintenance of the Anders army and set up a PANAM ACCOUNT ...
  12. Vanek
    Vanek 24 August 2017 08: 37
    Warsaw set out to receive “reparations” from both Germany and Russia at the same time.

    Pills to me from greed! Yes, more, more!
  13. Molot1979
    Molot1979 24 August 2017 08: 41
    Centuries run, the Poles do not change. Amazingly dumb nation. How many times they were thrown out of history, but they never learned anything. Although new sections?
    1. Ratmir_Ryazan
      Ratmir_Ryazan 24 August 2017 09: 42
      The nation is not stupid, Rokossovsky was a Pole, but for some reason they had some kind of Russophobes in power for some time, we never lived peacefully with them, well, except for those periods when Poland was part of Russia ...
      1. CT-55_11-9009
        CT-55_11-9009 24 August 2017 10: 24
        Quote: Ratmir_Ryazan
        The nation is not stupid, Rokossovsky was a Pole

        Like Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky.
  14. Romanenko
    Romanenko 24 August 2017 08: 43
    Pan Stas Penta cried that the Poles were killed by both Russians and Germans, so now we have to demand from everyone.
    And why didn’t he take an interest?
    The country is a prostitute and you can’t name it in any other way, it’s all about its history that it fell under the one who pays the most, or rather, even promises more. They didn’t pay very much, but forced to work out in full. So she organized various spy centers, terrorist trainings, anti-Soviet, and later anti-Russian centers for training effective managers ...
    And she always showed herself offended and confused, even after Stalin made her twice as much, it was still not enough.
    And all the time I wanted pills for greed, only more, more ....
    And the fact is extremely simple, for its behavior Poland was repeatedly and brutally beaten by neighbors from all sides and Turks and Tatars and Swedes and Russians and Germans and Ukrainians - some for repairing nasty things, others for negligent attitude to assigned duties, and who it was simply "for showing off" that she hung on and only England alone always consoled her and gently stroked her head - be patient, you will be "from mozh to mozh" ..... she at the same time slipped her silver coins for betrayal and meanness.
    1. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 24 August 2017 10: 18
      The country is a prostitute in a different way and you will not name
      And that poor one, and from a pimp, and from a zealous client - the costs of the profession.
  15. K-50
    K-50 24 August 2017 08: 46
    what happened to Poland then ”

    What happened then? The country was raised from the ruins as soon as possible, the infrastructure was restored, the industry, which was heaped up with orders, agriculture was transferred to the machine-tractor base, and not to the horse one, which increased the production of products for the population. They created a shipbuilding industry, which was not born to the Psheks, and with the assistance of the USSR began to build an ocean-class fishing trawlers, seiners, and warships.
    For all this, Russia receives only howl, curses and lamentations !!! am
    Can I make a desert from Pshekia to protect myself once and for all from these jackals?
    Because people there absolutely do not remember the good, have no appreciation for the help, and generally have a historical memory with incomprehensible twists !! am
    In Hell they have a place, let them then require reparations from the devils !!! am
    1. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 24 August 2017 10: 24
      Can I make a desert from Pshekia to protect myself once and for all from these jackals?
      Well are you so harsh then? To offer Germany to demand East Prussia from the Psheks (we will not give back our part, essno), with the return of the descendants of those Prussians whom the Poles mercilessly expelled from their homes.
      1. K-50
        K-50 24 August 2017 12: 15
        Quote: Black Colonel
        Well are you so harsh then?

        Otherwise, do not shut up. And constantly their bleating to listen to no nerves is not enough. sad laughing
  16. japs
    japs 24 August 2017 09: 09
    Everything is back to square one!
    Already offered the Poles a great option.
    Conduct a seminar in Tel Aviv for historians of PR and Tribaltia on:
    "500 Comparatively Legal Methods of Weaning Holocaust Money."
    "Holocaust" is the key word here. Its versatility amazes him.
    Maybe the Polish people, the Lithuanian people, anything! And the Jews have enough experience raising funds for poverty.

    This once again underscores the weakness of the Russian Federation in the current situation, since
    a pack of donkeys begins to kick a dying lion.
    The toothless policy of the government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs always leads to such a result.
    I can not imagine such a bacchanal in the days of the USSR.
  17. Overlock
    Overlock 24 August 2017 09: 16
    Impunity breeds even more impunity. There is no answer from Russia for saboteurs in the Crimea - the process goes on, they turned a blind eye to the attacks of the Psheks - the Poles raise their complaints higher, the Balts crap us, forgive us. Therefore, why be surprised: they kick everyone who is not lazy, but in response, "wait for an answer." So many were waiting for an answer, but there’s no one to answer, the grandmothers share and guard their mansions in the West.
  18. Ratmir_Ryazan
    Ratmir_Ryazan 24 August 2017 09: 40
    Poland attacked Russia for centuries, the Commonwealth captured Kiev and Smolensk, in the 20s of the last century Poland went to war against Russia, while we were in a civil war, and foreign armies landed around the country from Crimea to Vladivostok, captured Western lands Ukraine and Western Belarus, tens of thousands of Red Army soldiers were killed in captivity, I'm not talking about the fact that Polish units fought on the side of Napoleon and Hitler and captured Moscow in the Time of Troubles ...
    How do their mouths open to demand compensation from Russia ?! For a long time, we would have already instructed some institute with a department of history to analyze all Polish attacks on Russia, calculate the losses taking into account the centuries-old consequences of our citizens who left and present them with a market price of everything that was ruined ...
    I would shove everyone into the throat, who would once again start shouting something about compensation from Russia ... Russia has never attacked Europe in its history, not once ... By the way, the Baltic states would also write a separate bill for participation against Russia when they were part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ... And so, for the sake of fear, to place some unit near them, a tank division, for example ... And then every dumb head is already starting to open its mouth on Russia and demand something , it's time to react more severely to this !!!
  19. Hungary
    Hungary 24 August 2017 10: 27
    It’s just not clear why political scientists and historians participate in this topic. Here we must already attract psychiatrists ...
  20. Operator
    Operator 24 August 2017 11: 35
    According to the WWII results, Poland, according to the decision of the winners of the USSR, the USA and Britain, received only the German lands Silesia, Pomerania and East Prussia, in connection with which it has no right to demand anything else from Germany, for example, reparations.

    The Polish Republic ceased to exist in September 1939 after losing the WWII. The government of the Polish Republic in exile ceased to exist after the expiration of the term of office of the last president of PR Ignacy Moscicki.

    After the liberation of Poland from German occupation by the decision of the Yalta Conference of the USSR, the USA and Great Britain on its territory 29 on June 1945, the Provisional Government was formed, which agreed with all the conditions of the winning countries and subsequently transferred power to the organs of the new state - Poland. The conditions did not include reparations from the USSR.

    So the Poles can go through the woods.