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Riyadh is outraged by the restoration of diplomatic relations between Qatar and Iran

Countries that previously launched a diplomatic scandal against Qatar, having recalled their ambassadors from Doha and declaring a trade blockade to the emirate, expressed outrage that the Qatar authorities decided to fully restore diplomatic relations with Iran. On the eve it became known that the Qatari ambassador will return to Tehran in the near future.

The Qatar Foreign Ministry issued a message of this nature about its decision:
The State of Qatar is looking for partnerships with all countries of the world. We seek to strengthen bilateral relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all areas.

Riyadh is outraged by the restoration of diplomatic relations between Qatar and Iran

Recall that the ambassador of Qatar was recalled from Iran at the beginning of last year. At the same time, some other Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, also went on to reduce or rupture diplomatic relations with Tehran. The reason for the recall of ambassadors was then announced by the harsh statements of the Iranian authorities, aimed, as expressed in Riyadh, at “interfering in the internal affairs of Saudi Arabia”. In Iran, the mass execution of 47 people was sharply condemned, among them was the theologian an-Nimr, who led the Saudi Shiite community.

Now in Qatar, it was decided to support the position of Saudi Arabia on Iran in conditions when Riyadh itself broke off relations with Doha.
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  1. Scharnhorst
    Scharnhorst 24 August 2017 08: 07
    Once rejected the ultimatum - this is the logical next step of an independent country. When, in response to the Eastern European triple sea, we will announce the trike (for example, under sanctions: Iran, Russia, Korea). Probably after the September 10 election?
  2. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 24 August 2017 08: 41
    Princes snickered. They thought their hegemony forever. And not horseradish. Here, bam, and like the hell out of the snuff box, new players and handouts appear. laughing
  3. On guard
    On guard 24 August 2017 09: 28
    let them fight each other.
    1. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 25 August 2017 05: 36
      And so it seemed ... muggy and pot-bellied brats, all in white sheets and turban ... in orderly rows and a dance (step forward and two back) converge wall to wall, singing beautifully and smoking hookahs with virgins ... and how Machilov’s apotheosis - a bunch of scattered pads and mattresses who fell in the battle ... and against the backdrop of a golden sunset, on a dune, a very lonely camel was yelling lonely. And the skinny Husits ​​smiled radiantly.
      Even I suffered - FRIDAY!