Vandalism virus


It turns out it's contagious ...

Last week in Ukraine, they reported on a big “Peremog”: now there is not a single monument left to V. I. Lenin. This was stated by the director of the so-called "Ukrainian Institute of National Memory" Vladimir Vyatrovich. According to him, 2 389 memorials were demolished, of which 1 320 are monuments to Lenin.

«According to our information, Lenin is no longer in the cities - on the territory that is controlled by Ukraine. Perhaps they remained in the countryside and in the territory of enterprises"Said Vyatrovich.

Well, not everyone, even a convinced, neo-Nazi, will go to demonstrate his hateful beliefs for a real war. There you can get a bullet from the defenders of Donbass. There is a light option for those who have a small intestine - to heroically fight monuments. Especially - in conditions when dissent in the country is suppressed, and those who would dare to go out and protest against vandalism, face considerable prison sentences.

At the same time, the authorities have something to do: not to raise salaries and pensions, not to solve the real problems of citizens who, after the “Maidan”, have accumulated “over the roof”. It is easier to dismantle the monuments and report on the reason for pride. It is not surprising that the victory in this unequal battle was left for the “de-communizers”.

But virus vandalism went further.

It is hardly surprising that the neighboring Poland “got infected”. In terms of unconsciousness, rabid Russophobia and neglect stories these two countries stand each other and even constantly compete with each other.

However, who would have expected that the Maidan plague would fly across the ocean and go straight to the center of “civilization” and “democracy” - to America?

Of course, there is no one hundred percent analogy between the orgy of vandals in Ukraine and the United States. In Ukraine (and in Poland) they fight with memorials erected in honor of the people of leftist views. In the USA, it would seem, there is a struggle with the monuments to the bearers of opposing, reactionary ideas. In fact, both there and there - struggle with history. Moreover, in addition to the Confederates, other historical figures are also hit. Among them - the same Lenin.

Before this whole mess, few knew that in Seattle there is a monument to the leader of the world proletariat. It turns out that such a monument exists. But he is in private ownership - he is owned by the family of Lewis Carpenter, who at one time brought it from Slovakia. The monument is already 20 years old. It happened that some vandals doused him with paint. Now the statue had more powerful enemies.

The mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, equated Ilyich with the Confederates (which, of course, is contrary to common sense). And he demanded that both him and the Confederates be removed - in his words, this "symbols of hate, racism and violence». Although Lenin with his ideology does not fit with racism.

In the post-Soviet space - for example, in the same Ukraine - it happened many times that people were killed when the monument was destroyed: either as a result of clashes of vandals and defenders, or - during the demolition itself. Now in the American Charlottesville, as a result of the struggle for the monument to General Robert Lee, an 32-year-old woman died and another two dozen people were injured. It would be better if no one touched the story ...

But the insidious virus, it would seem, came straight from Kiev Maidan ... Or maybe just the opposite?

We just celebrated the 26 anniversary of the events, as a result of which the history of Russia and all the Republics that were part of the Soviet Union abruptly changed. Then the virus of vandalism came to our land, and one of the symbols of the victorious "democracy" was the orphaned Dzerzhinsky Square in Moscow. The one that today is called Lubyanka and where 26 has no monument for years ...

It was only the “first swallow”. After the crowd dealt with the monument to Dzerzhinsky, throughout the post-Soviet space, including Russia, a wave of struggle with Soviet history and its symbols swept.

There is no need to prove once again that the events of 1991 of the year did not just flare up - the United States and its allies attached their long hands to them. So, the virus that was sown 26 years ago by Washington in Moscow, made a kind of whirlwind and returned - to the place where no one was waiting for it.

And now he got not only to the Confederates and even not only to the distressful monument to Ilyich, but even to Columbus. Monuments to the discoverer of America today were under attack. One of them, located in Baltimore, is already damaged - it was done under the slogans of "combating racism." And the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio intends to seriously consider dismantling the monument to Columbus due to the fact that he is “an ambiguous figure” (as if all the other memorials are put to “unequivocal” personalities!)

Sculptures that have stood for many years, have to "take the rap" for the sins of living politicians. However, a rhetorical question arises: if in the United States today they relate to their own history, how can they relate to the history of other countries?

But we see this attitude almost every day - in one place, then in another corner of the world, where not only the virus of vandalism spreads, but also the more terrible virus of war, which destroys monuments and living people.
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    25 August 2017 15: 09
    I don’t understand what is the point of demolishing monuments? better let the standard of living rise as in Western Europe
    1. +1
      25 August 2017 19: 46
      The last and largest monument to "Lenin - the occupier" (according to the Ukrainian version) was demolished in Zaporozhye last year.
  2. +1
    25 August 2017 15: 09
    Demolished monuments to the old leaders, but put new. Type Shukhevych and Baedera in Ukraine. And in the USA they will demolish Robert Lee ... And who will they put in return? Tolerasts ...
  3. 0
    25 August 2017 16: 00
    VAZ2106 and SWEDISH_TABLE. monuments are set to justify the present and direct to the future. but demolished when they renounce history. During the entry of Poland into tsarist Russia, the population increased significantly. during the period 1939 - 1945, 6 lyamas of the Poles were killed. at the time of 1945, no one wanted to provide economic assistance to Poland. Europe has been hit hard. but the semi-destroyed and hungry USSR took custody of Poland. and until the middle of 1955, the Polish people only gratefully treated the Soviet soldier and people. when did you stop massively erecting monuments? in 80 years! screams of demolition began. exit . input . demolition. you can justify anything and everything. hi
    1. MrK
      25 August 2017 18: 17
      What are you all about Ukraine and Poland. You look at how many monuments in the Russian Federation demolished and renamed streets.
      1. 0
        26 August 2017 09: 33
        Well, we also had an 90x course. renounced history. or am I lying? maybe someone drank clearly? or lethargic dream? Secretary General h m about. kings. down to the ruriks. only amer preziki. that's where the people are. and kolya 2. it is a sacrifice. children were killed. you would discover and see who the first revolutionaries were. ethnic and territorial issue. where? who? where from? otherwise I’m listening to our liberos, and I wonder. who? ethnic contingent working in (triples). not one moron knows elemental. party politics and politics of renunciation. everything . but you need to know - who? where? where from? Is it in Kazan that they were read by the capital of Marx? or in Ryazan? Voronezh peasants worried about the issue of communism? 1905 or 1916. and this is probably the Dagestan highlanders excitedly read Engels. 4 his mother is the volume or revolution, the workers of Ufa shouted. laughing Yes, it was deeply for everyone. chants moved. everything to everyone. a peasant woman. a woman for a man. well and further laughing churches were not broken because of religion. but as a tool. in 80 even Muslims were baptized. while the USSR was. directors churches destroyed in films were inserted. want a church. but now we don’t want to shout. Kiryusha is called the patriarch. priests on ECHO and RAIN. the destruction of statehood they need. and for this they demolish and erect monuments. hi
  4. +5
    25 August 2017 18: 48
    Well, demolished the monuments to Lenin, so what? Lenin generally demolished the monuments to all historical figures of Russia, destroyed the churches that were built back in the 10th century. And no one screams or resents. The Bolshevik guys broke the grave of Admiral Ushakov, so what? Someone outraged by the Communists? Bagration’s grave was blown up in 1932 and our glorious communists are silent. It was not worth the Bolsheviks to start a war with monuments. They themselves started, now they themselves receive. Like the saying goes; What goes around comes around.
    1. +3
      25 August 2017 19: 23
      By the way, Khokhlam’s need not to be demolished, but to peel it from the gums from his filing altogether, instead of the provinces of the Russian Empire, the Union republics and Ukraine arose, including the way that the bald one laid a stone in today's ruin and tochnik, and for that he was such a pi
    2. The comment was deleted.
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    26 August 2017 00: 20
    And get to Columbus? "England is something that did not please him?" (with).
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. +1
    27 August 2017 19: 15
    In our city, the monument to Lenin both stood and stands. And there is Lenin street. And the Communist Avenue is also available. However, our city is young, it was founded in 1949. So we have no "historical" names. But if anyone tries to approach the monument with a sledgehammer, personally I’ll give them in the face. Unless, of course, the turn comes ...
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    16 September 2017 00: 57
    Decree on the monuments of the Republic. Signed by: Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars V. Ulyanov (Lenin), People's Commissars: A. Lunacharsky, I. Stalin, Secretary of the Council of Hunchbacks.Ленинский_план_монум