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In the military parade of Ukraine will take part foreign military

As the RIA NewsIn addition to US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, the heads of military departments of a number of countries will visit Kiev on the occasion of the military parade timed to the 26 anniversary of the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence.

The celebrations will be attended by the Ministers of Defense of Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Montenegro, Estonia, Georgia, Moldova, as well as the Deputy Minister of Defense of Great Britain.

Participation of soldiers from NATO member countries in this event is planned. Among them, the military calculations of the United States, Britain, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, as well as the military from Moldova and Georgia, whose authorities expect to join the organization. Latvia, Romania and Estonia will demonstrate their presence in landmark groups. In total, a foreign soldier will take part in the parade.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are counting on activating thousands of soldiers in the 4,5 parade. Musical accompaniment will be provided by approximately 500 representatives of the consolidated orchestra. An exhibition will be held in the center of Kiev in which the public is expected to show 70 samples of military equipment. At the end of the parade it is planned to transfer equipment to parts of the Ukrainian army.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 24 August 2017 04: 55
    "Feast in Time of Plague..."
    1. Cat
      Cat 24 August 2017 05: 03
      Especially touches the number of foreign troops. Almost half the size of the orchestra!
      And the list of "countries" should be noted.
      1. Hoc vince
        Hoc vince 24 August 2017 05: 08
        In fact, the US Secretary of Defense will personally host a military parade in a foreign country. As is customary in sovereign and independent states ...
      2. Teberii
        Teberii 24 August 2017 05: 53
        Great sovereignty relying on foreign expeditionary forces.
      3. Pete mitchell
        Pete mitchell 24 August 2017 10: 06
        What are you, how can this be? After all, the Balts cannot send a full-fledged unit, who will protect the country laughing wassat crying
        And the orchestra seems to be the most combat-ready unit of the 404s. request clowns, one word
    2. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 24 August 2017 06: 56
      A bunch of Russia's worst enemies, it would be nice to cover this parade. angry
    3. krops777
      krops777 24 August 2017 09: 45
      In the military parade of Ukraine will take part foreign military

      These or something, I think which flag does not matter.
  2. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 24 August 2017 05: 01
    And they’ll take it right. They shed blood while protecting the Ruins from its people.
  3. Masya masya
    Masya masya 24 August 2017 05: 16
    The celebrations will be attended by the Ministers of Defense of Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Montenegro, Estonia, Georgia, Moldova

    well, then you’re boiling over anyone ... if only to the peak of Russia ...
  4. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 24 August 2017 05: 28
    Do not be lazy, take a look on YouTube "Gay accepts Ukraine’s independence parade." This is something.
  5. sgr291158
    sgr291158 24 August 2017 05: 42
    Well, it’s a shame to show your drunken army.
  6. Holsten
    Holsten 24 August 2017 06: 00
    The Natyuki hint that they will defend Ukraine with their breasts and backs (differentiation by the degree of involvement of the armed forces of these countries in the LGBT movement)
  7. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 24 August 2017 06: 31
    It rained down ... When I remember, and with ours, foreigners marched in the same ranks on Victory Day - everyone considered respect. And then such another "nidniebesukopiya" basement.
    1. serkhan
      serkhan 24 August 2017 07: 02
      on the Victory Day were foreigners - everyone considered respect

      Isn’t the obvious difference between Victory Day and Independence Day ?! On Victory Day, there would be no shame and other countries-participants of the Second World War who fought with fascism to "check out". And here on Independence Day foreign troops - that’s all Independence in Ukrainian. So do not confuse black with white.
      1. VadimSt
        VadimSt 24 August 2017 08: 07
        Yes, you friends are wrong! It’s just that representatives of all the "amusing armies" of Europe will be gathered in one square, and their parade will be hosted by the representative of colonial Great Britain!
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 August 2017 06: 58
    Yesterday at "60 min", Tryukhan spoke with aspiration and delight about the upcoming parade and the presence of Americans there. Already a forelock rang with pride. At the same time, as usual, he did not forget about the war with Russia and the collapse of Russia from the sanctions and power of NATO. He was not even embarrassed that the American anthem would be performed at the parade. Everyone and everything was sold for a place on the rug under the door of NATO.
    1. Cheshire
      Cheshire 24 August 2017 07: 14
      Yesterday at "60 min", Tryukhan spoke with aspiration and delight about the upcoming parade and the presence of the Americans there. Already a forelock rang with pride.
      So Ch M O it is everywhere Ch M O. Let the rolls get used to push, fat nothing, and wash his wife for amers.
    2. mikh-korsakov
      mikh-korsakov 24 August 2017 08: 08
      It’s good that you wrote about it. I also watched this program. Only now, after I saw all this, my heart ached, because it became unspeakably embarrassing for our state, because none of the “experts” present and the presenters, who were journalists from the best against the background, could adequately calmly and reasonably answer the brazen boast of the Ukrainian (Zhirinovsky does not count - too emotional and not always fair). It seemed that in Ukraine the enemy defeated us in all respects, which means that politics both yours and ours crashed, the KhPP (if it was) failed. We were fooled with Minsk, so even this organism Sytin could squeak, what kind of diplomacy that allows itself to be deceived. I would like our authorities to finally clarify their position, but honestly, without fools
  9. Baloo
    Baloo 24 August 2017 07: 07
    Will the FSA ambassador take the parade or will Biden come up?
  10. Alexander the Unforgettable
    Alexander the Unforgettable 24 August 2017 08: 01
    why isn’t Israel?
  11. trophy
    trophy 24 August 2017 08: 17
    Let Labusov be invited, those who defiled in a coat at the notorious parade.
  12. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 24 August 2017 10: 31
    Ukraine is quite successfully integrating itself into Western structures. The downside of our diplomacy.
  13. bsk_una
    bsk_una 25 August 2017 06: 25
    Ukrainians are doing everything as ours: the dominance of the oligarchy, the destruction of the economy, and now the parade of foreign troops.
  14. Belimbai
    Belimbai 25 August 2017 10: 34
    Yesterday I looked at it ..... mmmm .... the triumph of power. On May 9, Novosibirsk was much more powerful ...