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Turkish Stars will perform at the Army-2017 forum

According to information RIA News, the country's military department reported that on the third day of the international military-technical forum Army-2017 in the sky over the Patriot fleet, the Turkish Stars air group will perform.

The leading Russian groups will take part in the airshow in Kubinka near Moscow, and the Turkish stars will perform at the Alabino training ground.

In this case, the participation of Russian aerobatic teams, as well as a single pilotage of the latest aircraft and helicopters will be held above the Kubinka airfield.

The Turkish aerobatic team, created in 1992, performs on 8 fighter aircraft F-5 Freedom Fighter. The squadron is commanded by Major Esra Ozatay, the first Turkish pilot to occupy such a position.

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  1. Vanek
    Vanek 24 August 2017 04: 27
    Turkish aerobatics team, established in 1992,

    25 years of decent experience.

    A serious bid to win.
    1. Sharky
      Sharky 24 August 2017 04: 30
      And this F5 freedom fighter bell can? request
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 24 August 2017 04: 35
        Quote: Sharky
        And this F5 freedom fighter bell can?

        My dad, Honored Master of Sports (USSR) in auto rally, said this:

        - It doesn’t matter what tires are on wheels. Winter-whether, summer-whether. Not important. If the steering wheel does not hold in your hands, then the rubber has nothing to do with it. Not the rubber to blame. wink

        It all depends on the quality of training, skills, etc. And then, the bell is not the main thing. I think so. hi
        1. corporal
          corporal 24 August 2017 05: 14
          And I personally hate the participation of the Turks. Their colleague of ours failed stealthily. And these, it turns out, will be tearing applause.
          "Verba" them in the scruff of the neck am

          Yes, I am vindictive.
          1. raki-uzo
            raki-uzo 24 August 2017 07: 20
            Quote: Corporal
            Yes, I am vindictive.

            How to overcome grudge?
            - A man who allowed himself to become vindictive and touchy destroys his body and psyche himself. Realizing his vengeful wishes, he constantly provokes new waves of aggression.
            - Resentment, not finding a way out, begins to destroy a person from the inside. Therefore, we must strive to get rid of our resentment. To do this, you should not expect too much from others. After all, each person can do as he pleases, and not in accordance with the intentions we ascribe to him in relation to us.
            -Positive approach. If you don’t always interpret the actions of those around you based on negative messages, grudge will never become a feature of your character. After all, we cannot surely know what is becoming the true cause of the actions of others, which cause us resentment and grudge. It is better to assume a positive reason for a person’s actions towards you than to come up with a negative explanation of a person’s behavior and take offense at him for life.
            -Ability to control your emotions and actions. Feeling a sense of resentment and the associated sense of revenge, a person primarily punishes himself. His resentment begins to destroy, first of all, his body, his soul and body as a whole. In order to maintain your health, you must be able to neutralize your emotions. It is necessary to try to find the good and focus on it even in the worst of situations.
            -Constructivity. While a person feels resentment for the harm done to him, he destroys only himself, experiencing negative emotions. Growing vindictiveness and resentment in oneself is unsafe first of all for oneself. If you are offended by accident, then you should not pay attention to it. And if this was done with intent, then you need to remember that, without reacting to it, with your indifference you annoy the offender and force him to harm yourself.
            1. Bath
              Bath 24 August 2017 09: 03
              even I point out the guys suddenly again a stab in the back right at the performance
        2. Siberia 9444
          Siberia 9444 24 August 2017 18: 21
          But I live in Siberia and I’ll say the difference is winter or summer, do not carry the blizzard wink And on the topic, those who shot down our pilot speak for the army in 2017! They will not get off with tomatoes alone!
          1. Vanek
            Vanek 25 August 2017 04: 14
            Quote: Siberia 9444
            And I live in Siberia and I’ll say

            From Novosibirsk to you hi

            It all depends on the level of training, skills and mastery. "It wasn’t about the babin ...."


            If the salad is tasteless - there is nothing to do with the products !!! The cook is to blame! A good cook will make a candy out of guana. And here is the same thing.

            EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE and again: - O P S T!
            1. Siberia 9444
              Siberia 9444 25 August 2017 15: 31
              Ivan hi soon, and this in 2020 will be like 20 years behind the wheel, that experience agrees with you all 100. I don’t know in which region of our big country you live BUT. You know the degeneration "the road was burning frost" is when it is minus 30, 35 on the street and at night it drops to 40, 42 it happens and at 50 winter tires become like a tree, and summer belay shock absorbers do not work and any mistake even in the winter! God forbid !!!! If no one helps, frostbite troupe. In the city, well, you can laughing the main thing Kruzaki 200 is not to catch up for 6000000 rubles and pedestrians are not sent to the next world, they generally do not look at the road hi It will be more careful on the roads, this is for everyone drinks
  2. irazum
    irazum 24 August 2017 18: 36
    Let them perform. What is the problem then?
    1. Siberia 9444
      Siberia 9444 24 August 2017 20: 09
      Yes, what a problem! This is the same as tankers from VSU who killed Donbass militias will come to the parade! (Tank as an example)