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Magnificent ten. TOP 10 Best Fighters & Bombers 2017


To be honest ... That article is about nothing. I just liked the rating from "The TOP" and the music for the videos in particular. Read the article MANDATORY in the headphones and can be with the monitor off (I'm so in World of Tanks I play by the way).

TOP 10 Best Fighters (Aircraft) In The World 2017 | Military Technology 2017 - The best 10 fighter in the world on 2017:

  • 1. T-50 (Russia) - Su-57 / 22+35= 57
    good Troll, so troll, so decided the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
  • 2. F-22 Raptor (USA)
  • 3. Su-35 with (Russia)
  • 4. Su-30 MKI (Russia)
  • 4. F-35 Lightning II (USA)
  • 5. F-16 (US)
  • 5. Eurofighter Typhoon (UES)
  • 6. Dassault Rafale (France) - not really a fighter.
  • 7. F-15 Strike Eagle (USA)
  • 8. F / A-18 Hornet Super (USA)
  • 9. J-10 (China) - 戰鬥機 J-10
  • 10. JAS-39 Gripen (Sweden) - also not exactly a fighter

And if with No. XXNX, I, and probably the majority, naturally speaking to the comrades from Israel, will agree:

Now, for me certainly, the positions of 3,4,5 are ambiguous. Not so straightforward.
Personally, the author of this opus pins JAS-39 Gripen and Dassault Rafale.

Shl. Dassault Mirage 2000 is also good, was:

music and film "Les Chevaliers du ciel"

TOP 10 Best Bombers (Aircraft) In The World 2017 = TOP 10 the best bombers in the world at 2017 year.

  • 1. Tupolev Tu-160 (Russia)
  • 2. B-2 SPIRIT (USA)
  • 3. SU-34 (Russia) - as if not quite a bomber
  • 4. B-1 LANCER (USA) - bomber (or rather B-1B?)
  • 5. AVRO VULCAN (United Kingdom) - people had earlier aesthetic inclinations
  • 6. B-52 (USA)
  • 7. Tu-95 M (Russia)
  • 8. Tu-22 M (Russia)
  • 9. SU-24 (Russia)
  • 10. Tupolev Tu-142 (Russia)

My opinion - LANCER is a lot cooler SPIRIT:

But I'm a deer [1] (I mean, not a pilot) - therefore, it is possible and not to pay attention to my (e-mayo) opinion.

Finally. Since Gripen so impressed me ... let's say tolerantly (raised blood pressure), I support the Swedes and the Swedish Sun (SWEDISH MILITARY POWER).

The video is positioned as follows:
The Swedish Armed Forces of the 2017 sample - in the face of a threat, are ready to give “lyuly” to everyone and everyone, and also to answer any challenge!

This is not a huhra-mukhra.

Music by the way from Nickelback (Canadian alternative rock band, founded in 1995, in the city of Hanna, Alberta).

Yesterday I received an official message from Försvarsmakte and personally from comrade Peter Hultqvist

This video is asked to be considered as a worthy response of the descendants of the Vikings to the evil and fake libel of Putin's television and Yesterday live, including.

Thank you for making the RIGHT rating about the aircraft to the Top comrade.

[1] "Deer" is a registered brand of player name in WoT, belonging to the family of artiodal and horned mammals that have hoofs instead of hands.
See the big Belarusian clever dictionary of Victor Sour.

Dave Majumdar and the National Interest team have a big hello.

Used videos, photos, thoughts and words:

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  1. Lex.
    Lex. 25 August 2017 07: 09
    And where is instant-35?
    1. mishastich
      mishastich 25 August 2017 08: 47
      Preparing for the test.) And again, the subjective top. How to compare Abrams and T-90 for a hundred millionth time.
    2. svp67
      svp67 25 August 2017 12: 02
      Quote: Lex.
      And where is instant-35?

      While there is only MiG-29
      1. WapentakeLokki
        WapentakeLokki 25 August 2017 23: 04
        The film is a real boat but the instruments in the MiG’s cabin were apparently taken from Top Gan (ur-ds would have taken the cabin from Look On there everything is extremely real) and the maneuvers of this “Air Battle” cause only laughter, not to mention the fact that the MiG turned Eagles would be a dogfight for once in general a Korean imitation of the good old Top Gan
  2. VAZ2106
    VAZ2106 25 August 2017 09: 31
    price of operation not taken into account?
  3. DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer 25 August 2017 10: 21
    Not couch theorists, but the battlefield gives the most correct comparison.
  4. saruman
    saruman 25 August 2017 11: 08
    With the first place T-50, not entirely correct. Since there’s no finished airplane yet. Test platforms fly while. As serial samples appear, then put in the ratings.
  5. Starik72
    Starik72 25 August 2017 18: 10
    Every gypsy praises his mare in the market, which is why I don’t trust these ratings too much. I trust Taktiko Technically Data more, although whoever fully discloses the TTD to us. But already by the published TTD data one can judge the product, good or bad. And yet one cannot discount the skill of the people who manage this product.
    1. karabas-barabas
      karabas-barabas 29 August 2017 21: 20
      You look at the author ..

      VO seems to be deficient in interesting articles on military subjects ..
  6. netslave
    netslave 25 August 2017 21: 38
    How ugly "lightning" with its huge anus!
    And how beautiful in their elegance "drying"!
  7. irazum
    irazum 25 August 2017 21: 40
    So there’s nothing more to choose from, all that we have ...