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Ambush and victory of submarine guerrillas

Independently functioning machinery, or, more simply, robots are gradually being introduced into all spheres of life. And since progressive innovations are used primarily in the military field, then such a promising type of water transport, as underwater gliders, they are gliders, immediately bought patrons for their epaulets.

Information on the tactical and technical characteristics of such products that fall into the media, stingy. However, domestic glider builders have nothing to be proud of. Unless the realization that the theoretical calculations of the underwater movement of gliders due to the alternating changes in the residual buoyancy were obtained by our scientists almost simultaneously with foreign ones. However, both the notorious 90 and the subsequent stagnation of the technical thought itself in this direction prevented the development of success in the hardware. It is bitter to admit, but the seven or eight largest Russian universities and leading units of the Defense Ministry are only to some extent trying to achieve the parameters of the copied foreign structure, saturating their duplicates with the key elements of import performance again.

For several years, the exhibition bravado, commonly referred to as window dressing, has not been accompanied by real sea tests with an autonomous glider swim for at least a couple of weeks, not to mention the repetition of records of American copies of nine months of walking for several thousand kilometers across the Pacific Ocean. The miserable pool dives of domestic replicas even in the reports of the leading channels cannot hide the “sewer” components that our gliders consist of.

An attempt of the Foundation for Perspective Research to unite the developers of this technique through round tables did not bring a positive result: the lack of ideas within the invited groups does not reveal the leader, and the general mood to share the financial pie translates the problem into a non-constructive plane.

Ambush and victory of submarine guerrillas

Six kilometers down

Against this background, the success of Chinese experts can be called ambitious: their glider has reached a depth in excess of 6300 meters. However, as they themselves honestly admitted, last year, with a similar attempt, the device was lost, which did not prevent another 12 from being made for record dives and testing swarm tactics. Just for comparison, I will mention that the characteristics of domestic exhibition samples are unlikely to allow them to emerge from the depth of 100 meters, and applicants for diving to 300 and even more so 500 meters are in the “development of design documentation”, more simply, reflection and pricing.

However, we will not panic, but we will carry out a sober engineering analysis of the design of the Chinese glider. In this case, we will try to maintain maximum impartiality.

So what is the depth glider for? Theoretically, by reducing the number of dive-lift cycles for converting them to linear movement, it will be possible to achieve maximum range with minimal energy consumption. But for operating at great depths, a hydraulic pump of the appropriate pressure is needed - here lies the main trick. The “head-to-flow” relationship is very hard, while ensuring high pressure, the pump will have a minimum flow rate - and it is unlikely that it can be made adjustable in such an envelope. Consequently, to pump a working fluid of the same volume in the buoyancy change module, such a pump needs to perform more movements, and this is both hydraulic and mechanical losses, which are subtracted from the percent efficiency.

The antenna carried forward hints at the further modernization of the glider with the installation of an additional propulsion unit from the rear; such constructions are not a novelty, they are also available from domestic manufacturers. But parasitic hydrodynamic forces arise on the surface of the apparatus, which will help to divert the glider planning from a given trajectory, which leads to more frequent activation of the compass and additional adjustments, and therefore energy costs. Rigidly fixed planning planes do not imply the use of a glider through torpedo tubes of submarines, and the impressive dimensions and weight require the presence of lifting devices on the vessel operator.

The sounded autonomy of the previous modification of the entire 30 day at a distance of a thousand kilometers indicates either the irrational use of the mass of the glider for installing batteries, or the low efficiency of the used drives and electronics. And most likely the lack of sources of renewable energy. In general, strong middling in its class without innovative delights, but with an emphasis on "diving."

What can, what is needed

Consider the "application matrix" of gliders, which consists of the range of seas adjacent to China and functions. It can be seen that the main oceanic areas occupy depths of up to two kilometers, and the hydrological parameters of water (temperature, salinity, speed of sound) collected by these specimens are important only for submariners, whose total line is up to one kilometer. It turns out that the depth of the Chinese glider in most cases will be excessively harmful. After all, to ensure the required dry volume, a robust case must be adequately reinforced and, therefore, weighted at the rate of external pressure of almost 700 atmospheres. Dimensions, weight, technological complexity of high-pressure hydraulics, low autonomy, increased load on the operating unit - you will have to pay for all the additional costs.

Undoubtedly, one can try to invent peaceful applications such as collecting soil samples from the bottom, observing the underwater world, searching for sunken objects and so on. But let's not forget that the main customer of the glider is the military, it makes no sense for them to spend public money to study the depths for the sake of their economic use. Therefore, more prosaic tasks will be to combat enemy’s bottom sonar stations, install mines on transoceanic cables to damage them at the right time and pop up bookmarks near the coasts and naval bases to cause inevitable damage to the aggressor’s economy (projects like “Dead Hand” or “Status -6 ") in the event of a war. I must say, this type of glider is the best fit for this. In truth, sabotage and subversive missions can be performed by other underwater vehicles, but not every country has powerful submarines for their covert delivery to the site.

In addition to the “guerrilla” function, gliders can solve the multiple tasks of anti-submarine defense, navigating submarines and their robotic options in the ocean, be carriers of UAVs for missile launchers launched by the AUG, and protect submarine alert areas from aviation enemy, independently shell the decks of aircraft carriers and do much more. Only the design of such diverse gliders is completely different from the hero of this story. They will be unified according to the main nodes among themselves in view of the required thousands of copies, and the main emphasis will be on the autonomy of the drift, and not on the depth of immersion - with the inclusion of a renewable energy source while improving the control and movement system. It will be like in the aviation of the last century: the transition from “bookcases made of slivers and ropes” to the streamlined, fast-moving liners familiar to the modern eye. But, apparently, the aforementioned evolutionary leap will not happen soon. Ships from slivers to make easier and more familiar.

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  1. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 27 August 2017 08: 21
    The case for great depths can be made of a relatively thin toroidal pipe wound on a blank to create a body of the desired shape and volume and welded between the turns. Such a housing is then filled with inert gas under high pressure. More precisely, it’s not the case itself inside, but the pipeline from which this case is “entwined”. Italians have this technology.
    1. Gorbaty
      Gorbaty 27 August 2017 11: 22
      But not the Chinese. It seems that the author is only interested in Chinese gliders and why they dive so deep.
      1. Denimax
        Denimax 27 August 2017 11: 33
        For a record diving, it is possible for a bathyscaphe, the release of gasoline and the dumping of ballast.
  2. Gorbaty
    Gorbaty 27 August 2017 11: 21
    Good "compact" article. In a word, everything in Russia is bad with gliders.
  3. 2534M
    2534M 27 August 2017 16: 07
    Quote: Gorbatiy
    Good "compact" article. In a word, everything in Russia is bad with gliders.

    the article is simply illiterate DUTER, from the famous swindler of the titmouse,his own "imperishable" on this topic:
    Revelations of the city of Sinitsa (Aviagr):
    28.12.2015/10/59 XNUMX:XNUMX Under these goals still 20 years ago (!) I developed UAVs from extruded PVC panels with a unique two-stroke engine, with a payload of 120-150 kg payload, which may include electronic warfare elements with target designation for UAV missile carriers, or several NUR or UR S-80, or 7,62 TT machine guns, or anti-tank or "air" "air" missiles, freely falling bombs, UAVs, glider bombs, etc.
    28.12.2015/13/04 120:150 TTX has already indicated: 90-120 kg of fuel. The rest depends on this characteristic almost completely. Yes, speed 400-XNUMXkm / h, range XNUMXkm. The cost of a glider with an engine is approaching zero with serial production of 100 thousand per year ... Although rockets and a machine gun - also their own, cheaper than existing ones.
    28.12.2015 13:55 What to "shove" - ​​has already been invented (partially), but the glider and engine are still not there. No missiles, no machine guns (to deal with alien UAVs and manpower) FAILURE - these are also my developments.
    28.12.2015/15/04 2004:XNUMX During this time (since XNUMX) one could already to organize the MASS production of my (yes mine!) UAVs, on which everyone else can hang anything.
    15.12.2015/13/28 2:10 ... 15. Until the threatened period, I will deploy several thousand robotic sailing catamarans with GAS along the coasts — that is, a layered surface distributed SOSUS with a distance between catamaran sensors of 3-4 km and a two-level depth of hydrophones on each (above and below the layer) sound jump). XNUMX. Part of the catamarans can carry anti-torpedoes (two each) with cable control from the catamaran - both PLO and anti-status defense. XNUMX. At enemy (Russian Federation and China in this case) coasts and in areas of deployment (including under the ice of the Arctic), their submarines will place in advance hundreds of thousands of underwater gliders of various modifications ("Secret" bar) to track ships, submarines, launches Statuses, destruction of stationary HACs, mine-demolition work, etc.
    15.12.2015/15/44 2:XNUMX XNUMX. The network of catamarans - this is the DISTRIBUTED BGAS ... 3. There is no need to accompany there: discovered-destroyed. ... 19.01.2016/08/38 XNUMX:XNUMX ... That's it polka butterflies are dancing near me, picking out ideas of underwater gliders, robotic catamarans, PVC UAVs, new cruise missiles with a new PuVRD and other unique things. He made a report on Rubin, Malachite and Krylovsky sent descriptions - not enough, come on again. But what about financing? - we will eat it ourselves. ...
    22.01.2016/09/04 XNUMX:XNUMX equipped cheap air-to-air missiles a continuous border line of several echelons of such UAVs will be able to stop a massive strike by subsonic Tomahawks;
    22.01.2016 11:58 The Russian Navy needs hundreds of thousands of underwater gliders and robotic unmanned (crewless) sailing catamarans, ... And missiles to them with a new modernized PuVRD: it is possible by barmel at the price of 100 thousand
    28.01.2016/09/36 XNUMX:XNUMX And everyone has their own weapons, up to Caliber / Granite. But I like my Skolopendra with the new PuVRD - cheap for mass, inconspicuous and merciless, like a praying mantis.
    31.01.2016/20/40 30:50 Therefore, the optimal solution is XNUMX-XNUMXkg, for most tasks. Naturally, for transportation Caliber or Physics - you need an appropriate solution. ... Robotic sailing catamarans cover most of the problems of quick delivery of gliders to the database area, periodic recharging, return to the base in case of breakdowns, relay of important data to the satellite, transmission of positioning coordinates for gliders and submarines without their ascent, protection of the database area (signaling about the presence of strangers) and many others That is, it is a complex task, and we know how to solve it.
    02.02.2016 06:45 Gliders are carriers of weapons (missiles, torpedoes, etc.), including stationary mines, which did not catch anyone, but sank a lot of ships and submarines. As with terrestrial ones, it is not necessary to tear a person into atoms, it is enough to damage a leg (50 g of explosives) - and a person is practically not a fighter. Will your destroyer be able to do a lot with a damaged sap liner, with destroyed radar, a helm column? Does anyone want to start with an aircraft carrier or land on it if periodically 80-mm missiles pour on its deck? And the submarines will find something to surprise. ... How the glider will be held in position - the answer is 10 billion.
    09.02.2016/15/38 XNUMX:XNUMX ... and the cost of the glider min bundle is a maximum of 500 thousand,
    14.02.2016/19/08 XNUMX:XNUMX my "Skolopendra" with a modernized PuVRD (yes, subsonic, range is less than that of Caliber, but also costs 200tyr in ... my catamaran (without the cost of additional equipment, a workable floating frame) with mass production - about 400tyr.
    01.02.2016 08:53 To execute the algorithm "destroy everything that moves, after the command Fas!" enough Chinese scarf for 2-3 thousand rubles ... … and no more: information costs a lot of money. Here's an example: Replacing positioning bottom defendant beacons. .... When the glider battery is discharged, it automatically returns to the base (unambiguously under the ice)
    11.02.2016 09:25 Articles (video) will be posted by a strategic partner who will invest at least 10bn in the development and manufacture of this catamaran - I see no reason to scatter such grandiose inventions.
    11.02.2016/11/27 XNUMX:XNUMX a few personal examples of life, when factories went bankrupt including because they refused to introduce new products on MY terms - ... my ideas have not gone anywhere - even now take and produce. .. I AM I am well versed in the economics of my products, which is why I propose for the time being only a mechanized bell market:
    09.02.2016/09/23 XNUMX:XNUMX Gliders - carriers of a variety of weapons, including and stationary mines, which practically they themselves are due to the low speed. But they have SELF-DELIVERY to the place of mining and BACK TO BASIS for auto-clearance after the conflict,
    11.02.2016/19/27 XNUMX:XNUMX Again, under ice PLO is more difficult with it, in view of (who would have thought!) Ice. But there are pluses (I’m keeping silent about them for the time being) - you have to try, experience. In fact, I can download more than one university with the topics of dissertations, including and doctorates in this area,
    30.01.2016/10/27 XNUMX:XNUMX one of the functions of my UAVs with missiles with adjustable time of detonation, pneumatic 30 mm gun and double-barreled machine guns chambered for 7,62 TT .. My catamaran has about 30 !!! different ways of use, including and civilian (in the pre-war time - let him catch a fish, transport goods to Crimea, predict weather, etc.). ... they are paired with gliders - those will have an option with a mini-missile defense from helicopters and airplanes (starting / landing on an aircraft carrier) - that's why I say that an aircraft carrier is a useless cruise ship when my gliders fill the expanses of the ocean (for But until I even found with whom the mechanized bell-market to patent - all imagine themselves to be great shipbuilders, twirl their noses. gliders and catamarans should not rush across the ocean as announced, but should ALWAYS be in the right areas in the right amount. This is decided by ADVANCE AND QUANTITY. ...- their design should be "licked" thoroughly under mass production - and only I can do it! UAVs of my level for 20 years can not even create a virtual. Destruction of observing catamarans = loss of communication with them - automatically activates glider mines and torpedoes / missiles - and they will definitely clear the expanses of the ocean from all evil spirits ...
    15.02.2016 09:07 But let everyone know - I have designs that are many times better than existing and developed by them. Catamarans and gliders are just a tiny fraction of my designs. I just like to solve problems in a comprehensive way, covering them almost completely with my own solutions (hence the Skolopendra, my own BGAS, a double-barreled machine gun chambered for TT 7,62; a self-propelled mortar under a 40-mm upgraded grenade from a grenade launcher and many others).
    15.02.2016/10/17 6:XNUMX So far there will be XNUMX gliders of mine, and they are all completely different than the bourgeois ones and our copies on them. Want more - you know the price.

    laughing laughing laughing
    1. Gorbaty
      Gorbaty 28 August 2017 05: 39
      What was that?
    2. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 2 September 2017 08: 28
      You are more careful with the definitions then ... I'm talking about nonsense))) I got a warning for the definition of "verbal diarrhea" of the content of one article. True, in that case, the author was, I believe, nice to some people
  4. Mooh
    Mooh 27 August 2017 20: 35
    I read it and didn’t understand, and why the heck did these gliders surrender to us? With the current state of the fleet and the doctrine of coastal defense? Do you have a lot of extra money?
    We have an asymmetric answer, Status 6 instead of gliders ;-)
    1. garri-lin
      garri-lin 27 August 2017 21: 27
      Gliders in defense is the most. He scattered them around the periphery of their own zone of responsibility and they look and listen, they lure enemy fighting dolphins to our side, so that the underwater communications do not gyz.
      Plus general monitoring, currents temperature, transparency and acoustic conductivity of water.
      Vobshem private in a head watch in underwater execution. The right thing.
      1. Mikhail Zubkov
        Mikhail Zubkov 28 August 2017 14: 48
        The main idea is to HIDDEN cling to an UNMOTORIZED underwater PASSIVELY planning in a PRESET MODE platform with a SEARCH and RECESSING stuffing to any ship or vessel. It is necessary to distinguish this simple chip from the most complicated crewless robotic equipment.
        1. garri-lin
          garri-lin 28 August 2017 17: 01
          This second one will cling to the first one. While the owners of the ship or vessel do not guess to monitor the surrounding space in online mode from any fish and gliders stuck.
          Then I'm afraid I will have to cling again.