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Fighter-bomber Su-34. Infographics

Su-34 - Russian multifunctional fighter-bomber designed for striking aviation weapons of destruction on ground targets of the enemy in operational and tactical depths in the face of strong opposition by means of air defense of the enemy due to unique combat qualities and the use of modern electronic warfare systems, defeat of enemy air targets day and night in simple and difficult meteorological conditions.


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  1. okko077
    okko077 25 August 2017 00: 10
    The SU-34 replaced the SU-24 M, and although its capabilities are much wider, it was never a fighter-bomber .. An airplane with a take-off mass of 45 tons is designed for other tasks, and there is no need to lie ... This is a front-line bomber .. All the gibberish is visible by the planned number ... There are very few of them .... The idea of ​​using the SU-34 as an attack aircraft sounds even dumber ... And no matter who was the first to voice this stupidity ...
  2. Left shot
    Left shot 30 October 2017 06: 36
    Quote: okko077
    and although its capabilities are much wider

    Wider? But the facts say that already. The load is the same, it is not capable of carrying something, and most importantly, the passage at ultra-low altitude, with a lick of the terrain, 34 can never.