American Maidan

Liberals / progressives / leftists are intoxicated by their campaign of accusations. I will not say that I have not seen this before. These are the same people who have been idle for 16 years, when Washington completely or partially destroyed seven states. Not satisfied with this level of incitement of war and crimes against humanity, Washington directed the conflict with Russia. The Americans elected a president who said that he would relieve the tension in this dangerous conflict, and then the liberals / progressives / leftists attacked him.

During the protest clashes in Charlottesville, a man was killed, and endless absurd, but violent, accusations were sent to the US President.

The New York Times presses are blamed on Trump for this crisis, declaring that he is “increasingly becoming isolated in the racial crisis that he himself has created.” Trump seems to be responsible for this crisis only because he accused both groups of protesters of violence.

But did this happen? Was there no violence on both sides? I have been following the news, just such an impression. And I'm not surprised that the same thing happened with Trump. My readers sent messages that they also had the impression of mutual violence on both sides. So Trump is accused for stating the truth.

But let's assume that the impression that he and many others formed on the basis of media reports is incorrect. Then Trump is guilty of the fact that he came to erroneous conclusions. However, he is accused of inciting and supporting violence from the Nazis. How is it possible to transform a mistake into malicious intent? The erroneous impression that has arisen on the basis of media reports does not constitute "the defense of the protesting white nationalists." The approval of the newspaper New York Times is not able to turn the lack of intent into intent. What the establishment is trying to do is push Trump into the ranks of the white supremacist idea. The establishment really wants Trump to be associated with these people.

It is clear that there are no grounds for such accusations. This is a lie that has been fabricated in order to delegitimize President Trump and those who elected him.

American MaidanThe question is who is behind such fabrications.

These fabrications encourage people to flee from Trump. Fabrications are also used as an excuse to organize a conspiracy to remove the president from his post.

He escaped from Trump the Strategy and Policy Forum *, which was headed by A. Schwartzman. Similarly, the Carter Center board fled from President Jimmy Carter when he criticized the apartheid policy pursued by the Israeli authorities against the Palestinians. The New York Times is now writing that the commanders of the United States military and arms of the armed forces "flee" from Trump. And the whole Republican Party.

This hypocrisy is amazing! For sixteen years, the leadership of the armed forces, the New York Times and all presstitute media, both political parties as well as liberals / progressives / leftists actively or passively participated in mass crimes against humanity. Millions of people were killed, maimed, deprived of shelter, shelter and driven from their places of residence. And only one death in Charlottesville produced a protest outpouring more than anything before!

I do not believe that it is sincere. I do not believe that people who are so insensitive to the death of millions at the hands of their own government can be upset by the death of a single person. But suppose Trump is to blame for the death of this woman. How is this blood comparable to the blood in the hands of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush-son and Obama? It seems quite obvious that the outpouring of sadness is a staging, designed to delegitimize the president and the people who voted for him. Now in our own country, we are experiencing the same things that the Obama regime perpetrated in Ukraine, of course, with the support of liberals / progressives / leftists.

Just as most of the protesters on Independence had no idea that they were being used, most protesters against Trump did not realize that their accusations were false. For most liberals / progressives / leftists, their hatred for Trump and the “white nationalists” is a reflex, the result of an “identity policy” ** that they have been fed for many years.

Any objective reading of the situation, however, leads to the following conclusion. The hatred that Trump and the “outcasts” that have chosen him cover is far beyond the hatred that the “white nationalists” show.

Members of the liberal-progressive left-wing community proclaim that such despicable people as “white nationalists” should not be allowed to carry out protests. Liberals / progressives / leftists forget that protest is right. Back in 1977, the US Supreme Court ruled that the protest could not be limited only because it could offend someone. Or because a violent reaction may take place during protests. If the protest is banned, any group that comes to power will be able to suppress the disagreement of all the others.

For decades, liberals / progressives / leftists have made tremendous efforts to separate people. All of these “studies of the black population,” “women's issues,” “indigenous peoples of America,” were easily transformed into trivial propaganda that spawned hatred. And one person who was striving for peace said: “A house divided in half cannot stand in a storm” (meaning A. Lincoln. - C. D.)

Charlottesville spawned a rampant campaign of condemnation and disclosure, which proves: we are a divided nation. Should a nation, so divided, be in conflict with Russia, China and Iran? If the US is the institutionalization of the white supremacy, as liberals / progressives / leftists claim, how could it happen that the US is also an “exceptional, irreplaceable people” entitled to bombard other nations by bombardment?

Obviously, much in this scenario makes no sense.

My readers are people who can think independently. They understand that to explain something does not mean to justify. My explanations may be wrong, but they are not an excuse. I consider it necessary to say this because my columns are placed on many websites, the readers of which want to hear only what they already believe in, and always do nothing but seek out who to expose and condemn. The great disadvantage of the United States is that only a very limited number of citizens can think independently. Perhaps this is a problem for each country, but for the United States for sure.

The United States has another major flaw. Our intellectual (perhaps I should say semi-intellectual) class is largely composed of cowards who are terribly afraid to tell the truth. Of course, given the “witch-hunt” mentality imposed by the “politics of identity”, these people have reasons to be afraid. However, their cowardice shifts the burden of finding and upholding the truth to very few.

PS The governor of the state of Virginia Makolif made false, spread throughout the world statements that the "white nationalists" had secret warehouses with weapons and that the Virginia police were in the minority in opposition to supporters of the superiority of the white race. The website reports a state police report (, refuting the statements of Makolif.
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    28 August 2017 06: 32
    And it turned out that the Americans are extremely similar to those artiodactyl animals with which the hair is sheared ...
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      28 August 2017 06: 58
      Knowing Today, 06:32 New
      And it turned out that Americans very similar to those artiodactyl animals with which the hair is sheared ...

      ... and also cook kebabs, even they they don’t forget the same thing ... bully
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    28 August 2017 06: 57
    It is clear that there are no grounds for such accusations. This is a lie that has been fabricated in order to delegitimize President Trump and those who elected him.

    ... and where the wind blows is also clear ... laughing
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    28 August 2017 07: 15
    It is interesting to watch what is happening in the United States. The entire American elite is wetting the legitimately elected president, fighters with monuments and defenders of these monuments (the defenders for some reason are called fascists, radicals, etc.) are on their fists, the police use hard power without looking back at human rights defenders. And apparently this will not end. Dare America.
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      28 August 2017 08: 58
      yeah, it’s not clear already - but I chose him (Trump () who?
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        28 August 2017 09: 04
        Quote: novel xnumx
        yeah, it’s not clear already - but I chose him (Trump () who?

        I remember Zhirinovsky for the victory of trumpampam champagne bit off laughing
        Apparently he knows wink
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      28 August 2017 09: 41
      How to help in the "formation" of a new democracy?
      1. +5
        1 September 2017 23: 01
        Quote: Hoc vince
        How to help in the "formation" of a new democracy?

        it would be necessary to incinerate the entire Amer "elite" and have a new one - adequate !!! feel feel feel lol lol lol
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    28 August 2017 09: 26
    As soon as a person or group of people begins to violently preach humanism, backing up their outpourings with a mass of quotes and using waterfalls of terms, immediately move away from them. Very soon, the preaching of humanism and humanity will spill blood, torture, pain, grief, fear ... Leftists are not just dangerous, they are a plague.
    Where do these words come from? Yes, people just need to decorate their cannibalistic aspirations. To appear in your own eyes as good, kind people, fighting evil. And all the torture, death, violence and grief - for the sake of bright goals! I'm not for myself !! (And the fact that I adore all this abomination, I will hide. First of all from myself). All the same dead, wounded, crippled, all these collapsed states and the crushed life of people - this is for the LIGHT goal!
    Trump did a terrible thing. He dared to question the “peacemaking efforts” with which the United States has plunged country after country into hell in recent years. The slightest doubt in their own camp turns the immaculate light elves into what they really are - bloodthirsty, vile, guilty of the horrors of ghouls.
    These unbearable right-wingers are ready to take responsibility for tough decisions. And the left light elves cannot even think about it! They are not to blame for the deaths under their fifth! And they truly believe in it. The slightest doubt for them is disaster. They will destroy tens with an unshakable hand, and hundreds of millions of people will have to do so, just to maintain their self-esteem ...
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    28 August 2017 10: 10
    I don’t know how anyone, but I am watching with great joy and interest the rampant true democracy in the United States. Maybe they will ask their Ukrainian brothers to share their experience with their brothers. That would be great.
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    28 August 2017 13: 34
    Survived! In VO write articles in defense of the Nazis ?! If we approve of the American ultra-right, then Bandera should be "understood and forgiven")))
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      28 August 2017 13: 53
      Between left-wing Trotskyists and fascists I choose the latter. At least they have a concentration camp called a concentration camp, and in which case they will just kill me. Without first turning into a woman and not explaining that everything is done for my good.
      But seriously, it was not Hitler that started. Smooth, polite, clever intellectuals began, who explained that everything was done for the sake of the brightest goals. It just needs to be done, and happiness will come. And by the way, SPECIAL people should do everything. Chosen One. Better than everyone else. Doesn’t resemble anything?
    2. +1
      1 September 2017 01: 50
      Heinrich Borovik wrote well in 1968 that there is America, that there are its ultra-right, there are ultra-left (at that time - children of flowers).
      Fascism from there has not disappeared, and there is fascism. But he is much closer and around us.
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    28 August 2017 14: 52
    An escalation of conflict in the states is inevitable. And their liberal media will be to blame for this: they preferred that America not go to anyone ...
    1. +5
      1 September 2017 23: 03
      Quote: Tektor
      their liberal media will be to blame

      what what what But what about the Amerovian "elite" ??? wink laughing laughing laughing
  8. +1
    28 August 2017 16: 31
    Che, has it already begun? (rubbing his hands excitedly)