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Germany enters the big game

German Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder received an offer from Russia to become a member of the Board of Directors of Rosneft. Schroeder’s prior consent has obviously been obtained. The German press responded to this critically, calling the ex-chancellor "insensitive" to the situation, and suggested that he was seduced by a large salary in Rosneft. All these are empty common words, they are said when they do not want to speak on the merits.

The point here is definitely not in money, but in politics: the ex-chancellor is never a former politician. Schröder is undoubtedly one of the gray political cardinals, the level of the late Yevgeny Primakov and Henry Kissinger, who unexpectedly emerge at interesting moments, and again go to some depths.

In political circles, the opinion is expressed that today Germany is a country with limited sovereignty, is almost an American colony. This is not true.

Germany, of course, under the tight cap of the CIA-NSA, there is a large pro-American column in the country, but there is a pro-German one, it is larger, and it is represented by Merkel and Schroeder. Under the American press, the German elites, of course, find it difficult to pursue their own policies, but there are proven old ways of working, for example, the personal connections of politicians with the name. Schröder’s Russian appointment says that Berlin and Moscow are stepping up their relationship, and doesn’t hide it. Although Merkel also withdraws: “What Schroeder does is not normal.” So Merkel is suspended from the attacks on Schroeder by the pro-American Bild.

It seems that Gerhard Schroeder is, first of all, a direct channel of communication between Berlin and Moscow, personally with Putin, now he can always go to the meeting of the Rosneft Board of Directors, and have a cup of tea with Vladimir Vladimirovich somewhere on the sidelines. Both the CIA and the NSA are powerless on the sidelines of Rosneft ... Yes, Schröder himself as an authorized contact person between Berlin and Moscow, such times.

This was recently said casually by the German Foreign Minister Zigmar Gabriel: "Russia is slowly turning to Europe." And Europe? It is difficult to speak for the whole of Europe, but Germany is also slowly turning to Russia.

The Siemens scandal with gas turbines, which Russia supplied to the Crimea, had just died down, spitting on the sanctions, showing its true attitude to them, when Russia is really something important. It is clear that to conceal such an awl in the Crimea will be impossible. And yet Russia turns to Europe, according to Sigmar Gabriel. Or Germany to Russia? By the way, Sigmar Gabriel already got for it from the same "Bild", the American column reacts to changes in the policy of Berlin.

Chancellor Merkel periodically flies to Vladimir Putin, and it’s like personal visits. And more urgent, rather unexpected. The latter was in Sochi, before the Hamburg G-20 summit. And what did we see in Hamburg? The Western press wrote that he became the platform for the meeting of Trump and Putin, where Merkel acted as a hospitable hostess.

Germany firmly says no to America when something really matters to her. In the early spring of 2014, after the Munich Security Conference, which neither Putin, nor Medvedev, Merkel came to, seized Ollad's armpit, at night she immediately flew to Moscow to meet with Putin. Senator McCain then broke down: "That's why Merkel flew to Putin?" Did not agree with McCain. As a result, the war in Ukraine, set on fire by McCain and the company, ended with the Minsk Truce, which continues to this day.

Even today, hawks in the United States have not abandoned their attempts to organize a war in Ukraine, and Germany, represented by Chancellor Merkel, is still the main brake here. Note that Germany and France, in comparison with England and Young Europeans, do not show military activity in Ukraine, neither advisers, nor instructors, nor non-lethal supplies. And always against supplies weapons Bandera regime. Hiding behind the guarantors of the Minsk process, of course.

Germany takes a firm position on the “Nord Stream - 2”, which, apparently, will be built, no matter what sanctions America may threaten: this gas pipeline is important for Germany. Gerhard Schroeder’s demonstrative agreement on Rosneft’s proposal seems to indicate this.

As we see, the United States has reason to distrust Germany, and they have been playing against Berlin for a long time. America dealt the first serious blow to German and European interests in Greece: American banks provoked its financial crisis, as it became known after the fact. Then suddenly Brexit happened, which led to the departure of England from the European Union. In fact, these are all strikes primarily on the interests of Germany. Obama showered tears at Brexit, Trump greeted him. But the Nobel laureate in economics Stiglitz predicted him a long time ago, by the way, today he is in Trump's advisors.

The intensification of relations between Berlin and Moscow is, of course, connected with the latest events in America. In Washington, the mess with President Trump, throughout the country, are clear signs of distemper, monuments are falling, and foundations that seemed unshakable yesterday.
This means that a window of opportunity opens up for other players on the world stage. Germany seems to have been waiting for the weakening of America, and is preparing to declare itself in a new capacity. This is what she really needs in order to restore order in Europe, to call for the discipline of young Europeans who have chosen the wrong orientation.

September 24 in Germany elections, in which Angela Merkel will once again become the German Chancellor. This is a foregone conclusion, for Merkel is a protege of enviably consolidated German elites, executive and obedient, and there is no need to change it, and there is no one for it. Therefore, Merkel shows enviable flexibility, and if he says something important, he will cut it off, because this is a coordinated position with whom it is necessary. For example, the sensational statement that Europe needs to rely on its own forces is not just Merkel’s statement. It is noteworthy that she is a long time chancellor, like President Putin.

The Israeli press wrote in 2014 that Merkel gave Crimea to Putin, having played him in Ukraine, maybe ... Then Putin’s turn to play along with Merkel, for example, in Poland.

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    LAWNER 23 August 2017 15: 24
    Schroeder is called social capitalist in Germany
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 23 August 2017 15: 43
      Quote: LAWNER
      Schroeder is called social capitalist in Germany

      "Though you call a pot, just don't put it in the oven ..."
    2. seti
      seti 23 August 2017 16: 38
      There is no smoke without fire, but the phrase that “Merkel gave Putin the Crimea, playing along with him in Ukraine, maybe ...” is too much.
      Germany, in the person of Mercury, takes care of its own, I emphasize my interests and do not care about ours if they do not suit them. They need 2 Nord Stream - it will strengthen the position and weight of Germany in Europe even more and at the same time will knock out a financial stone from such a rival as Poland. Plus, these are direct deliveries of the most profitable energy resource for reasonable money. Money for transit is not small, as is influence. Therefore, their position on this issue coincides with ours. As for the rest - we read the statements of Alexander 3.
      1. megavolt823
        megavolt823 25 August 2017 16: 20
        somewhere there is common sense. but not a few misconceptions. not one state can do this or that. clearly going against the powers. Powers are forced to go into conflict and draw in the state and countries. Today, Germany is not even a state. do not be mistaken. Today, Germany has on its territory the great potential of one big power, and the military contingent around the perimeter of vassals. country and no more. it's like being a librarian living at the expense of your spouse (banker or star rank). sort of full. clean. The apartment is packed. but no ambition. laughing economic happiness, and political castration in one bottle. hi
  2. nnz226
    nnz226 23 August 2017 16: 37
    What about the Chancellor Act ??? The elected Chancellor of Germany travels to Washington to sign a vassal vow. What kind of "independence" of Germany can we talk about ??? Or lie all about the "chancellor-act" ???
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 23 August 2017 19: 43
      Honestly, they either lie, or it's all unofficial. I believe that after the declaration of the Federal Republic of Germany and before the lifting of the occupation regime, something similar happened. But even then, Adenauer did not have to go to Washington, there was a representative of the Control Commission in place. And the representatives of the Allies attended the meetings of the Bundestag for the first years, so that the German deputies did not discourage some "wrong" laws.)) Similarly, representatives of the USSR quite officially and openly controlled the activities of the GDR authorities from 1949 to the mid-50s. All major decisions of the government and the People’s Chamber of the GDR were officially approved by representatives of the occupation authorities.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 23 August 2017 16: 39
    Ex-Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder received an offer from Russia to become a member of the Board of Directors of Rosneft. Schroeder’s prior consent is obviously obtained.
    ... And what a good move, just great ..
  4. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 23 August 2017 16: 49
    Merkel gave Putin the Crimea, playing along with him in Ukraine, maybe ... Then Putin’s turn to play Merkel, for example, in Poland.

    Oh god What nonsense!
    It turns out that Crimea is a former German estate, and Frau the Chancellor gave it carelessly, contrary to the will of the population of the island, (like a glove from his hand!) To our guarantor for his diligent behavior. So what !?
    And secondly. And here is Poland, Putin and Frau Merkel !?
    These are the honorary donkeys, who have gone crazy with Amer’s caresses and promises, decided to demand indemnity from Germany, and at the same time from Russia ... So everyone except the gentry, it’s clear that they will get ... ears from a dead donkey! Moreover, without the help of Putin, and so, in the course of the play called "life". And Germany cannot have any interests in Poland after the decision of the international tribunal 1947 of the year for Prussia. (It’s like in the song: “This summer will not come back to us”). And just as the dealers of these unworthy glades were spoiling, they will continue to spy on for their hyena essence, precisely noticed by Lord Marlborough, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, W. Churchill.
  5. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 23 August 2017 16: 58
    How many interesting secrets of Politics, we opened the author. For this many thanks. I add we have the unsinkable Red Tolik, and so he is in touch with the slick American comrades. American figures are weak with our GDP.
    1. Pravodel
      Pravodel 23 August 2017 17: 15
      Soon, soon there will be a turn of red-haired little and his company. It was not long to wait, Pindo ... they measured us 180 days. By this time, all questions about the red, black, gray shreds, moliks, egoriks and others like them will be closed, and Russia will finally be freed from the Pind .. basic dogs robbing Russia.

      "People-State-Fatherland" - this is the slogan of every Russian patriot. A united people, a strong state, capable of protecting itself from external and internal enemies, create conditions for the prosperity of the Fatherland.
      1. Alvul
        Alvul 24 August 2017 17: 55
        "Soon, soon" - wait). Soon the generation will die, which remembers this fraction). This is "soon" I hear hell knows how much, because it is eternal.)
    2. Tsoy
      Tsoy 23 August 2017 17: 22
      Quote: p-k Oparyshev
      How many interesting secrets of Politics, we opened the author. For this many thanks. I add we have the unsinkable Red Tolik, and so he is in touch with the slick American comrades. American figures are weak with our GDP.

      The author gives out wishful thinking. About the Crimea have already said. And there is a pearl about Merkel regularly visiting. And how many times was she in the Russian Federation? Two? Three? Is this a type of convergence indicator?
      1. Settlement Oparyshev
        Settlement Oparyshev 23 August 2017 17: 27
        About Madam and I noted the regularity. But the author outlined for me the main trends and positions. It is visible further movement. Only in the Union of Russia with Germany, you can still try to withstand the Codla dogs of war.
        1. Tsoy
          Tsoy 23 August 2017 17: 32
          Quote: p-k Oparyshev
          Only in the Union of Russia and Germany, you can still try to stand against the dogs of war.

          In general, I don’t know what to call a theory, an opinion, a prediction. It lies in the fact that if Germany and Russia form an alliance, then a new superpower will appear, which will shut the United States by its belt. And therefore, from overseas they are doing everything to embroil Europe with the Russian Federation.
          1. Settlement Oparyshev
            Settlement Oparyshev 23 August 2017 17: 41
            Everyone who understands History comes to this opinion. Germany and Russia, how many times have already been a millimeter from the Union. But Nikolay II fell to Wilhelm. And Hitler was replaced at the last moment and the swara began. Now the Union’s step is again showing, but it’s apparently interrupted by the Great War will not be allowed.
    3. Apollo
      Apollo 24 August 2017 01: 16
      From the first day in power, Putin has been roofing Tolika, so all the claims of the security forces from him are like water off a duck. Moreover, there is no reason to hope that in due time Putin will surrender it.
      No, he will not surrender, Putin does not surrender his own.
      1. Settlement Oparyshev
        Settlement Oparyshev 24 August 2017 04: 56
        I don’t know mine, I don’t know such details. But it allows me to resolve issues with the US country officials, with whom there is no official connection, okay.
  6. VadimSt
    VadimSt 23 August 2017 17: 20
    If he decides to go into politics again, there will be a second world commotion - “Schroeder is the hand of the Kremlin”! Somehow not far-sighted, on the eve of the elections in Germany !.
  7. Victor Kamenev
    23 August 2017 17: 42
    As for the present, Mepkel - these are questions to Jacob Kedmi, I think, meant the separate negotiations of Berlin and Moscow, which led to the Minsk truce, and also led to the consolidation of the Crimea to Russia. The Chancellor Act, if it exists, can be terminated, its promulgation is such a scandal that it would be better if it did not exist.
    Poland in the livers of Germany and Russia, and it is very uniting! And billionaires will always give away all their billions in their lives, and the lives of their families, and they are not fools, as they are represented by various fighters.
  8. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 23 August 2017 18: 51
    "Russia is slowly turning to Europe .... but Germany, too, is slowly turning to Russia"
    The truth is somewhere near. And this is good!
    Poland and the Balkans together are easier to bring to the senses.
    1. Settlement Oparyshev
      Settlement Oparyshev 24 August 2017 04: 57
      But the US has already launched its sting there.
  9. mgero
    mgero 23 August 2017 18: 52
    The article is only hope, really Germany is under occupation, sometimes this or that politician says something, but really they are puppets, Russia is not Schroeder, but the Russians themselves can only help.
  10. Proton
    Proton 23 August 2017 19: 33
    Yes, everything is done right with Schroeder laughing the Germans, if they don’t enter the big game, are they scamming around with whom, then to conduct separate negotiations? And here you are, candidate, former chancellor and generally a good worker (in Rosneft, I’ll write an excellent characterization) laughing so that the Germans should not roll a barrel on him right now for their own good, our all do.
  11. Alvul
    Alvul 24 August 2017 17: 58
    The oligarchs just have to live somewhere. Russia will soon be eaten all, America itself can block everything for them, not a reliable option. And so to sell to Europe, and as before, noble persons sit out in the distance. Here it is the story. The whole secret.
  12. Whisper
    Whisper 25 August 2017 10: 59
    Everything is done correctly according to Schroeder. Something must be done somewhere. Example Krajina turned out to be very clear. Just scammed a neighbor!
  13. vodkinmotors1
    vodkinmotors1 25 August 2017 16: 27
    Putin directly sells gas to old sidekick Schroeder. (S.-receiving side of the Nord Stream. Now oil. What's next?
  14. And why do you need
    And why do you need 26 August 2017 01: 55
    Well, as the people have a lot of oil, one more foreigner can be planted in the z.p.
  15. Berkut24
    Berkut24 26 August 2017 13: 18
    Nevertheless, Russia is turning towards Europe, according to Sigmar Gabriel.

    When Russia turns around somewhere, there is a danger that some neighboring countries may be spread by our booty around the globe of the world. Russia has nowhere and no reason to turn around - we are self-sufficient by definition. But the wobble ass - this is a generic sign of any European country.