The first commander of the Air Force of Russia, Peter Deinekin, died.

The first commander in chief of the Russian Air Force, Peter Deinekin, who held this post from 1992 to 1998, died on Saturday at his home, said his son Mikhail Deinekin.

The first commander of the Air Force of Russia, Peter Deinekin, died.

Pyotr Deynekin was born in 1937 year near Rostov. Entered service in the Air Force in 1955 year. From August 31, 1991 became Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force - Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR. Since February, 1992 of the year - Commander-in-Chief of the United States Air Force of the CIS, and since September of the same year - of the Russian Air Force. Later he headed the Presidential Office for the Cossacks, reports RIA News.

Honored Military Pilot of the USSR, Hero of Russia, Doctor of Military Sciences, Professor.

The raid of the general amounted to more than five thousand hours. Former Air Force Commander and Commander of the Far aviation mastered more than a dozen aircraft. On August 12, at the Forsage Aviation Festival in Patriot Park, near Moscow, Deinekin, 79, performed aerobatics on a Douglas DC-3 military transport plane, a legend of World War II.

At the moment, it is unknown when and where the funeral of the former commander-in-chief of the Air Force will take place.
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  1. +11
    19 August 2017 17: 41
    Rest in peace.
    1. +11
      19 August 2017 17: 53
      In my opinion, this is largely his task when Ukraine has exchanged the surviving TU-160 for gas debt. Rest in peace.
      1. +8
        19 August 2017 19: 06
        It is unfortunate that the most experienced professionally old guard of the Soviet patriotic school quits life! Time is inexorable!
        Earth rest in peace!

      2. +5
        19 August 2017 19: 22
        For nearly 10 years he served on the territory of present-day Ukraine, commanding the regiment and divisions of the ADD ... So he knew the situation and the condition of the materiel ....
    2. +12
      19 August 2017 18: 14
      Accept the Lord! Sincerely sorry, I always watched the interview with interest.
  2. exo
    19 August 2017 17: 43
    Bad news.
    1. +5
      19 August 2017 19: 13
      People are not eternal. Even good people .. Unfortunately, let's hope that he has prepared a worthy shift.
      Quote: exo
      Bad news.
  3. +14
    19 August 2017 17: 45
    Condolences to family and friends. Worthy of life, eternal memory. Real officer.
    1. +8
      19 August 2017 17: 55
      From the pilot-marshal to the adviser to the treasurer. Land in peace and eternal memory!
    2. +14
      19 August 2017 19: 11
      Yes, I didn’t hear anything bad about him, only positive. The memory of him in the troops will be long. I hope that the new Tu-160 will be built in Kazan and, according to tradition, will be named after Pyotr Stepanovich, let Deinekin fly
      1. +6
        19 August 2017 19: 41
        Those we love live ... (c)
        As long as we remember such people, until then we will be a Great Power.
        One of my favorite songs is Cranes.
        Here is another white crane has become more ...
  4. +7
    19 August 2017 17: 52
    Condolences to family and friends! A true patriot of Russia has left! The kingdom of heaven is Peter to you!
  5. +10
    19 August 2017 18: 07
    My condolences. On behalf of the Israelites.
  6. +13
    19 August 2017 18: 07
    Left on his last flight! soldier Real Pilot and Man with a capital letter! Thank you for all that you have done for aviation !!!! Earth rest in peace! hi soldier
  7. +6
    19 August 2017 18: 43
    Land in peace, a wonderful man was ...
  8. +8
    19 August 2017 18: 45
    I join the warm words addressed to Pyotr Stepanovich and condolences.
  9. +5
    19 August 2017 19: 03
    And where is Peter's middle name? How to thank my father? I am also from near Rostov and I am proud that our Earth gives birth to great statesmen. And with Each such great person, I love and respect my Earth more and more. Down!
    1. +2
      19 August 2017 19: 30
      Land hi as far as I remember he is on Stepanovich’s priest! hi
    2. +4
      19 August 2017 20: 52
      Quote: pp to Oparyshev
      And where is Peter's middle name? How to thank my father? I am also from near Rostov and I am proud that our Earth gives birth to great statesmen. And with Each such great person, I love and respect my Earth more and more. Down!

      Whatever you write now, it’s better for you to remain silent ....
  10. +6
    19 August 2017 19: 06
    Here it is the last pilot flight. Everlasting memory!
    1. +3
      19 August 2017 23: 55
      And after all, that is characteristic ...! He went to the last BV on the feast of the Soviet Air Force!
      Everlasting memory! soldier
  11. +4
    19 August 2017 19: 17
    "The Earth was empty without you ..."
    Eternal Memory Peter Stepanovich! Real Officer!
    1. +5
      19 August 2017 21: 07
      It remains only to find a song .....
  12. +5
    19 August 2017 19: 33
    Those who die in the sky for the Motherland become the sky above it ... down the earth.
  13. +6
    19 August 2017 20: 02
    Everlasting memory !
  14. +6
    19 August 2017 20: 08
    . In difficult, very difficult time, he led the Air Force. The fact that everything is not lost forever is largely his merit. Kingdom of heaven.
  15. +4
    19 August 2017 20: 32
    Kingdom of heaven...
  16. +5
    19 August 2017 20: 42
    Condolences to family and friends. As they wrote above, one of the TU-160s should be named after Pyotr Stepanovich Deinekin. I think it will be so. Ohhhh.
  17. +6
    19 August 2017 20: 55
    I grieve as I can, but there is no power that will transmit my grief ... Actors, warriors, just nice people ... We are next ...
  18. +2
    19 August 2017 21: 41
    Peace be upon him. Rest in peace. Many pilots would envy him that he flew again a couple of weeks before leaving HERE. Well this is necessary, at 79 years old ...
  19. +4
    19 August 2017 22: 36
    Land in peace and eternal memory of the real Hero! Just a few days before his death, he personally piloted two aircraft of the war!
  20. +1
    19 August 2017 22: 59
    The kingdom of heaven, "Uncle Petya"!
  21. +3
    19 August 2017 23: 42
    Land in peace, Pyotr Stepanovich. The real Man, Officer and Professional left. I bow my head.
  22. +2
    20 August 2017 06: 32
    Eternal memory ... Although he made mistakes, but the man and the commander was wonderful ...
  23. +1
    20 August 2017 11: 05
    Peace be upon him!
  24. +1
    20 August 2017 14: 06
    In love with heaven and Russia: how General Deinekin saved his country's military aviation[i] [/ i]

    Souls of deceased pilots probably fall into heaven. Where else are they? And the first commander of the Air Force of Russia, Pyotr Stepanovich Deinekin, who passed away, rests precisely in his own air element, which was his home almost until the last days

    It was thanks to him that Russia retained its military aviation potential and now proudly soars in the sky on the wings of the world's best aircraft.

    Human life is not infinite - there is a limit to everything. The legendary pilot Peter Deinekin passed away. On the eve of his 79 years, he sat at the helm of the American aircraft of the Second World War Douglas during the festival in honor of the 105th anniversary of the Russian Air Force. Not the most difficult task for a pilot who has mastered more than two dozen aircraft, from the training Po-2 to the strategic Tu-160 White Swan. It is thanks to him that these planes now in their updated quality are successfully performing combat missions in any region.

    “It fell to Deinekin to head the Russian Air Force, perhaps in the most difficult and tragic times for our country and the army, from 1991 to 1998,” said military expert Yuri Gavrilov. - The most important impression made during this time is that Pyotr Stepanovich was an exceptionally dedicated person. In 1993-1994, when regiments and divisions were hastily withdrawn from Germany, from the Western Group of Forces, the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force did everything so that the pilots would not be left in the open. The withdrawal schedule of the 16th Air Army, which was redeployed to Kubinka, near Moscow, was provided not only with airfield support, but also with the construction of residential towns for military personnel and their families. He always thought about people, knowing that the path to heaven begins from the earth. ”

    Then, in the early 90s, the fate of Russian military aviation was unenviable. It was assumed that its existence would cease altogether and the sky of Russia would remain undisguised. Outdated equipment will survive its age and will rust in hangars, there will be no new income. So, however, this happened in most of the former republics of the collapsed Soviet Union, which refused to exploit military aircraft, primarily strategic, to please Western "partners". The same Ukraine agreed to put under the knife all the "stegs" of long-range aviation that it inherited.

    Deinekin, in those dashing years, as they say, became in a pose - aviation must be saved! We will fly and fly, albeit on the old technology, but still we will. He himself sat in the commander's seat of a strategic bomber, spending tens of hours in flight, and then convinced the then president of Russia Boris Yeltsin of the need to preserve military aircraft. The President, during a visit to the airfield in Engels, nodded graciously, and even awarded the Air Force Commander-in-Chief the title of Hero of Russia "for special merits." But this was the starting point for the development of military aviation, which was not sent to a landfill then, but gave the opportunity for further development, which is now embodied in great power.

    “Pyotr Stepanovich, to speak, by and large, saved all domestic aviation from defeat and collapse,” continues Yuri Gavrilov. - Everything that now flies and swirls in the sky is his merit, as a person who managed to maintain all the striking potential of the Air Force, which is now part of the Russian Air Force. Not only strategic aviation, to which Deinekin paid special attention, could remain at the junkyard of history, but also fighter and attack aircraft would be out of work. The Commander-in-Chief, who could have wiped his trousers in the staff chair in a regular position, mastered the piloting of the Su-27 fighter. Highly appreciated the quality of this aircraft and gave the go-ahead for further modifications of this aircraft. He personally sat at the helm of all promising domestic aircraft and gave them an objective assessment. The same Tu-95, which they already wanted to write off as a reserve, is actively used and carries combat duty. "White Swan", Tu-160, too, could be sentenced to write-off and sent for scrap. Deinekin gave them a second life and was not mistaken in this choice. ”

    From personal. Pyotr Stepanovich Deinekin, as a professional of the highest standard, always willingly acted as an expert on aviation topics for the site of the Zvezda TV channel, as well as for other publications with a military aviation theme. He talked a lot, and provided very reasoned facts and accurate data - it was not necessary to verify it. His only condition was - the text for approval. He did not tolerate errors and inaccuracies, regardless of whether it concerned technical characteristics or historical dates. Today, alas, Pyotr Stepanovich can no longer make corrections, but we are also unlikely to make mistakes in this obituary about the wonderful pilot and patriot of Russia.

    Victor Sokirko
  25. +2
    20 August 2017 15: 18
    The best are leaving. Eternal flight to you, commander. Relatives, relatives and co-workers of Long-range aviation - deep condolences
  26. +1
    20 August 2017 15: 31
    Bright memory! A good man was a pilot, commander in chief of the Air Force, and in difficult times.
  27. +1
    21 August 2017 05: 19
    Kingdom of heaven

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