The will of millions against coup


In Venezuela, the National Constituent Assembly began its work. The election of an authority to end the political crisis came up against the opposition’s aggressive sabotage. In attempts to carry out a coup d'état, she relies on US assistance trying to strangle Caracas with sanctions and threats.

Terrorist Technology

For nearly twenty years, the mere mention of Venezuela has caused tooth gnash not only among the leaders of the USA and the right regimes of the continent, but also among large corporations. Such is the reaction of the capitalist world to the policies of Hugo Chávez and his followers, who proclaimed the return of national dignity to Venezuela. The impetus of the struggle begun by Chavez was so strong that it inspired the peoples of all Latin America to liberate Washington from the dictatorship and big business.

It is not surprising that all these years Venezuela was under the gun of the enemy. Attempts to strangle the Bolivarian Revolution intensified after the death of Chavez. Having managed to get the majority of seats in the National Assembly (Parliament), the opposition initiated an impeachment procedure against President Nicolas Maduro. This undertaking failed, and then another scenario was launched - a total offensive against the government, including through the use of blatantly illegal methods. The dividing line between the two stages can be seen so clearly that it is beyond doubt: the opposition received a go-ahead for the coup from its main ally and sponsor.

Since early April, protests have not ceased in Venezuela. Their participants are well prepared and equipped, including firearms. weapons. Against supporters of the government launched a real terror: they are killed on the streets and in their own homes. Thundering shops and warehouses with food, disabling substations, militants from right-wing groups try to completely paralyze the country's economic life. All this is accompanied by a propaganda campaign of unprecedented scale, which involves leading Western media. In their picture of events turned upside down, the opposition is shown by peaceful protesters, and the legitimate government by a terrorist regime, hungry for the blood of citizens.

The Mexican newspaper Hornada notes in this connection: “This is a new type of terrorism, which is trying to take on the image of civic mobilization through propaganda campaigns in the media. But civilians do not walk in arms, do not lynch and do not burn their victims alive, do not set fire to hospitals and kindergartens with babies in them, do not destroy tons of food and basic necessities intended for residents of poor areas. ” In other words, in Venezuela, after Ukraine, new technologies of “color revolutions” are being tested, more reminiscent of the Syrian and Libyan versions. Their authors do not stop before inciting civil war, even if thousands of lives are burned in its fire.

Opposition farce

The special hatred of the opposition and its curators is caused by the resilience of the government, which does not surrender in the face of aggressive attacks. On May 1, during a festive rally in Caracas, Nicolas Maduro announced elections to the National Constituent Assembly (in Russian-speaking media, it is sometimes referred to as the Constitutional Assembly). According to the Constitution, a body elected by universal suffrage may amend the Basic Law and reform the system of state administration. At the same time, according to his authority, he is above both the president and the parliament, who are obliged to obey his decisions. Being a rare organ of direct democracy in the modern world, the constituent assembly is formed both by territorial (electoral districts) and by "sectoral" principle. Workers, peasants, pensioners, the disabled, students, etc. send their representatives to it. Constituent assemblies in Venezuela have already been convened in 1946, 1952 and 1999, so claims about the illegitimacy of this body are unfounded. It is noteworthy that several years ago the opposition itself demanded elections to this body, but now it turned to 180 degrees and called for their boycott. All proposals to engage in the preparation of its convening there were ignored.

The reason for this inconsistency lies on the surface. The convocation of a constituent assembly upset the opposition’s plans and created a threat to its main stronghold and trump card - the parliamentary majority. After that, the right forces forced subversive activities. On July 16, they conducted a “people's referendum”, which is worthy of including in political textbooks as an example of sophisticated manipulation of consciousness.

The opposition passed three points on its “referendum”, one more provocative of one another. The first was proposed to ban the convocation of the constituent assembly. The second urged the armed forces to submit to the leadership of the parliament, that is, the opposition. And finally, the third implied early elections and the creation of a “government of national unity”. The leadership of Venezuela did not interfere with the survey, but stressed that it would not have any legal force, since the National Electoral Council did not participate in its organization.

The very next day, the opposition hurried to announce the results of the “referendum”: 7,5 million participants and 99,9 percent of votes on each of the items! It is impossible to call it a farce. Exactly the same number - 7,5 million - the right called their goal long before 16 July. That’s how many votes Maduro won in the 2013 presidential election of the year, and the opposition had to reach this level. Or, more precisely, declare that she has reached it.

The system of organization of the "plebiscite" did not guarantee protection against multiple voting. But check it is already impossible. Immediately after the announcement of the results, all the ballots and lists of voters were ... burned. The opposition explained its deed with fears for the fate of its supporters, but much more it resembles the banal sweeping of traces. As stated by the former foreign minister of Venezuela, Delsy Rodriguez, “if you won such a brilliant victory, then why did you decide to burn all the lists and bulletins indicating“ success ”? What do you present as evidence of your victory? Ash?

The mockery of objectivity was the invitation of foreign "observers". Their role was played by a number of extremely right-wing retired Latin American leaders, including the former Mexican President Vicente Fox, the former head of Colombia, Andres Pastrano, etc. Two years ago, they all joined the notorious "Democratic Initiative of Spain and America." The organization, which has its headquarters in the USA, from the very beginning stated its main goal: “establishing democracy where there is none”.

But, apparently, the right and did not try to give their "referendum" a believable image. They, as well as their patrons abroad, needed only a pretext for attacking the government. As stated by US President Donald Trump, residents of Venezuela voted "for freedom and the rule of law." “Nevertheless, their strong and courageous actions are still ignored by a bad leader who dreams of becoming a dictator,” he added.

Double standards inherent in the capitalist world, manifested in all its glory. A similar survey conducted in 2015 by supporters of the independence of Catalonia from Spain was not recognized by any Western state. Now, “to respect the will of the people” and refuse to convene a constituent assembly demanded from Caracas the US, the European Union and the pro-Washington regimes of Latin America: Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and a number of others. Otherwise, they threatened, new sanctions are waiting for Venezuela.

Courage of the masses

Encouraged by such support, the opponents of the government tried to create parallel authorities and thereby deprive legitimate government of legitimacy. On July 17, the opposition coalition of the parliament announced that it was taking on the functions of the Cabinet of Ministers, and 21 had sworn in the “members” of the parallel Supreme Court. But, except for the propaganda effect, these steps had no consequences. After Maduro promised to arrest all usurpers to a single, "shadow" authorities chose to take a break.

Nevertheless, the opposition made every effort to disrupt the vote. Government supporters were threatened and attacked. 39-year-old lawyer and candidate for the constituent assembly Jose Velix Pineda was killed in his house. In the capital, a bomb was thrown at a police convoy, 8 people were injured. Across the country, right-wing activists attacked polling stations and destroyed voting machines, and in Caracas they blocked the highway. Francisco Fajardo. Despite this, citizens showed real courage. On July 27, thousands of people took to the streets in support of the convocation of a constituent assembly, and on election day, there were long queues at the polling stations willing to vote. In general, despite the intimidation and terror, more than 8 million people, or 41,5 percent of voters, took part in the elections.

Not wanting to admit defeat, the opposition immediately announced fraud. True, without having agreed in advance, each of its leaders called a different number of “really voted” - who is 3, who is 2, and who is 1 million at all. The same baseless accusations fell from the capitals of the capitalist powers. Washington imposed personal sanctions against Nicolas Maduro. As stated by US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, "punishing Maduro, the United States makes it clear that they are opposed to the policies of its regime and express support for the people of Venezuela, who are seeking to return to a full and prosperous democracy." The sanctions provide for freezing the President’s accounts under American jurisdiction and prohibiting US citizens to conduct any business relationship with Maduro. True, the State Department immediately clarified that they do not know whether the head of Venezuela has assets in the United States at all. Washington does not rule out further tightening of sanctions that could affect the supply of Venezuelan oil to the country. On the possible introduction of restrictions said the leadership of the European Union.

In Caracas, sanctions reacted calmly. The president said he was proud of this, since sanctions are imposed on those who do not wag their tail like a dog. The government was supported by the allies of Venezuela. The Cuban Foreign Ministry called the actions of Western countries a well-coordinated international operation. Its goal is to silence the Venezuelan people. “Only Venezuelans have the right to decide how to overcome their problems and determine their future,” the statement says. Bolivian President Evo Morales said that the United States, in its quest to seize the natural riches of Venezuela, is ready to turn it into Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, in turn, called upon the countries exerting pressure on Caracas to show restraint and give up "their destructive plans that could deepen polarization in society."

The plan of the coup d'etat, seemingly impeccably prepared, failed.

4 August National Constituent Assembly held its first meeting. Delsy Rodriguez was elected chairman of the body. According to her, “we did not come here to destroy the Constitution, we came to remove all dictatorial obstacles from the bourgeoisie from its path ... we came to protect, deepen, renew and strengthen the Constitution.” She also appealed to the international community: “We, the Venezuelans, will resolve our crisis ourselves without foreign intervention.” One of the first decisions of the constituent assembly was the dismissal of Attorney General Luis Ortega, who went over to the opposition, and the appointment of ex-ombudsman for human rights, well-known lawyer and writer Tarek Saab.

The fiasco suffered an attempt to organize a mutiny in the army. 6 August a group of armed men attacked a military base in the city of Valencia, but was neutralized. Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino supported the constituent assembly, stating that citizens thereby exercised their constitutional right.

But attempts to destabilize the situation in Venezuela will definitely not end there. Opponents of the country's independent course will continue to sabotage and violence. In this regard, the constituent assembly bears enormous responsibility for the future of the state and for solving the problems it faces. Hopefully, the organ of people's democracy will cope with this task.
  • Sergey Kozhemyakin
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  1. +3
    21 August 2017 15: 03
    In attempts to carry out a coup d'etat, it relies on US assistance trying to strangle Caracas with sanctions and threats.
    Yes, who would doubt it. Only general devastation will enable the United States to rule and rob other countries.
    1. +2
      21 August 2017 17: 21
      God's chosen ones will now tell that it is itself and that there is simply no toilet paper

      Well, if you will pour arguments - then you will be sent to live in Venezuela or Ukraine or in North Korea

      USA here is nothing. people wanted freedom from dictatorship. yeah.
      1. +10
        21 August 2017 19: 43
        And you try to sprinkle with arguments. Suddenly you will be the first to prove that the Venezuelan economy is an unattainable peak and if it weren’t for the vile Americans, everything would have been a rule.
        1. +3
          22 August 2017 11: 50
          Quote: Ken71
          sprinkle with arguments

          “sprinkle with arguments” is easy: the anti-capitalist Maduro is always right. damned you are always wrong. and those who do not understand this scientific approach go to the dump of history. The rest run to stock up on salt, matches, etc. according to the approved plan.
          1. +2
            22 August 2017 11: 51
            "s" in the original meant "Americans" :-)
    2. +9
      22 August 2017 00: 36
      “... general devastation will enable the United States to rule and rob ...”
      But there is devastation in Russia - education / medicine / sophisticated technology / pension, and the United States is not going to rob or rule in Russia.
        So it is not necessary to pass from a sore head to a healthy one.
      1. +2
        22 August 2017 09: 04
        Quote: eklmn
        “... general devastation will enable the United States to rule and rob ...”
        But there is devastation in Russia - education / medicine / sophisticated technology / pension, and the United States is not going to rob or rule in Russia.
          So it is not necessary to pass from a sore head to a healthy one.

        The devastation has already ended amiable, the USA has plundered enough in 90's. That's why now the mattresses are raging. Rob do not give.
      2. +1
        24 August 2017 00: 42
        Yeah, we live in slums, we shrug off the bears from Kalash.
        1. +1
          24 August 2017 02: 30
          Well, why "in the slums"! Your apartment is normal, I hope. And the parents are alive, and if they are pensioners, the state provided them with free (well, almost) access to doctors of various profiles and a special service paid by the state brings them to the doctors, and the same person helps your parents with groceries and cooking food if your parents want it. And these services are paid, again, by the state. 
              And your salary allows you to buy quality products, put aside for vacation, and children attend their sports classes with good trainers in a private sports section.
                 I hope you have all this, because your salary corresponds to your knowledge and knowledge is profitable, as it should be in a normal country.
    3. 0
      27 August 2017 19: 57
      Quote: Wend
      Yes, who would doubt it. Only general devastation will enable the United States to rule and rob other countries.

      Well, the devastation in Venezuela is already there. A little more Maduro will steer, and there will be a "universal", that is, a full caput.
  2. +9
    21 August 2017 15: 05
    As I understand it, Maduro is not going to do anything with a budget deficit and a drop in GDP.
    1. +4
      21 August 2017 17: 23
      As I understand it, Maduro is not going to do anything with a budget deficit and a drop in GDP.

      there is no betman economist in Venezuela from the VO forum - they would immediately put the economy on the rails.

      here experts economists do not spit. need friendly disant specialists in caracas
      1. +6
        21 August 2017 19: 33
        Even a schoolboy would do better than this bus driver
        1. +1
          24 August 2017 10: 37
          Yes? That is, he ruined everything. So also trilliards, maybe he stole? And why then do the people vote for him? Does anyone really know nothing? Is it true that about every voter two ambals with a machete stand?
          1. 0
            25 August 2017 09: 35
            As the opposition won the last election, which is why the opposition parliament is now in the country. Already do not vote.
    2. +4
      21 August 2017 19: 44
      He may prohibit talking about it.
  3. +1
    21 August 2017 16: 16
    Where there is oil in the country and it is not controlled by the United States, there are big problems.
    1. +2
      22 August 2017 01: 42
      laughing and therefore the only place where their oil can be refined is the United States? The Venezuelans do not care about their oil anyway, oil refining is possible only in Texas.
      1. +1
        24 August 2017 10: 39
        Yeah ... Building a refinery, then, is it impossible in principle anywhere except Texas? Survived.
  4. +2
    21 August 2017 16: 19
    Since the beginning of April, protests have not stopped in Venezuela. Their participants are well trained and equipped, including firearms. Terror is unfolding against government supporters: they are being killed on the streets and in their own homes. Thundering shops and warehouses with food, disabling substations, militants from the right-wing groups are trying to completely paralyze the country's economic life. All this is accompanied by an unprecedented propaganda campaign in which the leading Western media are involved. In their turned-up picture of events, the opposition is shown by peaceful protesters, and a legitimate government is shown by a terrorist regime hungering for the blood of citizens

    it was also everywhere and always, even exactly 100 years ago
  5. +4
    21 August 2017 17: 11
    We wish the people of Venezuela success in the fight against external and internal enemies!
    1. +8
      21 August 2017 19: 41
      This is more accurate. Quickly throw Maduro and not listen to his poor allies from Latin America
      1. +1
        24 August 2017 10: 43
        Oh, how about you, pro-American litter, sausage from the same name Maduro. What is his main fault? That dared to resist "Uncle Sam"? Thus, the president’s protection of the interests of his country is not a crime, but quite the opposite - his duty. So with what fright SHOULD he follow the line of the "Washington Regional Committee"?
      2. 0
        27 August 2017 22: 11
        Quote: Ken71
        This is more accurate. Quickly throw Maduro and not listen to his poor allies from Latin America

        Maduro, along the way, was condemned by almost all Latin American countries. So that he has no allies.
  6. +2
    21 August 2017 17: 49
    The Red Terror will put an end to it. And this is a civil war ...
  7. +8
    21 August 2017 19: 39
    Maduro is completely confused. Having chosen a certain provisional meeting of less than 50 percent of the vote, he considers it more legitimate than the parliament, which elected more than 70. Talking about the legitimacy of this miracle is stupid. Even if Maduro cancels the constitution, Chávez will be dispersed by parliament and declare himself god of the sun, he will not shine. Even the pope tried to dissuade him from these nonsense. But where is dad. The problem is that you can cancel the constitution on bayonets and disperse the parliament, but hungry bayonets are not support for the ass of the coolest dictator. And with the economy of Venezuela, that's all. And Maduro left to choose where to escape from those places where he will be accepted.
    1. 0
      21 August 2017 23: 29
      As I understand from the article, Maduro does not have the power to personally amend the constitution, for this there is a constituent assembly.
      1. +2
        21 August 2017 23: 46
        And the constituent assembly, not only that, completely from Maduro supporters, still has not received half of the votes. Unlike parliament. Relying on an army and a mustache, Maduro can disperse parliament and rewrite Chávez’s constitution. And it can even say that it is legal. But no one will believe him.
        1. +2
          22 August 2017 17: 19
          The opposition itself boycotted the constituent assembly elections. Well, if you are guided by the results of the presidential elections in Venezuela, then Maduro also scored more than half of the vote).
          1. 0
            22 August 2017 20: 53
            The opposition did not nominate its candidates. This is true. But still, these elections did not collect even half the votes. And about Maduro. Yes, he won the election and is the elected president. But the impeachment procedure is completely legal. And the parliament is changing the constitution according to it. It is rather strange for the president, in the presence of a legitimate parliament, to look for other ways.
  8. +1
    21 August 2017 22: 22
    At a time when the soft power of the United States, its attractiveness to the whole world is at zero, the arrogant US statements about the possibility of a military operation against Venezuela only work against the opposition. Moreover, the USA is hated by ordinary people in South America. The fact that the government does not carry out mass punitive sweeps guarantees that in the end the anger of citizens will turn against the opposition and the people themselves will destroy it. That's all, actually. The main thing is at the right time, when the people will obviously make their choice in the direction of Maduro, and the United States will begin to demonstrate powerlessness to demonstrate its police military forces, aircraft carriers, for example, Russia needs to demonstrate its airborne forces there, to show that Russia will not leave Venezuela. Then it will be a clear victory. Then there it will be possible to place the base)) Not earlier)
    1. +5
      21 August 2017 23: 25
      You have one answer. An insurmountable systemic crisis that Maduro cannot solve. Whatever it is.
      1. +1
        21 August 2017 23: 47
        Who can and what cannot, only God knows. Surely we can say that a system dies only when it begins to physically kill other systems in a systemic crisis and cannot live without it. This is a sign of the End. Those. what is happening with the USA now. And with Venezuela is not so. She still has a chance of reform. This is my answer to people like you.
        1. +4
          22 August 2017 06: 40
          Maybe of course the United States and you can see some signs of something there. Perhaps you have good eyesight or secret knowledge. But the hopeless situation of Maduro and its economic model is obviously even blind.
          1. +1
            22 August 2017 08: 49
            You do not read what is being answered, and this is a sign that your brain is disconnected. I wrote the word "reform." Maduro has a chance to correct his mistakes. While there. And I have reason to believe that he is using this chance ...
            1. +4
              22 August 2017 08: 57
              I read. And I repeat what I already wrote. Maduro has no chance and no reforms that he can carry out. Oil at 150 is a chance only for stabilization; reforms need even more. And this is fantastic. In the framework of leftist ideology, only the impoverishment of the population and the degradation of the economy shines in Venezuela.
              1. +1
                22 August 2017 09: 03
                Well, that is your faith. To say that there is no chance is your faith, not knowledge. Stay with her.

                Both left and right ideologies can and do work in specific countries in different ways, there are and cannot be common recipes. The fact is that people believe in their mentality.
                1. +3
                  22 August 2017 09: 12
                  What does faith have to do with it? Need money. In order for the state oil company to work again, to complete the monetary reform in order to purchase food. But there is no money. Because Maduro made some very serious mistakes that stemmed from the economic model laid down by Chavez. And there’s nowhere to take money from. Do not even print .... There is no way out at all and the collapse of the economy has already begun. Therefore, all these movements now do not solve anything. Well, he will indulge in a little power and then his own warriors will shoot.
                  1. +1
                    22 August 2017 09: 28
                    This is a chatter. There is money. Oil is being shipped. Russia issued a loan against a stake in companies. There are problems with logistics and distribution. These are all solvable problems. Once again, you are free to believe in anything)

                    By the way, we put grain there the other day, not for free, so food problems are solved.
                    1. +3
                      22 August 2017 10: 15
                      Not loans but Rosneft prepayments
                      But not horse feed. They will give it back as urgent payments on past loans. But not to us. We have already expired. But their reserves ran out and even our loans will save them for months. No more. And they will eat our wheat for free. Yes, and we still do not have enough to feed them
                      1. +1
                        22 August 2017 10: 22
                        Rave. 6 billion is a loan. Commercial loan. Rosneft received a share and the opportunity to take its money in oil for this. So for free wheat does not go there. You do not own the topic.
  9. 0
    22 August 2017 06: 22
    Only in Russia there is no Constituent Assembly, and no one has implemented the results of the only referendum on the preservation of the USSR. 25 years have passed and more than one referendum, people simply do not want to listen, or rather know what they will say. So it’s not very democracy in our country, the USA is not much ahead of us.
  10. +2
    22 August 2017 12: 09
    The article is crazy ...
    And the United States, if Maduro himself brought his economy to a crisis? !! After all, people in Venezuela are starving elementarily.
    1. +1
      24 August 2017 10: 46
      And why does the majority vote for their "tormentor" Maduro? Well, wow, bullshit. Do not disgrace, huh?
  11. +2
    22 August 2017 12: 25
    Apparently you rummaged on the Internet and enriched yourself with knowledge about the situation of Maduro. Then it will not be difficult for you to find out what the total debt of Venezuela to us is, as well as the fact that loan payments to us are already past due. And that Rosneft will receive payment of supposedly oil loans, which also need to be sold. And as for paying for grain, what will Venezuela pay if there is a huge budget deficit and you also need to buy grain in Canada and the USA where they just won’t give it. This is not Russia which will then write off. As for the share in the company. Why do we need these shares
    Now there is no profit, and under Maduro it will not. And when the opposition wins, privatization will take place and we won’t get anything. As well as for our tanks and so forth, actually donated to the Chavists.

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