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Functional stupidity and national stupidity

Functional stupidity and national stupidityArticle continuation "Pyrrhic victory of Riga ..."

4. Functional stupidity and national stupidity.

Thus, in this stage, we would also like to emphasize too much that for such an absolutely wrong our general idea of ​​intellectuality, which has been intensively implanted for the last fifteen to twenty years and during this time has already managed to line up at different levels of public consciousness , it is enough to penetrate into the psychology of people, now we have to pay very dearly, and the amount of the subsequent payment will greatly exceed our total losses in the Great Patriotic War and from democrat The achievement of the country, which, apart from reducing all other characteristics of society and the fall of the country's parameters, will be expressed in a sharp deterioration in the intellectual potential of society and the intellectual abilities and technological capabilities of the country - this is a general degradation of the population, signs of which have long been obvious in society which manifest themselves in the form of two phenomena - “functional nonsense” and “national stupidity”.

The first phenomenon reveals itself in a sharp increase in the total mass of the country's population of the number of persons with medium and low levels of intellectual capacity, which has, in our view, several reasons leading, as a consequence, to the obvious degradation of the majority of the population, while the second phenomenon is manifested in that the educational abilities of the entire younger generation are beginning to fall in a significant way, which has only one cause - the effect on the newborn brain of children of the subtle effects of telegonia, and as a result This factor is already premature - a very early adolescent beginning of sexual life, drug addiction and alcoholism, stopping in their entirety the further development of the brain in the entire younger generation and destroying educational skills, and the intellectual developments of early childhood, but all this already has a practical degeneration of our for today's young people, with the exceptionally rare, perhaps the exception, although, as is obvious, the young people who have survived and have avoided such a fate will not be able to Th, ”and even more so, to fully work and engage in creative work, creating intellectual masterpieces among the many degradants and surrounded by degenerates, by virtue of which, understanding their position and appreciating the situation that arises before them, they all long ago, being paralyzed by the mind, will strive carry their brains far beyond the country, thereby depriving the society of their intellectual genes, which are the core and irreplaceable value of any civilized country.

It is quite obvious that such a shift in the normal distribution of the intellectual abilities of people in any society, that is, the phenomenon of “functional stupidity” is only temporary and can be observed, as a rule, only under the influence of a number of factors that are not so favorable for any person. The following vital factors can be safely referred to as biological: it means deterioration of nutrition, ecology, medical care, as well as an increase in alcohol consumption of the population, drug addiction, and t to continue and the like; socioeconomic means political instability, forced migration, the destruction of science as a social institution, a decline in the quality of education, brain drain, ideological processing of the brain, and social tautology with demagogy, etc .; psychological - this is intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts, various neuroses, unconscious stresses and fears, the destruction of the image of the future and the impossibility of self-realization, etc. In our opinion, all these very negative factors in modern not only Russian society, obviously, are presented in a full set, and therefore, it should be noted that if only the actions of such factors continue for a sufficiently long time, for example, during the maturation of one - two generations, then the tendency of growth of “functional nonsense” can become almost irreversible with all the negative consequences that this entails. Unfortunately, if the phenomenon of “functional stupidity” can only be temporary, and under favorable circumstances it can still be reversible, then the phenomenon of “national stupidity”, and if it is more accurate, it is in reality the phenomenon of “intellectual stupidity”, which does not have such a property - this phenomenon is completely reversible, due to the fact that it has its rather deep and very hidden genetic root - its generating factor, which practically does not affect today the adult population of society that is older, for example, 40-45 years, while it can affect only newborns and only younger generations born only after 80-85 of the twentieth century, and this phenomenon contributes to the excessively accelerated in the historical aspect destruction intellectual gene pool of the whole country, and with it the moral basis of the society itself, for the restoration of which then it will already be necessary, obviously, only centuries, and not just a few or even more than one or two decades, as it is in shine with the phenomenon of "functional nonsense"!

In connection with the genetic basis of the factor that is able to generate the phenomenon of “intellectual dullness”, it is natural that another factor that can give rise to the phenomenon of “functional stupidity”, along with the above mentioned other factors, is the phenomenon of “intellectual dullness”, which should to be obvious, which is why, in this part of its factors, the phenomenon of “functional stupidity” itself now may also be not so reversible, and because of this, according to preliminary data, Russia has already lost There are at least 10-12 millions of people living within their own living young generation, if not more, who successfully multiply and continue to produce, such as themselves, can never be well educated and highly intellectually developed personalities, representing themselves together with their offspring, no more than cheap and stupid labor, making up in its entirety in fifteen to twenty more than 75-80 percent of our entire working-age population has but such a first approximation, the true face of the degradation of our society!

With all this, we need to note that the influence on the formation of youth intelligence of the factor of a sharp deterioration in the quality of education, compared to the level of the quality of education during the Soviet Union, not only in secondary schools and colleges, but also in most institutions of higher education, as well as the transition to test control of the quality of education, which is even more, indisputably, only to stupid schoolchildren and even students, creating only one illusion of education without any logical thinking skills I, that in consequence, after reaching the maturity of such young people, cannot be restored by any means and efforts - all these young people will be outwardly active, but, however, only dumb in reality and stupid in reality will be suitable, albeit with diplomas of higher education, only to the rough work as a cheap labor, in any other way, otherwise, the Western youth, who had started such training earlier, would have been more intellectually developed earlier and today than our Soviet schoolchildren and!

Thus, now we would be interested to know what exactly the true reason may consist of, and what is the nature of the factors of the “intellectual dullness” phenomenon, if only the life factors that are able to give rise to such a phenomenon as “functional nonsense” can be -economic and biological basis, and psychological, and even the phenomenon of "intellectual stupidity"?
Obviously, the true reason lies in the very name of this phenomenon - “intellectual dullness”, that is, in the absence of real intelligence in most people and the poor quality of consciousness in the whole of society as a whole, but the nature of the factors of the “intellectual dullness” phenomenon that has a genetic it is the root that is the basis, or the root cause is usually always frivolous and irresponsible, and also, including, as a rule, extremely premature, that is, in other words, very early age and rather corrupted to infinity, the sexual disposition of the majority of the country's population, and it consists of two main parts, firstly, it is a very early or very premature defloration of young female persons, after which, from an immature age, the female individual - the girls - immediately begins to stop any development that, as a consequence, leads to the dullness of such girls, who then later pass on their unconscious stupidity to their children, as well as this is also a very early sexual life under The majority of immature young men with exactly the same excessively negative consequences in their adult life, and secondly, this is the obvious or, as a rule, usually quite hidden polyandryal nature of sexual relationships between young people and women who have not yet given birth or who still dream of only giving birth. if in other words, then this is irresponsible sexual freedom and the corrupted sexuality of so many women before the first conception and their pregnancy, which affects the brain of their subsequent offspring detrimental because of the effect effects of telegony - the effect on the offspring of the genes of previous men, or the so-called wandering genes left in the body of any woman by all sexual partners before her first or next pregnancy, and the causes of all these negative phenomena in modern societies are obviously excessively the irresponsible democratization of the depravity of sexual relations - the relations between the sexes, the consequences of the sexual revolution brought from the West and the ideology of modern feminism, introduced into the public consciousness, about which we have already presented our views on all these problems in a more detailed and logically sound form in the second edition of our monographs “Evolution and the nature of intelligence and consciousness”, and “Evolution of female consciousness and anthropogenesis”, as well as in a series of articles in the EAEN collections on the evolutionary origins and causes of female genital phenomena and the consequences of polyandry with telegony. However, in addition, we found it necessary for us, due to the excessive negativity of the effects of telegony on the development of the brain of subsequent generations, to tell about this phenomenon and explain it in an easily accessible popular form for all of our modern youth in their seven-volume novel “Smart and passionate, stupid and depraved "

Here, further, it should be noted that in such socially permissive conditions at present, quite a few, if not the majority of still very young girls, often start to appear very stable, but, however, well hidden and very carefully hidden from outside prying eyes. the entire public, an explicit form of primitive promiscuity, that is, in other words, the so-called “sexual collectivism” in their early sexual relations, while not even mentioning the hidden sexual aspirations and the lascivious behavior of a multitude of overly loving girls from early adolescence, in terms of the beginning of their maturity and a rather frivolous majority of modern women in periods before their first pregnancy, or between successive, subsequent conceptions and childbirth, in connection with which all these problems arise and respectively, two sexually genetic questions, the first of which consists in the following: why or in what way, or in what specific form can be subsequently reflected on mental abilities newborn baby, and have a negative impact on his intellectual development is promiskuitetnaya form of sexual relationship to his mother before his conception or otherwise, polyandrous female sexual behavior - the expectant mother prior to conception and early pregnancy?

And the second question is what can be or can be expected any consequences from the premature or extremely early defloration of still quite young virgins on their subsequent intellectual, that is, mental and logical development, namely, they are these consequences, can they only be of a positive nature or, they must necessarily be negative in their basic nature, or still, perhaps, absolutely no intellectual consequences for all young persons, the utter loss of their virginity should not give birth and can not influence?
The first question relates, as it should be obvious, to not quite understandable to everyone yet and not quite logically reasonably clarified, and scientifically proven problems of molecular genetics, however, which, at the same time, poses a different, intellectual and cognitive and a socially necessary problem about the quite possible influence on the psyche and intellect of a child born of the prodigal nature of his mother’s previous sexual behavior from any of his regular men, and which one of the two sides may be Is the impact positive or maybe negative? Here we need to immediately note that with all this, we shouldn’t really worry about all those external manifestations of telegonia effects on the child’s body, which they allegedly tried to find, however, didn’t find modern genetics, as if Telegony in reality and exist, the effects of its impact on any newborn child, first of all, should affect the most sensitive and fairly vulnerable body of the human body, namely: the brain of a newborn child that has not yet formed!

The second question, being genetic, but, at the same time, it was not even put before science by geneticists and practically has never been studied, although it has quite negative consequences, and not only with physiological and hormonal, or, perhaps, physical psychological side, but even from a genetic-intellectual point of view, early defloration is long and quite obvious and they may well manifest themselves in the life of both children and very many frivolous girls and lovingly avid women, if not all sensually “educated and those who are not particularly picky in their sexual relations, and from an early age, female persons, which is quite clearly demonstrated by their frivolous behavior and rather sluggish attitude to school, starting from the 11-12 years, not only Russian children, but all Western countries, as it were, of civilized countries, where the results of the sexual freedom of the population and the results of the consequences of sexual revolutions reign supremely on children, which only over the last approximately 15-20 years led to The decline in all civilized and economically developed Western countries of the average level of intelligence of children of all ages compared with previous post-war generations, especially, this trend is observed in the younger generation in the most socially affluent countries, as a result, it is in these countries that are most pronounced today. as a result of the impact on the level of intellectuality of the subtle effects of telegony, the general desire and inclination of young people for professions and activities requiring some kind of intelligence, which Russia has not passed by, and that it has long started to have a very negative effect on the quality of the attributes of the sensual spheres of the common culture of all these countries - peoples and nations, namely: the real content and the meaning of their songs and poetry, fiction, as well as music and art, etc., at the same time as the quality level of attributes of many intellectual spheres of general culture is constantly maintained at the proper level, however, mainly due to the level of intel KTA many names of alien people and their families are much less socio-economically developed countries.

Here, as a possible example, it can be recalled that in the times of the Soviet Union, the entire West, as now, always welcomed and even contributed to the outflow from our country not only of “brains” and intellectuals from the sensual-emotional spheres of our common culture, at that time as now, the West does not need them at all - they have enough of such sensual ones, they now only need our brains alone, not our sensual culture, which, at least, should sober not only our entire sensual intelligentsia, but and philosophers with psychologists, who, in our opinion, should have long ago begun to realize with their activity what exactly is true value for society and the state, and at the same time can be the main attribute of our common culture, and the sooner such understanding will always come to ours a scientist who knows how to philosophize, the richer will be our common culture, with its integral parts in the face of philosophy and psychology, which is culture, today is overflowing with all sorts of sensual rubbish aggravating, like our very community culture as a whole, so also its philosophy with psychology and even logic, which in their totality are now engaged in anything, but not only in the intellectualization of society, as one of the main, if not the most important, of their tasks and problems of modern Russia , and also at the same time, which - this is all the same, cultural is only rubbish, capable of causing irreparable harm to public consciousness.

After all, it is quite obvious that in the conditions of everyday promiscuity or, perhaps, constant polyandry, which in this case absolutely does not have any special significance for our modern common culture, and even more so for subsequent ones, including philosophical reasoning, only the first child of any woman, conceived by her with a high probability, maybe from the first sexual partner in her life, being in a state of an untouched purebred virgin, has the opportunity to be born purebred and without any serious mental flaws only because of the temporary lack of influence of the subtle effects of telegony, however, at the same time on the potential possibilities of other children, especially on the intellectual abilities of all subsequent children, already conceived from other men, and even conceived from the father of her first child, no doubt, will surely, in our opinion, be quite negative and influence their subsequent mental development quite possible hyperfine and not so noticeable effects of telegonia in childhood, by virtue of which, perhaps, all the other children, although they will grow outwardly physically sufficiently developed and practically healthy at first glance, as well as their elder mother’s brother or elder sister, but unlike the first child of such women, the rest children are likely to grow up intellectually underdeveloped, even if their living conditions are nutrition with upbringing, the attention of adults with instruction will be the same.

5. Negative effect of telegonia effects

These our statements are in good agreement with our long-term observations of preschool and school children of all ages, differing among themselves only by the fact that they were born by women who had worked before marriage and who used the services of more than one man before their pregnancy and those who did not marry had men and remained virgins - children of virgins of both sexes at any age were ahead in almost all of their peers and peers. In connection with this phenomenon, it is not difficult to guess exactly where they can go after school to learn and what niches in subsequent labor activity are occupied by children born to women with a different understanding of their women's rights and freedoms in the sexual sphere. In our view, the possible subtle effects of the effects of telegony, in the first place, can affect newborns just boys, which is why, during ontogenesis, in the period of early youth, boys born from this kind of overly loving and very fornication girls in their youth women will not be able to catch up, let alone overtake their peers, born pure blood women, either in mental development and in moral development as a true man and man, remaining, thus, now life is rather irresponsible and intellectually so overly underdeveloped male, that this will be, without any doubt, quite obvious to all people around them, and all of us today due to the rather obvious debauchery in our youth of many of our similar girls and mature women , it is obvious to observe in the behavior not only of boys and young men, but also of many adult young men.
According to our long-term observations, only those of boys and young men can, with their work and studies, successfully “break out into people” and, as a rule, achieve almost always in their life all sorts of significant intellectual heights that were born only from virgins and only pure-blood women are usually, and all this, obviously, for the present, and without any genetic justification, is very significant in our daily life, and, quite unequivocally, and all this cannot be attributed to the influence of the possible ospitaniya, schools and cheeky living environment, or may be, exposed to the improved economic - financial situation of parents!

For example, as everyone knows, in many of today's economically developed Western countries, including, of course, Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg, for example, there are mixed educational institutions — colleges and schools where they study together. as local children from not so poor families - Christians and Orthodox, and children of other religions and from other countries, and with such a mixed education, it’s quite striking that many children, schoolchildren and students from much less economically developed countries mostly not from Christians, including Russian Muslims, where the adultery of mothers and young girls is almost unthinkable until their marriage, and where the families are still dominated by the “dictatorship” of fathers alone, and also in no way it is inconceivable for girls not to be a virgin anymore, they are significantly ahead in mastering educational material and learning new languages, including also much more qualitatively and even intellectually more quickly, without a doubt, developing in comparison with all children from all of those developed countries, where the sexual revolution has long passed and sexual freedom in the behavior of most girls and women is quite widespread before their first marriage and the birth of their first child, that in the future, sooner or later, as is completely obvious, and without a doubt, albeit rather slowly, but it is absolutely true and inevitably capable and will be able to lead in all such countries where for a long time there are practically no virgins at all at the sexual age, and even long before their marriage and conception a child, but without a doubt that, with perhaps quite a few exceptions, women’s sexual freedom and hidden fornication are still quite legal for very young girls before their first pregnancy, excessively strongly promoted by absolutely all of our media and artificially introduced into the public consciousness and so far weak intelligence of immature children by modern sensual-erotic culture and supported by the public consciousness, including fiction, to the inevitable due to the degradation of any such society, such overly loving people with the inevitable decline in their logical thinking and the degree of intellectuality, especially in the first place among the male population, and as a result of such permissiveness of the behavior of children and frivolous girls, the whole society will come to universal sensual the primitive state of public consciousness and the impoverishment of the content and essence of a common culture!

Indeed, even now in most of the economically developed countries of the West, including the socially supposedly prosperous all the northern countries of Europe and America, including Russia and, of course, especially the Baltics, there is practically no male population younger than 35 - 40 years, which could be born earlier by virgins, that is, pure blood women, namely, women who, in the period between their virgin state and the very first pregnancy, would have had only one man in sexual contact, including this number and all those women who never changed their husbands before their next pregnancy from the first men in their lives, which seriously begin to negatively affect the intellectual state, as well as the level of logical thinking and the quality of public consciousness of all these segments of the population, turning all they are overly sensual and emotionally unrestrained, a rather primitively thinking mass of people - an overly sensual-emotional crowd with a rather low quality of their own consciousness, moreover in the next XN UMX-15 years, if, only not much earlier, which is already with your own eyes - can be fully observed at many stadiums and large-scale entertainment events in all European countries, including, of course, modern Russia, which earlier, of course, is known was not or was, however, not on such a scale that would be captured in an intellectual way, if not already captured much more than all of them - European men, logically thinking and intellectually developed men from many other less developed countries, with no sexual democracies and sexual freedoms of women, and, consequently, those men who were born at one time only by pure-blooded girls who were still virgins before their first marriage, which means that potentially intellectually more capable men, which in the future can lead naturally in its entirety to the extinction of European civilization, at least, if only in the form of only intellectual degradation, if only It’s not a complete degeneration of the population of the majority of Christian European countries alone, which, in our view, will be natural, that is, the most direct result of sexual freedoms and sexual democracies!

All of this - the intellectual degradation of the population, now, in our opinion, all developed countries, with their overly advanced still democracies, as well as with sexual freedom and developed feminism, cannot in any way be somehow avoided, and it’s obvious that with the help of some growth of the economic well-being of the local population and not even with the help of increasing their social well-being, including by strengthening the sexual democracy and freedoms in some unknown way, and what else more rapidly will only grow, and develop in a negative direction in all Western countries with continuing daily from generation to generation of children and youth sexual promiscuity and bacchanalia, sexual promiscuity, most children and almost all adults, and, naturally increasing influence feminism on a common culture and social conscience, which does not include the equal rights of women’s rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, but their sexual full rights with men and being rather hidden aspirations and demands of feminism, which, on the one hand, obviously contradict the external femininity and beauty of women, aging most of them prematurely and, at the same time, contradicting their inner sexually-sexual physiology, causing significant and, of course , irreparable harm to their subsequent offspring, and on the other hand, naturally arises from the internal - psychological, and even more precisely, the unconscious desire and needs of many women, if not more For some reason, mentally, dreamily since the early childhood of the depraved, to become as polygyny as all men, which in reality can only mean one thing — women's polyandry, which is quite possible and even acceptable, since this is already there was still a matriarch in our prehistory, and at the same time it would be absolutely harmless for the whole society, only under one rather tough condition, namely, the following: all overly loving and fornicating women and girls can not be born then, due to the fact that any foreign M case, as now, all such women will be provided hell from their own children to old age, if not earlier!

It should also be noted that the negative impact of the behavior psychology and everyday actions of the majority of immature children from many such girls and women on the public consciousness and our common culture is absolutely meaningless to even remember, and even more to say, or maybe try to start raising and then form them - the results of such freedoms bordering on depravity, without a doubt, are already evident! In all likelihood, it is all of this in our future, unlike some very, as if “smart” and abstruse opinions of supposedly professionals, that will be, in our opinion, the most important and most basic pressing problem of almost all highly developed and democratic countries in all world, including also Russia, where the obvious and obvious general sexual promiscuity of people and female hidden fornication, from the point of view of both psychology and sexology, sociology and cultural studies, have long been elevated to the rank of some true democratic self both freedoms and even major gains of the type, for example, of the Gorbachev-Yeltsin society, and all this despite the almost increasing political and economic power of all these still supposedly socially sufficiently prosperous Western countries and very scientifically based, including the supposedly proper upbringing of their young generations, as well as the presence of leading humanitarian educational and scientific institutions in all developed countries, our all these arguments are already confirmed by the scientific data of the scientists and researchers themselves these - western countries.

So, as an example, here you can see that the skull box of an average European has long been, about 25-30 years ago, beginning to give way in many of its main parameters and characteristics, including its overall volume, both Chinese and Korean. and in general Asian, including, for example, the volume of the skull, especially the Baltic, is now inferior to the volume of the skull of the blond Russian European, and, at the same time, the volume of the skull of the most blond Russian European, began to yield strongly to the skull box, nap imer, at least a Russian Muslim, which can mean only one thing, namely: a Russian Muslim potentially has more chances to develop intellectually further under the same conditions in relation to any Russian Christian - European, which is a direct consequence of the effect of telegony, and as a result of telegony - massive alcoholism and drug addiction, with all this, not to mention the general Asian volume of the true Muslim's skull, and the skull box of any and every true American is now an inferior , And quite significantly the Japanese, and even Iranian-Arab, and all this is not, as many may believe incredulous, our imagination!

However, in this issue, the reassuring assurances of some excessive orthodoxes from supposedly science and even, perhaps, politics, and many dogmas from the Christian religion itself can only rather speed up and even greatly aggravate such a situation, even more excessively burdening the West. position. After all, it should be obvious to all that parents who come from less developed Eastern countries in order to give a possible chance to “get into people” to their child, will undoubtedly spend from an early age and, of course, have to spend their time teaching him, and, very limited material resources, and, naturally, first of all, to master the English language, as a result of which, for example, a boy from India, who was conceived in mother’s pure breed and from early childhood who already knew two at once, will naturally at under the same conditions, it is far ahead in the mental and intellectual development of their peers from the English family, conceived “under telegonia,” which also applies to comparisons between Algerian children and pure French or Turkish children with German, Japanese or even Chinese with American children, as well as bilingual from their early childhood even Russians speak only one Russian from childhood, which we have already mentioned above and in great detail in his new monograph “The Evolution of Female Beauty - the Genesis of Consciousness and the logic of women ”, and repeatedly considered psychological positions in several new books and monographs, where research on the negative effects of telegony on children's brain development and the effects of early onset sexual activity on quality, that is, the degree of subsequent intellectual development of adults.

The possible negative effects of the obvious influence of telegonia in the form of a total lack of intelligence, or perhaps of its very low level, are more often usually found, as a rule, most often manifested and mainly affect precisely when restraining psychological barriers and fear are clearly beginning to recede. real punishment, that is, with many powerful and public people, which is manifested and unconsciously demonstrates, as a rule, by all such people, but mainly due to the efforts of many journalists Comrades, forcing them to betray their ignorance and immorality, arrogance and cynicism, which are direct only as a result of the rather low quality of their consciousness and intellect, at the same time as the primitiveness among the broad strata of the young is still difficult to identify. some special studies, although it is quite possible, but judging by the inexplicable actions and deeds of modern youth, including many adolescent and school children, from some selected special reports of the correspondent spondentov media.

For complete logical clarity here we need to note the following: the number of pure-born children, although very slowly, but began to increase significantly with the onset of the era of patriarchy, and with the emergence of monogamous sexual relationships, before that, in the period of matriarchy, primitive humanity existed mastering the skills of making fire and mastering its management, for millions of years without really tangible intellectual progress, and quite often balancing right on the verge of obvious and irreversible fordliness — your own His most likely complete intellectual extinction with his total no more than just one to five percent of purely born true capital in the person of one male individual, inherited from generation to next generation, and only a transition to the era of patriarchy with its male polygyny in sex relations and monogamy of marriages, finally, nevertheless could give a real and very powerful impetus to the beginning of the now completely tangible intellectual development, and for all subsequent masculine humanity, however o, only with the exception of certain epochs in the early Middle Ages, which could continue in Europe until the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century, that is, until the time when not only the sexual revolution, which started for the first time in many Western countries, but in addition By that time, democratic feminism, which had begun to develop, which in its single aggregate with the sexual democracy and sexual freedom of women, could finally, sexually liberate many very frivolous young people. girls and secretive lovingly dissolute women began to create, first of all, in the entire civilized Western world a permanent operational basis - the reason for all subsequent very slow intellectual degradation of all humanity. In such sexually liberated daily conditions, so far the only stronghold of possible female cleanliness and one of the main hopes in the subsequent intellectual development of men, so far remain only one Muslim country and all those peoples and nations that develop with their yet patriarchal family structure and way of life, with this, to our great regret, the rest of the world, sexually liberated and sex-democratic and civilized, awaits about the same fate, if not more than that By the time it befell the Roman Empire, there can be no doubt that, if only we did not take timely measures, at least some very radically effective measures, and our long-suffering country that has learned the same success to produce today in reality is basically only one primitivism with stupidity in the environment, in which there is practically no place for that one purely born boy, as there are no those mothers who remain virgins before the wedding night or ho only the faithful to their first chosen one, but, and the obvious consequences, namely, the gleams of the degradation coming to us can be seen without an armed look - there is not even a need for a review of the advancing misfortune to look at our immediate future!
This is precisely all those children whose mothers walk up enough in their early youth, and before their marriage and before their first pregnancy, which are, obviously, many very frivolous girls and lovingly fornicating and unfaithful women and husbands to their husbands. So, well, in our future we can expect from such a male sprout of Russia, which cannot be trusted even to hold a machine gun in its hands, not to mention protecting its Homeland, and yet they are all living and young and mature people - men who, like and all other men wish and want to spawn their offspring and, of course, will give birth, but naturally, however, only from excessively prodigal and uncleaned girls, due to the fact that they do not have enough intelligence for a pure virgin, and at the same time they will not even create their own kind, but only much worse children, both intellectually and physically, independently, and from material wealth or education.

This is the true essence and the whole point of our entire demographic problem, which is still completely closed to our eyes, and without understanding at all, and for the time being absolutely not aware of the most important thing - the point is in quality, not in the number of newborns, who will be in a sexual stupor and without intelligence to further replenish the legacy of our common culture. Naturally, no one can and will not envy such a legacy of our common culture at all, and in principle, but everything that we are now clearly seeing in the cultural life of society is because only flowers - berries are poisonous fruits, yet ahead, and they will be years through 10-15 in a mature form - our poor culture!

6. About premature - superearly defloration girls

Thus, above, in a very superficial form, they were only able to get an answer, but only their first, previously posed question, which related to the possible consequences of women's polyandry, but our second question concerned, we recall, premature, that is, early-age defloration still not quite mature girls, as well as the quite possible negative consequences of such acts of boys and men, who assumed a stable form during the period of patriarchy and polygyny, and, in our opinion, very relevant, in our modern epoch u, due to excessive sexual freedom, which led to the majority of young children to sexual promiscuity, and to the pronounced and obvious sexual levity, as many young girls, and many young people so far, due to the fact that, unlike any other the negative effects of premature admission of young men into real sex life, the negative effects of super early defloration, immature yet fully girls still have a significant effect on all subsequent mental and intellectual development like these are young girls, and not to mention numerous unpleasant consequences for them of a different nature even.

So, for example, contained in the next question - who exactly the outwardly sexually mature maiden can give birth, having begun her sex life from her 13-14 years on quite legitimate grounds, if her brain has not yet been completely developed to the minimum necessary degree and should still evolve, at least until 18-20 years?

It is from such young women in labor that any country in which the sexual revolution thrives and ensures sexual freedom and sexual rights of frivolous girls and rather indiscriminate, but loving women subsequently receives future irresponsible, mentally underdeveloped citizens - boys and girls, who by their actions may well Of course, they will be able to stop not only one human life during their lives, thereby bringing grief - tragedies not only to themselves and their parents, but to many others, or to it does not obey the people, for three - four previously noted by us above reasons.

As it is well known to all of us, the majority of today's youngsters are young girls, not so high upbringing and perhaps not so high in their mental, perhaps, abilities, now, at the age of 11-12 and up to 15-16, are in a hurry usually begin to live sexually. However, while they are still not completely prepared for such adult lust, they are not physically and morally, even socially, and because of this, they all rather quickly begin to acquire a sense of their own irresponsibility and their early childhood cynicism, replenishing the hidden from parents and society child prostitution, while competing in schools and at parties in debauchery among themselves and even with adults, while receiving inflammatory diseases and venereal diseases, and, naturally, with a similar way of life and, full reorientation of their children's interests and thoughts, not understanding and almost never realizing the newly acquired premature love passions as they were lost, they lose their human future and with it, the future female happiness in the literal sense, since by its 25-30 years lose femininity and look no less than 35-40 years - this is one of the true reasons for the early aging of many Eastern women who were forcibly married in their 12-15 years.
So, with the onset of a super store of sexual life and its foregonely inopportune time — the very early tearing of the hymen, when premature occurs — an overly-early defloration of completely young yet immature girls, which, without any doubt, has very deep negative consequences in their subsequent, childish, and adult life, if only because of the absolute unpreparedness of these girls psychologically for permanent sexual relationships and precisely their prematureness sexual intercourse, in connection with which, later as a consequence, such a female is practically incapable of developing somehow in terms of psychology and mental capabilities, except, as soon as, only accelerated external sexual and physiological development, due to than, all such girls remain for the whole life psychologically only as children, being mature adult women. Today it is well known that the hymen from the psychological point of view is a very important necessary psychological barrier and a real life barrier against a very early onset of sexual activity as early as sexual intercourse of an not quite mature girl, who is still too harmful and rather dangerous for growing children. a childish maiden psyche that was not yet fully strengthened, due to the fact that as a result of this early defloration, any immature girl usually disrupted her normal further, not just only hormonal, psychological and physical development, but also, without any doubt, its subsequent even at least some kind of mental and logical development, that is, the development of intellectual thinking, which can be observed, usually with examples of psychology of adults women, for example, surrendered too early in marriage or subjected to, perhaps, forced defloration at an early age.

Here we should briefly concentrate the reader’s particular attention in order to understand our subsequent logic of reasoning, the quite possible and very obvious for most scientists intellectual consequences of such a super-early defloration of an immature girl, and regardless of how exactly this could happen with a young girl. in immature age to occur: whether it was artificially forcibly - forcibly, or in a natural way - voluntarily, or, perhaps, quite by chance in a harmless mustache in early childhood, the consequences must necessarily be, and to one degree or another, completely irreversible and unavoidable, although here we need to notice that only with a naturally voluntary loss of virginity by a girl, almost all young priestesses of love tend to continue what has already begun lightly and voluntarily, thereby, their sex life, which contributes to even greater, namely: the most negative exacerbation of their position in the future by them, while not very aware of and even completely presenting the possible deplorableness of such consequences, all the negativity of his so rash and premature act, and an irreversible act for his subsequent not only sex life and female happiness, but also his own, future children because of telegonia.

Long-term practical observations of two or three generations of the female — girls, girls, and many young women, including a study of their entire daily follow-up behavior — actions and deeds, thoughts, and logical reasoning — were able to demonstrate that after the first one-time early sexual contact, any the young girl slowly begins to degrade, and for the first two to three years after defloration, the intellectual development of such a girl is almost suspended, and does not have an abs. There is no meaning whatsoever in what way or, perhaps, by this child defloration itself occurred - sexually or not, or by chance during children's play, even in the sandbox in kindergarten or while skating or cycling or horses. This is a reality if the girl was deflated in any way before her sexual age. With all this, it is also clear that all this happens even when she is a young girl who, after her early defloration, practically didn’t resume sexual intercourse during these 2 - 3 years and at the same time didn’t lead to any intense sexual intercourse. life even to sexual maturity. However, in the event that only such a girl continues intensive sexual relations after early defloration, then the development inhibition and the apparent degradation of the girl slow down at an accelerated pace and she’s absolutely not interested in any mental activities and activities directed at on its intellectual subsequent development. Usually, all these girls begin to worry only about entertaining communication with their peers of both sexes and the male older than themselves, under the pressure of the needs of only one sexual nature.

Such an excessively accelerated intensity of puberty of a young girl and her not quite natural behavior after her early defloration can no longer be explained in any way only by the onset of natural puberty and the occurrence of early sexual interest.
After all, this is precisely excessively accelerated puberty, and, moreover, only to the detriment of its intellectual development. But, especially, it also confirms that after the very early deflowering, the body of any young girl begins her equally, the early hormonal reorganization is now and the whole body of an immature girl still begins to develop physically vigorously - she is no longer in her age it is so expected then for parents to femininely “round off”, that is, to acquire their femininity, peculiar only to adult and experienced mature women, while still having its very childish psychology, logic of thinking and everyday behavior, usually, as a rule, always bordering on primitivism and rather noticeable, at the same time, dullness, now to its very old age. Here it is necessary to emphasize again, paying attention to the fact that after all their 25-30 years, I start to grow old very quickly and quite early, losing my former girlish attractiveness - external beauty and femininity, as well as It should be obvious that it is its sexual attractiveness for any man, including their husbands, which quite often leads to certain negative consequences in their family life, in most cases stimulating the male spouses to start kticheski unconcealed even from his wife search for a more attractive women - and this is the most harmless of all, only one only real consequence of early deflowering.

However, in order for everything that we have said above to be convincing enough, it would be possible for all our critics and especially skeptical opponents to bring further evidence, but there is no particular need for this - they are already given in the monographs we quoted earlier and even in a work of art, but , nevertheless, here we will give evidence of a completely different sort - look again at your old family and your friends, and your friends' photos, and look more closely there, at the faces of girls and women of previous then, perhaps, our entire rightness will be quite obvious - it’s not so much because of acceleration, about which so many mumbled earlier many, to justify the sexual depravity of young people, most modern women and girls even of school age look much older than their own, peers from previous generations, but how many only because of the premature loss of virginity and the very early onset of sexual activity!

The same “senile” phenomenon of early wear and accelerated aging of the female body can, as a rule, be observed, for example, in absolutely all prostitutes, especially prodigal and excessively loving women, as well as in all women married at a very early age, especially the majority of Eastern women forcedly married in their own even 12 - 15 years, from which it should now be causal that the earlier sexual maturity of some young girl her defloration was made, the sooner she would begin to age and lose with How femininity and external sexual attractiveness. From which we can safely draw the following conclusion: most modern women, especially in all civilized countries of the West, age rather early and very quickly lose their visual appeal, femininity and beauty for two main reasons - this is, on the one hand, because of their promiscuous relationships, but, on the other hand, due to the very early loss of their virginity - due to premature defloration.

But besides all this, over early or prematurely deflorinated young girls are also premature in the future, that is, quickly, both physically and sexually begin to mature, and not by age, which, of course, has a rather negative effect on mental abilities and logical thinking. , due to the fact that, while continuing to study at school and forcedly striving for any further mental and intellectual development, many such girls cannot completely master that commensurate amount of knowledge - an educational mate A rial that their contemporaries can afford, who have managed to remain at least just until they graduate from high school as virgins.

That is why the majority of such girls usually, as a rule, always unconsciously, first of all, choose for themselves fairly simple professions for their future, which absolutely do not require from them any large or, perhaps, complex amounts of knowledge, into the assimilation of which is not so it is necessary to have at least some kind of intelligence, which with a high degree of probability is quite possible, without any doubt, to be substantiated by numerous observations of the life views, aspirations and behaviors of a large number of adolescents and This is confirmed by numerous comparative studies and analysis of real results achieved by such individuals in their subsequent adult life.
In our observations, we noticed that the same effect in personality development as from early defloration can be achieved and intensively engaged from very early childhood - 5-7 years of great sports, namely: due to only significant retardation of mental development, you can achieve -or outstanding athletic performance in life. The point here is obviously not about everyday physical education at school, although it is in these classes that many girls very early, and it is in a random way, that they lose their virginity, thus remaining mentally underdeveloped for the rest of their lives after such an accident.

The comparative diagnostics of many girls who have already reached the age of 16-18 years, conducted earlier by us, on the one hand, engaged in sports from their early childhood with their contemporaries who are still virgins, and on the other hand, girls who underwent defloration in their 12-15 years and also with virgins with the help of tests well known for today revealed a significant difference in their development, including even among the twins. The virgin IQ level exceeded 20-25, and between the twins 15-20 points. The use of these psychological tests, for example, with regard to identical twins, also showed that superhard defloration or, perhaps, excessive children's enthusiasm for any sport can also have an excessively inhibitory effect not only on their psyche and sociocultural characteristics of a person, but also on genetic resources of development of his intellect, the negative impact of which can only increase with age.

All these our even extremely scientifically interesting, however, not so pleasant from the life positions conclusions, without any doubt, can and should indicate, in our view, only that even just a one-time very early sexual contact followed by defloration a young girl, including even a completely accidental rupture of the hymen can lead and necessarily lead to a completely natural, but, however, at the same time, of course, can only lead to a premature biochemical redistribution However, it’s also quite natural that such a redistribution of nutrients in the body of a young girl can only occur only by damaging the brain cells of a young yet another girl, the consequences of which, in our opinion, to all , not only to scientists, should be quite obvious!

Of course, except for what we have said above, with such super-early defloration, the hormonal composition of the still young girl’s child’s organism usually always changes, and naturally, it’s not in favor of subsequent intellectual development, if not all, then most of these children’s that then, in turn, as it should be, obviously, now does not allow the timely formation, at least some of the inhibiting or volitional qualities, and many other properties of the character of many such women, including also He doesn’t know the abilities and capabilities of their psyche, to have the necessary and sufficient opportunity to use their intellectual and cognitive resource in their future life with further development after top defloration or, perhaps, early childhood enthusiasm enhanced daily exercises in the form of constant sports training, just for the sake of illusive for many women Olympic heights, and with the mandatory loss of intelligence and real female happiness.

7. The causes of the painful future of official Riga and the entire Baltic states are the end of the trail.
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  1. TRex
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      Neighbor 14 March 2012 07: 27
      Do not say - I started to read - quickly tired! Something about the girls at the end is written about virgins! Tin in general.
      6. About premature - premature defloration of girls - Tin.
      The bottom line, as I understand it, is that people are getting dull and degrading. There are no moral principles or principles. Like before. This applies especially to young people - from 15 years old love , drinks cigarettes, etc. as a result, by 25 years old wassat wassat - This is a fact, if not sad - there is such a problem - and it is very important! Although it’s not written about Russian youth in the article, this also concerns us! For you will go out on the street - 15 year old brats go smoke and whip beer. And how many pregnant women are 16-17 years old. Mommy e-mine - you still need to flog yourself, but they give birth! am - or they do abortions - and then they cannot give birth am
    2. domokl
      domokl 14 March 2012 07: 46
      In vain you guys were scared of vastness .. I advise you to read very carefully ... A great example of ideological sabotage at the racial and religious level ...
      1. Норд
        Норд 14 March 2012 10: 36
        It's not about the size of the article, but the writing style. The author constructs sentences of 40-75 words in size. While any person, as a rule, ceases to catch the thought after 15 and is forced to return to the beginning of the sentence. Remember the old days when you had to outline the works of the Great Little Johnny. There, the proposals were also dimensionless and drove into a stupor after 5 minutes of reading.
        I don’t even want to discuss the article. The author clearly suffers from narcissism in the last stage, with an elementary lack of the ability to express his thoughts briefly, clearly and easily. IMHO.
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      domokl 14 March 2012 07: 44
      Hi Valery .. You were so frivolous about this article ... The article is very interesting ... don't be too lazy to look ... Very subtle religious nationalism .. I paid attention to the author yesterday, and today I just read with pleasure the intricacies of logic ...
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 14 March 2012 07: 51
        Yes. domokl ...
        it seems yesterday ... I didn’t figure it out completely .... wrong, I admit ..

        nationalism is not something that smacks of ... clearly gives.

        Precisely, one must be careful.
        1. domokl
          domokl 14 March 2012 08: 01
          But for now, judging by the comments, the article clearly fulfills its task ... Most simply read the headlines and do not delve into the essence ... So you can always say -Even on a patriotic site like this 40-50% of visitors were for ...
      2. esaul
        esaul 14 March 2012 08: 07
        Hello Domocles! Believe it or not - I (this article - "considered") and clearly nationalist color - a glade. But, I do not want to go deep into the analysis, especially - in-depth, the creations of the theoretician, who, under the guise of a pseudo-scientific article, is trying to sell openly nationalistic concoctions. I don't even want to bother about this verbal gibberish with a Goebbelian smell.
        1. domokl
          domokl 14 March 2012 08: 23
          And I became interested in the contingent of our co-workers ... lol I drew attention to the reaction ... They began to minus to the fullest ... Now I think, trolls or all the same Tataria and Bashkiria are in the majority now ... I just analyze the situation ... Nationalism, especially hidden under science, is probably the worst thing that can be bring to the minds of people who are not very educated and do not have much life experience
          1. Cripple cross
            Cripple cross 14 March 2012 10: 20
            Nationalism, especially hidden under science, is probably the worst thing that can be brought into the heads of people who are not very educated and do not have much life experience.

            Please define nationalism, patriotism and fascism and Nazism. Make comparisons. Please explain why you think that nationalism is scary? - Just do not confuse two different concepts of Nazism and Nationalism. That's me ... just in case smile
            1. Charon
              Charon 14 March 2012 10: 44
              This topic has already been discussed in the comments on my publications.
              In order not to produce a discussion on the second round, I am forced to advertise myself.
            2. NUT
              NUT 14 March 2012 11: 36
              "Nationalism in me is so natural that no internationalists can ever erase it from me."

              Mendeleev D.I.

              And about the article only:

              "In short. Sklifasovsky!"

              film "Prisoner of the Caucasus"
      3. Ascetic
        Ascetic 14 March 2012 09: 07
        Quote: domokl
        .Very subtle religious nationalism .. I paid attention to the author yesterday, and today I just read with pleasure the intricacies of logic ...

        There is nothing new and subtle here, just another "racial" theory. All this was, and the skulls were measured with a ruler and the brain was weighed, then conclusions were drawn about the usefulness or wretchedness of the intellect of this or that nation. How it usually ended when the powers that be used these "theories" are well known and remembered by everyone. Modern knowledge cannot explain the diversity of species of living nature, incl. the origin of mankind and the presence of races. Therefore, this diversity should be perceived as a WORSHIP from which you cannot get anywhere. And all these theories only serve as a justification for the struggle for living space from individuals to peoples and nations as a whole. Well, let’s say I don’t like a housemate, I’m not going to prove that my cherry is wider and the brain is heavier, or that he was born by his mother by way of “early defloration” (in Russian, a baby boy) and therefore his intellect is lower.? Therefore, such theories should be treated with caution and should in no case be guided in practical life or politics.
        1. Ascetic
          Ascetic 14 March 2012 09: 12
          In addition. And the fact that at the everyday and mental level a person feels hostility towards certain nations and peoples is not at all because they are "strangers" but from the politics and economics of the state, which, willingly or unwittingly, creates these reasons, and not racial and mental differences. The slogan divide and rule has not yet been canceled.
          1. esaul
            esaul 14 March 2012 10: 46
            Stanislav, welcome! Well said and thought out as always! Thank you for the pleasure of reading such comments. drinks
  4. Tersky
    Tersky 14 March 2012 07: 27
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  5. domokl
    domokl 14 March 2012 07: 31
    Again, I read the article very carefully ... More precisely, the continuation of yesterday’s delirium of science-like ... The clearest example of intellectual degradation of scientists, with pronounced nationalist and religious roots ... The most harmful article is for young people ... If you discard the entire nonsense of the author, it all comes down to simple and well-known factors ...
    The use of alcohol, drugs, and other psychotropic drugs leads to the degradation of the individual ... A decrease in the quality of education, a sharp deterioration in education leads to the degradation of the individual .. A shift in moral standards, a change in morality leads to the degradation of the individual .. And so on. What is new that I didn’t talk about before? Nothing ..
    And what does functional stupidity and National stupidity so stubbornly declared by the author have to do with it? My dear, you are clearly writing an order ... Well, excuse me for being blunt ...
    Yes, and the issue of early sexual life, or debauchery (in your understanding) is also so controversial that you don’t even want to seriously discuss ... Do you really think that a married woman admits to betraying her husband openly, especially in countries where medieval Sharia law reigns? And who told you that Muslim students are much smarter than Christians?
    Remember the course of the formal logic of your university ... Suppose that everything you write about debauchery is true ... Then, it is the countries with the supremacy of Islam that should be the most developed in the modern world .. And what do we see in reality? ... If Muslim students are a cut above Christians, then they must create a society in their countries (and most of these students have excellent American or European education) ... what do we have in reality?
    And now I’ll try in your own words, or rather speak with arguments ... In Muslim countries, girls are married in childhood .. It’s in childhood .. Until now, in some countries, even an 8-9-year-old girl can become a wife .. And the girl in 20 years is considered an ancient old woman ... Naturally, at such a young age, rarely one of the girls has sexual experience ... And then, the local traditions of family life practically deprive a woman of freedom of communication in general, and with other men completely ... Turn on the logic- In this case, according to your statements Muslim countries had to degrade completely and disappear from the world map .. However, they are, and are not going to disappear yet ...
    In general, talking about your article is worth a long discussion .. This is not a conversation on the site ... I think that you thought up a problem and, based on an incorrect thesis at the very beginning, you built a very harmful theory based on poorly prepared readers ...
    I pass without a twinge of conscience, like yesterday ...
    1. esaul
      esaul 14 March 2012 08: 09
      Well, here, just more verbose, you expressed, pal, and my attitude to this article. Glad, very, very! drinks
      1. domokl
        domokl 14 March 2012 08: 45
        To be honest, it rolled .. I just read the comments and see that people just don’t see the pitfalls ...
        1. esaul
          esaul 14 March 2012 08: 51
          For many, this is the first reaction. A more complete understanding (if the person just wants it himself and returns to the article) "inevitably" will come. In fact, such an opus is out of place here.
  6. Dmitriy69
    Dmitriy69 14 March 2012 07: 32
    A HUGE bunch of words, for which she needs to be seen here.
    The author clearly tried (well done), but chose the wrong site.
  7. Igarr
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    Shukhrat Sayfullaev used to love ... heavy constructions. Then ... he surpassed himself.
    This one ... early defloration ... ???
    Here's the oversight ... tronin. than minus me ... it’s better to endure such articles ....
  8. ward
    ward 14 March 2012 07: 35
    Well, Ostap suffered ... Well, I seem to have caught the main idea ... A group of comrades or gentlemen is going to ... Whoever they like more, and does their own business ... but they don’t care about the problems of the others ...
  9. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 14 March 2012 07: 38
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  10. Uralm
    Uralm 14 March 2012 07: 40
    It seems that the article is not for our contingent. To us as parents, such articles .... The child will grow up the way you bring up, how much work and time you invest. The external influence factor is of course, but the main factor is the Family, children learn from their Parents
  11. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 14 March 2012 08: 07
    It seems that the author of the article with a minus sign was scrolling through the site .. An indigestible set of words. Themes were raised, it seems important, but it’s too uninteresting to write.
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  13. Charon
    Charon 14 March 2012 09: 15
    The topic of education is important and topical. This is a plus.
    But the link with Latvian Nazism can be traced very vaguely.
    And I agree with everyone - the text is heavy and not for this site.
    Therefore, I will not dispute some dubious statements, so as not to aggravate.
  14. sichevik
    sichevik 14 March 2012 10: 57
    Well, the article! Honestly, I tried to read it to the end. Did not work out. And I do not understand - what does defloration and adultery have to do with Latvian Nazism. In short, not an article, but some kind of continuous provocation ...
    Naturally - minus.
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    I read it carefully .. Put a plus. Why? Yes, I did not like the emphasis on "intellectuality" or, more precisely, on the absence of this strange thing in all mankind ... And looped phrases kill the article.
    But, it’s really worth admitting that Muslims (mostly) have higher moral standards than Christian brothers - I’m speaking not of paper theoretical knowledge, but of communication experience. Also engaged in breeding dogs, I know that telegonia is not a magical myth ... On animals acts And as the textbook says, we are animals too, only with intellect rushing into each other. what
  17. does it
    does it 14 March 2012 18: 49
    I’m putting a plus to the article ... and since the telegonies touched on, why not write an article on telepathy to someone, because in skillful hands this is an ideal weapon compared to which a firearm, cold weapon is nothing, a person who knows telepathy can not only read other people's thoughts, but also make another person so that the thoughts, memories, feelings of that person will be heard and visible in the heads of others. telepathies can also be used to control people, I won’t explain further, those who have come across this, and these are hundreds of thousands of people, will understand me.