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The penalty for the deal: Trump puts Beijing in a very ugly position

The penalty for the deal: Trump puts Beijing in a very ugly position

After Beijing succumbed to American gingerbread and persuaded Moscow (on the basis of its games with Washington) to support the American resolution on the DPRK in the UN Security Council, something happened that should have happened - the second move of the simple American two-way move: 14 of August Donald Trump signed a decree providing for an investigation into China’s possible infringement of US intellectual property rights.

As reported by the media, to organize the investigation was entrusted to the representative of the United States at trade negotiations, Robert Lighthiser. "I ordered the US trade representative to study the policies and actions of the PRC in connection with the transfer of American technology and the theft of US intellectual property," the head of the White House said. It is not excluded that, following the results of the investigation, Washington may impose restrictions on export goods, in particular, increase duties for Chinese products. As previously reported, the US president justifies his actions with the 301 article of the 1974 Trade Act of the Year, which allows Washington to restrict the import of export goods unilaterally.

By signing this decree, Trump very subtly set up our Chinese friends, partners and comrades, putting them in a very ambiguous and ugly position not only in relation to Russia and the DPRK, but also in the whole Asian region. The essence of this situational "setup" is as follows.

With all the external and public denial of G2 in words from official Beijing, it’s real, in fact, due to the military-political weakness that is still present (China is not ready, like Russia, to fight for its interests on an equal footing with the United States, for example, Syria, Ukraine and Libya show clearly) Celestial shows willingness for such an alliance. An attempt to get off with a cunning Laozin strategy — that the most remarkable victory is the one that is achieved without a real war, but only through appropriate work with the consciousness of the enemy — does not work for China in this direction. It most likely characterizes the strategy of Russia with respect to the elites of the West (we wrote about this strategy in detail in the article “Moscow provokes sanctions of the West. Why?”).

Beijing’s readiness for G2 is spoken by too many real cases and facts. For example, while Russia is subject to US sanctions, China has made serious trade and economic agreements with the United States, opening its borders to American beef.
Officials from the Trump administration have welcomed the deal as a significant step in their efforts to increase US exports and even America’s trade deficit with the world's second largest economy. The United States will also allow US companies to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to China under a bilateral agreement reached after a meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping in April. The agreement covers a number of long-standing barriers in various areas, from agriculture to energy and the activities of American financial companies in China.

Next - 14 in New York met representatives of 30 of the largest think tanks of the Middle Kingdom and the United States to discuss the “one-day program” of economic cooperation, as well as issues of global economic governance, and the first US-China dialogue on diplomacy ended June 12 in Washington and security, in which the United States was represented by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and China was represented by State Counselor Yang Jiechi and member of the Central Military Commission, General Fang Fenghui.

Third, in mid-July, the first summit of US and Chinese business leaders was held in Washington. The forum was attended by US Secretary of Economy Wilbur Ross. Chaired by American businessman Stephen Schwartzman, head of the investment company Blackstone, and Chinese businessman Jack Ma, head of the board of directors of Alibaba Group. Twenty major Chinese and American businessmen held discussions on agriculture, energy, and the financial sector and noted that the two largest economies of the planet have tremendous potential for cooperation. The entrepreneurs agreed to hold annual meetings in order to overcome difficulties in trade issues between the United States and China.

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Minister of China Wang I. China. Beijing. 27 January 2016 of the year

That is, against the background of the growth of the Russian-American contradictions, China, on the contrary, seeks to improve trade and economic relations as much as possible and move closer to the United States. The fact that Beijing is not interested in helping Moscow get out of both the economic crisis and the US-European sanctions, experts noted last year.

So, Nadine Godehardt, an analyst at the Institute for International Affairs and Security in Berlin, notes that “Putin and Xi Jinping hold common views on many things. But they have a different agenda. Xi needs Russia to implement the Silk Road Belt Project. And Putin, first of all, would like to present the Russian-Chinese partnership as a counterbalance to the dictates of the United States. But China does not want to be drawn into a confrontation with the West because of something so insignificant, from his point of view, like the Donbass. And secondly, Moscow is interested in Chinese money and technology. The trouble is that Beijing is unable and unwilling to pull Russia out of the economic downturn. ”

And against the background of these Chinese hopes, somehow, the United States somehow slipped past the very likely trade, economic and financial sanctions, in every way enticing Uncle Sam, the United States somehow too methodically and constantly began to pedal the North Korean theme. It is clear that this is a “layout” for Beijing in order to organize indirect pressure and intellectual control over Beijing’s foreign policy decisions on a whole range of issues.

However, despite the declared strategic thinking of the Chinese elites and the preparation of this managerial skill over the centuries, Beijing succumbed to the simple and very obvious poker of the Americans. As a result, he took upon himself the mission to persuade Russia to support the August resolution of the USA on the DPRK in the UN Security Council. Let me remind you that the position of Russia was to abstain on this resolution, but the Chinese comrades assured that it was necessary, and that everything was “caught up” with the Americans, they say, we must go forward.

In this connection, is it possible to say that Russia “succumbed to the American-Chinese onslaught” in the UN Security Council by voting for the American resolution? Unlikely. First, once Beijing has expressed the wish to play independently with the Americans, to show that it is ready to play in the world's highest poker league, then there are no questions, try, this region is your area of ​​responsibility, show that you can act as a guarantor of stability and a donor of regional security . Today only responsibility for the adoption of this resolution not only to the DPRK and Russia, but also to Japan, South Korea and other countries of Southeast Asia rests with Beijing.

Secondly, did Russia vote “against Pyongyang”? I think this question was agreed upon by our diplomats with Pyongyang before the resolution, explaining where the wind was blowing, and Pyongyang does not have any comments on this matter. Yes, I think Pyongyang himself understands everything, since he has been conducting his closed negotiations with the administrations of various US presidents for a long time. And as the analysis of the moments of the escalation of the world situation on the initiative of Pyongyang, at least in recent years, shows, they miraculously appear when it is beneficial to Washington.

As a result, what do we get at the output? What is very simple, one might say, chamber card dvuhhodovku with anti-North Korea resolution, and then a sanctions decree against China, the Trump administration once again held Beijing, behind which seems to be centuries of strategic thinking skills, and put Beijing in a very ugly light. First, all the countries of the region saw that in order to achieve unilateral benefits and advantages in dialogue with the powerful US, Beijing is ready to point out not to see the interests of other countries in the region.

Secondly, the DPRK was once again convinced that China is a situational ally, and that only Russia can provide genuine security to the country. Thirdly, I am sure that similar thoughts about the role of Russia in resolving the North Korean “problem” arose among other major players in this region - Japan and South Korea.

Fourth, Washington put Beijing in a silly position, showing that he does not care about an agreement with Beijing. Accordingly, he showed the rest of the world that Beijing cannot guarantee them anything if it is unable to protect itself from such demonstrative moves by the United States.

Accordingly, it’s not about “whether Trump and the ruling financial and industrial elite are ready to sanction the country, which in May of this year is ready. opened its domestic market for oil and gas from the United States, not to mention cooperation in agriculture, chemical industry and banking, because signing the relevant anti-Chinese decree, after which the US administration at any time can deal a very painful blow to the economies of China and its global positioning as a global power is already a serious defeat for official Beijing.

Since this is the second "click on the nose" of Beijing after the launch of missiles on the Syrian air base during the April meeting of Trump and Xi Jinping. As you know, if something happens once, then perhaps this is an accident. If the second time is a trend. The third time is already a pattern. The score of “two” in this US-Chinese game has already sounded, and while Trump is leading 2: 0.

That is, Trump quite deliberately "knocks" the current leader of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, on the eve of the October very important CPC congress in the face of party leadership comrades, exposing him in the light of the inability to conclude a long-term and stable alliance with the US, and the entire Chinese elite are shown to be “fifty years of strategic and stable relations” between the United States and the People’s Republic of China is out of the question, since the United States has only its own interests. Therefore, if in Beijing they think that having played on the blow of Pyongyang in Japan and South Korea and having struck a very strong blow to their technological competitors, they will remain in the black, then this is a big mistake.

What do we get in the end? That, having made a deal with Washington, Beijing put itself in a very unattractive light, and turned out to be extreme after Trump’s decision, while all other players received a very powerful and revealing signal about their further maneuvers in the region.

Trump's strategy is to diligently destroy any strategic ligaments of Eurasian countries, to create very flexible and short-term situational alliances. This will allow Washington to quickly create a changing picture of the world, agreements and alliances through operational actions and its agents of influence in the countries, confusing decision-makers in strategic and tactical assessment of the situation and making appropriate decisions.

Parallel to this, there will be a destruction of the atmosphere of trust between the leadership of the countries of Eurasia and the United States again shut up key decisions on the development of the region. I would not want our Chinese friends and comrades to fall for this elementary layout and get chestnuts out of the fire for Uncle Sam. It does not paint such an amazing and deep thousand-year civilization as China is. But, as you know, for one beaten, two non-beat give, and this gives reason to hope that our Chinese friends and partners will take their next steps more prudently in their American game.

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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. kepmor
    kepmor 18 August 2017 15: 28
    every time the same thing ... we all strive to feel lucky to KNOW ... we strive to PARTNING with all ... and mainly to the detriment of ourselves ...
    Russia didn’t have, and never will have any “friends”, except for its own economy, army and navy ... how many more centuries will we attack the same rake? ...
    For the Chinese, the Russian Federation is just a huge market for their goods and a bottomless "pantry of raw materials" that they would not mind getting their hands on ... but so far it’s scary, however, with a strong club ...
    1. Titsen
      Titsen 19 August 2017 18: 56
      Quote: kepmor
      Russia did not have, and never will have any "friends", except for its own economy, army and navy ...

      Is economics a friend of Russia?

      A great addition to the first two - the Army and Navy!

      Respect, kepmor!
    LAWNER 18 August 2017 16: 56
    Modern China is not a state in which it is possible to conduct an orange revolution, let alone an opium war. Dragon has become wiser. There is no emperor, but there is a communist party. The ideology of billions of people is determined by it. You only need to ask, force, persuade not to intervene in Korean crisis. Russia alone will not get on two fronts. .... But it will not forgive betrayal either. China, like a hero in front of a stone with three roads .... Step forward, there is an opportunity to take another step. Step backward-crash.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  4. Ivan58
    Ivan58 18 August 2017 17: 12
    According to the author, China is still losing. Which is completely unlike them. Well, they should know that the Americans are not friends with anyone, but exclusively against someone.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 18 August 2017 19: 42
      Trump's strategy is to diligently destroy any strategic ties of the countries of Eurasia, to create very flexible and short-term situational alliances.
      The United States always honestly buys its partner opponents (for two-way).
      This is a simple thing - do not sell, but live your own mind, in your own land and with your own money.
      Who is sinless - throw a stone in the USA and in its purchased "partner"
  5. Freeman
    Freeman 18 August 2017 17: 35
    our Chinese friends and comrades

    They will not be either “friends” or “comrades” to us. Especially the current "capitalist" system of modern Russia. Despite the fact that they themselves have long become "degenerates."
    We are also “partners” with China for the time being - it is just that the States wisely decided to first deal with a stronger economically adversary before they become too strong. And then our turn will come.
    China (IMHO) hoped in an "alliance" with the United States, to deal with Russia, having seized most of the "trophies" in its hands, due to its more favorable geographical position, and to intensify further competition with the United States for world leadership.
    Fortunately, it hasn’t happened yet.
  6. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 18 August 2017 18: 53
    The Chinese are the "ancient" civilization ... as they tell about themselves. Actually, there is absolutely no evidence of that. But there is a lot of evidence that China always loses any direct confrontation. Just press a little, and ... In general, the situation is rather nasty. With some perseverance, the Americans will one day bring China to their knees. It will be really bad.
    1. mihey
      mihey 18 August 2017 20: 31
      However, everyone who ever conquered China became Chinese.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 19 August 2017 06: 57
        According to the Chinese.
  7. von Schlosser
    von Schlosser 18 August 2017 20: 15
    China is a huge market and a colony of the United States. It amazes me how everyone is doing what China says))) 90% of China’s well-being depends directly or indirectly on the United States.
    1. Nikolai Grek
      Nikolai Grek 19 August 2017 18: 12
      that's why you have there in Europe and all the troubles that you see that which is not there, and do not notice that which is obvious !!! wassat lol lol lol
  8. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 18 August 2017 22: 09
    World Wrong! - The main national interest of the United States. They will circle around the war, at a decisive moment they will suddenly offer to make peace. If they start winning, they won’t finish it, because someone has to work out loans ?!
  9. vlad007
    vlad007 18 August 2017 23: 56
    Quote from the article: "After Beijing succumbed to the American gingerbread and persuaded (based on its games with Washington) Moscow to support the American resolution on the DPRK ..."
    Nonsense! An agreement (unofficial) exists between Russia and China on the division of zones of responsibility in the event of international MILITARY conflicts. There are white spots in this agreement, it is impossible to stipulate everything, but there are absolutely clear agreements that are not disputed by anyone. DPRK is China's area of ​​responsibility. In the event of increased tension, it is China that must resolve the situation, which China is doing and pulling up the 150 thousand grouping to the DPRK borders and putting the missile defense system on alert. China and Russia at the UN act in accordance with mutual agreements. I want to remind you that when voting, the Resolution of the UN General Assembly A / RES / 68 / 262 on the territorial integrity of Ukraine (in Crimea) ABSTAINED! Of the 193 UN member countries, 100 spoke in favor, 11 opposed, 58 countries abstained, and 24 countries did not vote.
    China needs to FEED 1,5 billion people, this is a VERY difficult task. Moreover, this population is constantly growing. China is heavily dependent on the United States precisely for this reason - the turnover is huge, the difference in trade turnover is $ 400 billion in favor of China. Any slight decrease in trade turnover is a significant blow to the population - unemployment, decrease in income, etc. In China, it’s bad with social programs - only state employees receive state pensions, there is no insurance medicine, etc. Therefore, they behave so pragmatically - they do what is beneficial to them!
  10. irazum
    irazum 19 August 2017 02: 39
    Tolstomordova in the stall, let him grunt there!
  11. gorenina91
    gorenina91 19 August 2017 04: 35
    -What is the author of the article all twists and turns nonsense and does not call a spade a spade ... -This is Russia again lost ... -It is Russia once again demonstrated its weakness and dependence on the opinions of the "powers that be" ... -A that's all ...- China., China ... -What is China losing something ..? - It has long become clear to the whole world. That China and the United States have developed a "special relationship" ... -And these relations do not concern anyone ... -They can quarrel and even conflict and even rattle with weapons .. supposedly intimidating each other .... -but it's all from the series ...- "cute scolding ...- just amuse" ... -China and the USA are simply connected by one umbilical cord and are becoming more and more dependent on each other .. . -And hope that there will be a serious conflict between them or a complete breakdown of relations and a military confrontation ... is an empty idea ... -they have already passed the "point of no return" .. when all this could happen. ..
    - But Russia is becoming more and more a real "world outsider" ... - that’s what it means to try to please everyone ...
  12. Alexander Borisov
    Alexander Borisov 19 August 2017 12: 56
    The United States decided to restrain China in its economic development and eliminate the negative balance in trade with China. China naively thinking that with its concessions on certain issues, it will be able to change the general direction of US policy towards China. The United States will not calm down until it has achieved its goals in relation to China, because this is a question
    1. Alexander Borisov
      Alexander Borisov 19 August 2017 13: 02
      Because it is a matter of preserving US global hegemony. The time when China pretended to be a harmless backward country has passed, the United States saw in it a strong competitor emerging. Therefore, to pretend to be a "pinch" to China already makes no sense. The time has come for an open confrontation between China and the United States.
    2. gorenina91
      gorenina91 19 August 2017 14: 00
      - Why are you all so "worried" about China ..? - China, if it suffers any “losses” from the USA ... - it will still win back these losses at the expense of Russia ... - “squeeze” compensates all its losses at the expense of Russia ...
      -China and the United States have long been no longer enemies ... -they just pretend ... and somehow "not adults" strain each other ... -But with China, Russia ...- everything is "grown-up." .. -China as it was ... -so it remains the enemy No. 1 for Russia ... -Here from whom you should expect "real serious problems" ...
    Comments 19 August 2017 16: 26
    100% agree with you.
  14. Spipa
    Spipa 19 August 2017 17: 05
    And why, suddenly, should China think about the interests of other countries? Moreover, why would he begin to pull out the economy of Pukinsky Russia? Only with what you want this moron — the author of this article?
  15. Boris Ioselevich
    Boris Ioselevich 19 August 2017 18: 04
    Nothing unusual, and the patriotism of the author and commentators is useless. Politics is a sport, of course, political. Everyone should strive to throw the ball into the opponent’s net, and one should not blame him for what he does, but only for what he does badly. Russia was lucky with Putin, but Putin was not lucky, I wanted to say with Russia, but I will manage a dubious synonym with colleagues. He is a minister of all trades, but there isn’t enough of them. Not to anticipate the insidiousness of China, which, in my opinion, is completely excusable, bearing in mind its own interests, an oversight that eventually turned into a mistake, perhaps unforgivable. But, after all, Russia does the same thing when a case comes up. But it doesn’t work out with such an opposing friend as China, because I really want to be just a friend to him, and with such short-playing illusions, there’s nothing to do in politics.
  16. p-evgeniy87
    p-evgeniy87 19 August 2017 23: 57
    It seems that Uncle Hu, who collects devices from different companies on his knee, showed a big hu. And he, unfortunately for him, can hold Tai Chi Chuan to Uncle Sam.
  17. iouris
    iouris 20 August 2017 14: 14
    More precisely, the United States “simply” carries out gross interference in China’s domestic policy on the eve of the CCP congress, at which the question of the next chairman will be resolved. This one has to leave, but wants to stay. Let's see how he will be able to agree with his comrades and with the US administration. Russia is also concerned.
  18. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 20 August 2017 14: 30
    ... But, as you know, they give two unbeaten for one beaten, and this gives reason to hope that our Chinese friends and partners will take their next steps as part of their American game more carefully.
    This does not give hope because specific decisions are made by people depending on the circumstances. What circumstances will depend on those on whom decision-making depends and further moves will depend.
    What circumstances might be?
    1. "elite", the leadership holds its capital in $ in a country with which it competes and is therefore dependent.
    2. The elite holds their capital in anything in different capitals, but in the country of their own residence and carries out strategic objectives to promote the interests of the country.
    So it is necessary to study those who make appropriate decisions in China and accordingly build their actions.
    While China is interested in partnerships, and we want allies, China plays on this, but we should not fall for its trolling.
  19. DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer 21 August 2017 10: 16
    our Chinese friends, partners and comrades

    China over "friend", "partner" and "comrade" - as long as it needs or is beneficial.
    You do not know that Russia, unlike the United States, has introduced anti-dumping duties on a large number of Chinese goods - for example, bulldozers, tires?
    In general, in China, this was regarded as an unfriendly act. The United States did not impose such "unfriendly" sanctions on Chinese goods.
    The difference is that trade with China from the United States is almost 100 times greater than with Russia. And the loss of this market will hit China much harder than the loss of the market in Russia.

    So do not call China and us "friends", "comrades" - so poor (fifteenth!) Partners from the North. (taking into account that in 2016-2017, the failure in the trade turnover with the PRC is no longer the 15th place)
  20. Bert
    Bert 21 August 2017 11: 05
    Quote: gorenina91
    - Why are you all so "worried" about China ..? - China, if it suffers any “losses” from the USA ... - it will still win back these losses at the expense of Russia ... - “squeeze” compensates all its losses at the expense of Russia ...
    -China and the United States have long been no longer enemies ... -they just pretend ... and somehow "not adults" strain each other ... -But with China, Russia ...- everything is "grown-up." .. -China as it was ... -so it remains the enemy No. 1 for Russia ... -Here from whom you should expect "real serious problems" ...

    Sober point of view. And if you take the costs of military spending China 215 billion. The dollar against 66 from Russia, then perhaps China is more willing to butt with America than Russia. By the way, at the same 66 billion police of the Ministry of Emergencies Syria Ukraine and VV.
  21. Oleg Salov
    Oleg Salov 21 August 2017 12: 07
    The East is a delicate matter, the Power of Siberia gas pipeline was shut up with us, and we agreed with the Americans on their shale gas, here they are partners, their language does not turn out to be called friends.
  22. Bob 57
    Bob 57 22 August 2017 10: 34
    For the US State Department from Russia with love!
  23. Altona
    Altona 22 August 2017 16: 45
    The United States is now the new Hitler, it’s only afraid to fight openly, therefore it acts by violating agreements, by means of sanctions and restrictions, by dictating in international organizations. But this can be done for a short time and if you don’t give a damn about image losses. And these losses are already taking place, the United States believes fewer people, only politicians lured by them are still following in the wake, and propaganda is in the media that they control.
  24. Midshipman-53
    Midshipman-53 23 August 2017 13: 59
    How strange is it? We are constantly being deceived, but are we happy to be deceived? This has been going on for centuries, and we are not making any conclusions. Strange why? It turns out that such a state of affairs suits our elite ?! What about the people? What’s the people there? Who ever listened to him? Yes, never and no one. Only people hide behind and, if anything, throw people under the tanks for their own mercantile interests. Tired of everything ... Patriotism is also not eternal. I always want to eat.