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The military situation in Syria: an ISIS counter-attack, a MiG-21 fighter was shot down

On Tuesday, in the southern part of Rakka province, ISIS militants conducted a large counterattack against the forces of the CAA and local tribes west of the ISIS-controlled city of Maadan. ISIL units reportedly entered the villages of Al-Buhamad, Atshan, Salem Hamad and Ghanim Ali, where heavy fighting broke out.

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  1. Simple
    Simple 17 August 2017 20: 40
    CAA has created a too long front.

    "Goes downhill" only when the length of the front is reduced by 700 kilometers by stripping two boilers
    in central Syria, which will release from 3000 to 5000 fighters and up to 200 units of equipment. And what’s not the last thing - the costs will be reduced (the efficiency in the transfer of military units will also increase) for military logistics that "loves" to move along the roads and not across the fields and deserts.