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Republics of Donbass hope for a positive result of the negotiations of Surkov and Volker

Donetsk and Lugansk are counting on understanding by the special representative of the US State Department Kurt Walker that there is no alternative to the Minsk process after his meeting with the presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, reports Interfax-AVN.

Kurt Walker and Vladislav Surkov

We hope that this meeting will force the United States to realize the lack of an alternative to the Minsk process and through the motivation of Kiev to comply with the Minsk agreements to intensify the course of negotiations,
said the agency in the Council of Ministers of the DNI.

In turn, the plenipotentiary of the LPR Vladislav Deynogo expressed the hope that Volcker would form a more objective view of the situation in the Donbas.

Volcker had the opportunity to see the situation one-sidedly from the Ukrainian side. Now he will have the opportunity to form a holistic view of the situation,
said daynogo.

He sees no obstacles to holding a meeting in Minsk.

There is not much difference in where this meeting will take place. Of course, the fact that Volker is afraid to go to Russia is alarming,
noted plenipotentiary.

Earlier, Alexey Chesnakov, director of the Center for Political Studies, wrote on Facebook that “the meeting between Vladislav Surkov and Kurt Walker is likely to take place in Minsk.” According to him, the date of the meeting "can be agreed in the coming days."

Before that, the American side offered to meet in Vienna, the Russian side - in Kaliningrad.
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  1. Teberii
    Teberii 15 August 2017 15: 46
    They argue where to meet, then the deologist can come out the same way. Everyone will remain with their own result.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 15 August 2017 16: 07
      A rabid dog and a Chechen. Oh well. Let's see how they agree.
      1. Vladimir16
        Vladimir16 15 August 2017 18: 00
        Quote: Teberii
        They pripereyut where to meet, then the deologist can go the same

        deolog wassat try on laughing
        1. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 15 August 2017 18: 42
          Quote: Vladimir16

          not .... not .... that's how it should be:
          Ani try where to meet, then the deolok can be pulled out by the same. The result of each Astanitso is first.
          : here is the "zachotnoe" topic ...
  2. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 15 August 2017 15: 51
    Surkov needs to be changed — not feed the horse! This is not him, to negotiate!
    1. Settlement Oparyshev
      Settlement Oparyshev 15 August 2017 18: 39
      Because Surkova and sent that the level is very low, not deciding anything. fellow
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 15 August 2017 21: 29
        Quote: Expelling Liberoids
        Surkov needs to be changed — not feed the horse! This is not him, to negotiate!

        Quote: p-k Oparyshev
        Because Surkova and sent that the level is very low, not deciding anything.

        Well, who are you suggesting sending to this meeting? For Lavrov, this Walker is not at all that scale. And what Surkov will voice will be written to him by other, very responsible people. He does not decide, he only conveys the position of Moscow. Before this meeting, the walker threw himself around Urkain, Berlin and Paris (the last two are guarantors in Minsk) and are taking their position cobbled together with the position of the United States.
  3. Dezinto
    Dezinto 15 August 2017 15: 53
    Why is he afraid to go to Kaliningrad? It’s very good here. And even boring. And so he would be given a five-star hotel, and they would have decorated the champagne, (they love it) well, and there they would have agreed. )

    AAA! Here he will once agree and do not need to. That fools his head.

    Well, yes, yes, so far, such a policy, he went to the trenches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, looked through binoculars, - "said yes to the war," but didn’t go to the DNI side. And as for negotiations, the same approach.
    1. Banishing liberoids
      Banishing liberoids 15 August 2017 15: 58
      He needs to be placed in an old German prison, in a cell overlooking the "envelope" type ceiling, and fed only with sprats 12 times a day!
      1. Dezinto
        Dezinto 15 August 2017 15: 59
        Yolas are fallen. What's so hard right then?
        1. Banishing liberoids
          Banishing liberoids 15 August 2017 16: 02
          To understand that you need to be honest with Russia, or bypass its tenth road.
          1. Settlement Oparyshev
            Settlement Oparyshev 15 August 2017 18: 41
            What are you really! He was given a cheat sheet and scales on it, no need to think. feel
    2. tol100v
      tol100v 16 August 2017 20: 59
      Quote: DEZINTO
      Why is he afraid to go to Kaliningrad?

      I went to Kuev - there are scoundrels, but “mine”, and then the gut is thin, although it is appointed to resolve the issue! He doesn’t want to go to Moscow, Kaliningrad doesn’t want to! Maybe he wants the LDNR delegation with lawyers, judges and jurors, the Shoigu & K Law Office to arrive in Fashington and resolve all TAM issues without TRAMP?
  4. sauvage
    sauvage 15 August 2017 15: 59
    How much more can you hope for the Minsk agreements, all the more after the visit by Volker of Ukraine began the supply of lethal weapons to the junta.
  5. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 15 August 2017 16: 01
    At first the meeting was planned in Moscow, I wonder: what is afraid of Volker, the new “Russian psychotropic weapon” that German tankers have already felt on themselves ?!
    1. Smog
      Smog 15 August 2017 16: 18
      Also from ILs under the table will be hiding.? We won’t joke about tanks. And then one character has already stepped out of the hotel window. And not even in Moscow.
    2. Settlement Oparyshev
      Settlement Oparyshev 15 August 2017 18: 43
      To be afraid that the point is stuffed with the latest “bugs”, the hemorrhoids will have to be cut off at home nowhere.
  6. Franciscan
    Franciscan 15 August 2017 16: 09
    Surkov is responsible for draining the Donbass, what are these sheep waiting for him there.?
  7. samarin1969
    samarin1969 15 August 2017 16: 45
    Not a headline, but some kind of mocking joke ... am
  8. The splinter
    The splinter 15 August 2017 16: 51
    For three years they have been pushing water in a mortar. It's pointless !
    DEPARTMENT 15 August 2017 17: 35
    They will chat for proforma and run away .. The fate of Donbass is decided at the highest level of power! It will no longer be possible to merge, already there the power structures have formed, and the massacre will begin immediately ..
  10. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 15 August 2017 17: 52
    Why is that ?! Are republics sort of independent? New countries are forming, they are taking London, Ukraine is falling apart ...
  11. SCHMEL
    SCHMEL 15 August 2017 19: 19
    hope for a positive negotiation result

    The result of the negotiations since 2014 is always the same - DISAPPOINTMENT, apparently, it is a difficult child of HOPE, which, as you know, dies the last and orphan ...
  12. XXXIII
    XXXIII 15 August 2017 20: 55
    The Rod Plan is lucky for Volker, and Vladislav will have to study Plan Kerrry B, which has never been implemented. tongue
  13. kefan
    kefan 15 August 2017 21: 35
    I don’t know, I don’t know, something definite alarm is caused by these negotiations.
  14. LeonidL
    LeonidL 16 August 2017 07: 54
    The hopes of the youths are nourished, and the spurs give courage ... There will be nothing but la-la. And if there is, then a surrender that Donbass will not do even at the cost of losing Russian curators.
  15. Multicast
    Multicast 16 August 2017 12: 44
    Quote: Expelling Liberoids
    Surkov needs to be changed — not feed the horse! This is not him, to negotiate!

    Question: why did Vladimir Putin take Surkov with him when there was a meeting with Merkel and Hollande and Poroshenko? 4 presidents were supposed to sit along the way, and V.V. Putin insisted that Surkov be present - why?

    so what about the hat then you may not need to write?

    It sometimes seems to me that Surkov will be the next president after V.V. Putin.
    If anyone knows - tell us more about Surkov - so far I haven’t seen anything bad about him ... unless he was born in Chechnya ...
  16. 1536
    1536 16 August 2017 15: 01
    This Wolf has a shale gas production program near Kharkov, as well as a mandate for American cartels for Donbass anthracite, which they would like to take hold of. And also the instructions of Monsanto, the Pentagon, the Ukrainian diaspora in the USA and Canada, and much more. He’s on the doorstep and asks: "Hello, Russians, why do you need this Ukraine, why do you need this Donbass? And if you are afraid for your Russians, we’ll introduce a couple of Green Beret battalions there so that everyone can be calmer. Or take your Russians to you, we do not mind if they all leave. But do not stop us from doing business!"
    And what can I object to this? Let's hope the boor is stopped.
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 16 August 2017 21: 15
      Quote: 1536
      And what can I object to this?

      You can argue, but not yet needed. The State Department is already rushing from one extreme to the other, and given their sick psyche, after flying with the Crimea, and the loss of about 6 billion green paper, illnesses need to be urgently treated, and not objected, and expressed concern of the Foreign Ministry!