From the "Niva" will make all-terrain vehicle stealth

According to "Popular Mechanics" with reference to the newspaper "Zhiguli Valley", a resident of the Samara Technopark of the NKTTs Prolog, together with Togliatti State University, will show a frame-modular vehicle based on the units of the Niva off-road vehicle at the ARMY-2017 International Military-Technical Forum.

All-terrain vehicle model range "Sergeant" was developed in the framework of the project "Light corrosion-resistant frame-modular vehicles for military and special purposes. Perspective model series with the use of problem-oriented polymer composite materials ". For the prototype, panels of external and internal cladding are made of composite materials and a three-dimensional spatial frame of aluminum alloys.

From the "Niva" will make all-terrain vehicle stealth

The aim of the project is to increase efficiency and durability, as well as to ensure the functional transformation of military vehicles and special-purpose vehicles. The new all-terrain vehicle on the basis of "Niva", according to the developers, has corrosion resistance, low mass, high impact strength and strength.

Also, thanks to the body of composites, the car is characterized by low visibility on thermal imagers, radio transparency, ability to self-extinguish when burning, resistance to chemicals and ultraviolet radiation, as well as frost resistance - there is no ice crust on its body panels.

Compared with "Niva", the "Sergeant" more than doubled the payload, which allows for the installation of weapons, apply reservation components and increase the strength of the bottom. In addition, reducing the weight of the vehicle facilitates its delivery by air and water transport. It will be possible to look at the invisible all-terrain vehicle from 22 to 27 in August in the Patriot park near Moscow.
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  1. The comment was deleted.
    1. +4
      15 August 2017 14: 07
      I do not like you Americans, but in this case I agree with you. In addition, judging by the photo, they already managed to make the hood invisible. laughing
      1. +2
        15 August 2017 14: 26
        Someone will remember about the "dough cut", of which there are many on the site, as soon as all Western equipment is mentioned.?!
        1. +2
          16 August 2017 01: 29
          Quote: xetai9977
          Someone will remember about "dough cut",

          And how. It is only in your wet dreams, here everything that is not ours is ridiculed and ours is protected.
          This is an objective site of freedom of the country. fellow So here you are not there ...
    2. +2
      15 August 2017 14: 09
      They are trying to get into the state defense order with another brethren.
    3. +3
      15 August 2017 14: 13
      Quote: Elektromenschen
      Sick fantasy in people.

      Well, yes, which day I’m already observing! ...
    4. +4
      15 August 2017 20: 12
      Quote: Elektromenschen
      Sick fantasy in people.

      ... What do you understand off-road? am
  2. +3
    15 August 2017 13: 50
    Yeah, how does the burning car self-extinguish .. When does everything burn out? The Skillful Hands circle .. You couldn’t come up with anything more serious .. About the “invisibility” we generally keep silent
    1. +16
      15 August 2017 14: 36
      [/ quote] Light corrosion-resistant frame-modular vehicles for military and special purposes. Promising lineups using problem-oriented polymer composite materials "[quote]

      While I reproduced all this in my head, I forgot what was at stake ...
  3. +1
    15 August 2017 13: 55
    Frost resistance and plastic? Incompatible. On a real morozak to any Khan polymers, they lose their properties.
  4. 0
    15 August 2017 14: 08
    Maybe it’s interesting for the southerners, but vryatli in the north .. The main trick is CHEAPER .. But as soon as it combines with an aluminum-spatial frame and sophisticated plastic it’s not clear .. And everything else has become outdated by Niva for a long time, low quality of components, poor gluttonous engine .. If the price is low then yes .. but again doubts about it ..
  5. +1
    15 August 2017 14: 10
    SHUSHCHANSPANERSA HAVE passed the exam !!!! Someone struck by the resemblance to the Ukrainian technology of the "new generation"?
  6. +2
    15 August 2017 14: 14
    frame-modular car based on units of the VAZ-21213 Niva SUV.

    These VAZ-21214 units are visible as the injector ones, not the carburetor ones ... besides the bridges from the 213rd one can’t be found anymore, but the bearings and locking stakes on the half shafts are already different, and the half shafts themselves are longer at the 214th ...
    1. +6
      15 August 2017 15: 03
      Alexander, hi I also wanted to write about it, it’s good that I did not rush to comment.
  7. 0
    15 August 2017 14: 22
    Here they take the money somewhere or gives someone for all sorts of garbage.
  8. +3
    15 August 2017 14: 27
    The aim of the project is to increase efficiency and durability, as well as to ensure the functional transformation of military and special vehicles.

    This they need to Chubais in RosNano. Or to the non-brothers in an independent. Maybe there is something to give to poverty. fellow
    And on the other hand, I don’t see anything bad, in the fact that students invent something, experiment, here it is necessary to look at some of them and take them to work in more serious offices.
    1. +9
      15 August 2017 15: 12
      And in Soviet times, they were engaged in similar experiments. Not everything went into the series, but experience and skills accumulated. From LuAZ - the front edge conveyor was made, the floating NIVA - VAZ 2122 "River" was made. Yes, a lot of things.
  9. 0
    15 August 2017 15: 52
    Well done! And they spent the money, and the cars are not visible. Just like a naked king.
    1. +1
      15 August 2017 15: 57
      Shushpanceriada ...
  10. 0
    15 August 2017 17: 07
    and what turned out to be a good beach car, you can supply mattresses to NATO, let the boys ride after the outfits, patting each other on the buttocks and screeching with pleasure ...
  11. 0
    15 August 2017 17: 55
    The "chain mail" is a little crowded ... It doesn’t pull on the "sergeant" - the corporal is the maximum ... And even that is a dystrophic. It was convenient for people to enter and leave the military "Vilis" and our Gas-67 in view of open architecture - without a safety frame, the size of a triumphal arch.
  12. +2
    15 August 2017 21: 33
    And why did you all attack the Niva together? "Deprecated!" Yes, the less any electronics in such a car - the better. And her passability is very decent, the same UAZ will shut up for the belt, and the engine’s power with its weight is enough. Shniva really doesn’t have enough power of this engine. And being small is good too. You do not always need a large car that can accommodate a bunch of people. What played with the body, so you need to look at the actual operation.
    1. 0
      16 August 2017 01: 11
      Quote: Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
      , the same UAZ will shut up the belt

      In dreams
      Quote: Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
      engine power with its weight is enough

      Puzoterka is half-dead ... A maximum drive to the barn.
      Wheel diameter with base size? This is not about Niva.
      An opportunity to put wheels of larger diameter? With these arches and the power of the engine and snotty units? This is not about Niva.
      Well, except that the collective farm type tuning, but what for then it was generally an invisible miracle roll out? So then to tune?
      Quote: Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
      And being small is good too. You don’t always need a big car that holds a bunch of people

      Quadric ... not?
      Quote: Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
      What played with the body, so you need to look at the actual operation.

      What is there to watch? Quadric with micro wheels and useless suspension travel.

      The collective farmer’s machine is the collective farmer’s machine. It goes along muddy lanes, but off-road is not hers. Not for that she. For her niche - she is perfect, but inappropriately mocking a collective farmer veteran. Have a conscience.
      1. +1
        16 August 2017 20: 35
        It is still about a cross-country vehicle, and not about an all-terrain vehicle. If you talk like that, it is better to use an armored personnel carrier with 8 driving wheels and the ability to swim. And the Niva is still a car with certain off-road capabilities. With special care, you can plant a tank in the mud (I saw this on YouTube). And on the passability of “Niva” and “UAZ” - a lighter car will surround a heavier one if the “Niva” has the appropriate rubber, and not ordinary tires for asphalt. And the size of the wheels here is not so important - this is not a swamp.
        1. +1
          16 August 2017 23: 18
          Quote: Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
          It’s all about a cross-country vehicle, not an all-terrain vehicle.

          Preparing a car for off-road driving is as natural as, say, preparing a car for winter. Or do you ride summer tires in the winter? Not?
          Quote: Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
          seen this on youtube
          This is not an argument since in such videos a lot of subjective, from the driver to the state of the car competitors.
          Quote: Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
          And the size of the wheels here is not so important - this is not a swamp

          It’s also important how. Swamps are a separate issue. Do not confuse one with the other. Apparently you judge only by YouTube ... But you are mistaken.
          In addition to the diameter of the wheels, the suspension travel and ground clearance are important, in principle, as an end in itself. And as a result, with an increase in the size of wheels and levers, the question inevitably arises of the endurance and ability of units to perceive multiply (or by orders of magnitude) increased loads on them, in conditions when the earth itself under the wheels seeks to tear everything and everything, and the engine, if he is powerful enough, trying to crank it all up. Speaking of the engine ...
          All this inevitably increases mass.

          So Niva and UAZ were created for specific tasks, and they have almost no resources and modernization. They are ideal in everything for their tasks and their time, but to modernize them means to create another machine from scratch. Niva is a comfortable car for farmers. This is her career. So it was created. (Now comfort is not even in question - it is outdated in this regard, but its price has fallen).
          Niva - a great car for their money for its target consumer group but not more. Do not fantasize. And when its price inevitably increases due to objective reasons (the cost of materials such as aluminum alloys and high-quality polymers, etc.), the attractiveness of the machine drops sharply. Then the question arises - what the hell ?!
          That's why they attacked, as you put it.
          1. +1
            17 August 2017 20: 55
            "Niva is a great car for its money for its target group of consumers but no more." I agree with that. But with our salaries (and especially pensions) to buy a fancy SUV is unrealistic. Bringing to mind what we have also requires not a little money. So for the Russian hinterland it practically remains an ideal car for both the countryside and small towns. I traveled 21213, 21214, now I go to the Shniva, so I know what I'm talking about.
  13. 0
    16 August 2017 09: 03
    Machine of all time and all classes! Niva was the only Soviet machine that was actively sold in Japan.
  14. 0
    16 August 2017 10: 01
    sucks for a bunch of dough ...

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