The landing with the support of "Alligators": a unique video from Syria

The Russian military department talked about the progress of the operation to drop troops into the rear of ISIS militants near Deir ez-Zor. The beginning of the landing operation was preceded by an effective fire defeat of the positions and equipment of the ISIS group in the area, carried out by the Syrian Army rocket artillery and Ka-52 helicopters from the Russian army aviation.

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    1. +7
      14 August 2017 20: 09
      Our FALCONS and EAGLES - RESPECT. Well done boys. very impressed with your work.
      Syria army team - military success. With this attitude towards Victory and preparation, you are no longer afraid of one enemy. You will win.
    2. +3
      15 August 2017 03: 52
      Is anyone able to clean the tape from the same messages ??
    3. 0
      15 August 2017 21: 30
      Comrades, I have a question. Shooting from the sight of the gunner-operator of the helicopter, the time is 1.35 approximately. It clearly shows that the ATGM flies over the tank and strikes it with an impact core from top to bottom. If i'm not hallucinating, then this is cool! :)
      1. +1
        16 August 2017 10: 36
        I didn’t notice something .. 1:13 the missile sharply decreases to the aiming line (flashes are either interference or impulse operation of the thruster nozzles) 1:22 - target defeat. Simply, the farther the rocket flies away, the worse it is visible, especially against the background of a dark target. Armor penetration is enough, even through the DZ (tandem warhead)
    4. 0
      16 August 2017 02: 25
      Know ours!
    5. 0
      16 August 2017 07: 38
      Quote: Moore
      Is anyone able to clean the tape from the same messages ??

      It remains only to comment 100% repeat request
    6. +1
      17 August 2017 22: 02
      Do I understand correctly that alligators fired the Vikhr-1M ATGM?
      How much is the operator forced to highlight the target? 30, 40 seconds on video?
      Good "barmalei" without air defense, but if the enemy is more serious? Who will not admire a half-minute weighing helicopter?
      When will smart heads finally complete ATGMs with active radar guidance for the Night Hunter and Alligator?
      1. Maz
        19 August 2017 11: 00
        It can immediately make a diamond rocket and shoot at cheap shahid mobiles and outdated tanks with calibers for each. One caliber - one tank. Shot from the Caspian and forgot. laughing
        1. 0
          2 September 2017 23: 22
          The question was about a "serious opponent."
          If you're funny, let's laugh together.
          We consider the cost of a "diamond rocket" and the cost of an "Alligator" + the cost of 2 lives of high-class pilots (the preparation of which takes years).
          What is more expensive rocket?

          Can you imagine what air defense does in 30 seconds with a fixed-hanging helicopter?
    7. 0
      17 August 2017 22: 12
      What is the difficulty of hanging at least "Chrysanthemum" 9K123 / 9M123,
      it seems to have a combined missile control system

      If there are people "in the subject," tell me.
    8. 0
      19 August 2017 07: 40
      Quote: Moore
      Is anyone able to clean the tape from the same messages ??

      ..polit department is always ahead on a dashing horse the direction indicates .. seizing ..

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