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Small land: a look today


Surprise and slight bewilderment. Here are the two main feelings that I brought out after visiting the “Little Earth” memorial in Novorossiysk. There is why.

But I will begin all the same with another. With a brief historical retreat. Briefly, because in parallel there will be articles of our Novorossiysk colleague about the events of those days.

As a Soviet man, and even read the "Small Land" by L. I. Brezhnev, he had long wanted to be in this place. It’s very, you know, significant, to be there. They are more and more silent about those events in our country, namely, the battles on the Malaya Zemlya are quite remarkable, both with the military and with historical points of view.

With their heroes and antiheroes.

I’ll say right away that now they don’t start talking to Brezhnev, who allegedly "inflates" the events near Novorossiysk, this is really the machinations of the enemies. And those who promoted. For it is either people who are forced into anti-Sovietism, or simply have not read the “Little Land”, which is not a praise of a single person, but simply half-a-day memories. On the soldiers, officers, political workers.

What was written and processed was all by other people - so not everyone is given. We have lost so many stories because of this ...

So to Colonel Brezhnev - no complaints. In that war, he did not hang his orders to himself. And the tongue-tied, which everyone so liked to mimic, also earned there.

Found a photo of Brezhnev, apparently, 1942 year. The hospital, after the Barvenkovo ​​operation, for which he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

But back to the Little Land.

What essentially was that operation? Diversion maneuver. That is, in fact, Caesar Lvovich Kunikov and his fighters were suicide bombers whose task was to divert the attention of the fascists from the main landing.

Small land: a look today

About 3500 fighters were supposed to land at the main point, Tanksanti-tank artillery. In the distracting direction - 250 people ...

But things did not go as planned. Admirals of the Black Sea fleet once again showed their failure.

The commander of the operation was Vice-Admiral Oktyabrsky, a group of fire support ships was commanded by Vice-Admiral Vladimirsky, a group of transport ships with troops and airborne assault forces - Rear Admiral Bassisty.

When loading the first group of troops in Gelendzhik because of "bad organization of loading and bad weather," the departure of the ships was delayed by one hour and twenty minutes. Rear Admiral Bassisty informed the group of fire support ships about the delay and asked to postpone the start of the fire preparation for an hour and a half, simultaneously addressing the relevant order to the commander.

Vladimirsky, without waiting for the order, handed an order to postpone the start of the operation on their ships. As a result, the fire support group was forced to be close to the coast, without opening fire, but at the same time unmasking the landing point.

Upon learning of the delay, Oktyabrsky demanded opening fire according to the plan, but his order reached the fire support ships only 45 minutes after the scheduled opening time.

Aviation I didn’t receive any orders to change plans at all, having carried out a bombing strike on enemy positions and a parachute landing in the estimated time.

The main forces of the navy assault reached the landing point only when the fire training, under the cover of which they were to land, came to an end. And the main part of the enemy’s firepower was not suppressed by the ship’s artillery.

As a result, only the first echelon of the landing force landed, about 1 500 people with 16 tanks.

For three days, the landing force fought without receiving reinforcements and military supplies. A small detachment made its way to Stanichka, where Kunikov’s auxiliary force was leading the battle, the 25 man connected with the parachute trooper and were later taken off by ships, several people went into the mountains. The fate of the rest was sad ...

At the Kunikov assault, everything was different. The actions were prepared and coordinated by Rear Admiral Kholostyakov, who turned out to be a more successful military leader. And everything happened at the estimated time, and the fire of the support ships was more efficient, and the smoke screen was installed. An hour later, Kunikivtsi not only landed, but even captured several blocks in the southern part of the village of Stanichka.

If Oktyabrsky and Petrov had given the order that ships with a part of the main landing, which hadn’t landed, landed fighters on Malaya Zemlya, success would have been more significant. But alas, the ships with the landing force returned to Tuapse and Gelendzhik.

Only the direct intervention of the Transcaucasian Front Commander Ivan Tyulenev and his personal order to Oktyabrsky to land the remnants of the assault force on the captured bridgehead and hold it by any means allowed 225 days to fight on the Little Land. But the moment of surprise was already completely lost. And it began what we already got used to see - the lingering grinding of the enemy forces. At the cost of lives paratroopers.

Petrov and Oktyabrsky were removed from their posts, Petrov was also demoted, and Oktyabrsky was sent to command the Amur military flotilla. Tyulenev brought the case to the end, freeing the region from the fascists. Kunikov was seriously wounded in Malaya Zemlya and died in Geledzhik.

What is a small land today?

Impressions are very contradictory. However, judge for yourself.

The ensemble is just a piece of land, not fenced. It’s impossible to understand that you came to his territory, if (as in my case) did not come from the side of the obelisk.

On the one hand, high-rise buildings under construction are steadily advancing, on the other - the temple under construction and the remains of buildings where the “Sea Knot” music festival was held before. Glory of the administration, pop and entertainment event moved to another place.

There is a small museum of military equipment, where children are brought from boarding houses, and people come like that. The museum, of course, surprised. For the first time I saw exhibits welded to rails embedded in concrete. They say that the 90-e museum is heavily dashed into metal. Wildly, of course, in my area have not reached this, which is very good.

Exhibits are dummy, filled with paint to madness. As they say local, it was impossible to unscrew anything. But the exhibition is at least small, but quite interesting by some exhibits.

The territory itself bears traces of some neglect. Yes, “leaving the earth as it is” so that the traces of the trenches are visible - this is a good idea. But in such a small area it would be possible to mow the grass. Especially on the plates.

By the way, it would also be nice to replace the plates. Though they are “made in the USSR”, they will definitely not last forever. It's time to ...

The territory is clean. It is quite nice.

Central Obelisk.

And one more structure, part of the ensemble.

It symbolizes the bow of the ship from which the Kunikites landed. This structure is hollow inside. And inside is another small and very original museum. The exhibition is dedicated not so much to people, as to the parts and connections that fought here.

You go up at the top of the capsule with some message to descendants. What is in the capsule, really no one remembers. But - beautiful.

And the same stairs down. And again the bas-reliefs of heroes and lists, lists of parts.

On the walls of the memorial - the words oath Kunikovtsev.

The stone is a source, in the summer it dries up, and in spring and autumn water still oozes out of it.

And on the territory of the ensemble-memorial - the beach ...

What was unpleasantly surprised was the fact that a patrol of two policemen and one Cossack, dressed in almost police uniform, but in a Kuban and with a whip, passed by and did not react to it at all. For whom then bans? And who should respond to outright disgusting?

In general, there was some impression that this place was a city for the city. It is not that completely neglected, no. But the place of memory is not very similar.

And the matter is not even in how the Small Land was presented at the time of the Secretary General of Brezhnev. In the end, it was not he who gave the order to spread it around the cities and villages on the Lesser Land, it was the lovers who tried to lick it.

“My memories, of course, do not pretend to cover the entire event. The main thing I wanted to convey to the reader on these pages is a feeling of pride that the Communists, our glorious party, always created in the forefront of all the deeds and accomplishments of our Motherland fostered by V.I. Lenin, this feeling of great happiness that I have always been and remain its loyal soldier "(Leonid Brezhnev, from the appeal to the readers of the book" Memoirs ").

The future general secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Brezhnev, did not lose this place from the fact that he fought here (and, probably, did it well, judging by the order of the Patriotic War 1 degree). Following Brezhnev, as it were.

Kunikovtsy, and those who came for them, are not to blame for the fact that our policy has changed. Everyone who died here, everyone who went further, they all just did their duty. And completed to the end. And our duty is to ensure that such places remain places of fame and memory, and do not come gradually to desolation.

Not so it should be. The hero-city of Novorossiysk simply does not have the right to make the memorials look so ... amazing and strange.

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  1. moskowit
    moskowit 15 August 2017 06: 55
    The author poses the problem very correctly ... And Leonid Ilyich must be given credit. If Brezhnev weren’t a bright representative of the Great Patriotic War veterans, we would still not know about many of its little-known pages! Unfortunately, life is short, and the Government would have had veterans of all the fighting associations, and the history of the war would have been fuller and more objective! soldier hi
    1. avva2012
      avva2012 15 August 2017 07: 42
      Thanks to Leonid Ilyich for contributing to the May 9 becoming a Holiday! He, like a real war veteran who knew firsthand what death is, in contrast to Khrushchev, paid tribute to the memory of the entire Soviet people. It was under him that the front-line soldiers began to be honored, to give them their due, although the other, being at the Government, could have forgotten.
      1. Proxima
        Proxima 15 August 2017 22: 19
        Quote: avva2012
        Thanks to Leonid Ilyich for contributing to May 9 becoming a Holiday! He, like a real front-line soldier .. It was under him that the front-line soldiers began to be honored, to give them their due, although the other, being at the Government, could have forgotten.

        How can he forget when in his youth Brezhnev, in the rank of deputy chief of the political department of the Southern Front, already honored fighters with awards, well, he handed in party cards of course (as on this poster).

        In my opinion, a beautiful poster.
        "Beautiful Moldavian"

        In Moscow at the XIX Party Congress, Stalin drew attention to Brezhnev, who was tall and full of health. At that time, he served as head of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Moldova. According to contemporaries, the leader said about Brezhnev: “What a beautiful Moldovan!”
        1. bandabas
          bandabas 16 August 2017 13: 57
          Do not cling to Brezhnev. Better cling to Serdyukov, Chubais, Kudrin and EBN.
      2. Proxima
        Proxima 15 August 2017 22: 43
        So there are no complaints against Colonel Brezhnev. In that war, he did not hang his own orders. And the tongue-tied tongue, which everyone so loved to mimic, also earned there (from the text).

        Quote: avva2012
        Thanks to Leonid Ilyich ...... He, like a real war veteran, knew firsthand what death is ..

        To be in this hell (Small Earth) is already a feat.
        1. avva2012
          avva2012 16 August 2017 06: 30
          To be in this hell (Small Earth) is already a feat.

          "... The offensive was also going on, the troops were loaded into the echelons, and I decided to look into the hospital. There were thirty people in the first ward, mostly walking. I said goodbye to them, we said that we were going to beat the fascists, let them recover quickly and catch up They all spoke at once: they would catch up with them. In the next room they lay seriously wounded. The doctor warned that the first one on the right, the lieutenant, was doomed. He couldn’t stop the gas gangrene. I went up to him. Beautiful curly black hair, black eyebrows, blue eyes on a deathly burning face I asked if requests or wishes. "" There is, comrade Colonel, there is. Clap me so that if I don’t die, they will send me to my unit. I didn’t answer him right away. I restrained my excitement and said that I would definitely clap, let him not worry. he fought as he was wounded, already saying goodbye, he went, but heard: “So, you won’t bother, Comrade Colonel?”
          - Well, certainly ...
          “So you did not write down my last name.”
          And again he could not answer him immediately. Sister helped out. “And here I am recording,” she showed a piece of paper. - And last name, and rank, and part number. See? I held out my hand for a piece on which I read: "It's time to leave." Quickly hiding it in the tablet, he looked at the lieutenant. He smiled. A lump came up to his throat. During the war I have heard these words more than once: "I want to join my unit." But never forget me the lieutenant with his non-military word "slam."
          Leonid Brezhnev "Small land".
          1. Proxima
            Proxima 16 August 2017 22: 38
            It is impossible to overestimate the feat of the warriors-villagers. Winning a foothold is only the beginning of hell. Still need to keep this piece of land.
            The defenders were in extremely unfavorable conditions, in an open, perfectly shooting range, while the enemy controlled all the surrounding heights.
            Therefore, defense was possible only due to the large-scale engineering work, which was led by engineer-captain Turbaevsky Kirill Ivanovich: the entire occupied territory was torn with trenches, including in rocky ground, 230 hidden observation posts and more than 500 firing points were equipped, and underground warehouses, the command post was in a rocky shelter at a depth of six meters.

            For obvious reasons, the delivery of goods and replenishment was difficult, so the defenders of the Malaya Zemlya constantly experienced difficulties in supplying, including ammunition and food. It is written in the Lesser Land that entire units sent wild garlic to the forest. (!!!)
            1. avva2012
              avva2012 17 August 2017 07: 39
              It is written in the Lesser Land that entire units sent wild garlic to the forest. (!!!)

              I want to add to your wonderful comment that wild garlic was still collected for the prevention of scurvy. If, my memory serves me, the canned defenders were relatively normal. hi
  2. Amurets
    Amurets 15 August 2017 07: 32
    I’ll say right away that now they don’t start talking to Brezhnev, who allegedly “publicized” the events near Novorossiysk, this is really the machinations of enemies. And those who unwound. For, these are either people stubborn in anti-Sovietism, or simply not reading the “Small Earth”, which is not praising an individual person, but simply half-day memories. About soldiers, officers, political workers.

    Author. Thank you for writing about Ts. Kunikov. I read about these events before Brezhnev’s book, Small Earth, came out. Many respected people wrote in their memoirs: Admirals Kholostyakov and Bassisty. The writer L. Sobolev in his works "Sea Soul" and "Green Ray". Sobolev became the "father" of the division of captain-lieutenant Nikolai Sipyagin, who landed a detachment of marine paratroopers Major Caesar Kunikov, in the area Stanichki near Novorossiysk. As everyone knows, this bridgehead became known as the Small Land. After the operation, Sipyagin continued to support the paratroopers with boats of his division, providing reinforcements and ammunition.
    By reference, the name of the work of L. Sobolev is incorrect: not "Green Meadow", but "Green Ray".
  3. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 15 August 2017 07: 36
    I didn’t know that the symbol of the landing was the "bow of the ship" and the museum was located inside. Thank...
  4. Alex_59
    Alex_59 15 August 2017 07: 52
    So there are no complaints against Colonel Brezhnev.
    Yes, we generally have an inadequately biased attitude towards all Soviet politicians. About Brezhnev judged by the "late Brezhnev." Although the first 15 years of leadership, it was a peppy, active man who made fairly correct decisions.
    The commander of the operation was Vice Admiral Oktyabrsky
    My father said that his grandfather (captain, 9 IAP 11 SHAD Air Force Black Sea Fleet) when mentioning the name of Oktyabrsky began to shake with anger, although he was a very balanced and calm person (they don’t take nerves into aviation, in general).
    And on the territory of the ensemble-memorial - the beach ...
    Well, in Sevastopol, the 35 battery also has a beach (if you look at the sea to the left of the complex). There is still a pile sticking out of the water - the remains of the pier, from which katerniki tried to evacuate people at the end of the defense of Sevastopol, and which collapsed. Of course, I didn’t dive there, but for sure there are still the remains of our soldiers lying under water, it’s unlikely that they all raised them. I looked at it and thought, well, let it be so. Peace, sun, happiness, kids frolic in the water. Let at least from under the water our fighters see that - the world, that - have won. Although of course this beach is outside the official territory of the memorial, and in Novorossiysk it looks like the territory, this is probably already too much.
    1. creak
      creak 15 August 2017 10: 01
      Quote: Alex_59
      Although the first 15 years of leadership, he was a peppy, active man who made fairly correct decisions.

      Quote: Alex_59
      then my grandfather (captain, 9th IAP 11th ShAD Air Force Black Sea Fleet) when mentioning the name of Oktyabrsky began to shake with anger,

      In the subject, if my memory serves me in 1965, Oktyabrsky was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union - as they say, the award found a "hero ... The beginning of the" starfall "as the beginning epidemic of awards was called - Brezhnev was in power for a year ....
      1. creak
        creak 15 August 2017 10: 15
        Quote: ranger
        if my memory serves me in 1965

        I would like to correct an involuntary mistake - the title of GSS was appropriated to Oktyabrsky in 1958 - my memory really let me down a little ...
        Under the "starfall" were others ...
  5. Hoc vince
    Hoc vince 15 August 2017 08: 04
    Great article, interesting and instructive.
    What we have - we do not store, having lost - weep.
  6. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 15 August 2017 09: 10
    Nothing soon it will not be empty — they will be built up with an “elite” —that is, “credited” ... This is the only undeveloped place left with the grove of “Girlish Tears” (as it was called in Soviet times) ...
  7. Yuri Guliy
    Yuri Guliy 15 August 2017 09: 22
    I remember how in the 60s at my school (Sevastopol) the children of the military skipped classes when there was a rumor about coming to the city of Oktyabrsky. They wanted to arrange this m ... "joyful" meeting on the "heroic" surrender of Sevastopol at 42.
  8. irazum
    irazum 15 August 2017 09: 27
    We teach life Poles, but your own attitude to your own, by the way, memorials? You need to start with yourself!
    1. Koshnitsa
      Koshnitsa 15 August 2017 10: 59
      In Novorossiysk there are about three hundred monuments, hands do not reach ...
      1. captain
        captain 15 August 2017 18: 34
        Brains do not reach there.
        1. CT-55_11-9009
          CT-55_11-9009 18 August 2017 03: 27
          And not only there. In my city, the building of the first military hospital opened in the city was altered into a shopping center altogether, respectively, and the memorial plate was removed. Thank you, at least thirty-four from the podium have not yet been removed ...
      2. BAI
        BAI 18 August 2017 16: 38
        hands do not reach

        And this is not an excuse. It is necessary to change officials. And not only in Novorossiysk, but everywhere, where "hands do not reach." If you do not cope with the work - leave. Everything is very clear to everyone except officials.
  9. erofich
    erofich 15 August 2017 11: 50
    The author is absolutely right on all issues. I want to add a little about the changes that have occurred since the time this article was written, I see from the photos. I live in Novorossiysk. As for the "Sea Node" does not agree. Now he has been transferred to the gorte theater and by invitation. So it will soon disappear as a class. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the fact that concerts take place near the monument. I think they would not mind. And the fact that people bathe nearby is not terrible either. But when a monastery is being built, or maybe a seminary near the beach, with land allocation of 20 to 20, and now it can be more than 100 to 100. What is being built is not bad, but what is being built in violation of our laws. And this is what everyone sees. And then the Porsche priests are driving with Rolexes. "God's people ..." But they are rubbing common truths with us. There is no money, but you hold on ... Or, you teachers need to engage in entrepreneurial activity. (Sell estimates ..?) So it turns out that Novorossiysk is not to blame for the current state of the monuments. Our government’s policy is directed at something else.
    1. Rey_ka
      Rey_ka 15 August 2017 14: 07
      And what about North Korea !? Nobody forces anyone, but in the morning they go out and clean the monuments. We don’t clean all the graves for relatives, and I’ll never live at the monument!
      1. erofich
        erofich 15 August 2017 14: 36
        Yes, there are clean monuments!
  10. Curious
    Curious 15 August 2017 12: 03
    Here is a topic that the author succeeds in. And besides, the topic is relevant. How many extinct "eternal lights" that were not eternal, abandoned and forgotten obelisks with a half-erased inscription "Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten" are scattered across the vast expanses of the former USSR.
    And those indifferent people who are trying to restore historical memory also need to write more. About the same project "Road to the Obelisk" of the Search Movement of Russia. This link in historical memory, it must not be lost. Exactly this, link by link, historical memory is destroyed. But this is the basis of the cultural continuity of generations and national civil identity.
  11. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 15 August 2017 12: 16
    I recall the Soviet joke. You fought on Malaya Zemlya or sat in the trenches of Stalingrad.
    1. irazum
      irazum 15 August 2017 13: 06
      The joke is not entirely correct ...
    2. Dart2027
      Dart2027 15 August 2017 20: 40
      Quote: Ken71
      I recall the Soviet joke.

      1. Kenxnumx
        Kenxnumx 15 August 2017 22: 25
        For a week before the second we dig in Gorbachev we dig up Brezhnev to drink as before.
    3. rumatam
      rumatam 18 August 2017 07: 59
      and you, my friend, a pig .....
  12. To be or not to be
    To be or not to be 15 August 2017 13: 43
    "The hero city of Novorossiysk simply does not have the right to make memorials look so ... surprising and strange." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Memorials - This is the memory of the people. This memory haunts someone ..
    1. Koshnitsa
      Koshnitsa 15 August 2017 14: 17
      Leonid Ilyich was a good one, he would have also ordered the soldiers of the dead to collect and bury under those memorials, there would be prices for them.
      1. erofich
        erofich 15 August 2017 14: 37
        And so he ordered. Only now they didn’t always do it.
        1. Koshnitsa
          Koshnitsa 15 August 2017 16: 48
          Tady, oh ...
  13. parusnik
    parusnik 15 August 2017 15: 51
    The hero city of Novorossiysk simply does not have the right to make memorials look so ... amazing and strange
    ... This is true, as if all patriotism were not reduced to formalism ... worse, there is no formal patriotism..Type ordered ... ordered to be patriots ....
    1. CT-55_11-9009
      CT-55_11-9009 18 August 2017 03: 31
      Just forget about such events, just to not be a formalist - is also not the case. And then we’ll get to the level of the average Maidan activist. Which is not the case at all.
  14. free
    free 15 August 2017 19: 10
    Very interesting and informative, thanks +!
  15. BOS Constantine
    BOS Constantine 28 August 2017 00: 35
    I not only read the “Small Land” by L. I. Brezhnev, but also read Tselin and the Renaissance from cover to cover, and even knew some fragments by heart and could quote from memory. The situation was this - we are high school students, our class teacher is a teacher of the Russian language and literature - the party organizer of the school. And she and we needed to be manifested, affirmed in the conditions of developed socialism. Here we (high school students), under her guidance, prepared literary, musical and patriotic compositions based on the general secretary’s trilogy and showed them to different categories of students and other citizens with a view to implementing the ideas of the party and government. Yes, there were suspicions of excessive pathos. But I still do not know the obvious forgery or falsification. We sincerely believed in what we were saying and doing. I do not feel regrets and remorse. We were young and it was a ball party form girls-boys, besides everything else.
    My first friend was the secretary of the Komsomol organization of the school. And the first (and last so far) wife was the secretary of the Komsomol organization of the school (another school). So I had three children born, I raised them, learned them, together with my wife and for almost 35 years, everything was a bunch of peppy. And modern PED Dews and RKFovtsy are just excrement from party leaders of the Soviet period.