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Ukrainian Annushka-Plague has already poured oil. On your head

Ukrainian Annushka-Plague has already poured oil. On your head

In the immortal novel of Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita is a curious character - Annushka the Plague, which caused the death of the composer Berlioz. Wherever she was or appeared, scandal immediately began in this place. Ukraine, like the Bulgakov heroine, exists for what means it is unknown, it moves aimlessly now with a can, now with a bag, now with an outstretched hand. And by all means causes the appearance of scandals and squabbles. She managed to do it even in the USA.

Activities not compatible with diplomatic status

It would seem that amid all the troubles that occurred after the coup d'état with Ukraine, its leadership would sit quietly and be silent. Maybe for obedience even some kind of financial assistance will be given. But it was not there. Without the “great European nation,” as if without a garbage can, forgive me, not a single process in the northern hemisphere can do. Now the Kiev authorities struggle with Brexit, then incite Turkey to Syria, then close the gas pipelines that do not pass through its territory, then directs the voting in the EU countries and even the United States.

Naturally, Kiev could not affect the results of the expressions of will of the Texas cowboys and the New York white-collar workers, but the attempt itself clearly caused bewilderment. Approximately like that of an elephant from Krylov's fable, whom Pugal angrily barked at. Such impudence upstarts in any decent society decided to nip in the bud, which is what the White House did.

According to the press secretary of the White House, S. Sanders, “The National Committee of the Democratic Party coordinated the collection of information about political opponents directly from the Ukrainian embassy. This is not a verbal accusation. This is an established fact of the acts that they were engaged in in an official manner. ” As the Politico publication found out, the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States helped the American-American A. Chalupe, who collaborated with the Democratic Party, to collect disclosing materials about Trump's election headquarters member P. Manafort. Subsequently, this led to informational attacks by H. Clinton's headquarters and a number of US media on Manafort, who had to leave his post at Trump's headquarters. According to the publication, A. Chalup personally confirmed the creation of a kind of intelligence network in Ukraine with the assistance of the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​collecting compromising information about P. Manafort’s relations with Russia: “The Embassy also directly cooperated with journalists who wrote investigations about Trump, Manafort and Russia, directing them in the right direction. "

The information interested not only the White House itself, but also the US Congress. During the hearings in the US Senate on the approval of the new FBI head, Republican Senator L. Graham, who is one of the initiators of the investigation into the Russian intervention, asked candidate Christopher Ray to evaluate information in the media about the influence of Ukraine. The head of the FBI, in turn, informed that he would do it with pleasure.

I am not me and the horse is not mine

Naturally, both the Democratic Party and the Ukrainian embassy began to desperately deny the facts of work against the current US president during the election campaign. Ambassador of Ukraine V. Chaly hurried to launch a denial addressed to Politico, stating in particular that “any provisions in your article that the Administration of the President of Ukraine or the Ukrainian Embassy worked to oppose Mr. Trump during the election of 2016 of the year are incorrect. Individuals from Ukraine could stand on the side of various parties in the US elections, but the Ukrainian government did not take such actions. ”

Remembering M. Bulgakov again, I can only remind Pan Ambassador that the manuscripts do not burn. And the entire Internet is still replete with V. Chaly's election campaign that “the role of the Ukrainian diaspora, like the Polish diaspora, the Baltic countries, the Romanian, has greatly increased ... The number of citizens of Ukrainian origin is more than 1,5 million in the United States. Frankly, not all of them are politically active, but even the part that comes to vote can have a very serious influence. Traditionally, the diaspora voted for the Republicans, and now they have started thinking about the Republican candidate. ”

The Internet remembers everything, including the messages of Ukrainian officials insulting the current president of the United States that have been erased in social networks. For example, Interior Minister A. Avakov broke out with an opus that “a shameless statement by US presidential candidate Trump about the possible recognition of Crimea as Russian is a diagnosis of a dangerous marginal. And it is dangerous both for Ukraine and for the United States to the same extent. There can be no marginal indulgent Putin’s dictatorship to be the guarantor of democratic freedoms in the United States and the world. ” In turn, A. Yatsenyuk, who was trying hard to try on the presidential chair under his scanty loins, wrote: “The official presidential candidate of the United States challenges the values ​​of the free world, civilized order and international law. This is hard to call ignorance. This is a crime of ethical and civilizational principles. ” A deputy from the BPP V. Denisenko said that “Trump showed himself to be a complete idiot who says anything to guess the mood of the crowd.” It is unlikely that a member of the presidential faction does not understand what he is carrying. That is, if US citizens are in favor of improving relations with the Russian Federation, they are idiots whose opinion should not be taken into account. Very Ukrainian. I remember that Poroshenko himself called on the Dutch Prime Minister not to pay attention to the results of the expression of the will of the Dutch “idiots” in a referendum on the association of Ukraine with the EU.

And a vivid confirmation of the “non-interference” of Ukraine in the elections to the USA from Poroshenkovsky deputy S. Leschenko: “The Barn Book of the Party of Regions saved the world. Manafort, fed from the hands of Yanukovych, leaves in disgrace. I think after such a blow Trump will not recover. "

Do you like medok - love and chill

As Kiev propagandists assert, the “Ukrainian scandal” that broke out in Washington is only an attempt by the D. Trump administration to get out of control for a healthy one and divert attention from “Russia's interference” in the elections on the side of the American billionaire. And supposedly it will not have consequences for Ukraine. It is unlikely that these attempts to hide their heads in the sand will lead to something.

Moreover, the IMF may be involved in the scandal. As the cyberkut group of hackers reported, in the process of laundering Ukrainian banks “Credit Dnipro” and “Delta Bank” IMF funds received from the NBU, some of them were transferred to the offshore companies of the oligarch V. Pinchuk and his foundation. The Fund, in turn, has transferred from the 10 to 25 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation over the past five years. Moreover, the largest tranches of funds from the Pinchuk Foundation to the Clinton Foundation were held in 2015 and 2016. By a “random” coincidence, it was at this time that Hillary Clinton fought for the presidency of the United States. If the laundering of IMF funds and their improper use will be proved, this is the basis for termination of lending to Ukraine and imposing penalties against it.

However, sanctions can be expected not only by the state of Ukraine, whose fate the leaders of the regime do not care about, but also by their own. D. Trump's line is already visible: to convert any political action into money. And given the well-known vindictiveness of the American leader, he is unlikely to deny himself the pleasure of profit from Kiev thieves. Moreover, it can be done legally, given the corruption of Ukrainian officials. New looking in Ukraine K. Volker has already paid attention to the corruption of the Ukrainian government, which, he said, ate even toilet paper in government buildings.

In turn, the director of the non-governmental organization For a free Ukraine, J. Smart, noted that “Ambassador Chaly worked openly against Donald Trump. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry disgraced himself by working against our president ... What to do? Dismiss Ambassador Chaly, who is now in Washington. This man works so badly and has disgraced himself that Poroshenko already has time to remove him. ” In his opinion, Klimkin also deserves a similar fate.

Let's not forget that the ardent opponents of D. Trump, who did not shun even a curse on the American leader, are claiming the highest posts in Ukraine. Labels for which, as you know, are issued only in Washington.

But история Ukrainian Annushka-Plague does not teach anything. Commenting on the scandal surrounding the intervention of Ukraine in the American elections, the deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine’s Administration, K. Yeliseyev, stressed that the “provocateurs” (it should be understood from the White House) will not succeed in breaking the consensus of the legislative and executive authorities on the Ukrainian issue. Considering D. Trump’s conflict with the congress and establishment, which actually led to a coup d'état in the United States during the adoption of the anti-Russian sanctions law, the statement is very “timely”. And it will clearly contribute to the establishment of a dialogue with the US leader. Something like hitting an elephant’s trunk on a bohemian glass display case in a china shop.

What will be the next steps of Washington in respect of the overdue native kings, time will tell. But the forecast for them is clearly pessimistic.

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  1. 210ox
    210ox 12 August 2017 15: 29
    So what's the scandal in Washington really? According to press reports, Russia acted against Trump during the elections. According to the article, it’s the other way around. Decide on yourself finally.
    1. Teberii
      Teberii 12 August 2017 15: 51
      Who will take on the role of Volonda, because it was he who contributed to Annushka.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Panzermensch
    Panzermensch 12 August 2017 16: 39
    Bulgakov’s Annushka is a metaphor for the inevitability of death and impending rock. In principle, the author is right. Ukraine is now Annushka for Russia.
    1. rvRomanoff
      rvRomanoff 12 August 2017 17: 02
      Strongly greasy. Do not set off.
      ps Author: Berlioz - not a composer.
    2. dauria
      dauria 12 August 2017 17: 11
      In principle, the author is right. Ukraine is now Annushka for Russia.

      Yes, stop ... And Bulgakovskaya Annushka here in the article is the fifth wheel in the cart. Well, the author is drawn with the knowledge of "classics". Some kind of mess of facts and predictions, a weak article. It was not worth making compote from "Das Kapital", the story "Ionych" and the materials of the 25th Congress of the CPSU.
    3. vovanpain
      vovanpain 12 August 2017 19: 09
      Quote: Panzermensch
      In principle, the author is right. Ukraine is now Annushka for Russia.

      fool fool fool get sick or go to the bazaar, maybe the little mind will be sold to you there wink although everything is neglected tongue Some go. For the fourth year they are ruining Ukraine, other idiots are ruining Russia and they cannot ruin everything. laughing get sick tongue
      1. Catherine II
        Catherine II 13 August 2017 13: 12
        Quote: vovanpain
        the fourth year, Ukraine is falling apart, other idiots are breaking down Russia, and they can’t ruin everything.

        so these are the same, only on opposite sides of the border (although there are local ones)
        they are also witnesses to the sect, "it will resolve itself" (fall apart, freeze, creep, oil according to 100, etc.)
    4. antivirus
      antivirus 12 August 2017 19: 27
      correctly delayed the construction of the highway Yakutsk-Magadan. We are waiting for experienced foremen from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
      1. Amurets
        Amurets 14 August 2017 00: 42
        Quote: antivirus
        correctly delayed the construction of the highway Yakutsk-Magadan. We are waiting for experienced foremen from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

        There are not foremen needed, but "slaves." And the "foremen" from the Foreign Ministry are all ............ Well, come up with the options yourself ........
        1. antivirus
          antivirus 14 August 2017 06: 20
          and Tajiks with the Chinese need to regret someday, leaving room for Svidomo
    5. intuzazist
      intuzazist 15 August 2017 13: 44
      Freshly! But what about Poland ?! And then the tribaltes were offended! Everyone wants to become the "Annushka" for Russia! And they will become fertilizer ....................................
  3. Nitochkin
    Nitochkin 12 August 2017 17: 01
    Correct in the article, Berlioz was never a composer.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 12 August 2017 19: 44
      The author, it seems, and Woland - magician Kio. laughing
      But the prototype of Bulgakov’s Berlioz, Hector Berlioz, was not only a composer, but a writer, and most importantly, he sympathized with the revolutionaries. By the way, he, too, unexpectedly ended badly.
  4. Egoza
    Egoza 12 August 2017 21: 44
    The only thing I can say: Ukraine’s interference in the elections was, as was Clinton’s support. True, our “officials” were very sure of her victory (yeah, there Nuland also distributed cookies) and hastened with their arrogant and insulting statements to Trump. And so he sends his representative to Donbass, Ukraine, and he very carefully works. Those. if before the United States a priori claimed that Russia was at war, now this very representative is starting to dig very deeply ... In any case, Trump will have materials in his hands with which he can "change" the government in Kiev, or very much press down. And Saakashvili will gladly help him with incriminating evidence.
  5. Catherine II
    Catherine II 13 August 2017 13: 13
    Is Ukraine omnipotent? smile
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. gdemokrator
    gdemokrator 16 August 2017 17: 55
    Quote: siberalt
    The author, it seems, and Woland - magician Kio. laughing
    But the prototype of Bulgakov’s Berlioz, Hector Berlioz, was not only a composer, but a writer, and most importantly, he sympathized with the revolutionaries. By the way, he, too, unexpectedly ended badly.

    just the author confused Berliozov ... Wikipedia should be used carefully :)