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Trojan bug "EU-Russia Civil Forum"

Foreign foundations and non-profit organizations financed by them show so obvious and close attention to Russia that they have become a real “talk of the town”. And it seems that in these institutions the Russian Federation is considered the most uncivilized and barbarous country in the world.

In a very “strange way” these very respectable offices almost do not pay attention to what is happening, for example, in Yemen and Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan, where events occur every day that do not fit into the postulates of the so-called “civil society”. Links to the geographical remoteness of these regions from the headquarters of the above funds and NGOs do not pass, because in Europe they only work where they see fit ...

That is, they do not see the infringement of the rights of the Russian-speaking population in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. They do not want to know not only the tragic circumstances of the massacres in Ukraine over the last 3 of the year, but also actively cooperate with the Kiev government, on whose conscience all these victims are.

And Odessa Khatyn 2 of May 2014 of the year does not cause any stormy condemnation.

At least, such as a reaction to the detention of some crazy marginal who nailed his genitals to the pavement of Red Square ...

But all these funds and NPOs vigorously showed their activity when it was necessary to loosen the situation in the same Ukraine and made considerable efforts to organize protests on the Maidan.

And in the countries of the EU or the United States themselves, such civil society activists behave so quietly that one can truly believe that the “democracy” and the “human rights” flourish here, although this does not correspond to reality.

It is impossible to deny the obvious fact that non-governmental funds, which are actually financed from the budgets of the United States, Germany and other Western countries, and NGOs associated with them, perform completely different tasks that are not related to the declared ones.

A typical example of such a non-profit organization is the EU-Russia Civic Forum.

She assesses herself: “... a network of thematically diverse non-profit organizations from Russia and the EU, created as a civil independent initiative from below ... The forum brings together organizations and people and thus contributes to the integration of Russia and the EU, based on the common values ​​of a pluralistic democracy, rule of law, human rights and social justice ... "
Trojan bug "EU-Russia Civil Forum"

That is, the very process of forming this organization can be represented as the spontaneous emergence of the desire of caring activists to “make life better”?

But on the site of the EU-Russia Civil Forum, there are those who, of course, completely “free of charge” and on the basis of “pure altruism” help the unfortunate Russian human rights activists - these are the funds of Robert Bosch (Germany) and the Oak Foundation “Switzerland”.

The latter, for example, declares that he is trying “together with our grantee partners to make the most effective efforts and use the resources within our programs”.

And “funds initiatives that:

- guaranteed by co-financing from other sources, as well as encouraging the participation of local communities and citizens, including children (!?) ... "

By the way, the EU-Russia Civic Forum, as already mentioned, serves for its participants as a platform for ... the influence of civil society on decision-makers in government and at the intergovernmental level. ”

That is, it turns out that this organization, attention, organizes the participation of children (!!!) in influencing the leaders ...

It remains a secret of the “Civic Forum”, from what age does he plan to use children? Right from the maternity hospital, or still, starting at least from kindergarten ...

However, the jokes are jokes, but if we recall the recent events in the form of so-called “spontaneous” protests against corruption in Russia, then it was the unprecedented activity of the very under-age Russian citizens who couldn’t even give journalists a coherent response to the question Steps…

It is impossible not to draw attention to the fact that, despite the declarations, almost all the activities of the “Civic Forum” take place in Russia. Although theoretically, representatives of Russia in this organization should work actively in the EU countries, fulfilling the same tasks: look for violations of human rights, establish social justice, etc. Why, bad luck - there is nothing like this in sight ...

But in Russia, the EU-Russia Civic Forum, as they say, plows hard.

For example, organizing exhibitions in many cities of Russia called “Different Wars”, in which under the guise of “rethinking” the Second World War, in reality, attempts are made to revise its results. Simply put, Hitler’s Germany and the Soviet Union are put on one level, and school textbooks from some EU countries are served as a role model, where crimes against humanity committed by local collaborators are justified.

It turns out that occupation can be perceived with humor ...

By the way, in the publications devoted to these exhibitions, the Civil Forum activists accuse the USSR of having ... not organized the supply of medicines to their citizens remaining in the occupied territories! We leave out the question of historical literacy of such activists, because it certainly does not fit into any framework.

In Novosibirsk, Victor Richter, the German consul in this city, who was widely known for his meetings with representatives of the so-called “non-systemic opposition”, as well as illegal trips to Altai to take part in the “Siberian Davos”, did not fail to respect his visit to Russia. overt violation of the Vienna Convention.

The “EU-Russia Civil Forum” pays great attention to any incidents involving violations of Russian legislation by various people who call themselves “human rights activists”. And almost always it seems that both those who violate the law and those who raise a cry for their alleged “persecution” are very closely linked.

For example, 28 June 2017 of the year In Nizhny Novgorod, members of the Italian human rights organization Antigone were fined on charges of violating their stay in Russia. Radio Liberty and, of course, the EU-Russia Civic Forum immediately reported this. Of course, not at all embarrassed by the fact that violations of the rights of the order of stay and human rights are completely different concepts. And there are many such precedents.

It seems that such “forums” really want the so-called “human rights activists” in Russia to have a status similar to ... diplomatic. That is, they would do what they wanted, but at the same time Russian law enforcement agencies would have no way to point out violations of the law to them. Here is an “interesting” interpretation of the equality of all before the law.

And on May 16 of 2016, in the conference hall of the River River Park hotel in Novosibirsk, at the initiative of the Director of the Civic Accord Foundation Igor Makarenko, a discussion seminar entitled “Civic Dialogue: New Horizons” was held. The Executive Director of the EU-Russia Civil Forum, Anna Sevortyan, acted as an expert.

She said that “the majority of Russian NPOs are on the list of foreign agents. And ... it is necessary to look for ways to circumvent the legislation of the Russian Federation to continue funding. It is very difficult to call such a statement otherwise than by a call to violate the laws of the host country.

And how does it fit in with the very “common values ​​of pluralistic democracy and the rule of law” that seem to be the basis of the activities of the EU-Russia Citizens Forum ???

In addition, Anna Sevortyan spoke about the high level of corruption in Russia and the inability of the authorities to influence this due to the huge corruption in their own ranks.

And here it is impossible not to recall the so-called technologies of the “cloud enemy”.

According to them, in a country that is the object of aggression, the political and socio-economic foundation is destroyed, mass “spontaneous” protests are organized, and then local elites are declared responsible for the crisis. A cancerous tumor of the state organism affects the very foundations of the country - law enforcement and judicial authorities, the armed forces, etc. After that, provocations take place - hostage-taking, infrastructure facilities.

If the actions of the “EU-Russia Civil Society Forum” do not fall under this algorithm, then what is it?

Many-wise Odyssey in accordance with the Iliad successfully used a Trojan horse to infiltrate the Greek warriors in Troy. The current Western "partners" of Russia, not possessing his talents, are using ... bedbugs as such a "horse".

The bug, as you know, is a nasty and very annoying insect, capable, in spite of all its diminutiveness, and, due to its multiplicity, to deliver not only inconveniences, but also torments to very large animals, and even such as a bear ...

And such Trojan bugs in the form of funds and NGOs with foreign participation, a typical example of which is the EU-Russia Civic Forum, do not get tired to diligently fulfill their role.

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  1. 210ox
    210ox 10 August 2017 05: 56
    But wouldn’t it be time for all these ... To the "Stolypin carriage" and "for Mozhai" ...
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 10 August 2017 06: 43
      Quote: 210ox
      But wouldn’t it be time for all these ... To the "Stolypin carriage" and "for Mozhai" ...

      It’s time, only outside of Russia, without the right to enter, from the word “completely”.
      1. Antianglosax
        Antianglosax 10 August 2017 09: 18
        Quote: B.T.W.
        Quote: 210ox
        But wouldn’t it be time for all these ... To the "Stolypin carriage" and "for Mozhai" ...

        It’s time, only outside of Russia, without the right to enter, from the word “completely”.

        Kicking from Russia all these western henchmen. Although more rational
        it would drown this pro-Western garbage in a swamp. For the body to survive, the tumor and ulcers are usually removed! Although the "surgeons" from our superiors, like a ballerina from me ... are too big personal dependence on our enemies.
        1. aybolyt678
          aybolyt678 10 August 2017 21: 23
          Quote: Antianglosaks
          Kick from Russia

          we don’t have a mechanism for shooting enemies of the people, and there will be no state ideology yet
      2. Vend
        Vend 10 August 2017 09: 27
        Quote: B.T.W.
        Quote: 210ox
        But wouldn’t it be time for all these ... To the "Stolypin carriage" and "for Mozhai" ...

        It’s time, only outside of Russia, without the right to enter, from the word “completely”.

        On the one hand, you are right, but these mongrel will yap over the hill and engage in anti-Russian propaganda. I would not like to.
    2. Skeptic
      Skeptic 11 August 2017 16: 42
      Quote: 210ox
      But wouldn’t it be time for all these ... To the "Stolypin carriage" and "for Mozhai" ...

      Are you sure that you yourself are not in the car in the dark? If power changes in the country, will you be ready to defend not even your rights, but the right to life?
  2. tasha
    tasha 10 August 2017 06: 00
    According to them, in the country - the object of aggression, the political and socio-economic foundation is being destroyed, massive "spontaneous" protests are being organized, and then local elites are declared the culprits of the crisis.

    To tell you the truth, the quality of these very “local elites” is often such ... So, to consider the root cause of all our troubles the activity of mishandled hostile elements will be, in my opinion, wrong .. We ourselves have "taken away" the soil, there is room for seeds to fall ...
  3. Nitarius
    Nitarius 10 August 2017 07: 10
    According to the gentlemen .. LONG AGAIN in HELL the pan is idle! and the duty of a geek LIVES AND TEACHING THE METROPOLIS AS IT IS NECESSARY! LIVE!
  4. Aspid 86
    Aspid 86 10 August 2017 07: 13
    And why, as a "sanctioned" response, point out the inconsistency of the stated goals and the practical work of these NGOs, attempts to re-interpret history and other clearly destructive actions against Russia and its allies. And then disperse the most lying filthy broom, and employees on a pencil. And do not bother with evidence - sanctions and all! Providing the facts of false actions to the court with the public is enough. Our "civilized" partners are lying in a lie and do not bother to prove something by blaming Russia, so it's time to roll up our sleeves and clean the area from parasites.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 10 August 2017 07: 28
    I have already written several times that our leadership has played the game of "democracy" believing that they (the leadership) have everything under control. Even if we do not take into account various NGOs and foundations, it is enough to turn on the TV and see how anti-Russian propaganda is being conducted for our money. In various talk shows, public insults of Russia as a country flow, calls for a change in power, and direct slander on historical events. Amnuel alone is worth something. And the authorities are building themselves up as “liberal democrats” and champions of freedom of speech, moreover on their own head.
    1. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 10 August 2017 21: 21
      Quote: rotmistr60
      just turn on the TV and see how anti-Russian propaganda is being conducted for our money

      I believe that anti-Russian propaganda is poured in strictly dosed quantities sufficient for ideological immunization. She is nasty but necessary
  6. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 10 August 2017 07: 40
    The leadership under this case tried to be good in the West ... But the gadgets tightened anyway.
  7. Pravodel
    Pravodel 10 August 2017 07: 44
    It's time to cleanse Russia from Western parasites, it's time ...

    "People-State-Fatherland" - this is the slogan of every Russian patriot.
  8. NikolaiN
    NikolaiN 10 August 2017 16: 51
    Small bug, but smelly ...
  9. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 10 August 2017 21: 19
    But isn't Anna Sevortyan a call to overthrow the political system ?? where does the prosecutor's office look ??