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The media told how the dreams of the United States to create a "floating tank" failed

Since the Second World War, the US Army has become puzzled with the idea of ​​creating a "floating tank", and it was originally planned to create an entire division of amphibious armored vehicles, a military commentator writes The National Interest Joseph Trevitic.

The first technology of "transformation" tank in amphibian was proposed back in 1940 by the Hungarian engineer Nikolai Straussler. According to his idea, to give buoyancy to tanks, a system called Duplex Drive was to be installed.

The system consisted of a folding waterproof screen mounted on the tank hull and in unfolded form creating sufficient displacement to keep the tank afloat. A propeller with a power take-off from the engine was also installed on the tank.

The media told how the dreams of the United States to create a "floating tank" failed

Tank МХNUMXА4 "Sherman" with a set of equipment DD ("Sherman" DD Mk I).

American and Canadian tanks equipped with Duplex Drive even participated in the Normandy operation, but soon they decided to abandon this system, since the screen was vulnerable to enemy fire, shrapnel and obstacles, which increased the risk of flooding the vehicle.

The United States decided not to abandon the idea of ​​a “floating tank” and in the year 1945 developed a new system - the T-6, which is the hull of a pontoon boat.

It was originally planned that a tank equipped with a T-6 would be able to overcome three-meter waves, while the system would not prevent the firing of machine guns.

In reality, the T-6 was abandoned even faster than the Duplex Drive. The system increased the size of the tank, and on the water, a machine equipped with a T-6 could reach speeds of no more than eight kilometers per hour, while the weight of the T-6 itself was 15 tons.

In conclusion, the author notes that the US Army continued unsuccessful attempts to create a “floating tank” until the end of the 1950-s, but in the end this idea was abandoned, and it all came down to conducting small private experiments.

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    And the Russians who lagged behind in their development invented the PT-76. laughing laughing lol
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    Pentagon Wars - Making Bradley
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    How so?
    M551, Sheridan (born 152 mm Gun Launcher AR / AAV M551, General Sheridan) is a light airborne amphibious tank of the United States.
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    Add a photo:
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    English Valentine tanks with Duplex Drive on Brussels Street
    in September 1944
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    Material in the style that has recently become the norm on the site. The style is characterized by the fact that between the original and the note on the site is as much in common as between the gift of God and the fried eggs. In fact, the article has a normal volume and the author in it considers the evolution of the idea of ​​creating and the tactics of using a floating tank starting from the Soviet T-37 and T-40. The author of the note on VO pulled out three paragraphs and twisted them in order to show how the "Americans" screwed up.
    Yesterday, the note that the US Army announced a competition for a 7,62 mm caliber rifle by inserting 7,62x51 into the text was exactly the same, although the article does not discuss a specific cartridge.
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