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The Russian military raised the tank faster than anyone else at the Rambat contest of the Army Games

At the site of the Omsk branch of the Military Academy of Material and Technical Support. Army General A.V. Khruleva (BA MTO) completed all stages of the international competition "Rembat", which was held as part of the Army international games-2017. At one of the stages, the team of the Armed Forces of Russia picked up the tank faster than all the participants with the help of a pneumatic jack, showing the best time at the finish in the “Mixed Relay” competition, сообщает Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The Russian military raised the tank faster than anyone else at the Rambat contest of the Army Games

On the 4 km route, the teams overcame obstacles and performed special work. The races were held on all types of equipment that participates in the competition: on REM-KL machines (repair and recovery vehicle), BREM-1 (armored repair and recovery vehicle) and MTO-UB1 (maintenance workshop).

The competition was attended by teams of the armed forces of Kazakhstan, Russia, the People’s Liberation Army of China, as well as cadets of the Omsk branch of the Military Technical Support Service, who competed outside the team competition.

The closing of the contest “Rembat” will take place on August 10. The main prize will be a quad bike.
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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 9 August 2017 14: 32
    Ha, well, if something can be repaired with ingenuity and speed, this is only for the Russians ...
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 9 August 2017 14: 42
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      it's only to the Russians ...

      Yes, there were no doubts about the results of this particular competition. From the word "absolutely." yes
      1. Nasrat
        Nasrat 9 August 2017 14: 53
        In the "Sea landing" - the Chinese in the first place ... ours in the second ....

        about it here (many photos):
  2. Gray brother
    Gray brother 9 August 2017 14: 51
    Chet remembered immediately:
  3. Altona
    Altona 9 August 2017 15: 36
    Quote: Nasr
    In the "Sea landing" - the Chinese are in the first place ... ours are in the second ..

    I drew attention to the shoes, the Chinese have more shoes like tracking sneakers than classic berets, and in general there’s probably much more to be seen in the little things. Ours would also need to do "special" uniforms for competitions. So that clothes, for example, remove heat and moisture, there are such "systems" in sports and tactical outfits. All sorts of dry-fit, primaloft, and so on.
    LAWNER 9 August 2017 15: 59
    Honor and glory to the technicians who prepared the Army Games !!!! After their preparation, the Rembat participants change the rink in two minutes.
  5. The comment was deleted.