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Cadets of the Black Sea School will begin to master a new specialty

The specialty "the use and operation of missile armament of submarines" first appeared in the Black Sea Higher Naval School. P. S. Nakhimov (FIAU), transmits TASS message of the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

This year, graduates of schools from 47 regions of Russia entered the ChVVMU. More than 100 cadets - Sevastopol and Crimeans. Applicants could apply not only to traditional training profiles - “the use and operation of surface-mounted missile weapons,” the use and operation of coastal missile artillery systems, “special-purpose underwater operations”, “the use of special support units and the operation of special forces ammunition fleet", but also for the first time to begin training in the specialty" the use and operation of missile weapons of submarines ",
says release.

The ministry explained that “the introduction of such a specialty into the FVVMU curriculum is caused by equipping new submarines armed with the most advanced attack missile systems, including Caliber, to the fleets, including the Black Sea.”

The first year students are enrolled 250. On the fifth of August they swore an oath of the cadet.

Cadets of the Black Sea School will begin to master a new specialty

“Over the years of its existence, В МУ десят десят has formed dozens of traditions that are sacredly cadets. One of them - the solemn oath of the cadet on the parade ground of the school. Each freshman vows to love the Motherland, to be a patriot of the school, to multiply the heroic glory of the sacred land of the hero-city of Sevastopol, ”said the press service.

It is reported that before the start of the school year, freshmen will have to master the program of initial naval training, study general military regulations, the basics of drill and maritime practice.

Under the military oath cadets will be given at the end of August.
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  1. siberalt
    siberalt 8 August 2017 08: 44
    All this is strange. Who cares what military specialties we have?
  2. 3officer
    3officer 8 August 2017 08: 45
    It is expected that if everything goes according to plan, the Navy will soon acquire several “flocks” of Varshavyanka. Next will go Lada or more advanced missile weapons projects, which in current local conflicts have become more relevant than classic torpedoes. soldier
  3. Aleksey7777777
    Aleksey7777777 8 August 2017 08: 49
    Good luck, guys! I wish you become a worthy officer of the Navy !!!
  4. kote119
    kote119 8 August 2017 08: 51
    This direction in this school was taught until 93 years old, then the direction was transferred to VVMU diving them. Lenin Komsomol in St. Petersburg
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 8 August 2017 11: 58
      Quote: kote119
      then the direction was transferred to VVMU scuba diving them. Lenin Komsomol in St. Petersburg

      Duc, there was the whole missile faculty at VVMUPP, the first ("Chinese"). The second is the Romanians, the third is the compasses. Alas, VVMUPP is no more ...
      1. kote119
        kote119 8 August 2017 12: 42
        Further, the rocket faculty for some time existed in the old place, already after the merger of VVMUPP with VVMU im. Frunze at the VMI named after Peter the Great, and after that he moved to the Frunzakov site when the old place was closed. By the way, the commander of the aprk "Kursk" Hero of the Russian Federation captain 1st rank Lyachin G.P. graduated from this faculty.
    2. TRex
      TRex 8 August 2017 12: 28
      Of course I was taught, but I don’t remember - 1 or 2 faculty ...? And after the ChVVMU and SVVMIU were transferred to Ukraine without a fight - naturally ... what the hell missiles, which submarines. From the first graduation of the Sevastopol Naval Institute (a derivative of two schools), an “officer battalion” was formed - there were nowhere to lieutenants ... How and where did they serve in the Ukrainian naval forces? From here a good tradition appeared - to have an admiral in the state for every floating craft.
  5. Berkut154
    Berkut154 8 August 2017 09: 53
    There was still a faculty of maritime aviation .. how was it with him?
  6. Kot3713
    Kot3713 8 August 2017 11: 16
    Good luck guys and all the best!